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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 6

The opening scene in episode 6 includes the guys setting up a "friendly" little game of billiards.  Did you know that billiards has been around since the 1500s & that there are many different versions of the game?  I had no idea.  I also found out during my research that billiards can be found in a couple different World Competition games.  Including the Asia Games.  I'd like to say it's fascinating, but to me, it really isn't.  But it was fun to watch our guys team up to play against each other.  My favorite part was when they needed to determine which team would get to "break".  What did they do?  What else, when all important decisions must be made they played "Kai Bai Bo", duh!
Do Jin TOLD Jeong Rok to pick scissors.  He never listens does he?
Can you tell who the winners were?

Do Jin's voice over reminds us all:
"Adolescents don't mature.  They just get older."

Tru Dat!

So.  If you remember at the end of episode 5 Do Jin had his first REAL bout of jealousy for Yi Soo.  But what gets even funnier is the fact that he got jealous & crashed is precious car, for no reason at all.  I should feel sorry for Do Jin, and I will admit I kind of do, but I'm still looking for that "metaphorical" kick to his nads for the "shoe" incident.  This makes me feel avenged.

His jealousy stemmed from the fact that as he's pulling up to pick her up {ie rescue her} he sees her, looking OHMYGOSH sexy in a short red mini dress & spiked heels, leaning into/towards the window of a car & giggling {looks like flirting} w/ a man.  This drives him momentarily insane w/ jealousy.  So he uses his beautiful car, the one that means so much to him, that he's named HER, yes his car is female, Betty & won't let anyone eat in his precious Betty.  But he has no problem using Betty to ram the crap out of the back of the car that she is leaning towards & flirting into.  Or at least to him it looks like she is flirting.

But at the beginning of this episode we get to see that scene from a different vantage point.  The man in the car is Choi Yoon!  And he is not flirting.  He saw Yi Soo standing on the side of the road & he had the designated driver, he'd been drinking w/ his pretty associate who is crushing on him, yes Maeh Ri is NOT happy about this associate, pull over to the side of the road.  He's being a gallant knight in shining armor.  He's going to give Yi Soo a ride.  As far as she is concerned Do Jin wasn't going to pick her up & help her out.  He told her to go stand by the street & go with the highest bidding man.  What a gentleman right?

I LOVE the look on Do Jin's face when he realizes the man is his best friend & roommate!
You?!?!  You're the guy she was talking too?  
And the look on Choi Yoon's face when he realizes that Do Jin is the one who hit the car & that he did it on purpose.
You are an IDIOT!  Okay he didn't actually say that but you can see it on his face, right?  Or is that just me? 

Turns out the car belongs to Choi Yoon's associate, who has gotten out of the car & Do Jin barely apologizes to her & then gives her his info & says don't worry he knows I'm good for it.  I'll cover the cost of repairs just call me w/ the insurance quote.  Then he tells Yi Soo let's go.  Personally I wouldn't have gone w/ him I'd have said, "Uh thanks but I'll catch a ride w/ these guys.  You don't seem like the safest driver."  of course IF I had done that then I wouldn't have had the incredibly yummy scene that Yi Soo is about to have. The scene that prompted this week's WWU topic.  I'll get there don't worry AddiKts.  I have about a million screen shots of that one moment alone. o_O

But Yi Soo, who, we've established, is not me, agrees to go w/ Do Jin.  In the car she asks him point blank why would you hit another car on purpose?  There was a reason that it happened he says.  He then asks her if he should take her home.  She says she can't go home, Se Ra & Tae San are there.  He looks over at her, kind of gives her an up & down glance & then asks her if she's trying to seduce him?  {{SNORT - Oh Do Jin how did your opinion of the female sex end up this way???}}

She tells him to lend her $30 & take her to her neighborhood, that there is a sauna she stays at sometimes.  Of course this prompts another sexual comment from Do Jin..."so you like hot places.  Then you can raise the temperature in the hotel room.,  If you want, you can hang the room key off your ankle."  If she wanted to shock him into shutting up, which is what I would have done, she should have just said, "oh yeah that sounds doable". But again we've already established she is not me.  Probably a good thing, my mouth tends to get me in trouble.  ^^  Then he takes her to his company's residence hotel.  Once they arrive Do Jin has his first real opportunity to see the damage to his precious Betty.

Do you hear that?  Does anybody else hear Taps being played ?  Or is that just me?

