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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 5

I honestly think this episode had the absolutely funniest opening of them all.

I'm not kidding, I was giggling & squealing w/ delight, so much so that I actually ran into the den & forced my husband to watch the opening scene on my iPad.  Like a good CA he obediently set aside Diablo III & sat & watched patiently.  And then to my surprise he was chuckling too.  Chincha!!  Squuuueeee!!!  I love it when my CA finds the K-Drama moments I find funny, funny too.  Makes my unnie heart so happy!

Okay so I'll get on with the opening scene.  So we find all our men, at Jeong Rok's cafe, talking about world politics & important topics, or so I thought.  After Do Jin expounds his philosophy, Jeong Rok looks exasperated at him & asks him, "So whose your favorite?!?!"

It's at this point the "real" topic of their conversation is revealed.  What are they talking about?  Girls' Generation of course!

Figuring out which member of the all female K-Pop group must be a topic saved for state of emergency &/or deep & profound philosophical discussions, right?

What we find out is that each guy has his favorite girl & none of them are the same.  And the only one through this whole discussion that is not participating is Choi Yoon.  He's sitting there maturely reading the newspaper & chastising the men for being pathetic & telling them that they should be discussing important world matters!  To which Im Tae San responds with...

Seriously!  I love this show!  And just as Tae San is expounding about the importance of the K-Pop wave on a Global scale Jeong Rok stops & stares & says, "Soo Young."


Of course every single one of the guys turns his head to see what Jeong Rok is talking about & then we see their collective faces as they each realize that an actual member of Girls' Generation is standing just outside the cafe.


Oh snap!  She is coming into the cafe!  They must have her autograph, in their overly excited states none of them has notices that Choi Yoon is no longer in his seat.

They look around & find him the mature, intelligent Choi Yoon, up next to Soo Young of GG & asking her for what else?  Her autograph.  He then dashed back to his chair & his briefcase & digs out his planner & races back to Soo Young ready for her to sign.
"Where is my pen, must have my pen, where is paper?  Why oh why can't I ever find paper when I need it?  Soo Young is waiting for me!  Palle, Palle pen & paper!!?"

We think it ends there but oh no!  He's just warming up.  Because he then tells her she's his favorite.  She's the most pretty of the GG girls & then in the very best part of the scene we see the stoic Choi Yoon break into a GG dance step, then another & another!  Priceless stuff right there.  The guys all look unnerved seeing their hyung act like this, maybe even a little grossed out by it.  If it had been me I'd have been grabbing my iPhone to immortalize his behavior for future mocking & scorning.  But hey, maybe that's just me!  I know my brothers would have done that to each other.

Oh I laughed & laughed till I was out of breath!  Oh Choi Yoon Oppa, I absolutely fell for you in that one silly scene.  {{wiping mirthful tears from my eyes & sighing happily}} Gamsahbnida Oppa.

Once we finished w/ the really funny scene we were thrown right back to the end of last week's episode.  Only we get to see that last week they left one small tidbit.  The fact that Do Jin was there just Se Ra found the picture of Tae San in Yi Soo's journal.  That's right AddiKts.  He saw Tae San's picture too.  Only he thought that the purse was Se Ra's.  Then we head back to the baseball field & Se Ra has her epiphany & Do Jin is starting to catch on to what is going on in her mind, he's kind of smart that way...sometimes.

What is Se Ra's answer to her sudden epiphany that Yi Soo likes Tae San?  Why invite Do Jin & Yi Soo to a nice cozy bite after the game, just the 4 of them.  Should be a lovely meal together between friends, right?  I think Se Ra has got to be one of the most insecure characters I've seen in a while.  They always say bullies are really cowards & that's kind of how I see Se Ra.  She's so insecure about herself as a good woman, as a Pro Golfer, as a girlfriend & yes even as a friend; that she covers it with a bad attitude & a tendency towards aggressive sexuality.  It's almost classic psychiatry.  Any psychiatrists out there that can expound on my theory?   I don't have a psychiatric background in any way shape or form so I could be way off base.

