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Dramatic Friday Review: Rooftop Prince episode 12

Last one for this week...

So when last we watched {which was just a few hours ago for me}

We saw Bak Ha trapped inside the burning warehouse & Yi Gak running to her rescue..

If they {the writer, director} were trying to get me sucked back in as soon as possible they succeeded.  I was suitably impressed by Yi Gak's daring rescue. 

Int he next scene starring our 2 star crossed lovers we see him at her bedside caring for her in the after math of the fire.  Giving her medicine & telling her to rest.  As he is leaving she remembers that handkerchief he used to protect her from smoke inhalation.  She hands it back to him but it slips through his fingers & glides gracefully down to fall across the bottom half of her face. 

Remind you of anyone?
He stands over looking in shock...but no least not right then. 

Back at the company, Se Na is leaving the conference room, you know where Yi Gak was supposed to be having a meeting so that he could sell the product that they were working on to prove he could handle the job at the company?  Only he ran out to rescue Bak Ha.  That conference room.  Anyway, Se Na is walking down the hallway & she does NOT look happy.  So she calls Man Bo & he tells her about the fire & Bak Ha & how Yi Gak/Yong Tae Yong arrived & rescued her & took her home. 

So what does SeNa do?

Why she tattles on him to Halmoni of course!  Duh!!

Who then has Se Na call Yi Gak to come talk to her at once. 

Am I the only one who thinks he should be commended for rescuing someone from a fire?  She yells at him for being a hero??  Does she not realize that she could totally use the EXCELLENT FREE publicity from such a stunt?  Hmmm...guess it's not in the script though so...

After this he & the Power Rangers take Bak Ha out to dinner.  They visit & spoil her with attention which makes Chi San jealous, just a little, because uh Hello???  Didn't he just have his appendix removed?  So they spoil him too.  He smiles & all is right with the world.  Cutie Patootie! 

And through this Bak Ha finds her smile & her laugh once again, which you can see Yi Gak is happy & enchanted to see.  They go for a walk while the Power Rangers head off for beer.  No matter what era you are from, at the end of the day, a nice cold bottle of beer makes it all better, I guess.  I wouldn't know I don't drink.  But this is good for our drama because it means alonetime scenes of just Bak Ha & Yi Gak.  {SQUEEE!!!   >.< ... This makes me happy can you tell?}

When Yi Gak & Bak Ha make it back to the Rooftop, they find Halmoni outside...she wants to tell Bak Ha off & kick her out of the rooftop house & company.  She doesn't like Bak Ha at all.  So Yi Gak suggests that for now they avoid her & just out to get a drink... 
So they go to eat & drink a little as well, it's during this time Yi Gak let's slip that he was the one in the Panda suit, not Becky, shaking his 'groove thang' to sell strawberries.  {giggle}

I love the look on her face...

...and the look on his face when he realizes he let the cat out of the proverbial bag. Ooops. 

Then he admits to her...

Which, duh, we could already see when she came out of the dressing room in THE dress.  His face gives every emotion he has away.  My advice, don't play poker. 

Of course this being a K-D we have to make a pit stop at the....
bath house. 

While here he keeps telling Bak Ha that Halmoni is still at the house waiting for them.  Even though the Power Rangers have texted him she left & then texted again asking why he wasn't back yet?  But Bak Ha catches on.  Can't put nothing over on her.   Yi Gak gets some sleep, at the bath house & then he has a dream/flashback but this time its all about the Crown Princess's little sis.  He wakes up & says, "I'm dreaming of sister-in-law a lot more lately.  Hmmmm....  wonder what that could possibly mean?  Bak Ha comes back over & gives him a drink & says he should drink up & then they'll go home.  He just looks at her.  Really wanting to know when he's going to figure it all out who she is...was...ACK!!!  *.* Oh the headache from trying to figure time shifts & changes. 

Then a nice slow walk home in the rain...

Unless you get home & find "her" on your doorstep
She is really good at pretending to be a victim in all this.

Sigh.  It's time.  Bak Ha knows this.  She knows that it is officially awkward to still be at the house living with all the guys when the one she is in love with is engaged to marry her evil step sister.  So it made sense to me to finally see her packing up her things.  Of course at this point she hasn't told Yi Gak her plans but she figures he won't miss her anyway so what's the point?
Besides, how else will they speed up the process of Yi Gak realizing he loves her if she doesn't leave & have him feeling the huge hole in his chest where his heart used to be, but is no longer there because she took it with her when she left? 

At the company, there is a big managers meeting, with Halmoni sitting at the head of the company while all the little indians discuss Yong Tae Yong's failure in his quest to prove he should be working with the company.  Tae Mu & his dad have very cleverly insinuated themselves into the good graces of the rest of the managers & are working their evil schmooze to take over. 

They decide to give Yong Tae Yong one last chance to come up with & market & successfully sell a product.  Halmoni pulls him & Tae Mu into her office & explains what happened & points out to Tae Yong that his wonderfully kind & supportive cousin {uh yeah right, as if!!} asked for Tae Yong to have another chance.

Gloating Tae Mu?  Don't count your chickens before they hatch babe!  Our boy Yi Gak is surprisingly adept at 21st century business.  Just wait he'll wipe that smug smirk off your face.  You'll see. 

Time to pick out the dress w/ Se Na for their engagement party.  They pull back the curtain & he sees her for the very first time & she pretty much has to pull a compliment from Yi Gak.  Totally a different experience than when he was helping Bak Ha get ready for her blind date.  She walked out in just a simple maidenly dress & his eyes about popped out of his head & his tongue had to be lifted from the carpet & put back in his mouth.  This time he just smiles. 

See?  No va-va-voom this time. 

