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Dramatic Friday Review: A Gentleman's Dignity ep 12

Once again the flashback this week gave us another fun inside look at the men.  This time we get to see them quit smoking.  Which I applaud.  It's never easy to quit smoking, but it sure is fun to watch fictional characters go through withdrawal.

Group quitting is an easier way to quit.
 However, as a result of quitting smoking, each of our favorite sexy Gentlemen developed new habits to replace this one.  Jeong Rok, began his philandering ways, Tae San started working out & sniffing fellow men who smelled like cigarette smoke, at the gym.  Yoon developed a love of sweet things, his desk looked like Willy Wonka exploded.  And Do Jin got involved in the zen of growing plants.
 Until he flipped out & started grinding up said plants to make his own cigarettes.  Those poor plants never saw him coming.

As Do Jin's voice over informs us, "As if we were women having a period, the break up with cigarettes made us feel very edgy.  But we finally succeeded in quitting smoking."  

I don't know about you AddiKts but I am never edgy when I'm on my period.  I'm a total angel...

{{Once again...WARNING:  I'd move back before the lightning strikes!!!}}


The last episode ended w/ Yi Soo arriving to surprise Do Jin but finding him surrounded by the guys at his place & being followed by Collin, who for the first time introduces himself to the guys.  After the initial shock on their faces Do Jin invites him in, so that they can talk & then he walks Yi Soo to the elevator & accompanies her down.  He knows she's curious but tells her that's for another time.  He doesn't even kiss her confused self goodbye.  {{sad face}}  I was kind of disappointed there wasn't even a hug goodbye.

Back in Do Jin's apartment Collin is answering questions from the guys.  Without revealing too much of his true intent & purpose.  He's told them that he's without funds & needs a place to crash.  But he doesn't want to stay at Do Jin's house.  He wants to stay at Tae San's house.  He tells Tae San that he is the one his mom was always talking about.  Which shocks Jeong Rok, who was told by Eun Hui during their brief meeting that HE was the favorite among the guys.  Being flattered & totally happy that his {their} first love had preferred him all along, Tae San is only too happy to let Collin stay at his house.  

Maehri seems less than happy by this arrangement & of course Yoon, who has seen Collin hanging out w Maehri a lot.  It also seems to make Do Jin a little uncomfortable, at first.  But he's so tied up in Yi Soo that he puts the arrival of Eun Hui's son on the back burner.   Is anyone else, besides me of course, enjoying that Collin is respectful to Maehri only when Tae San is around?  I think it's hysterical.  She gets so upset when he goes from calling her "Noona" to you.  LOL  Keep it up Collin, she needs your sense of humor.  

Meanwhile Se Ra is still struggling in her game & her Hoobae is not making it any easier on her.  Taunting her & making sure she understands that she, the hoobae, thinks it's time for Se Ra to retire.  At one point there is even an actual girl fight!  

I was going to put my money on Se Ra but dang her hoobae is vicious.
 A nice head butt right into Se Ra's right eye.  But just as the younger girl is about to go in for more, who steps in???  I was as surprised as you when it was Park Min Sook.  I thought she & Se Ra were bitter enemies.  Guess not.
You go Min Sook.  Teach that junior some manners.  
 But of course once Min Sook & Se Ra are at the doctors office they are back to that awkward indifference towards each other.  I guess Min Sook is the only one allowed to pick on Se Ra.  LOL  That is female logic for ya.

After Min Sook leaves Se Ra's side, she arrives home to find Jeong Rok w/ a bag packed full clothes & there he is in the kitchen sucking down one of the herbal medicines from the fridge.  Which he has noticed he is the only one doing that, she hasn't touched hers.  And then we find out one of the reasons Min Sook is so angry.  She hasn't been able to get pregnant.  Hence the herbal medicines for both her & Jeong Rok.  You can tell she still loves him & you can tell she is very sad.  I really hope that they work out.  I really think they are suited to each other.  Communication people!!  Talk it out!!!

That night we see Yi Soo tossing & turning, Do Jin hasn't been calling her & she still has no idea about what is going on w/ Collin.  Just as she gets up & turns on the light in her room, she gets a phone call from Do Jin.  He is just outside.  And does she want to go for a walk?  

