Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dramatic Friday Review: Gentleman's Dignity ep 18

They should be doing this to the President of SBS right?

Okay AddiKts.  I'm back & after almost 6 hours of sleep I am ready to dive into my last review of this week for A Gentleman's Dignity.

Fingers crossed that it isn't my last review ever of AGD.  If you are not aware by now.  Thanks to the good folks at SBS, & their lack of scheduling intelligence, our beloved AGD, along with a lot of other K-Ds, are being pre-empted for the 2012 London Olympics.  Okay, I have to do it here AddiKts!!  I HAVE to let loose another Unnie VENT!!!  IF I don't do this, I might literally explode, all over the laptop in my hands, & then it would be a really nasty (Yes, a Simon & Martina "Ooooo You So Naaaasty" kind of mess.)

Unnie's HUGE UGLY Vent to SBS.

Dear SBS President, Head of Scheduling too, OR To Whom It May Concern,

If you are reading this or hear about this head of SBS??  I want you to know that as a patriotic American I am all for the Olympic games too.  In fact, over here our shows get pre-empted for them without fail.  HOWEVER!!  (breathing deeply) However, that's better, whatever network it is, that is officially showing the games, ALWAYS makes sure to schedule out the regularly scheduled TV shows, so that we, the viewing audience, don't miss anything.  They plan months in advance.  I mean come on let's be real here, ok?  You knew when the Olympics were going to be held.  It wasn't a state secret!  You ALSO knew, when you contracted AGD, that it was going to be a 20 episode show.  It's not like Dr Jin, that has been suddenly granted an additional 2 episodes, & you weren't prepared.  (OH AND DON'T EVEN get me started on that monumental unfairness!! Not the extension part, because AGD didn't want an extension, but the fact the Dr Jin, the dumbest show on right now, is NOT being pre-empted AT ALL!!  WHAT THE FRAK!!?!?!?  No offense Jaejoong.  Chincha not aimed at you sweetie!  You aren't responsible.  It's the writers.  You are perfection.  You AND the rest of the cast, including Hmmmmm Song Seung Heon, yuh-uhm!)

You had all the information right there at your fingertips.  There were plenty of ways around this fiasco.  Plenty of ways to please everyone!  Did you even try?!?!  I want to quote Hyun Bin's character (Kim Joo Won) in Secret Garden & ask you point blank, "Is that the best you can do?  Are you Sure??"  No it's not!  No, you just decided we're going to pre-empt the last friggin TWO episodes of the entire friggin show!! Which is bad enough but then there are a constant changing of reports.  One says, "pre-empt, be back later", then another says, "pre-empt 19 & dunno about 20".  Then another says, "show 19 but later same day & pre-empt 20",  & then my favorite rumor so far???  That you will show 19 but never show 20.  That 19 will just be the end of the whole show!!!  What the crap?!?!  At least make a clear & concise report for all to hear & know the schedule.  Bad planning on your part SBS.  You should be ashamed of yourself SBS, for this unmitigated Craptastic Mess!!!  

Please?  I am begging you.  I am dropping to my knees in front of you, head held down in shame & humility...Please? Please? Just show the last 2 episodes!!  I beg of you SBS President!?!?!  We need to know how this spectacular show, that has given you such awesome ratings, ends.  We have to know what happens to the incredibly sexy & magnetic Kim Do Jin & the quirky, funny, beautiful Seo Yi Soo & can't forget Collin.  We have to know what happens between Tae San, his best friend & his little sister.  What ultimately is in the cards for Maehri & Yoon?  Will Jeong Rok & Park Min Sook work things out & save their marriage, will she get pregnant?  Will SeRa do well enough in the tournament that she can go to Tae San with her pride intact, her own woman & they too can live happily ever after?!?!  WILL THERE BE A SWAK ENDING FOR ALL OF OUR FAVORITE K-DRAMA CHARACTERS!?!?!?!?!?  I OUR READERS WE ALL HAVE TO KNOW SBS!!!  I will stay on my VIRTUAL knees until you agree to show the rest of this show!  Even if it takes me the entire Olympics.  (They're virtual knees they can take it.)  I say this with love & respect, albeit incredibly ANGRY respect & desperation too, I am aware that I reek of desperation.  I'm not too proud to admit, my happiness & sanity lay w/ the outcome of this show!

