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Dramatic Friday Review: Gentleman's Dignity ep 17

So this time around, the beginning flashback was bearable.  In fact, it was downright cute!  It starts with them all watching famous soccer player, Ahn Jung Hwan, playing for Korea, I think it was the Olympics but I watched the show almost a week ago & am too lazy busy to verify my facts. Then Jeong Rok comes in & shows off his latest toy. But it's not just any toy. It's Taekwon V. In America, we knew him as Voltar (the Invincible). Yes, he was dubbed into English. He was an uber cool robot super hero & all the rage in SK in the 70's. {{Unnie, how do YOU know about Taekwon V?!?! O_o}} Oh AddiKts 5 (FIVE) older brothers!! I didn't actually recognize his name until I looked him up & found out that he was also Voltar. Then I went OH! I totally know that cartoon!!! And suddenly I realized my brothers made me into a bigger geek than I had previously thought. {{hanging head & blushing in embarrassment}}.

Anyway they went on discussing how Taekwon V was such a cool super hero & I got to hear the laser beam from Namsan Tower story again. I love that story. You know this one right? How the laser beam will shoot out of the tower & then Taekwon V would come out & save the day!! {{It's his "bat signal" in other words.}} The guys got all excited talking about Taekwon V & then Yoon actually had the nerve to claim that Superman was a way cooler super hero. But the guys all, "Aished" him & then Tae San claimed it was Batman that was the real super hero. Which, of course, prompts Do Jin to claim actually it's Spiderman that is the coolest of them all. At this point Jeong Rok feels it necessary to defend his beloved Taekwon V. And so the arguing goes on & on. With each guy touting his favorite superhero's supreme abilities. We even got some fun facial expressions from Tae San & some awesome poses.

And then Do Jin's voice over comes on & says, 
"On that day we couldn't reach a conclusion, whose hero was the strongest.  And today, when we are 41 years old, we can protect neither the Earth nor the women we love.  We are now just the anti-heroic men, struggling with everyday life.  Those boys who wanted to become heroes.....  Where did they all go?  Whose heroes can we become at the end?"

Well dangs!!
Way to bring down the house Do Jin!  

And on that depressing note we continue with this week's review...

When we left off the last episode it showed signs of improvement for Do Jin & Yi Soo.  She arrived in front of him holding a prettily wrapped box of men's dress shoes & repeated his line back to him, "When you come to me wear these.  On a good day, prettily."
Remember this screen shot?  I loved this moment so much!

Basically, we get a recap of their conversation from last week just a longer version of it.  Yi Soo asks him, if he is done pushing her away?  "The Oppa who loves Seo Yi Soo-ssi?" Quoting him in the cafe when he & the guys were saving her from her evil step brothers.  He tells her not to put too much stock in those words. She accuses him of acting cowardly.  He tells her, "If acting cowardly is the only way, I will choose that way."  She insists that she is fine w/ him having a kid & the connotations of being "the 2nd wife" from everyone around her. But he is not okay with it, because he "cannot give up Seo Yi Soo's happiness. I can't hurt some one's life anymore."  At this point Seo Yi Soo ssi turns the tables on Kim Do Jin ssi.  When she tells him she'll go, if that's what he really wants she'll go... "in your next life, I will do that, for sure.  But, in this life, I can't do that."  Then she opens the box holding the shoes, takes out the shoes, & sets them at his feet, & tells him, "When you come to me, wear these.  On a good day, prettily."

Jump to another man having a difficult time & we find Tae San, who is not eating well & Maehri, who is unaware that her Oppa saw her sobbing at the shrine to Yoon's late wife, wants to know what's troubling him.  He can't shake the image of his little sister sobbing, on her knees to the shrine.  Standing just outside Tae San & Maehri's house is a very upset Yoon.  It's obvious he wants to go in & see her.  Make sure she's okay & comfort her.  But then he'd be admitting to her, how much he cares for her, & how much he wants her too.  So he stands there about to push the button to announce himself.  But as soon as he realizes that she is not alone in there, that Tae San is in there too, he comes back to his senses & leaves.

Oh Do Jin you are so cute sitting there staring at the shoes that Yi Soo gave you.  
Just looking at them doesn't mean I'm saying yes to her.

But I really like these new kicks she gave me...She has good taste.
She likes ME after all.  

