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Yong Pal Episode 6 - A Girl, A Boy, and 10,000 Thugs

Here's a thug, there's a thug, everywhere stands a thug thug.  That is kind of how I felt while watching this episode, as our OTP (One True Pairing) must overcome the trial of the thug to escape the hospital alive.  Thankfully all the thugs and their owners are at cross purposes and there is a chance that Yong Pal can wiggle through to safety.  Or is there?

It's time for Yong Pal to go back on house calls.  Remember his day job when he is not helping Yeo Jin escape her prison?  This time he arrives at a company which has protest signs littered all about stating that "layoffs are murder".  Well, one worker took this literally and attempted to end her life by falling from a high scaffolding. Unfortunately for her, she did not die, and when she was discovered, Yong Pal was called to keep the situation on the down low.  I second Tae Hyun's disgust at the people around him for not calling an ambulance for the dying woman.
Tae Hyun is able to stabilize the woman, and just as he is about to head back to the hospital, he is waylaid by the "meh" (at least so far) villain, Greedy Ahjussi.  It seems that Cynthia has been working with the man on the sly.  And since no secret conversation can ever be done indoors, the two travel to the closest overpass to converse in secret.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Do Joon was driving underneath and looked up to see this mysterious meeting?  Will never happen, but still the thought amuses me.
Greedy Ahjussi tells Tae Hyun about the horrible things that are happening at Hanshin Group (the company Yeo Jin owns and where the protests were going on).  He says that he started from the bottom with Yeo Jin's grandfather and wants to change things for the good of all -- "All I want is to kick out Do Joon and work with people to build a company safe for everyone."  Hmmm I think I am calling BS and declaring him as a future evil bad guy. 

Anytime a Kcharacter says that they were once poor and have a dream, just assume they are evil.  100% greedy and evil.
Anyone else think that everyone and their evil henchmen is anxious to save Tae Hyun's ill sister if he will be on their team?  With all that "help" you would think she would be closer to America, the land of livers, by now.
The court injunction is still a go (Greedy Ahjussi obviously does not care if Yeo Jin dies..........told you he was evil).  The hospital director is telling Chief Lee that he will be in charge of the murder.  I have to give Chief Lee credit for at least looking upset over the situation.  Sadly, he agrees to do the deed and wonders how to do it and keep them from falling under suspicion. For shame Chief Lee, for shame.
Yeo Jin is busy herself lifting up her leg a bit more each time in an attempt to strengthen her muscles since it sucks being mostly dead for the last three years.  (This scene might have sent me on a "Princess Bride" kick).  Tae Hyun informs her of Greedy Ahjussi's offer, but worries that he is not trustworthy.  Poor Yeo Jin says that of course he isn't trustworthy, but she can trust in her importance as a key player in the game. Whoever she supports will be the winner in this power struggle.  If she can actually get out of that super fancy prison first.  Oh, and move her leg.
Cynthia leads a group of new patients upstairs.  All of them have hands in slings and look 100% thug.  This is witnessed by thug minion who tells Gang Boss -- "I saw some new fish in the hallway."  When Gang Boss scoffs at his underling, questioning if he thought they were in prison, minion replies "Their killer spirit was no joke".  Hahaha
It has been twenty minutes into the episode and we are finally addressing the Crazy Nurse in the room.  I personally was shocked that she didn't just burst in and confront them right then and there.  But I guess she wanted to catch Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun in the middle of their treachery since she attaches a small camera to the monitor in order to get evidence.  She is starting to remind me of a cheated on wife more and more.  Or maybe Elmer Fudd trying to catch that rascally rabbit.
As we look closer at our thugs with the "killer spirit", we find that it is our well-known hit man, Scarface, and some goons.  Chief Lee and Tae Hyun visit them, and our genius doctor realizes that something is off right away.  Especially after he glimpses a picture of Chae Young peeking out.  Oh no... Cynthia, tell me you are not in cahoots to kill off Chae Young.  I will be so disappointed.
And in the next room is, low and behold, Chae Young, mid yoga.  She requests Tae Hyun to help her do her stretches ( under the guise of romancing him) and warns our hero that both Greedy Ahjussi and Do Joon are trying to kill Yeo Jin.  Such a tangled web of attempted murder.
Chief Lee and the Director go into Yeo Jin's room to discuss their intent to kill our sleeping beauty the next day.  Little do they know that Crazy Nurse is listening in on their conversation and goes, yet again, a little bit crazy.  She calmly walks up to the director and stabs him........repeatedly....... while screaming "Die, Die, Die"  Holy crap that was unexpected and extremely violent.
Chief Lee screams for security as Crazy Nurse rants--"How dare you kill my baby.  I will kill you all first."  Hmmm... on one hand, yay for loyalty.  On the other, she is bat crap crazy with a capital C.  She is dragged away, conveniently leaving her security keys behind for Tae Hyun to pick up.
Tae Hyun rushes in to check on Yeo Jin who is crying, informing him that they are going to kill her in the OR tomorrow.  Seeing that Yeo Jin is losing it, Tae Hyun holds her hand, telling her to calm down and that he will be there --"No one dies on my operating table.  Trust me..I am Yong Pal"
It is definitely the day that everyone is trying to sweet talk Tae Hyun to be on their team.  Tae Hyun goes to the roof to confront Cynthia about Greedy Ahjussi's plans to let Yeo Jin die.  Cynthia seemed slightly upset, but in the end she simply said she needed Tae Hyun to confirm that they are on their side.  Oh, and he will be paid for Yeo Jin, dead or alive.  See, Cynthia? This is why no one can trust you.
She asks again if Tae Hyun is in or out and he replies "in".  I am really hoping that it is just so he can hear the secret plan.

