Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Unnie!!!

I interrupt this blog about all things Korean to bring a very special and personal message to a very special person...


That's right dear readers, today marks another trip around the sun for our favorite older sister!

Obviously most of you have never met Unnie in person, so I will take it upon myself to tell you a little bit about the person that she is in real life.  As you may be able to tell from her writings and communications, Unnie is a very amazing and wonderful person. She is positive and bubbly and full of energy and fun.  She is loud and boisterous and kind and thoughtful and so giving.  She is an incredible mother to her kids.  She is an example of fortitude and strength even in the face of great challenges.  I won her undying love with one cooler of ice (she was organizing a big fundraiser to fight A-T in honor of her son and a cooler of ice was what I was asked to contribute in exchange for a promise of a forever friend - pretty fair trade, right?  Best bargain I ever made!).  She has proven to be a true friend who is always there for me, even though we now live far from each other instead of just down the street as we once did.  I could go on and on and on about my amazing friend and all of her amazing qualities.  The world is a better place for having her in it.  

Unnie, I hope your birthday is wonderful and fabulous!  I hope you don't get too mad at me for posting this either ;)  It is of course only done out of love and friendship.  You need to hear how awesome you are and the rest of the world needs to know it too.  Thank you for your friendship over the years - you help keep me sane!  I wanted to send you something special for your birthday, but I couldn't fit KHJ into a box.  Plus I thought CA wouldn't appreciate it and we know how grumpy he can get when cute Korean boys are mailed to you ^.^  So, instead, I found this for you...

...because I know how much you love roses!

The very happiest of birthdays to you Unnie!  May your day be filled with joy and love and all things daebak!  Saeng il chu ka ham ni da!

Love always and forever,

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  1. I will be gracious & say thank you Dongsaeng for the birthday wishes & the incredibly kind words. Personally addiKts I think I'm the one who got the best 1/2 of that ice chest deal I made all those years ago. We may not be actually blood related but I couldn't have designed a better sister even if I had all the best technology that Samsung & Apple & Microsoft offered me. I am truly an incredibly blessed woman. Thank you for being my bestie, my sister, my partner in crime. I love you so much. AND I LOVE my "roses". {giggle}.


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