As they arrive at the restaurant Do Jin sees Yi Soo walk in carrying the bag that he'd seen Se Ra shoving stuff into, you know the bag that had Tae San's yearbook pic.  So after a quick thoughtful facial expression...
hmmm...I'm not sure but I think 2+2=4!!  
Yes, yes it does Kim Do Jin.  Now that you have caught on to Se Ra's real intent for this meal together maybe you could protect the woman for which you have promised to have a one sided love.  Oh wait, I know better.  You have this covered don't you?  And this dear AddiKts is WHY I call him "Oppa!".

{{Well that & the fact that I actually can without feeling like a pervy old lady helps too.}}

After a rather tension filled 'half a meal' that Se Ra makes as uncomfortable & awkward as she possibly can, by asking further questions about the "secret" man that Yi Soo is crushing on, asking if he plays baseball too.   Do Jin says its him, but Yi Soo denies it's Do Jin, although she adds Do Jin does know him.  Do Jin then says that it was the guy that came to their house that he saw a few days ago...aka Se Ra's "friend" that stayed the night.  This is Do Jin's way of telling Se Ra to back off.  Eventually Do Jin steps in & saves the day & Yi Soo from further embarrassment by excusing them & taking Yi Soo home.  As they exit the restaurant Yi Soo calls Do Jin a big jerk for interfering & making her look like a player in front Im Tae San.  Which prompts him to ask her in return if the reason she hasn't confessed to Tae San even though she's had opportunities if because she is afraid of getting hurt, herself?

And once again I must point out a moment of K-Drama 101 in this episode.  This could all be cleared up, why he stepped in & made her feel foolish & why he helped her escape, all he would have to do is tell her that Se Ra knows.  One simple declarative statement on his part... "She saw the picture in the purse & she knows."  She may not know it all, although she does, but she knows enough.  And that he believes she was about to "out" Yi Soo to try & humiliate her in front of Tae San so she needs to pick which kind of embarrassment she'd prefer Tae San to think, either she's got a secret crush, OR is a player, OR is crushing on Do Jin OR that she's actually been crushing on Tae San all these years, like a big fool.  But it wouldn't be nearly as much fun or last quite the 20 episodes if people spoke plainly & up front right off the bat for each misunderstanding, would it?

That night at Do Jin's place he is going over the days events & he takes out the card that was in the basket of chocolates that were supposed to go to Tae San & he realizes something very interesting.  That the writing on the note card & the writing on the post it notes, that Yi Soo left for him, do not match.  Uh-oh.  This calls for a visit to Maeh Ri & Tae San's house.  Where he runs into, oddly enough, not Tae San or
Maeh Ri but Choi Yoon.  Who is incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that he's been found there, especially when neither Tae San nor Maeh Ri are home.  Oh Choi Yoon Oppa you are so very transparent.  Maeh Ri arrives home & is startled by the sight of Do Jin & is less than pleasant to him but as soon as she sees Choi Yoon, she's all, "Oh Oppa" & smiley.  Maeh Ri you don't even try to not be transparent.  You go girl!

Imagine how surprised Choi Yoon will be when Do Jin reveals he is there to see Maeh Ri & that he wants to have a private chat with her in her room.  Which of course means that Choi Yoon will have to stand outside her room?

He grabs a pen & paper & demands that she write down two words.  "Real" & "Dazzling" & do it now.  And sure enough they match the note card perfectly.  He also asks her to tell him her two favorite songs, remember she referenced them in the note card as well.  Did anybody else feel like they'd stepped back to Jr High when he asked her how Yi Soo talked about their night in the hotel together, you know when she was drunk?  It was very Jr High to me.  Don't get me wrong it didn't take away the funny, if anything it was funny because I watched a 40 year old man basically ask,

"Did Yi Soo Talk about me?  What did she say?  Did she sound excited when she talked about me?  What did she say she likes about me?  Would she be willing to go to the Spring Fling with me?  Find out & then pass me a note during 4th period, K?  Suh-weet!"