Sure enough, he goes straight to Yeo Jin and tells her Greedy Ahjussi's plan.  Tae Hyun continues to say that it might be a trap since the guy obviously does not have Yeo Jin's best interest at heart.  For that matter, all of the people in her life just want to use her.  Yeo Jin claims that she doesn't have a choice, and Tae Hyun says he has a plan.
Tae Hyun talks with Ahjumma nurse (from his old floor), Chae Young (telling her to be ready in the parking lot at 4 am & to leave right away), and to who knows who else as he gets ready for the "Yeo Jin dies in the OR, but not really" plan.
Do Joon is also moving his timeline around.  I have to assume it is because of crazy nurse's stabfest, but who knows?  We just see Chief Lee get a phone call and then start drinking.  I guess it doesn't matter if you are sober when trying to actively kill someone on the operating table.
Chief Lee somberly walks to Yeo Jin's room with a crystal glass gripped in his hand.  ACK!  What the heck is this director's deal with glass violence?  I guess when using crystal you don't have to blur things out.  Possible loophole with the conservative censor situation?
Just as he breaks the glass and prepares to cut Yeo Jin's throat, she opens her eyes and says -- "you murderer."  This shocks Chief Lee and he falls in horror.  Next thing we see is the doctor coming out with blood on his clothes claiming that Yeo Jin had tried to commit suicide.  Yeo Jin is on a gurney with a bloody wrapping around her neck.  WHAT?  Please tell me that she bribed Chief Lee to be on her side and this is all a fake out.  *** It wasn't a fake out.  Chief Lee is officially on my evil guy karma list***
Suddenly the corridors are full of thugs.  Chief Lee's thugs start to fight Cynthia's thugs and it is an all out thugfest.  Poor Tae Hyun is trying to figure out what happened to Yeo Jin, but all we can see is a sea of thugs.  It turns into a game of Keep Away with the gurney between the various thugs (they have all blended at this point) and I have to admit to laughing hysterically. This scene was so over the top, it was comical.  *****They should have taken pointers from the drama "Last" which just gave us viewers an amazing fight scene in episode 7*****
The end result is that there is one head guy (on Do Joon's paycheck) who has a gun.  He goes to shoot Yeo Jin while no one was watching and when Tae Hyun tries to stop him, he shoots Tae Hyun instead.  WHAT THE FUDGE?!  DID YOU JUST SHOOT YONG PAL? Cynthia (who has been thoroughly Joo Won'd) was obviously pissed and, upon ripping her skirt slit higher, she goes into butt-kicking mode.  

 How dare you shoot my bias!

And, just as you thought there was no more room for more thugs, Gang Boss plus Minion shows up and gather Tae Hyun to their bestie bosoms. Cynthia stops the fight by grabbing the loose gun and shooting it in the air.  Tons of thugs move towards them (again, not sure who they all belong too) and Gang Boss plus Minion take them all on, giving Tae Hyun and Cynthia time to escape with Yeo Jin's body.

DISCLAIMER ***** I explained it as well as I could considering their was a truck load of various no name thugs in thug suits participating in this fight.  If you had no clue what I was talking about, I suggest you go watch the scene for yourself since you really have to watch it to understand the thug magnitude involved.

