Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Remember You ep 10: Dream Team They May Not Exactly Be, but They Did Save the Girl

Well, this episode sure did bring with it an interesting bundle of little twists, did it not? From devastating revelations by Adopt-a-Mom to joining forces of good and evil in order to save the day, we certainly were left befuddled and a mix of emotions.

You know those movies where you root for the bad guy? And then you feel conflicted because, well, you're rooting for the bad guy and isn't that like, inherently wrong or something? That's kind of how I felt when Hyeon assembles his own version of the "dream team" and takes Min and Dr Death along to help find the missing Ji An.

As they combined their super brains, I wanted to cheer. They kind of sort of were an awesome team together, the three of them, don't you think? They were able to psychoanalyze the n'er-do-wells and figure out where the two missing women were being held captive. Impressive. Yet still difficult to cheer without a twinge of guilt for liking them so much, even knowing how naughty they've been. Okay, let me back up and specify that it was Min I was loving. Liking Dr Death didn't really happen. Min I pity. Min I just can't help but like even though I know he's been a bad, bad boy. Dr Death on the other hand, I don't pity him. I'm still convinced that he's the psycho killer Lee Joon Yeong that killed Dad and then kidnapped young Min. I refuse to like him in any fashion. He's icky to the core. Despite his icky-ness though, he did prove helpful in rescuing our heroine, so, to him I give an obligatory, but not heart-felt, 'thank you' for his contribution.

As always though, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before we rescue her, let's catch up on some of what happened while Ji An was captured. We could go chronologically by what happened, but that would be boring, so I'll surmise. Two brothers. Big brother is successful and a douche bag of epic proportions.

Little brother is a loser with an inferiority complex towards successful big brother.

This inferiority complex coupled with a crush on big brother's woman translated into "I'm going to kill brother's girl I've got a thing for...and then, because that was so much fun, I'm going to continue to torture, kill, and dump the bodies of women. Whee!". I loved when Ji An threw in to that a "I'm going to kill women not only because it's fun, but because I can't get my wee-wee up and that makes me grumpy".

Ooh! That pissed him and his crippled manhood off! Nearly got herself killed for that one, but I'd say it was worth it. You know, for my entertainment alone. Little brother has an accomplice in his girlfriend, who, turns out, despite her initial innocent act, is actually the one that learns she likes torturing.

The two of them tag team it on abductions and holding their victims hostage while torturing them before killing them and dumping their bodies within a week. It's apparently some sort of psychological condition known as "folie a deux", fancy speak for "boyfriend has delusions so so do I". This makes Hyeon start to wonder about his little brother Min and if Min suffers from a little case of the "folie a deux" too after being kidnapped by psycho killer Joon Yeong. I'd start to wonder that too, if not for the nagging suspicions regarding this mysterious first forgotten memory of Hyeon's revolving around his mother's death. Of course, Dr Death helps us explain this a bit more in his "if you have 10 people in the same situation, won't they all choose something different?" analogy. Meaning, sure, Min may have been kidnapped and raised by a psycho killer, but he had to have that inherent part of him already to turn him into a psycho killer himself. I think Dr Death is onto something here. Of course, that's because he himself is a/the psycho killer so yeah, he's going to "get it" a little easier than most.

Through some marvelous sleuthing and the coming together of our funky dream team, Ji An is discovered just in time as Mr Impotent is strangling her to death.

Hyeon and Min both jump in to fight off the bad guy which I thought was interesting and kind of heartwarming/wrenching. Ji An knew her knight in shining armor would come for her, and come for her he did. Though, can I just be a negative Nellie here for a second and say that this drama might want to do less of these "action" scenes going forward. Masterful storytelling and weaving going on, but this part kind of drove me nuts.

