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Dramatic Friday Review: Dr Jin ep 18

We begin this episode with an emergency C-section.  Now, we're 18 episodes in to this show.  Certain moments I'll admit have made me a little squeamish along the way.  This one though, this one proved too much for me.  I had to take out my earbuds and look away.  The sound effects were disturbing.  The sight of Lady Lee being cut into and writhing in pain because she had no anethesia - aggghhhh.  Ow.  I totally wussed out about 2 seconds in.  *shudder*    
Dongsaeng's squirmy squeamies aside, the baby is finally delivered.  But he's limp and not breathing.  Jin uncharacteristically has frozen so Young Rae steps in, grabs the baby, suctions him, turns him upside down and starts slapping his little tushie until he starts crying.  Way to go Young Rae!  You saved the day!
I don't know what they used as the "baby" to film this, but it was kind of gross.  Like bloody gelatin with legs.  And arms.  And hair.  o_O
Okay, I can admit when I am wrong.  It looks like my theroy about this baby being a threat to the throne was a little off.  Oops.  Sorry guys.  Turns out I'm not always very good at predicting stuff.  More like Dr Jin writers aren't very good at following my plot suggestions.  ^^

All throughout the episode, Prince Heung Seon has been playing his game.  He tried to threaten/convince Officer Lee to join with him in turning against the Queen Dowager and Byung Hee and forming the new Joseon.  His efforts there are unsucessful, that is, until Officer Lee talks to Lady Lee.  He doesn't want to betray her family.  She says that she wants a better world for their son and that now that she's married, her loyalties lie with him, not her aunt.  Let that be a lesson to Heung Seon - shoulda talked to the wife.  Everyone knows that they really make the decisions.  ;)

Next, Heung Seon approaches the Queen Dowager about the whole treason thing.  Betrayed by her own family, the QD gets upset and collapses.
The end result is that she just gives up.  She takes herself out of the political game.  She decides to retire and to just live out the rest of her life quietly.  
Think he maybe feels a little bad reading her resignation notice?
Prince Heung Seon's wife seeks out Young Rae.  She has a sick patient that needs medical attention.  He's a western priest with sepsis.  She goes to Young Rae because she knows that she is a fellow Christian/Catholic.  It's illegal in Joseon to be a Christian/Catholic, so secrecy is important.  Still, YR has Jin come help treat him.
It turns out that this guy is Felix Clair Ridel, a French priest who brought battleships to Joseon and was the fuse which caused the Byeong In Yang Yo (killing of 8000 Catholics in 1868).  Uh oh.  How creepy does this guy look by the way?  That wispy grey beard is weirding me out.
Quick!  Need an eye cleanser!

SSH is a good choice.  JaeJoong will also do nicely.  Very nicely indeed.
Except here, he's been a very bad boy.  He stole the letter that Jin wrote to Heung Seon telling him about the events of his reign that he is to read once Jin goes back to the future.  Naughty naughty boy Kyung Tak.  You're lucky you're so yummilicious so I can't get too mad at you.  But you shouldn't take things that don't belong to you and discover that your love rival is some sort of mysterious fortune teller.  Poorly done KT, poorly done.

There is a raid on a group of Christians and they are arrested, including the Prince Regent's wife.  Young Hwi goes to Kyung Tak to ask him to release her.
Guess what Kyung Tak does instead?  Refuses to help and then goes and blabs to his father.  Naughty naughty once again.  Oh dear.

Since Kyung Tak refused to help, Heung Seon feels he has no other option than to order the prisoners released himself.
 This doesn't play out well for him politically.
He has to do something to keep his position intact.  The people are angry.  Jin rushes to him to try to talk him out of the whole massacre thing that he knows is brewing.
They argue and fight.  Jin is spittin' mad that Heung Seon is changing who he is and is going back on his word.

But go back on his word he does.

He orders every Catholic household and the 5 houses around each Catholic household to be arrested.

Young Rae is among those arrested.

Jin has a flash and sees Mi Na flatline.

And that's where we end for this week.

I hope that you have enjoyed the crazy Dr Jin marathon of reviews this week as I get caught up.  It appears that Jin will continue to air on its regularly scheduled schedule and won't be Olympic interrupted, so I'll be back next week.  And then the week after.  And then, no more Jin.  Wow, it's hard to believe that we're almost to the end already.  I look forward to getting questions answered.  Unless they pull a Big on us.  Did anyone see the end of Big?  What was your reaction?  I think I might just have to address that the next time we meet.  This is not the time or place, but if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about.  And you're probably ready to do a little venting as well.

In the meantime, stay tuned for Unnie's Gentleman's Dignity review.  It will be a wee bit tardy in coming (I know, so sad), but she has a really good reason and deserves all of our support and love.  Real life has once again encroached on our happy land of denial and AGD has had to take a back seat.  So, we will wait with patient hearts filled with love and support and beautiful butterflies for our Unnie to return and delight us with another installment of her awesome AGD reviews.  Unnie, hwaiting!  xoxo

Until we meet again,

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  1. Okay this one was better, less confusing. But I am seriously tired of KT continuously supporting his awful dad. Maybe he needs a spanking? I volunteer!! O_O I know I know he's your bias & this is your review you get first dibs. Dangs! giggle...thanks for the support as I battle vomit & germs oh my! Such a great visual, right?!?

    I'll get my reviews at least one of them, I hope done today, sometime. Nothing like a vague answer right? I think maybe there are 1 or 2 people who perhaps would be disappointed if I didn't do them, Dongsaeng being one. Myself being the other. ;)


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