Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to more than a "flower boy" Kim Bum-ssi

These two crazy ahjummas first saw the ever popular, incredibly cute flower boy Kim Bum in one of our favorite KDramas.  Boys Over Flowers (Boys Before Flowers).

He had us completely falling in love with him as, So Ji Young, the rich accomplished pretty boy tragically sad artist, from a broken home.  That at first was a ladies man, due to the heartbreak of his failed romance with his first love but who was transformed by the kindness & love, of sweet, pure Chu Ga Eul, best friend to Geum Jan Di.
Who couldn't help but fall in love with him while we watched Chu Ga Eul fall in love with him??

Kim Bum has been on the "To Watch" list for a while, from his first appearance in the ever popular South Korean family sitcom Unstoppable High Kick to each of its equally popular follow up shows.  High Kick Through the Roof & High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged.  He's engaging & funny & oh so dreamy.  He's also a major film star in South Korea & has won numerous awards for his acting chops.  Along with a successful acting career this multi-talented man has also embarked on a singing career, kicking it off in Japan first.

Although this year he showed us that he is way more than just a flower boy & that he can be even cooler than he was as a member of the 'F4', when he co starred as a fallen 'guardian' angel in Padam, Padam.  An intense sci-fi fantasy melodrama.  He gave an amazing performance & he showed us that he could qualify as a hard bodied man as well.  Very impressive.

Kim Bum-ssi, you have proven your acting talents & you have proven your heartthrob status.  Thank you for  sharing your gifts with all of us & we here at TCA want to send you the best of wishes for a bright & happy year ahead.  Saeng il Chuka Hamnida Kim Bum-ssi.  May you be surrounded by your loved ones on this your natal birthday.

Now of course AddiKts what birthday post would be complete without a few yummy photos of our heartthrobs?!?  Don't worry I won't let you down.  ^_-

still shot from Padam, Padam

Growing up nicely Kim Bum-ssi.

Saranghaeyo Kim Bum-ssi from your "Noonas".

Unnie & Dongsaeng to the rest of you.

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