Where was the urgency? The emotion? The Three Musketeers show up at the site where Ji An is and casually exit their car and start to look around? Walking?! Where's the running?? Where's the sense of imminent danger? Your girl is inside getting strangled to death at this very moment! Move your tush!! It lacked that special little "umph" that you might expect in such a situation. Maybe, just maybe, Hyeon was trying to play it cool so as to not alert the two bad guys in the car with him that this girl is special to him and thus a target. Maybe. But I doubt it. I think the action is just not this drama's forte, so it should be minimized from now on. Stick with what you do best - psychos, their stories, and their unnerving smiles. That you have down pat.

How lucky is Ji An to wake up in a hospital room (after being carried out by her own personal knight) surrounded by so many beautiful men?

Sure, some of them are old. Or goofy. Or killers. But at least most of them look oh so nice. (shallow? who me?) Both she and the Team Leader have pulled through their harrowing ordeal and will live to fight crime another day. And lo and behold, how in the world did I/we miss this before?? Looks like Team Leader may just have a thing for our plucky lady detective. Huh. Can't say that I saw that one coming. Like, for real.

How many looks can two people share between each other? Min and Dr Death are thrown together multiple times in this episode, and every time, new looks are given. Dinner, crime solving, hospital...these two have a history, and it's obvious by all the knowing glances between the two of them. Just what that history is is not yet confirmed (though you know my opinion on the matter), but it's safe to say that they are not strangers.

And poor Min. Just when he was thought he was finally getting what he wanted, his brother's attention, Dr Death has to show up as the third wheel and spoil their little reunion fun. I don't know about you, but I'm sensing that Min isn't all to happy about this invasion and reunion spoiling. I also get the feeling that Ji An isn't a welcome intruder either, as she seems to be taking a whole lot of hyung's attentions too. It makes me think that this should be Dealing with Psychos 101 - don't alienate the already alienated, as they might just snap.

Now, I had alluded earlier to a great reveal by Hyeon's Adopt-a-Mom. How about we chat on that for a sec?

Back in the day, Hyeon's dad, after counseling with Joon Yeong, had ordered all communications and visits to be cut off with him. Adopt-a-Mom let him get into her head though with ideas that as a woman cop, she'd never be able to get ahead. He promised he would help her if she helped him. She lifted the ban on communications as he wanted and in return got info on criminals, the arrests of which led her to climb the organizational ladder up to her lofty position she now holds. She didn't realize of course the damage that lifting this ban would cause, as it was what allowed Joon Yeong to escape and kill Hyeon's dad and kidnap Min. Not to mention how Ji An's dad got caught up in it all and lost as well. Oh, you know, and the countless other murders he has probably been responsible for or has inspired since his escape. The guilt she felt at the turn of events her actions helped allow is what led her to raise Hyeon after his father's murder. Along with this sad revelation came a little tidbit of information that is applicable to our story today. Back then, Joon Yeong used a fishing magazine as a way to communicate with Adopt-a-Mom.

Hyeon then takes this and sends his own message to Joon Yeong through an ad placed in the same magazine. The last communication that she received from Joon Yeong indicated to her that Min was dead. She had promised Hyeon back then that she was doing all that she could to find Min, and, being a child as he was, he believed her. He didn't have a whole lot of choice. He couldn't search himself like the entire police force could. He thought all resources were being used to find his little brother. He's not really happy when he finds out the truth that she never did bother to look. Not happy at all. Does this woman not realize the far-reaching effects of this inaction on her part? Now Min has grown up thinking his big brother never bothered to look for him. This allows the psycho's lies to further warp his mind and turn him even crazier. He's literally lost his mind over his brother and his brother's supposed abandonment of him. This is sick and twisted all around and breaks my heart for both of these two boys.

I want to take a sec and focus on some characters and their possible Bad Guy status. First, I'm letting Team Leader off the hook for now. I know I was suspicious of him in the beginning, but so far, he's shown he's an okay dude. And he did just get stabbed in the gut, so I'll go easy on him. His dad on the other hand...I have a suspicion there's something going on there, or that he at least has a past like Adopt-a-Mom did.

And then Min. We should note that it comes up that nothing is amiss in his family records. No evidence of tampering or forging or anything funky. On paper, he appears to be who he says he is. You know, that name of his that I never bothered to learn since I always thought of him as Min. But then there's the cop that acted suspiciously a couple of episodes ago when he left his own name off of the list of "first on the crime scene".