I loved that he gave a formal introduction of Betty to Yi Soo.  
Shortly after they arrive in the hotel room a complication the form of Tae San.  Do Jin opens the door to Tae San after he tells Yi Soo to go hide in that room.   Then after he lets him in, he tells him it's been a long day & he's going to go clean up & head to bed.  Then he goes into the same bedroom as Yi Soo!  LOL  He totally set that up, when he sent her to hide in a certain room, which as he explains is always the room he uses.  Do Jin, who had been at the construction site all day & is covered in dirt, decides he's going to go take a shower so he goes into the bathroom to clean up, leaving Yi Soo in the bedroom.  Tae San then knocks on the bedroom door trying to talk to Do Jin, this isn't good enough & he has no idea that Yi Soo is there & they are best friends, so he goes into the bedroom too.  Yi Soo panics & runs into the bathroom, where Do Jin has already began the process of undressing.  {{THANK YOU K-DRAMA GODS!!!}}  Realizing Do Jin is in the shower  Tae San talks to him through the door.  Meaning Yi Soo has to stay in the bathroom w/ Do Jin, she's trapped!  And what red blooded male, who has declared a one sided love affair, would pass up on THIS kind of opportunity!?!?!  Certainly not My Oppa!  {{LOVED this part}}

This is how I would have felt for about 5 seconds.  


Fanning myself off!!

Anyone else need a nice cold glass of water?!?!

The minute I saw this look on his face my thought processing would have stopped & instinct would have taken over.

To panic & push him away...

WHAT!?!?!?  I am extremely claustrophobic!

{wink,wink} Not what you guys were thinking I was going to say was it?!?

Dirty minded readers.  

Yeah this is just an extra shot because I want it here.  No other reason than that.  It's MY post.  I can put as many yummy, delicious, sexy chest screen shots on this post as I want to.  Like you're gonna complain.  Whatever!

Question:  Is it wrong that I see this & it makes me want to call out, "Oppa!"   
Tae San eventually leaves & as he is going Do Jin calls him back & warns him not to drink too much & after Tae San accuses him of being his wife. Do Jin says, "I love you, you know that.  Don't you?"  All the while looking directly at Yi Soo's face w/ an incredibly intense, romantic facial expression. OMO OMO OMO!!!  My romance monitor is going all crazy at this particular moment.  Totally adding this scene to the TOP of my Stealing Breaths favs.  Ay-yi-yi-yi!!   Thank you Oppa.

{{And CA thanks to you too, wink, wink - wait that might have been TMI, oh who cares!!}}

After Tae San leaves they come out of the bathroom & she tells him to give her the $30, as he does that she sees her picture in his wallet.  "What's this?  Where did you get it?"  "I cut it from Maeh Ri's album. I'm working on excelling is unrequited love."  Then he offers to call her a taxi.  And that is one ring dinger of an episode.  Was it as good for you, as it was for me?!?!  {{hehehe}}

What?  Wait, there's more!?!?!  Oh well then, by all means, let's keep it going shall we?

Of course what kind of scene follows a good Do Jin & Yi Soo scene?  An all man gathering, drinking & talking scene duh?  The men have once again gathered together to discuss the women in their lives.  Do Jin & Choi Yoon are refusing to name the woman that Do Jin had in his hotel room when Tae San was there,  & the woman he hit Choi Yoon's car for though, guess they can be gentlemen after all.  Honestly, if Tae San would just do the math he'd figure it out fast enough.

The next day we are treated to a moment that reveals just a little more of Se Ra's stresses, she's trying to practice but she just can't focus on anything else but her fight with Tae San & just as she has given up practicing for the day a reporter shows up to interview her, which would be annoying all on it's own, but on a really bad day too?  Yeah rotten timing, that.  Anyway he asks her "Its been several years that you've missed so many cuts. Are you, the Field Fairy, in a slump?" He then adds, "I heard that if you can't get results this season you will lose your sponsor."  Se Ra just loses her temper & control of her mouth, "But when did I make my living by my ability?  It was always w/ my beauty?  For your information it's more important to maintain a good figure than to practice golf, to retain a sponsor.  That way I can still be photogenic swinging a club with just a tee shirt on."  You can see the surprised glee on the reporter's face when he tells her thank you & that that was a good interview.  This will NOT go over well, I can already see this will bite her in the butt.