Okay question...what is up with these guys sleeping in reg clothes?  She was asleep in a long jersey dress, she throws on a sweater & goes out to meet him & go for a walk then later after their walk they are back in her bed & she is going back to sleep in the dress.  HUH?!?!  I sleep in jammies.  And while yes every once in a while I do spend the day in my jammies, it's only on the days I am staying at home & have no where to go.  If I do go somewhere I change into clothes that I haven't been sleeping in.  Can someone explain this to me, is it a KDrama thing or a Korean thing?  

And on their walk she asks about his first love & he tells her that he still thinks of her from time to time but that Yi Soo is his love & the only one he's thinking of now.  Awww isn't that sweet.  And then yes we are back at her place & they are in her bed together.  It's okay he's just there till she goes to sleep.  

Such a sweet moment.  sigh.

As Do Jin leaves her house he runs into Tae San.  Who is waiting for Se Ra to answer her phone.  He needs to talk to her.  But since she has a black eye she's been trying to avoid him.  He gets upset at the sight of it & thinks at first that's it from one of her male friends.  She explains that its from her junior in golf.  They go for a drive & that's it.  During that drive they cannot see eye to eye on the marriage thing.  She told him when they first started dating she was not interested in marriage & I guess he didn't believe her.  I think she really does love him but she refuses to bend on marriage & so that is it, she gets out of his car & he tells her this is it, he will NOT be back.  Then he drives off & leaves her crying.  I felt so bad for her.  

The next day Yoon needs to talk to Collin.  Collin came to his office after all & asked for Yoon to help him locate his real father & Yoon has some questions & of course since Collin is at home & so is Maehri he lies & says he's nearby & will just go there.  Of course that's a big fat lie, he's at his office.  Oh Yoon.  When he finds out that Collin is not intending to leave the house all day Yoon offers to give Maehri a ride to the cafe.  During said ride he tries again to tell her meanly that she needs to get her act together & grow up.   She turns the tables on him & acts mean to him on purpose realizing that he is doing it because he actually does care for her but doesn't want her to know it.  And it totally worked.  Best part was when she leans into the window of the car after she insults him & asks him, "It worked right?  You're totally hurt right now right?" {that was paraphrased btw}  And then she bounces away happily.  

After she is at work for a while Collin shows up but he isn't there to see her, Jeong Rok called him & asked him to come in so that they could talk.  But Jeong Rok is not as in control of this conversation as he'd like & Collin leaves before Jeong Rok could get Eun Hui's number from him, remember the guys reset his phone after he got caught w/ another woman that they didn't know was Eun Hui.  

The next morning we get to see Do Jin all twitterpated & dancing around like a Mambo King.  His happiness stemming from the fact that he's going to try & get Yi Soo to go on a mini vacation with him.  Of course she'll have no idea & therefore when the time comes will freak out because she doesn't have anything with her for an overnight stay.  Including her fancy new undies.  Ohhh...she must be wearing the kitty ones.  ^_^

They go on a nice walk together...

And dinner...
 Where he asks her about the kind of house she wants to build, because he's an architect that's how he gets a good read on people.  Yi Soo's answer, kind of gives us a glimpse as to why she refuses phone calls from her mom.  She says she wants a house that people won't leave.  That even if they do leave they'll come right back.  He then, being touched, tells her he'll have to build her a house that is in a really expensive place so that people won't want to leave because it will be too valuable.

Awww...then they drive home.  Or rather she drives them home.  She gets to drive Betty because it will give them time to bond. LOL  Oh Do Jin.
Isn't he sweet?
 She goes to the other side of the car & he wakes up, rolls the window down & stares deeply into her eyes again....squuueeeee!!!  The he shocks her into silence by telling her...

"Seo Yi Soo.  Live with me.  Let's live together.  In your next life, I won't interfere with you live with.  Instead, in this life, live with me.   We'll be happy.  I'll promise."
And once again a sigh kind of ending.  I was so happy.  I just hope that she doesn't panic or back out or freak out.  But as there is still a month to go in this show, we'll just have to wait & see.  But sigh.  Such a good episode.  

Have a great weekend AddiKts!


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