Monday, April 2, 2012

I said, "Yes!"

When my Dongsaeng asked me, rather shyly, whether I wanted to join her in this endeavor, what else could I say but yes?  She hooked me on the whole obsession to begin with, I would have to follow along, right?  Has nothing to do with the fact that the idea totally excited me. 

In fact, when CA came home tonight, I looked at him & said, "Shannen hooked me again."  He rolled his eyes & smiled & patiently listened to our plan.  He was actually proud of us.   He & my teenage son think we should do weekly video blogs on here as well.  When I queried, "How would that work, with her in AZ & us in WI?"  He said, "Oh it'll be easy.  You do them separately & use Windows Media to splice them together."  I said, "I'm in but you have to do the techy stuff."  He just smiled.  Of course, I haven't discussed that with my Dongsaeng so we'll have to see. 

I guess from here on in I should just copy & paste my admission post that I posted on our family blog like The Dongsaeng did...just to get things started.

So here goes:

*Originally posted on unnie's family blog on 7/7/11*

"Confessions of a K-Drama Addict"

"Several months ago, after our trip to D World, after life settled down & before it sped back up, my BFF & I were visiting on the phone. Which a typical day for us means several phone calls back & forth, don't even get me started on the text messages! Anyway, we were on the phone & talking about our favorite TV show Bones. Seeing as I was in MO at the time & she in AZ, we weren't able to watch the show at the same time on the phone like we had previously, when this family still resided in the sunny, dry, dusty state of AZ. To offset our different time zones, I began DVR'ing Bones & then would watch it later, with said BFF, when it was airing in AZ at its usual time. This way we could call each other & watch, enraptured by our favorite dynamic duo & their on screen romance/chemistry heat up & cool down. But every once in a while life would get in the way & we wouldn't get to watch Bones the night it aired so we'd call once our responsibilities were tended to & watch it together on Hulu.

While reflecting upon Seeley Booth's (David Boreanaz') hotness factor, my BFF confessed to me that she had fallen for a show she found on Hulu & believed that I would love as well & that I should, 'check it out'. I was all for this, until she told me it was actually a foreign tv show. Not just foreign but also a soap opera-esque type of show. Now, if you know me then you know I do NOT do drama. I hate watching soap operas & routinely make fun of, mock, humiliate the few people I know, that are hooked on their favorite soap opera trash! So, this of course made me skeptical. But I continued to listen as this IS my BFF after all. She explained that she stumbled upon it after seeing an ad for it on Hulu. One look at a picture of a fancy ball gown & I know my BFF's weakness for this type of fantasy, was almost all it took for her. I can't say I am not prone to such weakness & fancy myself as I do LOVE me some Jane Austen & Jane Eyre after all. Don't get me started on the gowns worn in Gone With the Wind!

As I hung up the phone I thought to myself, "I will give her the benefit of the doubt & I will check it out. Then I will be able to honestly say, 'it really isn't my thing'." I went to Hulu & found the show she was talking about...
My Princess. I read the description & I too found it intriguing. Isn't it every little girl's dream to wake up one day & find out you're actually a princess?!?! Maybe that's just me & my BFF. I didn't have time right then but a couple of days later I remembered my promise & I logged on to Hulu & loaded the first episode. Now, what you don't know about Korean Dramas, is that they only have about 16 episodes total, so each drama is more like an extra long american mini series than it is a soap opera. Although, there are some that can go up to 30 episodes in a season. And a few that, due to extreme popularity, in Korea will get a 2nd season. But 9 times out of 10 they aren't any longer than 16-24 episodes long. They aren't like American Soap Operas that go on & on for decades with no real ending to any story line. Definitely, a plus in my book.

So I loaded the first episode, I have to admit, it started out kind of slow but the main female character (aka the Princess) was funny & sweet & after a few minutes I no longer noticed the subtitles on the bottom of the screen I became so absorbed in the entertainment. I couldn't stop watching. Again, IF you know me, you know that I can read a huge book in an incredibly short period of time, a) because I am a fast reader & b) because I become completely absorbed & stop noticing the real world all around me. My kids can go without baths, dinner, family time, & basically become motherless children for a good book. Seriously it can be very Lord of the Flies around this house when mom has a good book. It was the same, in the beginning, for this show. I was totally & completely hooked. I loaded episode after episode after episode.