I'm just trying them on to see if they fit.  I'm still not saying, "Yes".
Although, they do fit perfectly.  They're like butter.

They look really good on me too.  Omo!!  What's a guy to do when
his girl gets him such sexy shoes?!?!

Yeah I really like these shoes...guess I'd better figure out how to make this relationship work so I can wear these shoes.
And I'm gonna need to find me a matching belt.  Because nothing I have really goes w/
"Get back together with the woman of your dreams" shoes.  Hmmmm......

The next morning Yoon & Do Jin are commiserating with each other over the women in their lives who want them despite the difficult road ahead.  They wonder will they be able to make their women happy?  After acknowledging that they feel greedy for wanting to give in to these amazing women & be with them, they wish each other good luck...

At the office Do Jin & Tae San are making the final arrangements for the celebration of their collaboration on a huge project for their architectural firm in Chun Cheon.  Tae San tells him who is coming from their friends, & because Yoon is coming, it automatically means that Maehri is "busy".  Do Jin asks Tae San to spread it around that Do Jin can play the drums, really well. So that the big important client asks him to play the drums during the party.  He has "someone special" he wants to invite to the party.

{{Squeeeee!!!  I know who he wants to in-viiiitte!!  Do you?!?!}}

And the next morning he proves that he can be incredibly cute & sweet & romantic.  When he dons a cute stuffed bear costume & arrives & hangs out, outside of her school.  When she sees this character harassing the students she goes to intervene & they tell her he isn't charging them or bothering them, he's handing balloons out for free & then he gives her an invitation to the company party.

The he walks off & she just KNOWS that it is Do Jin.  

And she is right.
He's so cute when he's all sweaty from being in a bear costume & delivering balloons & invitations to the love of his life. 

 Then we get to see Yi Soo getting all dolled up for the party, with Se Ra's help.  Who it would seem is even lending the dress (& possibly the shoes too) to Yi Soo for the event. And she is gushing on about she just knew it was Do Jin.
Se Ra may throw up after that line!   I think it's cute & I love Se Ra's expression!

But at Tae San & Maehri's house all is not well.  Maehri wants to go to the party as well.  And it is here that Tae San tells her he saw her.  He saw her weeping & begging & collapsing at the Shrine & that he is embarrassed by her.  After she apologizes profusely, begging for forgiveness, saying she was wrong.  He informs her that it is time she move on & he is going to help her.  And then places a ticket in front of her.

And I have to say at this point I'm kind of mad at Tae San for once again being so closed off about Maehri & Yoon.  Okay Unnie needs to vent a little @ Tae San RIGHT THE HECK NOW!!!

{{UH-Oh Unnie's is ticked off...Tae San better run!}}

Stop reading here, if you are tired of Unnie breaking reviews to vent a little steam at the characters, you know, as if they were "real".  I'll let you know where to pick the review back up when I'm done.

Now since this is MY review & 1/2 MY blog I will continue with my rant.

Those still reading hang on tight!

Okay Tae San-ssi.  Let me make sure I have this right?  O_o

You do not want your sister & your best friend of 20 years to fall in love & get married because he is 17 years her senior?  You really admire this best friend, look up to him, know he is the most logical, caring of best friends & you know he's stable & well off & that he was an excellent husband to his first wife who passed away.  You saw how much pain that caused him & stood by him, helping him, protecting him, playing with him all these years because he is a most trusted & admired & loved friend.  Am I right so far?  You love your baby sister.  You see her as bright & full of dreams & you want her to achieve those dreams, even though her dreams for herself, are not your dreams for her.  But you want to see this beloved baby sister happy & fulfilled.  Am I right again?

Please, explain to me why the two things are mutually exclusive dude?!?!  Why the heck do you think that Maehri cannot achieve her goals & dreams if she is married to Yoon?  You know Yoon would encourage her to pursue her life's happiness!  You know he would want her to be happy.  You know he would put her first AND you have to know that she could better focus on all those dreams if she isn't having to chase down one of those dreams, namely Yoon, all the dang time!!

Im Maehri's Check list for life:
Accomplish dream of getting Yoon (Check)
Focus on finishing design school
Get career started as designer
blah blah blah...