Of course, that wasn't all Do Jin wanted from Maeh Ri.  He wants to see her yearbook.  Maeh Ri, not knowing about the found pic of Tae San, has no clue why Do Jin is asking for her yearbook but we do, don't we AddiKts?  {{giggle}}  But she wants something in return.  Do Jin gives her the password to his place, as Choi Yoon is now living at his place, this is a brilliant idea.  She happily gives him the yearbook & he tells her it's the same password that Tae San on his house, that they all use that same password.   After their gab session in her room, both of the men leave & head back to Do Jin's place.  Maeh Ri is not happy but once she heads into the kitchen she understands why Choi Yoon was there as well.

Remember the plates in the kitchen being too high & how they had that moment?  That moment, that was  much like City Hunter ep 8, that was in my top 5 Favoritest Stealing Breaths scenes of this week's WWU.  Well, Maeh Ri walks into the kitchen & sees that all of the dishes have been moved to a lower shelf, she seems upset by the caring gesture.  I can't say as I entirely blame her either.  Choi Yoon is sending seriously mixed messages.

I thought it was really sweet.  A little passive aggressive maybe but really sweet.  I cannot wait to see when he finally admits that he likes her too & stops fighting it.  I guess, at least for right now, I want this couple to work out.  I like their characters so much.  I think they belong together despite the age difference.

I love that when Do Jin thinks or sees Yi Soo everything goes all springy on him.  
Why is he thinking of Yi Soo?  Because Tae San needs him to remeasure Se Ra's kitchen so that he can fix it all up for their 1 year anniversary.  Which means Do Jin will have to go to Se Ra's house.  Tae San also made sure Do Jin knew Se Ra was not there but that Yi Soo was there, alone.  This is why he's all step springing, daydream springing away.

Then he gets there & tells Yi Soo...

He just can't help himself, can he?

So he measures the kitchen while Yi Soo goes back to her room & to work, but her computer has crashed. And it's frozen.  She can't get it to reboot.  Being a man, & in particular the type of man he is, Do Jin goes right into her room & works on her computer.  And of course he has that moment of supreme smugness when he gets her computer to reboot finally.  What comes up?  Some sort of Social Networking site.  I couldn't tell what site it was supposed to be {{Wae don't I read hangul!?!?}} but it had a bunch of pictures that Yi Soo had posted of herself. Think FB but not.  And he's scrolling through her pictures while she is getting him coffee.


As he is scrolling through her pics, he comes across a pic of her in a little blue bikini.  I was going to use my many, MANY screen shots, to tell the story but as luck would have it a wonderful person, that I have never met in person, posted a video clip of the moment on FB today.  She also happens to be a reader.  So shout out to Missy K.  Thank you so much!!!  And the other readers will thank you too!!

I was absolutely floored when I watched this scene!  I was dying I was laughing so hard.


My favorite part is when he stands up & is trying to look down her bikini top, 2D picture, on the computer screen!  OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!!

"Hmmm... maybe if I just get a little higher....or maybe if the angle is....uhhh  is that a hint of something???"

Seriously?!?!  So completely something a man would actually try to do!  Definitely NOT thinking with his brain.


{{ahhhh...I heart men so much!! Sigh}}

And then when he admits he thought, since it was coffee, it would be black & she wouldn't be able to see what he was looking at.   I'm so glad it was his turn to appear the idiot.  He's so good at making her feel or look foolish, that at times, I get frustrated.  THIS more than makes up for all those times when she was the fool.  Thank you writers!!  Thank you so much for this one truly HONEST male moment!!

Then he compliments her on her neckline/collarbone & she makes a fool of herself again by overreacting.  And how sexy was it when he said he didn't want to go home but that if he stayed he "might do something bad".  {{ROWR}}  I know what he was talking about.  {wink wink}