Back at the office Tae San & Do Jin are going over a project w/ their employees.  It would seem our Do Jin is something of a fuss bucket when it comes to work, and he's driving his employees & partner crazy w/ his constant need to upgrade the design & redo it from scratch.  I feel for the employees.  But the importance of this scene is still coming.  Do Jin has a visitor.  Remember the girl that he gave the shoes to that morning?  Well, she is waiting in his office.  She's returning the shoes.  When she realizes that he is serious about the unrequited love, she laughs at him.  She says that the laugh is for all the women who have cried because of him & that she hopes that Yi Soo breaks his heart & then asks him to tell the girl she's cheering her on.  Whew!  That is one seriously ticked off ex.  Although, come on, you can't really blame her can you?

Okay so in one of the 2 funny scenes that I hinted that I liked in my review between Jeong Rok & his wife  she is confronting him about his purchasing of a bunch of water filters from an ex-girlfriend.  He explains to her that he didn't do it because he's having an affair with her or even trying to...that he'd have just bought her expensive jewelry or an officetel if he wanted that.  He only did it because she's a divorced mom & trying to make ends meet.  He figured if he did that she'd leave him alone. Honestly?  I may regret his.  But I believe him.  Then his wife notices, for the first time, that he's wearing his ring.  You know the one he swallowed.

She asks him,
"Did you buy a new ring?"
"No."  "Then where'd you get that?"
"I found it?"
"Where did you find it?"

Then he answers her with just a most awesome way...
 She does what any woman would do knowing her husband dug his wedding ring out of his own poop & is wearing it around & has just placed it on her face...she screamed in HOLY TERROR & then runs away!!
Stay away from me, don't come near me!

Gives new meaning to the phrase HOLY CRAP, right?
And he has so much fun chasing after her.

I really loved seeing this playful side of this couple for a change.
And it really made me hope that  he actually chases her into their bedroom.
For a little make up time.   In my head this couple has a happy ending waiting for them.
But it wasn't until this episode w/ these 2 funny scenes that I felt like this.
Up till now I wanted her to strangle {or worse} him in his sleep.  

Sigh...  from a funny/cute scene to a moment that had me feeling just as sad & slighted as Maeh Ri is about to feel.  Maeh Ri is working at the cafe, all is going well. Until, that is, Choi Yoon's associate walks in.  She walks up to the counter & places an order.  And then confirms Maeh Ri's suspicion that Choi Yoon is coming as well.  As Maeh Ri hands her the buzzer, that will notify her that her drink order is ready, she changes her mind & tries to take it back.  This way she can deliver Choi Yoon Oppa his drink.  However, the associate doesn't want Maeh Ri to do that, because she has designs on Choi Yoon herself.
That would be the hand in motion to strike right there.  Wouldn't this be good evidence?    After I got this screen shot I was so thinking I wish I could show this to Choi Yoon!!  

There is a small tug of war & then the associate slaps Maeh Ri's hand, pretty hard too.  Maeh Ri is shocked.  She just stands there & the associate walks off looking smug.  Maeh Ri regains her equilibrium & goes to the woman & confronts her, & the woman refuses to apologize & is obviously being a {{ooooh so tempting to use a swear here}} female dog.   Then Choi Yoon walks in & sees the confrontation.  He tells Maeh Ri to go back to work.  She explains the situation, the woman pretends she just bumped her accidentally & apologizes, formally, in front of Choi Yoon.  And he believes her.  Basically he says, why would she act  like that Maeh Ri, you're just being a child & misunderstanding what happened.  Don't make a mountain out of a molehill & go back to work.  Maeh Ri close to tears, hurt & embarrassed asks her boss if she can leave early to go find her phone.  He agrees & I kept hoping someone would go over to Choi Yoon after Maeh Ri left & confirm her version of the story!  But no one did.  Oh I was so irritated by him in that moment.

But then back to a slightly comical scene just a quick moment between teacher & her students.   I was glad for this funny little moment after the Maeh Ri moment.  Yi Soo has just hung up w/ Maeh Ri, who is apologizing to Yi Soo for ditching her the night before & explaining that she got locked in the bathroom & lost her phone.   Thankfully the club had the phone so it's all good.  Except Yi Soo has the nights events all jumbled together in her head.  I think she's still hot & bothered by the yummy chest scene...I know I am.  But her thug students help bring her out of it.  The lead thug & she bump into each other.  He gives her a hard time & she asks him why he isn't in class?  He explains that is going to the nurse.  But he's going in the wrong direction.  The next thing we know we see this...
 {{giggle}} followed by this...
 And ultimately this...

Teenage boys are so brainless.  Although it's not like grown boys are all that much smarter. ^_^

After this a lot of little things happened....