The Crazy Ahjummas

Okay big, ugly, scary, humiliating rant over.  Let's get back to the review huh? 

So the opening of the show is a moment of humiliation for the guys.  Maybe not as big a humiliation as my desperate plea above but close enough.

The men are in a little fender bender.  And Do Jin looks back at the other car, that rear ended them at the light & gives a status report of the car & it's driver.  It's a nice car, from a nice neighborhood & the driver is young.  He's positive that it's the driver's dad's car.  Then they try to decide how they want to handle this.  One yells out "the neck" & immediately they each grab the back of their necks with the hand & start moaning as they slowly emerge from Yoon's car.
Aigoo!!!  Such hams!  ^^

They march up to the kid & question the legality of him being allowed to drive & then ask if he knows how important these bodies are to the ROK?  LOL  The guy being all calm, takes out a card & phone & says, "please a phone call".  The guys all decide to make their own "Phonecall".  Yoon calls the Supreme Court Justice to report his accident.  Tae San calls the Chief of Police.  Jeong Rok's was my favorite.  The most important person in his life is PMS, so he calls her.  HAHAHA...  But then Do Jin wants to change it up so he calls the National Forensic Service???  The guy pulls out his phone, while smiling & calls....the car insurance company.  Duh.  BAHAHAHAHA...I love the look of huh? on all their faces when he calmly & rationally says, that there has been accident & takes responsibility for it.  Then he hangs up tells the guys someone from the insurance company will be there in 10 minutes.  And then asks if they were badly injured. 

The most brilliant minds in the country right?
Incredibly important bodies to the ROK, right?  

Back in the car they start questioning each other's fake calls or rather the choices of who their fake calls were aimed.

Then once again the voice over comes on & sums it up with...

"Calling the insurance company after you have an accident was not something we didn't know.  However, when we were in our 20s, we scorned the way the older generation treated the people in their 20s.  If you applied common sense it was a hard way to go, and if a bluff felt like it was of substance, unfortunately for you, who despised the older generation like that, didn't know you would eventually become "misters" or old men."

Yes, growing older is never fun.  In fact, it's generally humiliating & something I very much want to avoid, at all costs.  {{my eye is twitching again}}  I have already stated that I refuse to age any further.  Forget aging gracefully.  Men have the ability to age gracefully & frequently do become more sophisticated & sexy as they age.  But women are not afforded that luxury.  The ones that seem to age gracefully are the ones that are rubbing sheep placenta all over their faces twenty times a day.  I have chained myself to my metaphorical tree for an anti-aging sit in.  Armed w/ my Oil of Olay & lots of bottled water, sunscreen & the phone number to Joan River's plastic surgeon.  I shall never reach my NEXT birthday.  From here on out I will age in reverse.  That is what they really mean when they say "Age Defying" in the make up commercials AddiKts.    Feel free to join me at the sit-in, there will be a rally as well, with lots of chocolate.  (^_-)

When we left off the last episode, I gave off the "Squee that could be heard around the world" when Yoon "Wrist Grabbed" Maehri & dragged her out of the airport & to his car & then embraced her.  This episode backtracks a little bit further before we get to see that Squee worthy moment.  We head back to Yoon in his office, struggling with the fact that she is leaving, when Do Jin & Yi Soo walk into his office to confront him for not going after & stopping her.

Then Jeong Rok bursts in to ask the same thing.  Then points out that she could still be there just waiting for him, there could have been a delay or any number of reasons she is still there.  But Yoon is preparing for a case that takes him to court the next day & they should leave.   Even after they do leave we get to see him seriously thinking & lost in thought...
After this he has an epiphany & grabs his jacket, wallet & keys & rushes off to the stop Im Maehri from leaving his life forever!  Oh it was so romantic to see him rushing off after her!
And then we got to see the Wrist Grab moment again.  Followed by the immediately removal of her from the airport & something they left out of the closing scene, during their embrace, in the last episode...

Yes!  A Confession!  

It isn't just the words he says AddiKts, although those are lovely & romantic too, but it's his facial expressions.  Totally crushing on Yoon Oppa, right now!

I would totally be crying like she is right here too.  
Yep Yoon Oppa I heart you!!  Total fan girl squealing for this incredibly handsome, sweet ahjussi.

Big Happy Sigh Here

Back to the rest of the show...

