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Oh My Ghostess eps 9 and 10: Dating 2-for-1

Oh my Ghostess indeed! What an ending we had on episode 10, huh?! Hot and heavy, sweet and steamy, and everything else in between. Ooh la and la!

Ack! So I'm way behind on my recaps here and apologize to you for that. Having to rewrite the last one after the whole thing was lost (still peeved about that one, Blogger) threw me off my game. So did back to school and suddenly having to wake up at 5:30 every morning. 5:30 is not a good start-the-day time for me. But, I'm adjusting and all and am determined to catch up and git 'er done! This one will be a little short because a) I'm playing catch up here and 2) I've forgotten much of what happened in these two episodes as it has been 2 weeks since I saw them. So we'll keep it short and sweet and focus on those really important parts we want to remember and treasure for always and ever.

Okay, so...here we go. Our couple has officially started dating. It began with the kiss and his confession to her (after she "woke up" - i.e. when Soon Ae got kicked out during the kiss). He told her that the kiss and his feelings were all sincere, that he truly liked her. He says that he doesn't know when it started, if it was from the beginning since he met her or when she suddenly changed and latched on to him, but he likes her and wants to date her. They are so adorable and sweet together as they begin dating. So much of these episodes was them as they began their official relationship. Flirting at work while trying to keep it secret. Bong Sun/Soon Ae (aka BS Soon Ae - what I call the duo when one is possessing the other) coming on strong with her new boyfriend to sleep with her. Boyfriend backing off and telling her to chill her horny grill. Soon Ae is frustrated by his unwillingness to cave in to her carnal desires and by his desire to take it slow. Where Soon Ae is frustrated, Bong Sun appreciates it and likes him even more for his conservative and gentlemanly ways towards her and their relationship. Sun Woo meanwhile is having to fight back his animal side as his girlfriend is constantly begging him to sleep with her while he's trying to do things properly and get to know her first. Nothing is sexier than a man battling his raging hormones in order to respect and honor the girl he loves. I'm with Bong Sun here, though obviously I understand where Soon Ae, with her ticking time clock, is coming from.

Here are just some of their adorable dating moments...

It doesn't take long though before Soon Ae's deciding that this "take it slow" stuff isn't so bad after all. That's right. Ghostie has real girl feels for our leading man. This is a complication we probably saw coming, yet one that gums up the works a bit as far as our ghost host Bong Sun and her soul mate Sun Woo are concerned. And I can only imagine will create further problems when Soon Ae decides to not settle her grudge and move on to the afterlife, thus causing her to become an evil spirit. dun dun duuuunnnn. I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little nervous here.

Like I mentioned above, most of these two episodes deal with our lovebirds as they embark on their brand new relationship together. But that's not all that happens. We get some movement in our other plot lines too. Like with Scary Cop. We finally have confirmation that yes, it does appear that he himself is possessed. That being said, he doesn't seem like he was perfectly innocent to begin with pre-possession. We get a flashback to his teen years. Mom and Dad have a new baby and big brother is jealous that all their attention goes to the tot while they shut out the angsty teen. He's got reasons to be angsty - obviously home life isn't so peachy and he's getting beat up by parents and by the kids in his neighborhood, but taking that angst and channeling it into aggression against a baby isn't cool. He wanted to smother the baby but is caught. Lying beaten on the floor and angry with the world, he's the perfect target for the dark shadow figure that comes upon him, and, we assume, takes up residence inside of him.

So yeah, possessed, but not a super benevolent soul to begin with. He was a troubled kid and continues to be a troubled, probably possessed, man. A man who attacked his partner who now lies in a hospital bed, unable to recall who attacked him. That is, until he sees and recognizes Scary Cop's watch. oooh! The plot thickens there! Somebody's gonna get caught!
He's also starting to clue in on the whole Soon Ae possessing Bong Sun thing. Being possessed himself would probably make him a little more willing to accept possibilities along those lines. It's the little things that he's picking up on, like the special way Soon Ae has of tying shoes that now BS Soon Ae has used while walking around as Bong Sun. I don't like the idea of Scary being aware that Soon Ae's ghost is hanging around. Somehow I don't think he's just going to quietly accept this fact.