Something that never occurred to me till I saw it myself was that Maeh Ri & Jeong Rok's rich wife know each other.  That they are friends.  It just didn't seem possible to me that Jeong Rok's wife would like anybody from that group.  Which made me think, does she actually like the guys, maybe not her husband, although maybe she truly does love him, maybe his cheating & constantly looking at other women have made it so that she's just too insecure, to make sure he knows that.  I don't know & trying to figure her character out will quickly give me a headache.  They just haven't given me enough info to be able to tell you.  But I would like to think that she & he will work out in the end.  There was a moment, actually a couple of moments in this week's eps that I really enjoyed them together.  And I think that if she just showed a softer side of her personality & was a little more cuddly  {she could never be cuddly} approachable  {no, still not close enough} touchable? {That's the one!  She just doesn't seem like she's the least bit "touchable" & men, as all women know, like to touch the things that they love} he might actually fall in love with her, or back in love, if he was once already & then no longer cheat.  {Was anybody able to follow my train of thought?}

{{Of course, I could be wrong & he could just be a nympho.  In which case, he's on his own.  It's just a theory, won't know what I'm supposed to think, you know till the writers tell me what I'm supposed to think.}}

Now why do I care about Maeh Ri & Jeong Rok's wife having a friendship?  Because Maeh Ri is looking for part time work, so she can get herself out there.  And wouldn't you know it, Jeong Rok's wife who owns the pretty much every single business on the street, we find out, has just the place to put her "dongsaeng".

She's gonna what here now?!?!

Look at your wife's face Jeong Rok, does she look like she's telling a joke?!?!

So glad you see it her way.  >:}

He's a smart enough fellow he knows Maeh Ri is a plant!  And that he is now under surveillance.  Which will seriously cramp his dating life, shaw!   And that is exactly what he tells the guys later on at lunch, but as they have promised his wife that they won't help him anymore, they turn deaf ears on his whining, eventually walking away from him.

Yi Soo has a fashion guardian angel in the form of her former student Maeh Ri.  While out shopping with her "unnie" {aka Jeong Rok's wife} she spots this killer little red dress.  And I do mean LITTLE red dress which she buys & has sent to Yi Soo.  Yi Soo who is just on her way out the door for a camping retreat w/ a couple of her fellow teachers but gets a call at the last minute that the trip is off is surprised by a delivery person, who has been instructed that if she doesn't take the package he is to put the dress on her himself.  Poor guy he looks terrified at the prospect.  So Yi Soo takes the package & is delighted by the dress.  So delighted that she borrows a killer pair of strappy heels from Se Ra's closet & tries on the dress.  Modelling it in the mirror in the main portion of the house she shares w Se Ra.  She's even holding the matching animal print mini purse, which has nothing in it, really.

BTW I probably should have mentioned that Se Ra knew about the camping trip & tells Tae San that she gets the house to herself tonight & that he should come over & spend the night w/ her.  Which of course he arrives hours early, can't tell he's doing the "I'm getting lucky tonight" dance in his head can you.  Se Ra does not know the trip was cancelled & therefore neither does Tae San, who arrives, w/ wine in hand, just as Yi Soo is modelling the sexy red dress.  He looks extraordinarily awkward when he sees Yi Soo in the dress.  Remember he doesn't see her as a woman.  {Scoff, scoff bet the dress makes that a lot easier to accomplish.}

I'm envious of a couple of things in this picture.  First her figure, I would kill for her figure.  2nd her shoes. I would kill for her shoes.  Ok maybe I wouldn't kill for those things.  But I'd definitely maim for them!  Oh heck yeah I would!


Pardon Tae San he's too busy swallowing his tongue.

It's at this point that Yi Soo more than a little embarrassed tells him the trip is off & instead she's going to be out all night at a party.  She doesn't want to ruin Se Ra & Tae San's evening in together & I think she is really embarrassed by the dresses revealing nature & by the fact that she has no life in front of her crush.  She leaves w/ her cell phone & the fancy mini clutch purse in her hand that has no money or ID within.

Uhm.  Tae San-ssi?  Do you see her as a woman now?  Is that why you're holding a chilled bottle of wine to your cheek.?

I'm thinking you should be putting it somewhere else to cool off.....


The back of your neck!  
Dirty minded people.
When you get flushed, hot, bothered & worked up you're supposed to put a cool damp cloth on the back of your neck.  

Aigoo, such dirty minded readers!