Tae San sees the interview the reporter posted about Se Ra.  Not flattering, at all.  Then he spends the next however long searching for her high & low, Forgetting, temporarily, that she is probably at the golf club practicing again.  Then he wants to keep her from seeing the report so he takes her phone & stomps it & breaks it.

Then we see Do Jin in a ladies shoe store shopping for shoes.  Just wait, his plan is really sweet.

Then we go to him & Choi Yoon, later on that evening at home.  Do Jin is telling Choi Yoon he doesn't need to listen to his advice about Yi Soo when Choi Yoon obviously likes Maeh Ri but is too cowardly to do anything about it.  That Maeh Ri is the brave one.  That he's just stringing her along rather than very firmly telling her it will never happen, which is cruel.

Then we get to an awesome moment between Choi Yoon & Maeh Ri.  She storms into his office, demanding to sue Attorney Kang, his associate, for hitting her yesterday.  That she'll pay the standard fee, she is so upset & not take advantage of the friend discount.  He asks her if she has any proof?  She wants to know if the reason he is taking the other chicks side is because she's one of the women he's slept with?  Wow!!  You got cajones girl!  He's determined, he says, "It just doesn't make sense.  Why would she hit you?"  And as he is asking that Maeh Ri leans in & kisses his cheek.

"Why do you think I just kissed you?  A young, pretty rich woman.  Does that make sense?"

She turns to walk away but we get the awesome wrist grab moment that even though it's so odd it means so much.  I get goose pimply whenever it happens.

He yells at her for taking the liberty.  MR: "Am I a 7 year old child who scribbled on your books?  Why do you scold me like a child?  If you really don't like me, reject me formally.' sounds a lot like what Do Jin said just the night before, right? 'To a 24 year old.  In front of you, not even once, have I ever been 7 years old!" Then she storms out of his office leaving a very confused & nonplussed Choi Yoon.  You go girl!!

Time for the next awesome installment of Jeong Rok & his wife.  He shows up an art exhibit that she is attending & flirts with her in front of a client or artist or I have no idea.  Then she meets up with him outside & asks him why he was there?  Then confronts him about joining a health club & tells him it can't happen.  He says, "I just wanted to get healthy for you my dear."  {{Yes I'm paraphrasing}}  Then she tells him it's the perfect alibi for a cheating husband.  He has the perfect excuse to shower & wear new underwear.   And he says, "I never thought of that."  Then he grabs a hold of her & flirts some more with her...
Then he kisses her...just a quick kiss but still a big deal.  I totally loved it when he sexily grabbed her & asked how it was possible her waist could still fit his arm?  You go Jeong Rok.  I really want to believe he is trying to win back his wife.  That he's changed but there are still 14 more episodes to go so if he does accomplish this it won't be now.  I just don't see why he'd cheat, she's a very beautiful woman.  Men!!

Unfortunately right after this cute sexy little moment he gets a text that tells him he is everything to someone...obviously a woman.  She sees the text though & demands he give her the phone.  He insists its from a man & that she's misunderstanding.  She obviously doesn't believe him & it all goes to him destroying his phone.  Which cracks me up because all she needs is the chip inside the phone, it made me so happy when that was the next thing she did, ask for the chip & I about died laughing at his face.  It was awesome.  Eventually she starts taking off her ring, in other words gimme the chip or its over!  He grabs her hand to stop her calling, "honey, sweetie, noona"!

Jeong Rok you are not a smart man.

The next day at the cafe, he is trying to get Maeh Ri on his side as a double spy, she's the one who ratted out the gym membership to his wife.  He promises that if she turns he'll be able to help her w/ Choi Yoon.  That he'll be able to tell her when Choi Yoon is coming into the cafe.  She says okay but I need something in return. Don't let Choi Yoon come here at all.  But it's too late Choi Yoon is there.  She is embarrassed & starts to leave then she notices that Collin has just walked in.  He helped her out the other night & she promised to buy him dinner in return for helping her when she was drunk.  They are just friends but he's a little younger than her & he's really cute & for the first time, we see Choi Yoon is jealous.  Choi Yoon goes back to his office, sits back, puts his feet up & closes his eyes.  Then he slowly touches his cheek where Maeh Ri kissed him yesterday.  Oh Choi Yoon you have so got it bad for that little girl.  Just give in & go for her already.  Allow yourself to be happy.

