Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng: Kissmes Unite!

Last week I went on and on and on in a philosophical defense of my addiKtion.  Don't worry, none of that this week.  {Phew!  Go ahead, take a collective fresh breath in relief - I know I am.  Sheesh, I really do tend to blah blah blah all the blah blah time about blah blah blah and blah. Blah blah. It's not like this is the Bob Loblaw Law Blog (Point time!  10 points to anyone who can name that reference!), I should really watch all the blahing}  No, this week is all about the ear and eye candy.  The ear and eye candy that is U-Kiss.

Alright, alright, so I'm not technically a Kissme (UKiss's official fan group), but I do really enjoy their music.  While I may not be a super fan (I can't even name them all - yet - I'll get there - probably - I do have a lot of groups to get to know better - seeing as how the KPop side of my obsession has had considerably less time to percolate), I always make sure to check out their new stuff.

Which is why they are getting a mention today on MMTwD.  This week they released a new song and music video for their Kissme fans - Believe.  I really enjoyed this song.  It's upbeat, peppy, bright and fun.  It's also pretty catchy and sticks in my head well - always a good sign of a good song, right?  The video itself is pretty standard, nothing that makes it stand out from the pack either for better or worse.  I did enjoy the dancing, however, and thought that they all did a great job in their performance.  If you haven't seen it yet, check out U-Kiss's new song, Believe, and judge for yourself.

If you prefer live performances, here's their comeback stage on M! Countdown. There's also a Music Bank performance, but the sound quality wasn't quite as good.  You can always YouTube that one later if you just haven't had enough.  

And, because I know she really likes it, a version with English subs and Romanization for Unnie so that she (and you) can better sing along.  Go ahead... "I do believe you, you, you.  I do believe you, you, you.  I do believe you, you, you..."

And just to add to all the UKiss fun for the day, here are a couple of screenshots I took of their video, Forbidden Love.  What caught my attention here?  Check out the sign on the wall.  See it?  It is a highway sign for Arizona Route 51.  Rt 51, otherwise known as Squaw Peak or Piestewa Freeway, runs right through my greater metropolitan area.  In fact, back when I first moved here eons ago, it was the freeway I drove everyday to work.  Later on and until just recently, it was the freeway that my parents lived off of.  Oh yes, Route 51 and I go wayyy back.  It was cool to see it represented here by U-Kiss.  Thanks guys!  It was fun to see a little slice of my world on your wall.

Can't get enough U-Kiss?  Here's a sampling of other videos you can check out...

The video for this song is actually the Japanese version of the song. I actually prefer the Korean version, so I'm posting it instead of the actual official video. If you want to hear and see the Japanese version (Tick Tack), it's pretty easy to find.
Oh fine, I'll save you the trouble, here's the M/V for Tick Tack ;)  It just didn't feel right to not include it.  I heart this video.

My first introduction to U-Kiss was actually when Simon and Martina over at Eat Your Kimchi interviewed them behind stage at Inkigayo, so I'll include that as well.  I was impressed by how kind, gracious, and funny these guys were.  It's what drew me to them and led me to their music in the first place.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!

Okay, there you go.  A great starting off point if you want to explore the world of U-Kiss.  Any die-hard Kissmes out there?  Who's your favorite U-Kiss guy?  What's your favorite U-Kiss song?  Also, one last ponderable for the day...


  1. Oh Dongsaeng how on earth am I supposed to pick a favorite?!?! They're all so cute, so sweet, so down to earth & did I mention cute?!? I guess I kind of liked Kevin the best & then Eli. But seriously it's only by mere degrees that I like any of them better than the rest. I totally heart U-Kiss!!! Sigh...I feel so happy now that I started my Monday morning off properly. ^-^ Thank you for your time therapist Dongsaeng. You are the best!!

  2. Bob Loblaw Law Blog? Haha, Arrested Development of course!

  3. Yay! We have a winner! 10 points to Anonymous for knowing the Bob Loblaw Law Blog of Arrested Development! Anonymous is officially a very cool person in my book!


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