Of course later Se Ra is less than thrilled by the story of Yi Soo having been there when Tae San was there, alone.  Especially now that she is aware of Yi Soo's true feelings.  And she gets especially upset when Tae San says they should go out & eat & not be there all night alone together.  He feels bad for Yi Soo.  And Se Ra is sick of hearing about Yi Soo & how everyone should be nice to her & worry about her feelings.  Se Ra is under a lot of pressure remember? Her professional life is in upheaval & now her personal life is possibly being threatened as well.  So she bites back & gets grumpy & when Tae San says he's going to leave before they just fight again, she tells him if he leaves it's over.  Another less than stellar moment from Se Ra.  I really am starting to feel sympathy for her, a little.

So Yi Soo is wandering around Seoul, in a teeny tiny little sexy red dress.  And has no money.  What is she going to do?  She calls Maeh Ri, whom she blames for another fine mess.  Maeh Ri says just come to my house in a taxi & I'll come pay for the fare.  She arrives & sees how grand Maeh Ri's house is & realizes that Maeh Ri & Tae San are indeed rich.

Which surprises her as she never knew.  To make matters worse, right after she arrives so does Maeh Ri's brother.  Who gets to see a sexily dressed Yi Soo again.  She tells him that Maeh Ri is going with her to the party.  Maeh Ri is not planning on going out but with just one look from her very irritated former teacher's face she agrees.  

The two women go out clubbing, Maeh Ri's idea.  Yi Soo looks less than comfortable w/ all the kids Maeh Ri's age that she is hanging with, which includes shooting down the advances of a young single pretty Korean boy.  Then Maeh Ri's favorite song comes on, mine too, who can pass up Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger?  And off they all go to the dance floor.  After a while Yi Soo realizes that Maeh Ri isn't coming back.  Where is Maeh Ri anyway?  Oh she's just, you know trapped in the bathroom stall.  but it's all good cause Collin is there, he happens to be at the same club & hears Maeh Ri's screams for help & goes into the ladies room, tells Maeh Ri to stand back & then kicks open the door.   It was kind of sexy.  What is it about kicking open a door that just....uh...gets my juices flowing?  Whatever it is I appreciated the manly display.

Yi Soo goes outside & Collin is leaving & she recognizes him & starts to chastise him, as he is under age, but he just walks away.  What's she gonna do chase him down in a mini dress & 4 inch spiked heels?  She's standing there trying to figure out who to call.  Maeh Ri is not answering her phone.  She believes Tae San has gone back to Se Ra by now so both of them are out & she doesn't want to be a burden to Choi Yoon, that leaves....yup!  Do Jin.

But he's having fun teasing her & tells her to stand out at the curb & take whichever guy offers her the most money.  I get that he's joking with her because I can see he has turned his car & is heading her way but still she was freaking out & pretty much begging him for help, it's moments like these I don't like him.  Do Jin to the rescue again!!  Then just as he pulls up he sees her chatting into the window of some car he does not recognize.  Chatting & smiling & what looks to be flirting.

So what does he do?  Well in a fit of massive JEALOUS RAGE he rams the back of the car, with his car. Of course!

Dongsaeng texted me after she'd finished watching this episode Sunday morning.  I hadn't had my chance to watch it, as we had company over the weekend from out of town & it seemed a tad rude to me to say, "Listen I know you drove 4 hours w/ 5 kids in the car, one of which is only 18 months old, to see us but I have to stop this visit for an hour so I can go watch my show.  Be right back."  They left just in time for us to start the process of getting ready for church on Sunday morning then we had church, then dinner after church & cleaning up & getting kids to bed & then, THEN, I was finally able to sit down & watch this episode.  And dongsaeng was right!  It was an awesome episode!    So much of it was spent laughing!  So much of it was spent in fits of giggles.  Then I loaded episode 6.

So good!  
I can't wait to get started on THAT review too.  

Until, you know, a few minutes from now AddiKts, I will see you in the next review.  So take a minute for yourselves, go potty, get a drink, stretch & then we'll see you back here for the A Gentleman's Dignity episode 6 review.  ^^


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