In addition to all this, we get a little back story to how Scary Cop met his wife. Or, at least how she thinks he met her. After her accident, she was upset and tried to fling herself off the hospital roof and he stopped her. She therefore looks at him as her hero. I still suspect he's the reason she's in that chair and is far from hero status.

Dad and brother pay a visit to a bridge in order to leave an offering for Soon Ae, leading us to believe that that is her final resting place and/or the place where she died. We know she drowned, so it makes sense that this bridge would somehow be involved. I'm getting the vibe that they think she committed suicide. I doubt that that is what happened. She has no memories of her death which, we are told, means it was probably sudden and she didn't see it coming. Plus, she doesn't seem to be one that would get depressed like that. She's a happy ghost. Happy ghosts don't come from sad girls that jumped off of bridges. More likely they come from girls who are chased by a dark figure down a dark road then left on the bathroom floor....

P.S. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that Soon Ae's brother having the hots for his sister (even if she's in another girl's body) is skin-crawlingly creepy. Blech! Why did they have to go that way? Ew! Sure, there's part of me that thinks that it is kinda funny, but mostly I'm just grossed out by it. *shudder*

I also quickly wanted to mention our beloved Cordon. I know that there was some inklings out there that he was developing feelings for our leading lady, and frankly, he probably was/is. Even still though, when he quickly catches on that there's something going on between Bong Sun and Sun Woo, he supports it by keeping quiet and even offering her advice. He's like her quiet knight in shining armor standing on the sidelines. I adore this boy.

We end the episode with another hot, hot, hotter than hot kiss. After spending so much time fighting off his girlfriend's advances and then finally convincing her "wild side" that this taking it slow stuff was worth it (you know, since the ghost is now in love with the boy too), Sun Woo caves. He wants to take her away for that overnight trip that she had been begging for.
Look how cute he is as he searches for a hotel. *giggle*

Except now, she isn't so much on board with this idea, for by "doing it", she will have to leave just as she is starting to fall in love. Obviously there is that part of her that recognizes she is being unreasonable here. She knows she's dead. She knows she can't stay. She knows she can't actually have the guy.

But, the heart wants what the heart wants, even if it's a dead heart. The Ghost Whisperer ahjumma warns her of the danger, but she's a stubborn ghost that has formed a romantic connection with a man of vitality - just try to talk her out of it. So when it comes time to meet Hottie at the station to head to the seashore for a night of passion, she chickens out. Thankfully, he's been shanghaied by his mother into meeting PD Lee, so he doesn't even realize that she was the one that backed out when he shows up late. I don't know why that is a "thankfully". It probably shouldn't be because he's working under a false assumption now, thinking that his girlfriend is still wanting to get it on while she is pulling back, afraid of losing him.

What's a vital man and possessed girl to do? They've missed their train. They're stuck in boring old Seoul. Their plans for fornication have gone awry. Well, enter Mr Creative. Sun Woo sets up a tent and the two of them get cozy. And by cozy, I mean, they talk for a while (he tells her that he just ended things for sure with PD Lee and so now she has to take responsibility for him) and then start to kiss. Woohoo! Then the little kiss turns into a grab-and-dramatically-lay-down-together. Oh! Well, then. Looks like something may be about to happen here! We end with some unbuttoning and squinched eyes bracing herself....
to be continued....

Okay, so super abbreviated version here and I apologize for all that I know I missed. There really was a lot of great material here to work with, especially as far as our leading couple/trio went. They are absolutely adorable together, whether it is the Bong Sun/Soon Ae combo or even Bong Sun alone by herself with him. I am completely and utterly in love with this man myself. Heart and soul, I tell you. He's dreamy. Absolutely, perfectly dreamy. I want him for myself. Can I have him? Please? I'll take good care of him, I promise. I'll water him and feed him let him feed me (he's a chef after all) and make sure he gets plenty of exercise and is never, ever bored.

Join me next time when I take on this past week's episodes. I know I for one can't wait to see what came next (I have a suspicion that they didn't actually satisfy her grudge, but will have to wait and see for sure). Thanks for stopping by! Til next time, back hugs and fish kisses to you all,

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