He's an orphan. And lived in an orphanage. This raises Hyeon's eyebrows. He thinks there may be something to that. Why? I don't know. But we will make mention of it now because you know it will come up later and we don't want to forget.

That's all the Bad Guy Suspect List I think we need for right now. How about the fun stuff now? Let's finally talk luuuv. Just what has been going on between our two lovebirds? First, Ji An doesn't want the guy who attacked her at home to be caught because it would mean her sleepover at Hyeon's would come to an end. Can you blame her? I know I'm right there with her on that sentiment. May their shacking up continue now through the end of the drama. May we, nor she, ever see the inside of her apartment again. At the end of the episode we get some more development in their relationship. Ji An is outside waiting for her aunt to come pick her up when Hyeon pulls up. Knight in shining armor with his flashy white car (in lieu of horse). She drops her phone when she sees him. Oh yeah. She's beyond smitten with this boy by now. Can you blame her? I know I'm right there with her on that sentiment too. Seriously. I'd follow him anywhere, anytime. You hear that SIG? Call me. :-*

He takes her home where they start talking. She has a sudden flashback to her terrifying experience as a hostage which gets her reminiscing about her thoughts she had at that very moment she thought she was going to die. Thoughts about how her father must have felt. And thoughts of how she wouldn't see Hyeon again.

It's tense and electrified between them as they stand there staring at each other. She then becomes my absolute hero when she stands on those tippy toes of hers and kisses him full on those luscious, delicious lips of his.

We get a kiss!!! Yay! Granted, it's a really long, really awkward kiss as he stands there wide-eyed and in shock, not kissing her back. I get it, I do, he's supposed to be taken by surprise, but come on! I KNOW what that boy can do with those lips. I have seen it before. And I cannot wait to see it again. That kiss had all the potential in the world to be hot as Hades. But that's okay. I will be patient and wait. For surely the Hot as Hades kiss is still to come. We have to get over the awkward "Kiss of Discovery" first. The "Feel Reveal" if you will. Oh, but how I eagerly await that eyes closed, lips moving, soul reaching make out from these two!! SQUEEE! Or, you know, whoever SIG wants to kiss like that. I don't honestly really care who is on the receiving end of it, though, I've grown fond of her and so would prefer it to be her.

My thoughts: This drama rocks. More kiss please. The end.


  1. Dr Death LOL He's Joon Yeong for sure. & Lawyer guy certainly THINKS he's Min. But that little twist - maybe, just maybe, Dr. Death has REALLY pulled some creepy manipulative evil twist to make lil psycho lawyer believe in some creepy fantasy somehow. Cause that way Hyeon & Min could have a happy reunion... Just a thought....

    1. I thought of that too, except doesn't Min have memories? When he's back in the house for dinner, he looks around like he knows the place and remembers his life there. I guess a lot of that could have possibly been fed to him by Joon Yeong, but I just don't know. I swear, this drama has me turned in all sorts of directions that I just don't know anything anymore and think just about anything is possible at this point.

    2. And he does the art work that Min did... It would be hard to copy that.

  2. JI An, if you're gonna aim high, make sure to hit the mark and kiss him right. I mean, right and center coz that was a chance of a lifetime, you had guts, why so shy? SIG you were baiting the girl to kiss you standin so close like that but I don't think he will return the kiss for now, the boy is playing hard to get, just as well.

  3. Win moment:
    1. 3 genius profiling the dude.. N walked off n leave tht dude hanging

    I read sumwhere.. Like u know how theres 2 prison guard tht went missing when ljy escaped? Maybe eunbok is Another orphan like jian? Dun dun duuunnnnnn.

    Seeing even inguk said “today noona work hard.. Next time is my turn”.. I really wanna see them proper kissing.. By not too much tht their kiss got covered by their own cheeks. With those portruded n pouty lips tht seems to be wanting to kiss everyone... Huzzah!


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