You love, admire & appreciate both of these wonderful people?  Why can't you continue to do that if they are together?  Them together makes sense!  What is up your butt that you cannot let them just be happy together?  Why are you trying to control things that are not really your business to control!?  Oh you are making me SO ANGRY TAE SAN SSI!!!!  I am so fed up with you treating your sister like a witless baby & I am so sick of you treating Yoon like he's pathetic or a lecher, just cause you can see he's in love with your sister.  She is not a baby anymore.  She is a woman & he is not a cradle robber or a sexual deviant.  He's in love!  The heart wants what the heart wants!!  It's not like you don't know him!  You do & you KNOW he isn't like that!  Your problem is you are all caught up on what other people will think.  Screw other people!  Its none of their darn business!!  Let Maehri & Yoon be happy together!!!

{{Emotionally, mentally, & figuratively stepping down off my soap box now}}

Okay, {deep breath} rant is over.  This is where we pick up, where we left off.  Whew I feel better!  For those of you that stayed with me through that rant I hope you feel better too.  If you have a rant you want to leave for Tae San or any of the other characters go ahead & leave them in the comments section just mind your language please?

So Tae San goes to the party & we greet all the rest of the cast there except SeRa.  She's gotta focus on placing 1st so she can get her pride back & go to Tae San w/ her head held high.  At the beginning of the party Do Jin is looking for Yi Soo, who has not arrived yet.  She shows up while Do Jin is making a speech about their accomplishment & there she is...looking all pretty & smiling at him & he has this wonderful long pause right in the middle of the speech, that of course no one else notices.  ^-^   After he gets done with his speech he's working the crowd & schmoozing & she is just wandering by herself.  Park Min Sook hands her two champagne glasses & tells her that he looks too good tonight & the other girls are going to want him too.  So make your move!  As she wanders around looking for him, she spies him looking for her with 2 champagne glasses of his own.  After each of them drinks one whole glass right on down they meet in the middle all sweet & romantic....

Then we cut away from our two romantic leads to see an awkward exchange between Yoon & Tae San.  Tae San has not told Yoon, that he is sending his sister away.  However, she calls Yoon, during their conversation,  & when Tae San guesses correctly that the call is from Maehri, he tells Yoon he should answer the phone call because she has something she needs to tell him.

{{Ooooohh  Tae San you are such a monumental pain in the butt!}}

Okay moving on...

Back to Do Jin & Yi Soo.  Yi Soo looks down at his feet, & is disappointed, he is NOT wearing her gifted shoes.

And so she asks him...

And he replies with... 

Uh...what shoes?!!?  The shoes she gave you Do Jin.  Outside your apartment?  And she told you on a good day prettily wear these shoes when you come to me???  Ring any bells??.  He explains to her that he's had another "episode" then adds in, he lost his recording pen, when she asks him, & that he has no idea what's happened in the last couple of days.  And I sit there thinking, what?!?!  When did you have another episode?!?!  You SO did NOT!  And then I realize he's just messing with her.  Oh!  Wait that is really mean!  Why is he messing with her!?  Then the 'big wig' comes over & gets Do Jin, without a whole lot of persuasive arguments needed, to join the band & play the drums.  Which Do Jin, of course he set it up this way, acquiesces to do.

She's standing there in the audience watching Do Jin, whose all smirky & puffed up, & her little heart is  broken & she's thinking, "forget this I am so out of here!'  He doesn't remember anything from the last couple of days?  He doesn't remember me being all cool & using his words against him & giving him the really nice expensive shoes or any of it!!  What the crap!!?!?!"

And then Do Jin looks out into the audience & realizes she isn't there anymore.  After he gets done & he stands for his applause we see he is WEARING THE DANG SHOES!!  Oh MEN!  So not the right time to be messing with her you dork!

We follow Yi Soo home, where she is packing her belongings & in typical Yi Soo fashion having a meltdown at the same time.  {{I really do love her incredibly funny meltdowns}}  Do Jin arrives there, but only after she has gone & he asks Se Ra to find out where she is. But she is already three sheets to the wind!  You would be too if you packed as much booze into your suitcase as she did!  Check it out!

Glug Glug Glug!!  Dang gurl!!

And this is why packing & crying AND especially drinking are not a good combination!
kekeke She is so wasted!  

