Monday, April 2, 2012

pre-my addicKtion post about City Hunter 11/10/11

*Originally posted on dongsaeng's personal private blog on 11/10/11*

Lots of folks these days are doing daily lists of what they are thankful for. I kind of wish I was too, but I didn't want to be too much of a follower, so I'm only doing it in my head. You'll just have to guess at what is on my list.

I'll give you one. And I didn't want to say any more on this subject because I don't want to be labeled as too much of a total random dork, but too late for that and I really want to talk about this so here it goes. I am thankful for City Hunter. There I admitted it. I am thankful for a Korean drama called City Hunter. I finished watching it a week or so ago and I really, really wish I had someone to talk to about it. It was just so good. Except for the last episode, but it's a Korean drama and you kind of come to expect the last episode to stink. For reals. It will never cease to amaze me how they can do 19 amazing episodes and then #20 falls flat and leaves you wanting. I mean, there wasn't even a kiss! Grr. But seriously, it was probably the best show I've ever seen. Okay, that might be stretching it, but it was beautiful. The filmography (including fight scenes of all things! I HATE fight scenes!) literally stole my breath in parts. And I don't normally notice stuff like that. Though maybe I don't notice stuff like that because most of what we watch doesn't even have stuff like that. The art is gone from the art of filmmaking, unless you want to see a totally inappropriate and raunchy artsy movie that's going to most likely be rated MA. Why do they do that? Why can't art be just that, art? Why ruin it with garbage and make it all edgy and stuff? It's like smearing poop on a Michelangelo just to be all controversial and junk. What a waste. Anyway, this was beautiful and powerful and shocking but clean and wonderful and I just really wish I could talk to somebody about it before I lose my mind. Imagine you had a show you were totally in to but no one you knew had ever even heard of it. It's frustrating. That is the major drawback to my "hobby" - you're not going to be standing around the proverbial water cooler discussing Lee Min Ho or Hero Jaejoong. Ever. It's a sad and lonely world when you break from the pack. Granted, there is always the online community, but sometimes you just want a real for real person to talk to, not some random stranger. I'm not a super crazed fan or anything, I just appreciate a good story. It really is the perfect format as far as I'm concerned. A lot longer and more in-depth than a movie, but a lot shorter than a TV series that runs for years. You get a good in-depth story and a resolution all in one. I guess the closest thing I could compare it to would be a mini-series, but way less cheesy. Kind of. It really is a wonderful thing, but you'll just have to take my word for it I guess because I don't think I'm getting any converts anytime soon. *Insert Eeyore like sigh here and even throw in an "oh well" for good measure*.

Yes. That's right. I just spent about 37 sentences discussing Korean television. Ha! Wow, what a dork. You probably all left somewhere around sentence #3 and so now I'm speaking to an empty room. That's okay. I understand. I'll get over it. I would totally do the same thing in your position if you started talking about, oh I don't know, American freaking Idol or something of the like. I'd probably also start banging my head against the wall, begging you to stop. See, I totally get where you're coming from. It's all good. We can just agree to disagree even though I'm totally right in this case and you just don't know it yet because you haven't given it a shot. Haha. Hopefully you know I'm joking. If you don't, well then, we need to spend some more time together so that you can get to know me better and vice versa. You see, this entire post is tongue-in-cheek (okay, except for the part about City Hunter - I really did love it). I trend towards the sarcastic or snarky side every once in a while. It's my hair. What can I do? I was born this way. My hair determines my personality for better or for worse (and when you're a 'ginger' apparently it's more worse than better, or so I'm told). Which brings up another point... what's up with that term 'ginger' anyway? Have you seen ginger? It's yellow. Bright yellow. I don't get it. Maybe I'm just slow. Maybe I should try dying it. My hair, not ginger. If I were a brunette would I be less sarcastic and snarky? Hmm...I oughta give that one a try some day. Of course then I would get yelled at because apparently I'm the one person on the face of the earth who isn't allowed to do anything to my hair without prior approval from someone. Everyone has a vested interest in the dead cells on my head. Really. I get interesting responses from people who will remain nameless (they know who they are) anytime I even contemplate a big change. I once did a temporary dye and wow! I guess I should be grateful that so many people care so very much about my head.

Okay, I'm really walking down a winding path. I could go on all night like this but I'm done for now. I've said my piece and I'd like to go to bed. Plus now Husband is here in the room and thinks that he needs some attention too. Silly boy. I have enjoyed our conversation. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me ramble. I may be quiet on the outside but crack me open and watch out! You have no idea the amount of crazy that can come spilling out. This is just a small sampling. Now maybe you have a better idea as to why I think my husband a saint for putting up with me. He'd tell you that all of this is totally normal and usually occurs this time of night when he's trying to sleep and I'm, shall we say, decompressing. He's a doll and I adore him. Now, for reals, I'm signing off. Thanks for the chat.

***Editor's Note: What you just witnessed here is what I would like to call a mind dump. Or better yet, a mind flush. Picture if you will a toilet. The toilet represents a mind's day. That toilet fills with "stuff" - thoughts/feelings/emotions/whatnots. You can't just leave all that "stuff" there now can you? It would fester and start to smell and then you'd end up with some awful 3rd world disease caused by festering "stuff". So what do you do? You flush it all away. If you came out of that feeling a little dizzy, that's normal. That is caused by the swirling vortex of "stuff" circling the drain on its way out. I apologize for any nausea or disorientation.***

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