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Gap Dong Episode 14 - The Killer was Detective Gap Dong in the Study with a Nunchuck

I can't believe it.  We had a well written, mostly well acted, and logical (except for the ending) episode that actually kept my interest for the whole hour.  Not only that but I am actually looking forward to what happens next week.  I would grade this episode around a B-, but considering we have had some real failing episodes lately, a B is nothing to scoff at.
At the end of episode 13 I actually made a checklist of some of the things I would like to see in upcoming episodes.  And surprisingly some of them actually got marked off (and at least one of them looks like it will be checked off in episode 15) so YAY for positive thinking, obviously the writers have been reading my blog.  Of course several of them were just dream segments, but I will take what I can get.  And kudos on the writers for realizing that you can use a dream segment for those more outlandish kdrama moments.  It makes your final product a lot more cohesive and realistic for us viewers.

I don't know about you, but my fantasy wedding would not be in a mental institution.  But we get flashed to a scene where twit Ji Wool is walking down the isle on Tae Oh's arm, the institute fancied up via wedding motif.  All of the inmates are cheering and Dr Maria is staring in concern with her freakishly large eyes.  But luckily for us this is just a daydream.  For once Ji-Wool is actually being sensible.  She turns down Tae Oh and his mothers marriage offer, saying that when it comes to having sympathy for others they are the poorest of the poor and that she does not need their offer. Of course she ruins any points I awarded her when she has a meltdown in the middle of the precinct yelling at Moo Yeom for not loving her.  If my daughter was yelling that she only lived for a man (especially if she was not even dating so said man) I would Korean mother slap her so hard she would not be able to even think of men for a year.  This girl needs to set some priorities and watch less dramas since basing your self worth on a man nicknamed the Mad Monk is not a good life choice.
How long is that letter going to be hanging out with on the death board, next to the picture of the girl nicknamed "crybaby" and remain unnoticed?  Even Detective Gap Dong (He will now also be called DGD since writing that name out all the time is tiring) himself randomly stares at that spot, constantly missing the all important note..

Why are the dots not being connected in this Gap Dong puzzle?  Clues are starting to pop up left and right screaming the identity of Gap Dong and yet all of them are being tossed to the side.  For an inspector who literally was suspicious of everyone, I find it surprising that Moo Yeom refuses to even think that his hyung might be involved.  If Moo Yeom grew up with Detective Gap Dong being his hyung and role model, why would he not recognize the sketch of the younger him? They were already hanging out at that time learning nunchucks, so he should have remembered. He now has the identity of the body and proof that she liked Detective Gap Dong, and yet instead of suspicion he actually tells the victim's mother that DGD will be sure to catch the killer. 

The same can be said of Dr Maria, you have an aged sketch of the killer that looks A LOT like Detective Gap Dong.  Detective Gap Dong is mocking you by saying the same phrases he told you 20 years earlier.  Let's use our brains and make the logical hypothesis already.  I have to admit that I am very surprised that DGD is purposefully taunting the one person who could put him at the scene of the crime.  There is a good chance (especially with the intelligence level of Dr Maria) that she would never make the connections if he had just stayed out of her way.  But begins to make the connection she does, of course it would take a total complete idiot not to figure this one out since he is practically yelling his identity from the rooftops.  I guess he is feeling safe since the statute of limitations has lapsed.
That feeling of security leaves as he discovers that Moo Yeom has been lying to him.  Detective Gap Dong begins to wonder if he had somehow been discovered?  Had Moo Yeom cracked the case?  Nope, the problem was that the 8th victims mother had asked Moo Yeom to deliver the love letter to the person it was meant for (Does anyone else think that is a little weird to send a letter to your daughters one sided love when 20 years had passed?).  Thinking that this would cause his hyung distress, he had lingered over the delivery. Unfortunately for DGD, his reactions were just slightly off when he discovered what Moo Yeom had been hiding from him.  Add in the fact that Moo Yeom sees DGD destroying the letter afterwords has his cop radar pinging and all the clues finally connect into one big DGD picture..
Our Mad Monk finally has figured out who Gap Dong is, and goes to confront him right away.........with his nunchucks.   Oh writers, you sure did not disappoint, your nunchuck fetish always gets a chuckle out of me.  He rushes DGD and we see blood spray across the desk, and then Moo Yeom wakes up.
I guess I have to commend the writers for keeping their crazy within the dreamscape, but it says something that we viewers are not instantly aware what is the fantasy and what is the reality.  But now the big picture starts to settle into focus.  He knows who Gap Dong is and has considered him a friend for the past twenty years.  There is not going to be any type of jail time for him, even if he does get enough evidence to prove that he is indeed Gap Dong.  So what is one to do when justice seems to have failed in punishing the murderer? Karma has obviously not been swift in this case.
But never fear, since in true Kdrama fashion, when there is not a real logical way to get a conviction, then make one up.  Moo Yeom sends the prosecutor a note asking for them to help make an exception to the statute of limitations.  Because if someone is evil enough, don't they deserve to go to prison and the heck with legality.
Random Thoughts.
How much time did Dr Maria spend pacing, fretting, and angsting over things in her trailer.  It got to be a little boring for us viewers.  Can't she drive to the river front to brood like every other kdrama character?  Although seeing the old picture of DGD and coming to the realization that her search for Gap Dong was over, was by far the best acting she has done in the whole drama.
I like how we see DGD facade begin to crack over the love letter.  His extreme anger and overreaction really painted a psycho bullseye on his head.  The first time seeing the scene (without the extension) I was wondering what had made Moo Yeom so certain that he was Gap Dong.  Seeing the extending scene I think we have our answer.  The guy is a tad bit crazy.
So sad the plot seems to be ditching Tae Oh, who is still languishing in his jail cell.  Every twenty minutes or so they will do a quick shot of him sitting there, sad that he is not still the main focus of the drama.  Poor Tae Oh.... We miss you too. (oh wait I wrote too soon)  
It looks like Moo Yeom is slapping a locator anklet on our favorite hottie killer and taking him out to help in catching DGD.  Because nothing is smarter than leading a leashed wild lion to hunt another wild lion.  It is bound to work out. 
Oh! Did I forget to mention the episode left off with a chicken race?  WHY?  WHY?  They were doing so well in keeping the crazy to a minimum.  Guess we will have to see who wins, and what exactly the winner gets, in episode 15. 

Til then,

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