{{BTW I kind of skipped a couple of other scenes but I really wanted to see this one to the end.  Don't worry I won't forget them}}

Anyway, after Se Ra talks to her, we see Do Jin has figured out where she is staying & he rides off to rescue his woman!  He arrives at the hotel but he doesn't know which room she is in & he can't get the hotel desk clerk to give him the info.  So, he waits ALL NIGHT LONG for her to emerge off the elevator.  And when she does she is greeted by a strange man who leaves with her.  They go to her car, Do Jin is following & Jealous!  {Yes w/ a capital "J"!}  He follows them to that same field that he & she walked in on that one quasi vacation they took before he asked to move in with him & then the crap hit the fan & it was all down hill from there.  And then the guy leaves after getting paid.  OH!!  He was a designated driver.  So she is still drunk.  It as a lot of Soju she packed.

He watches her & then follows on her walk through the field.  All the while she is cursing his name & everything about him.  Then Maehri calls & they are both crying & lamenting their lack of love lives.

After she hangs up w/ Maehri she calls out that he is a bastard!  And he steps up beside her & agrees. And she drops to her butt & screams.

How does he make looking smug look so good?!?!

He helps her up & then he tells her...
"I'm Kim Do Jin.  I have one son who is 19 years old, I also have a lot of history with girls, and make women cry often.  I'm not a particularly a good guy.  If you are fine with me, then do you want to be with me?"  At this point she pauses for a while.  And I'm practically screaming YES Yi Soo Tell HIM YES!!!  FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY TELL THE MAN YES!!!!  {{Apparently I am a big tramp.}}

Finally she asks him about the shoes.  

His matter of fact reply is;
"It was a joke that my memories were wiped out."
At this point she begins to let him have it while sobbing, in true Yi Soo fashion.  Remember she is also still drunk...
"Yesterday I was so sweet to you from the beginning, how could you make a prank to a girl like me who has no sense?!  Do you know how I've been hurting all night long!?!"  He pulls her in for a big hug & tells her to get it all out & then he notices the nasty alcohol smell...

Charming Do Jin.  Very charming!

That is not a proper question for the girl you just put through hell trying to be funny!

Okay now I am going to go back.  While Do Jin is searching for Yi Soo, Yoon who answered Maehri's call & agreed to meet with her is meeting with her.  We had the funny reunion now its time for a so sad parting.

{{gritting teeth at Tae San-ssi}}

Yoon is there & waiting for Maehri to arrive.
He is so yummy when he's pensive!

Maehri informs Yoon that Tae San is telling to go to Korea, complete with plane ticket & that she wanted to be able to... basically she wants to just lay it all out on the line & then she can move on, maybe.

"Can I really not do this?  Can't you win my brother over?  Can't you live without being friends with him?  Please hold onto me.  I am telling you to hold onto me.  If I go now I won't be able to see you!  How can I go?"

At which point Yoon scolds her for talking to him informally.  Then he reminds her of their age gap.

At this point she just blurts out to him.
"I love you Oppa!  You are my destiny Oppa.  I like you so much I can just die right here!  Please hold onto me?"

But Yoon is strong, even in the face of a sobbing almost hysterical Maehri.  {{Okay I gotta admit, I am so over her crying & sobbing like a baby!  I was really hoping by this point she'd have stopped doing this but I guess not.}}  Okay continue....

Yoon reminds her that there is no one in the world, who thinks of her as much as Tae San does. That she is going to go because Tae San told her to.  Go & study hard & stay healthy.

Then he walks away but she stops him & yells out to his back...
"I can't promise you that I will forget you.  But if we really can't be together.  If I am really not for you.  It's okay for you to forget about me."  Then she says good bye & he walks away leaving her sobbing in the park alone.  And we finally get to see his face...

And we get to see him distraught back at Do Jin's apartment. 
For the first time we really get to see how much he is in love with her & how much this whole thing is killing him too.   

There was also a short scene between Jeong Rok & PMS.  While still at the party she walks up to find him laughing & talking with a pretty young woman.  As the young woman, in question, walks away, she immediately goes all distrustful of him & she walks up to him & confronts him about cheating again.  He explains that he just gave her directions to the parking lot.  She doesn't believe him & so goes after the young woman who confirms that all he did is give her directions to the parking lot.  She feels foolish & he teases her a little but makes lite of the whole situation.  Meanwhile we can see she is struggling with something.