She literally had to ask him if he souldn't be saying she's beautiful or something like that?  He looks really convincing when he agrees with her & says, "you are pretty."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... I found myself laughing & wanting to say....{yes ungraciously} LOSER! To Se Na "with my finger & my thumb in the shape of an L on my forehead".  I didn't...but it was really tempting.   

{BTW: Bonus points to anyone that can name the band & song I just quoted for the "Loser" sign}

{We aren't falling for it Unnie.  We know there are no points whatsoever!  Let alone bonus points.}

They go to lunch afterwards where SeNa says explains that she feels like she is growing closer to Yi Gak but he is growing further away...because of Bak Ha, of course.  He explains that Bak Ha would never steal him from her, she isn't that kind of person.  Which offends SeNa. Because she IS that kind of person & she doesn't understand why stealing from others is sucha bad thing. 

When he gets home he sees Bak Ha piling boxes by the front door.  He knows now that she's planning on leaving.  In the next scene we see the 2 girls who live downstairs, Bak Ha's besties, flabbergasted that Yi Gak is engaged to Se Na when everyone can tell he likes Bak Ha & vice versa.  The Power Rangers explain that they feel uncomfortable about it too but what can they do?  Remember they all believe it has to be this way to figure out the truth behind the Crown Princess's death & that its the only way they'll get back to Joseon Era & their families. 

And more Power Rangers scenes next.  They had this whole plan for their product idea at the company that they would try to get the original product they were working on before the fire but to throw off Tae Mu's spies they would go all over asking for help & contracts knowing full well Tae Mu would stop their every attempt at success.  And the ruse works.  His idiot spy totally falls into their trap. 

Tae Mu stops SeNa in the hall & tries to get her to come back to him but even after arm grabbing & knocking all of her stuff out of her hands she refuses & walks away...but not before Tae Mu's dad sees the entire exchange & dumbfounded by his son's inability to let her go and so he tattles about her true family relationships.  Which shocks Tae Mu.  He goes to the market & sees her mother & recognizes her as the woman he hit with his car & that makes her Bak Ha's mom too.  He walks over ot her & gets invited into her little office.  Where he sees the huge family portait & recognizes the father & the little girl from President Jang's missing daughter photo.  He puts 2 & 2 together  figures out the rest. 

All through this Yi Gak has gone home & found that Bak Ha & all of her stuff is gone.  Earlier he discovered she had given her resignation at the company.  He finds a letter in her room to him & the Power Rangers...

He is upset, nay traumatized by her sudden departure & goes out searching for her all to no avail.  No answer on her hand-a-pone either. 

Aww look at his face.  Poor Yi Gak.

Tae Mu & Se Na while Yi Gak is searching.  Tae Mu says he knows all about her mom, the picture, her relationship to Bak Ha.  {He still doesn't know she abandoned her little sis in some strangers truck etc...}  He then proposes that she play the role of President Jang's long lost daughter.  That way Bak Ha doesn't get the company, Se Na does & then they can marry & they will have all the control.  They have to get rid of Tae Yong & send Bak Ha far away first though but she needs to think about it & come back to him. 

While Se Na digests the food for thought from Tae Mu we see a depressed & distraught Yi Gak lighting ALL of the sparklers that Bak Ha had been saving for days when they had good news to celebrate.  So sad.  Poor Yi Gak. 

The next morning we see Bak Ha slowly walking back to the rooftop.  She had just been for a job interview, she hadn't left completely.....not yet anyway.  Of course Yi Gak doesn't know this till he sees her on the rooftop next to him, where he stayed all night long, longing for Bak Ha.  He starts yelling at her.  How could she just leave?  She made him miserable leaving like that.  He couldn't figure out why he was so upset, so angry & why throwing a fit didn't make the horrible feeling in his chest go away.  Then he did figure it out. 

He reaches for her, grabs her & ...


Yay romantic!!

end scene. 

Such a good episode!  Color me one happy Ahjumma. 

So romantic, intense & happy. 

Totally loved Rooftop Prince more this week than I did King 2 Hearts. 

But I warned you didn't I?  It always depends on how each week's episodes go.  I simply cannot pick a favorite.  Who knows what will happen next week in either show. 

And I leave you with Dongsaeng's 2 cents.
Take it away Dongsaeng.


Dongsaeng's 2 Cents:

1st cent - awesome episode.  I don't like that it's the bad guys all finding out the truth before the good guys, but it wouldn't be much of a drama if everybody knew everything right away, now would it?  I can't wait for them to all figure it out though so that I can figure it out too.  I know technically I should know, but my poor sleep-deprived brain is still having trouble with the whole interwoven web of connections.  I keep forgetting just how everyone is really related.  I need a resolution soon so that I can piece it all together once and for all in a clear and concise manner.  You know, so that I can write about it in a clear and concise manner.  Otherwise I just start rambling.

2nd cent - Happy, happy kiss.  In the voice of an exasperated 8 year old, "fffinal-ly!" (and yes, I can attest to the voice of an exasperated 8 year-old as my life is filled with it on a daily basis).  Okay, so is it strange that I really hope Bak Ha does move 5 hours away?  She should just get out of there while all these other people figure everything out.  The girl's been through enough.  Time to take a little vacay there girlfriend.  I looked it up on the map - Pohang looks like a nice little seaside village.  I mean, it could be a total hole for all I know, but it's got to be better than sticking around for all the drama.  Or better yet, go find yourself a real desert isle and kick your feet up there sweetie.  Let everyone else self-destruct and solve 300-year-old murder mysteries without you.  You know your boy's probably going to still marry your evil sister anyway - why stick around just to watch that and get your heart broken?  I say run - run far, far away from all this mess.

That's all I've got for today folks.  What did you think of this episode???  There's a handy dandy comment section there if you want to sound off and voice your opinions.  See it?  Right down there.  Just click, type and share!  ^.^

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