When the show finally ended with the happy ever after kiss, it was just like watching a Disney princess movie for me. After that I joined my BFF & became a Korean drama addict. We couldn't seem to get enough K-d's in to our systems...I am thankful to say that I have since gotten it under control...I am doing better but it helped to know that I was not the only one who couldn't seem to get enough! Our husbands immediately took up the role of disgust & apathy towards our new found obsessions. They just didn't get it! It helped that I made sure all my required errands, chores & responsibilities were being met first, but once I cleared my schedule, I would spend the rest of the day glued to a computer screen. Now, we just get teased every once in a while or get a good eye rolling...I can handle that.

Why? You might ask, "Jess, why of all things to get hooked, did you choose a Korean drama???" (More quick confessions before I answer that question... The truth is I have branched out...thanks to the wonderful people at my favorite show hosting websites...)
Viki, Dramafever, Mysoju, Dramacrazy & of course Hulu.

I now have also added several Taiwanese Dramas & Japanese Dramas as well. Plus, Viki also shows foreign movies. So I've seen a few Bollywood, which I've always enjoyed & Phillipino movies as well. But why do I like them, because unlike American TV & Soap Operas, the dramas in Asia are actually clean & suitable to watch in front of my kids, because they are aired on their public stations where the censors keep a very close eye, like they once did here.

There is almost no swearing & absolutely NO nudity & no sex scenes! Its awesome! Its romance before romance became uncool. Before jumping into bed the minute you are attracted to someone became so prevalent on American tv. Where its sexier to show as little as possible & leave it up to the imagaination than it is to blatantly show as much as possible. Real romance comes from the leading up to, not from the actual act. Its dancing in the moonlight & holding hands while you go for a walk & those moments that make your heart skip a beat & when you feel butterflies in your tummy. Its looking into someone's eyes & feeling that longing feeling. And that is where these dramas hooked me.

So, now along with our Bones obsession we call, chat & of course the ever present text-a-thon to keep each other up on what our favorite characters are doing. Why am I admitting this?!?! Because she "came out" on her blog & since we have probably 75% of the same friends in the blogosphere & on FB, not to mention church, I figured they'd all know who her BFF was so I figured it was time to come clean myself! She even talked about how we have started to pick up the lingo. Each conversation has at least 2 "OMO's!" in it as well as a few "Aigoo's!" etc... We love using the honorifics when speaking to each other...rather than saying, "did you see how his sister reacted?" Its, "OMO!! Did you see how his Nuna acted when she heard about her Oppa?!?!" We're even thinking about maybe learning Korean. Then we can actually turn away from the computer screen & just listen while we accomplish a few tasks. Like when we watch American shows on Hulu.

Of course, we each have our favorite dramas, actors & actresses. My BFF has stuck with Korean dramas only while I branched out but I still love the K dramas best!

And of course, we both desperately want to visit South Korea & especially Jeju-do (
Jeju Island)! And we have found the perfect excuse in the last 24 hours! Yesterday, it was officially announced that Pyeongchang Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games! What better time to visit our beloved Korea, then when Korea is ready to receive foreigners with open arms?!?! Even our husbands are on board, course it has absolutely nothing to do with the dramas for them but the chance to see Asia. For my BFF & I we just want to see the incredibly beautiful landscape & countryside we have totally fallen for while watching our shows.

So we have 7 years to save up for our trip to Asia. Still don't know if we'll take kids. Husbands say no but kids will all be teens by then & may not want to come with us anyway. And with Liam we have more complications. Will he still be healthy enough for me to either leave him or to travel with us??? I'd rather he came with. Think of THAT memory for him. Kieran won't be able to go with us, no matter what, as he'll be starting his mission by then. Can you believe that?!?! I'm still in shock at that idea!

But its definitely good to have a dream! Until then I will keep watching those Korean dramas. Reminding me to keep romance alive. Now that I've admitted my addiction out loud, why don't you admit one of your secret addictions too. ^.^

So in closing...

Hello. My name is Jess. And I am a Korean Drama Addict.

It doesn't hurt that the male leads are typically incredibly good looking HOT!!!"

And that is how my K Drama addiKtion really began.  I was hooked & I am so grateful.  It has opened a whole new world to me, that quite frankly my one track, "mom" mind had never even considered.  I love learning about a whole new culture, it's rich history & it's fascinating & inspiring people.  Thank you to my bestie, Dongsaeng, for dragging me with her on this new adventure.  Here's hoping we can open the world to many, many more. 

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