We are w/ PMS again.  This time she is exiting a Doctor's {read OB/GYN} office looking very sad.  Jeong Rok surprises her, by arriving there & sitting down on the bench with her, where he asks her what the doctor said...
Here is the gist of the conversation.  He shows up & says, I told you I wanted to come with.  What did the doctor say?  And she tells him he told me to have hope.  He agrees & chides her for not having faith in her husband who said the same thing but she does have faith in the doctor?  The thing is... she doesn't actually have faith in the doctor either.  Then JR informs her that if he hadn't been kicked out of the house, they'd already have a baby on the way.  "So no matter how much you hate me don't kick me out.  Don't kick me out & sleep with me as no matter how much you hate me."  She explains that these days she doesn't hate him.  And he says that these days he is not afraid of her.  At which point she gives him "the look".  Which has him slightly nervous.  But not nearly as much as she'd like. ^^  He puts out his hand & asks her to have faith, even a little bit, in him.  I think this scene is so sweet watching him be a real husband to her & then he pulls her in for a nice warm embrace...
And he just holds her there for a long while.  Sigh.  
Back at Se Ra's house Do Jin & Yi Soo arrive & Yi Soo immediately falls onto her bed, to sleep off the rest of her drunk...yes she's still a little tipsy.  It's actually quite cute.  He starts to leave but she stops him & drags him down onto the bed for cuddles...   Cuddles?!?! O_o

{{Yeah cuz that's believable!!  A healthy, active, 41 year old man who has just made up with the love of his life, & she is slightly drunk, & he has her in her house, alone, on her bed.  And ALL he's gonna do is cuddle?!!?  Definitely only in KDrama, does this stuff happen!}}

The way he is looking at her says, "Ohh goodie ...cuddles!!"  n_n

Yes that is sarcasm!
Look at his face.
He is so not in the 'cuddle zone' in his head right now!
Tell me you see it too!  Right?!?

Eventually, they both actually do fall asleep, she to sleep off the rest of her drunk & him because well he didn't sleep, the entire night, while waiting for her to step off the elevator.  Eventually they wake up & she has a headache.  And he can feel she is awake & startles her with this knowledge.  She fakes sleep some more, & rolls over mumbling.  Because she's embarrassed, at this point he spoons up behind her & tells her....

"While I love you a lot, I'm sorry I acted like I didn't love you that much.  I'm sorry I acted like I could break with you when really I couldn't.  I'm sorry I made you cry a whole lifetime's worth of tears, in one sitting.  I will only say I'm sorry today.  In the future, I only want to say I love you.  I love you.  I love you Seo Yi Soo."

Awwww heart melted all over the keyboard again....hold on I have to clean this up.  {{mutters to self...where are the darn Clorox wipes?!?  Dang it!!  It's gonna be all sticky again!!!  Oh here they are!}}

\][t4rshy6jm=43  plohjugtfxcvbjmk-0987653456780987uy6trdcfvbgnhjkl.,mnv -09876543sdefrtyuiojhgfcvbnm,   loiuytvgbhj  kjuhygcfghiuyftl

There that's better.  (-_^)  So then he gets up & leaves.  Leaving a faking sleep Yi Soo this point she does that big puff of air & sits up & starts talking to herself .... again.
Until that is she realizes she didn't check to make sure he was actually gone from the room because he wasn't! 
giggling at his smug expression again.  
Faking that you are still asleep & sleep talking, is the right way to go Yi Soo, he'll never see through this one.  Very good acting btw.   
Yep that would be my facial expression of horror & shame too. 

But oh Do Jin why you have to be so dang handsomely smug! 
Good man that!

At Jeong Rok's cafe, Maehri, who loves her brother & is worried about him has taken his luggage to Jeong Rok & is asking him to take these things to Tae San, who is working at the new location, but didn't take anything with him.  And she is positive he left because of her, so she can't take the luggage to him herself.  Being the good friend that he is, he agrees...

JR is trying to figure out what is so wrong that Tae San can't support Yoon & Maehri?  Tae San feels guilty that he can't support Yoon & Maehri but he refuses to back down.  He does say he thinks JR should be on Yoon's side, because he's the weaker side, since he fell in love & all.

Meanwhile, Maehri is in her room having "thoughts", never a good thing for a girl to do...have thoughts.  They only lead to tears & trouble.  She's surrounded by all her luggage & belongings.  She is really going to go to America this time.  She's staring forlornly at her white beaded bracelet, the twin to the black beaded "couples" bracelet she tried to give Yoon but it got thrown away.  it's okay AddiKts, if you remember, Yoon did not let it stay in the bin beside his desk for long.  And he is at his office staring forlornly at his bracelet.

