Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Park Yoochun-ssi!!!

Once again these Crazy Ahjummas want to send a big Birthday Shout Out to one of our favorite Oppas!

Okay Oppa maybe pushing it but you get the idea!!


We loved you in Sungkyunkwan Scandal & Rooftop Prince & cannot wait for your return to K-Drama.  Until then we heart listening to your Ah-Mazing voice in our favorite JYJ's songs!!!!

We hope you have had a wonderful day surrounded by your family & friends.  And that you are able to celebrate this, your first birthday since your father passed, filled with the knowledge of how much he loves you still & how proud he is of you.


Unnie & Dongsaeng - The Crazy Ahjummas
{Technically we're both Noona to you Micky ^.^}

And now for you addiKts a couple of our favorite Yoochun pictures.  It's always the hardest part of Birthday posts...looking at pictures of incredibly handsome men like our Micky.

{giggle - not hard so much as the BEST part of the job!!}

However before you proceed please be warned the following pics may cause, fainting spells, lack of oxygen, nose bleeds & fangirl (boy) screaming.  Please be sure you take the necessary precautions for your own safety & for the safety of those around you.  TCA.

Yummy Yoochun.

Sexy Yoochun

Sexy Smiling Yoochun.

{As usual these pictures do not belong to TCA.  They are found online & are intended for entertainment purposes.  Please do not steal them & claim them as your own.  Thank you!}

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