Tae Hyun takes the body down the elevator, thinking he has escaped.  Just when we think all is good, Chief Lee rushes into the hospital room and orders some thugs to help him.  Hidden is another gurney with the real Yeo Jin on it (during the whole situation, the body on the gurney had been covered).  ACK! No. No. No.  Sure, I know that logically she is not dead.  Sure, they created a sleeping beauty situation for 4 episodes, but to actually kill the leading lady (especially considering how much they are paying Kim Tae Hee for this drama) would be pure insanity.  But it still is stressing me out, darn it.

Greedy Ahjussi is waiting in the basement with an ambulance set to take Yeo Jin away.  Just as they are about to load the decoy up, who should arrive but more thugs along with their employer Do Joon? I am kind of glad that Do Joon did indeed get some screen time this episode.  He might as well be in a coma as well, considering how much we have seen him to date.  But, enough of my own personal rampage on the misuse of good actors and back to the action.
So here we are.  Yeo Jin is bleeding out and on her way to the OR with evil Chief Lee. Tae Hyun is with the decoy and bleeding out because some jerk shot him.  Thugs are everywhere and the only ones we really care about are Gang Boss and Minion who are probably finishing up with the upstairs bad guys about now.
Chief Lee enters the OR to find everyone scrubbed and ready to perform.  We viewers notice that it is Nurse Ahjumma and some of Tae Hyun's other coworkers that are trustworthy.  Nurse Ahjumma is surprised to see Chief Lee and no Tae Hyun and thinks back to their rooftop conversation where Tae Hyun said he was going to fake Yeo Jin's death. Nurse Ahjumma begins to enact their "Save Yeo Jin" plot, but whispers in her head for Tae Hyun to hurry since he will need to stitch her torn neck back up.
The standoff continues until Tae Hyun tries to push the gurney over to Do Joon (pretending to be on his side?).  Cynthia asks him what he is thinking and pulls her gun on him.  Meanwhile, poor Yeo Jin's neck is being halfheartedly stitched in the OR (Ugh, does it really have to be that graphic? Too much for this ahjumma's stomach). Nurse Ahjumma administers the drug to put Yeo Jin into cardiac arrest and Chief Lee announces her time of death then does a mental thumbs up to creepy secretary who is watching in the room above.
Hearing the news that his sister is now deceased, Do Joon gloats as Tae Hyun realizes that they have a dummy strapped to the gurney.  He glances up and glares at his smirking, kind of, boss.
My Thoughts:
WOW, despite the totally over-the-top action sequence, this was a wonderfully gripping episode.  There is just something so enjoyable about a drama that is just trying to entertain us with suspense.  There is no logic to what is happening.  How are there so many thugs all wearing the same suit in the hospital?  How did Chief Lee get an extra gurney and CPR dummy in our princess's room?  I highly doubt they had them just laying around next to all their high tech gadgets.  Why is Cynthia suddenly a black belt bad ass?  Nothing really makes sense if you look at it closely and yet I am 100% entertained.
At this point I am just along for the ride and feel confident that Yeo Jin is not in fact dead.  Just maybe mostly dead.  Til next week.

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  1. Loving all the Princess Bride memes LOL LOL LOL This is like Mask only instead of a glass of wine it's a shot of the hard stuff LOL

  2. Ahh your recaps are the BEST! "Gang Boss plus Minion shows up and gather Tae Hyun to their bestie bosoms." Too good too good!

  3. So funny! I am burnt out chatting about this episode elsewhere! I'm going to just try and be calm and wait for the next one. Fight scene was really cheesy, but entertaining. I loved that our gangster Ahjussi joined the party. They had the gall to shoot YONG PAL! Ackk! And our heroine is in major peril. She's extremely weak to begin with, half drugged up, has a gaping bleeding wound in her artery, and now the head nurse has to fake a heart attack. Some people would just drop dead. But we all know Yong Pal is so Daebak he can sew up his own wound AND Yeo Jin's in the amount it takes to keep her under. LOL.

    1. So glad you stopped by to chat just a bit. I feel bad since it is so late this week, but my husband was gone for most the week and then came home injured because a four wheeler fell on him while he was packing up from camping. Have been playing nurse and mom all week instead of kblogging :)

    2. Aww, no! I hope he rests up and gets better. I'm impressed. I wish I had the focus to keep up a blog, even in weekly posts. :p I keep trying, but then forgetting. I blame all the Asian drama watching. I can't tear myself away. lol


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