Do Jin is not forlorn.  No he is entering his son's room & informs his son that he is going to be dating Yi Soo, his homeroom teacher.  Collin seems genuinely relieved to know he didn't screw up the relationship after all & Do Jin can see he feels responsible for making Do Jin's life complicated.  And so Do Jin tells him straight out.  "About everything that's going to happen from now on....Don't ever think again it's your fault."  Collin tells Do Jin if you want me to leave. Just tell me.  And Do Jin assures Collin that won't happen.  Then there is this really sweet moment between father & son.

The next day we get a moment of cute as the now freshly "out & about & dating openly" Do Jin & Yi Soo are walking & talking together & both are wearing their "Shoes".

There is lots of flirting & going back & forth & seriously so cute!  I just heart these two as a couple!  They are awesome together!

After all the cute scenes we see Maehri is making her final goodbyes.  She calls her brother & tells him she is leaving now.  She's doing the stiff upper lip thing & telling him she'll go safely.  She does the long last look at her house & gets in the cab.  Then she sends a text message to Yi Soo that reads...

"First, I want you to know that this text message is one that was written beforehand and is being sent on time.    When you get this text message,  I'll be at the airport.  And her cell phone will be deactivated.  Maehri is going to America.  I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye.  Teacher, be healthy.  Also, could you do me a favor?  If Yoon Oppa asks about me, in 2 months tell him~  Maehri has an amazing boyfriend.  That I'm happy."

Then we watch as Maehri checks in at the airport gets all of her stuff taken care of & gives one last glance behind her just to make sure that there isn't someone to stop her from going.  There isn't & so she turns & decides she is going to get on that plane & go & starts to walk more purposefully toward the plane.

Just then...

GASP!!  It's Yoon!!  And "The Wrist Grab"!!


I love the look on her face that says, 
"Finally.  He has me." 
In the parking lot... 
I love the look on MY face right now as I say, 

I will admit though I was also hoping for that SWAK moment! 
There had better be a SWAK moment for these two in the future!! 
Sigh of relief!
And Yoon?  You can hug me this way anytime!
And I will definitely return the hug!
Maehri Wae!!??  He has his arms around you pulling you in to him so tightly!!
Seriously Missy!!!  You can't put your arms around him in exchange?!?!
But I'll take that ending anyday!!

Oooh it was a much happier episode wasn't it AddiKts!!  I was so excited to watch the next episode!

So what happens next???  Guess you'll have to wait for that review to come out tomorrow.  For those of you not on our TCA FB page you won't understand why this review is SOOO late.  It's quite simple, reality once again butted in on my happy happy joy joy KDrama time.  In the form of a stomach bug.  First my 2nd born monstrosity & then my 3rd born monstrosity.  Am really hoping the vomit stops there.  Fingers, eyes, toes too, everything is crossed.  They are showing definite signs of improvement so I'm hoping that, that is all.  So thank you for bearing with me as I try to wrestle reality to the ground & duct tape it's mouth closed shut.  Can't have reality messing with mama's KDrama time, now can we?!?!  Oh Heck No!

For now I head to sleep & then tomorrow I will get the 2nd review all done & out for you.  I'd wish you to enjoy the Olympics but if you are like me, & my fellow AddiKts, then you are not exactly big fans of the Olympics right now.  Don't blame you!  SBS you are so lame to pre-empt our shows.  Well this show.  Dr Jin will still air in its regular time slot, all 22 episodes of it!!  So lame!  Of course KBC II is not SBS & that is probably why.

Okay I am really tired guys, going on 3 am here in Wisconsin.  I'll rant & rave more about the stupidity of SBS' scheduler tomorrow!


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  1. Another FAB review of yet another FAB episode! I chincha chincha adore this show! So many moments I laughed out loud for in this episode. Thank you for helping me relive them. The sad stuff was no bueno, but at least most of it got worked out sort of in the end. Well, sort of. Thank you for staying up so late so that we could enjoy your awesome take on this episode. What a good Unnie you are to us all!

    P.S. I especially loved your cleaning the keyboard bit - clever clever lady! :D


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