Back at Se Ra's house we see her finally reviewing the article.  She isn't happy about it either.  Yi Soo says she'll go buy them something to eat, ahh comfort food.  Nothing better after a crappy interview that makes you look bad & will probably hurt your already floundering pro golf career.  Sounds good to me.  Then yi Soo says, "I'm taking your jacket."

Just as Yi Soo walks out the door Do Jin is walking up to the door...remember the shoe shopping earlier?

Squuueeee.....sorry but there is a really good scene coming up.

Anyway he is here to give her another pair of expensive shoes.  She's still insisting she can't take them when he informs her that he put them on a payment plan.  $100 a month for 14 months meets her requirement & his.  He gives them to her & says don't wear them.  Till you can wear them "meaningful" to me, when you accept me.

OMO YES!!!  I'll wear the shoes Oppa!!  I'll do whatever you ask of me!!

o_O  uhm... sorry.  I might have gotten a little too involved in their moment.
Ahem...moving on...

Just then Tae San comes up from behind Yi Soo, who is wearing Se Ra's jacket (w/ the hood up) & wraps his arm around her for a BACK HUG!  OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!!

I love the look on Do Jin's face when he realizes what is about to happen...
You think the last fight was a big one???  Wait till you see THIS fight dude!!  
TS: "It's all the jackets fault.  I thought it was Se Ra.  Yi Soo I am so sorry. " 

Do Jin at this point takes control of an awkward situation.  He goes to Yi Soo removes the jacket from her, gives it to Se Ra, walks back over to Yi Soo says, "You were going somewhere?  Let's go together."  Grabs her wrist & walks off with her.

Do Jin tries to comfort Yi Soo on their walk together through the cherry blossom filled park.  He awkwardly explains that Tae San would never have done that had he known.  It was a mistake.  And then Yi Soo says,

"I know it was a mistake, but it's too vivid.  Even now... It feels like Tae San is behind me.  It felt so vivid, that... Even now, I still feel like I'm being held."

Do Jin cannot have her thinking of being in Tae San's arms now can he?!?!  Oh heck no!!

Thank you again K-Drama gods!!  

Perfect setting for a kiss scene right?

Yeah...he can stare into my eyes anytime.  

My only complaint about this kiss is that she is a fully grown woman.  Are we agreed?  Then there should not have been any of that eyes wide open blinking in shock crap.  Maybe for the first .5 seconds of the kiss but then she should have either pushed him away & smacked him, OR even better & my personal choice, closed her eyes & gone in for a deeper kiss.  But hey!  Maybe that's just me.    Maybe I'm just a big tramp, at least by KDrama standards.

I thought wow this was a good ending scene...but it wasn't over.  In the next scene we see Se Ra spilling the beans to Tae San!!  She did what now?!?!  Is she trying to ruin her relationship?!?  Seriously she is the queen of bad choices!!  Self sabotage should be her official job, she's so good at it.  By telling Tae San that this incredibly good woman, who shares his baseball passion & who looks extremely sexy in a sexy red mini dress has feelings for him, you are only going to confuse his mind, especially when he has to see her all the time & his current girlfriend is not the nicest or most cuddly of creatures!  You can see it in his eyes as he drives home, he has thoughts now he didn't even consider before!

The night is not over...Tae San & Do Jin gather with the guys at the bar.  Where they reveal that Tae San hugged Yi Soo & that Se Ra caught the whole accident.  At which point both Choi Yoon & Jeong Rok decide that these guys definitely deserve another bottle of alcohol!  They sympathize but their friends' suffering is funny stuff to these two men!

As for Yi Soo?  
Well, it figures that just as Tae San is "considering the possibilities" she is starting to think only of Do Jin.

 And remembering the kiss that every Jang Dong Gun fan would give their life for. 

Give it up ladies...unless you star opposite him in a K Drama or movie...he's a happily married man.

{Mental reminder to self, *must look up how to become Korean K Drama Star online*  What?!?!  It COULD happen.  Okay no it couldn't.  Sad Face here!!  Gee Thanks guys for ruining my dream!}

Another great episode of A Gentleman's Dignity down.  I'm telling you.  This show so far has me totally hooked.  But it's 20 episodes long so I just keep waiting for the serious drama portion to start.  I'm almost dreading it.  I like the way the characters are developing & their inter personal relationships too.  And the men are a constant source of entertainment as all men are for us women.  Right ladies?!?!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow & Sunday's episodes.  And to another review!  Thank you for bearing w/ us this week as we tried very belatedly {on my part especially} to get these posts out to you.   Hope you keep coming back for more Dramatic Friday Reviews (DFR).

Until next week.


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