Park Min Sook is meeting her husband & calls to let him know she has arrived, she spies his car & sees it needs to be washed, badly.  Then she notices the streak pattern of dirt on the roof of the car.  Remember when Jeong Rok took Tae San his luggage from Maehri?  He went to a hotel that has one of those duster things as you enter the parking lot.  The threads hang from the top of the entrance & brush off your car roof.

She recognizes it's from a hotel & her mind goes straight to an image of him w/ a woman in his car going to a hotel.  And she is ticked.  But we'll come back to this...this scene is leading us to a place that I really am not ready to face for these two great characters.   {{Oooh  Unnie foreshadows.}}

Instead we'll face another difficult's time for Yoon & Maehri to face off against Tae San.

{{Unnie do not lose your cool again.  Only one venting rant is allowed per review & you already used your one rant to rant against SBS}}

Unnie breathing deeply, like a band aid let's just do this quickly!

The doorbell rings & Tae San answers it, after he sees Yoon's face on the surveillance camera.  I really want one of those btw.  He opens the door & walks away but stops when he realizes that Yoon is bringing in luggage.  Not just any luggage, Maehri's luggage.

Y: I caught her.  Then they walk in take off their shoes, put on the slippers & prepare to face Tae San & all his anger.  Yoon says let's talk.  But Tae San doesn't even give him a chance to sit & explain.

TS: You.  How could you...  (Maehri already has tears slipping down her face)  Choi Yoon could you?

Y: I'm sorry. If I let her go now, I thought I'd lose her forever.

TS: Then you should have just let her go.  His voice breaks & you can see he is in real pain.  What am I supposed to do?  If you say you're sorry to me.  What am I supposed to do?  His sister is crying harder & louder now & this angers him so he says, "Im Maehri, aren't you going to stop?  Which prompts Yoon to interrupt.

Y: Say it to me.  Tae San looks at Yoon in surprise.  Whatever it is you are going to say, say it to me.  I'll take the blame.

TS: Choi Yoon Pal

Y: I've thought about it more than a thousand times.  It was a thousand times worse.  So I suppressed it.  I suppressed it to death.  The moment that I heard Maehri was leaving.  I thought the world was ending.  Because at that moment I was full of regret.  I was avoiding.  Not thinking, avoiding and pretending it wasn't what my heart was hoping for earlier.  I'm sorry because I've made Maehri cry so many times.  I'll do well.
I'll take care of her forever.  Tae San...this is my first and last request of you.  Just this once, forgive me.  

TS: So, are you ready to lose me?  Im Maehri in the end, this is what you have to do to be happy?

M: (sobbing) Oppa, just this once forgive me.

TS: I've forgiven you too many times.  Now, I regret it.  I didn't know how you two would end up like this.  I said I'd watch over you.  I alone will be crazed as a raving lunatic.

M: Oppa!!

TS: From now on, I have lost you both.  Im Maehri leave this house.  This isn't your home anymore and I am not your Oppa.  At this point he turns & walks up the stairs leaving a sobbing Maehri & a saddened Yoon.

Back at Jeong Rok's cafe he, Do Jin & Yi Soo are discussing Maehri & Yoon & Tae San.  They are still unaware that Yoon went to the airport & stopped Maehri.  Until Yi Soo gets a phone call from Yoon.  In the next scene we see a cheerful Yi Soo trying to console & cheer up a dismal Yoon.  He actually feels embarrassed to be in this state.  Yi Soo tells him, "Of all the things I've seen you do right now you are the coolest."  He got the girl, but it cost him a best friend, nay a brother.  Yi Soo tells him not to worry eventually Tae San will come around & support them just like the rest of the gang does.  Then she thanks him for his help w/ her step brothers.  She tells him, he was the Oppa of Seo Yi Soo who helps her with all the legal stuff.  He blushes but can't figure out she knows.  He thanks her for putting Maehri up at her & Se Ra's house.  She tells him about the money that was owed for damages & not to worry she plans on getting all that money back form the guys.  In fact, since Tae San is being such a stinker should I charge twice what the rest of you pay?  {{I like her style}}  ;)

Se Ra is in shock when she finds out that Yoon stopped Maehri & then after Maehri explains that Tae San is really mad & kicked her out & that he's alone at his house, Se Ra  gets worried about Tae San & when Maehri thanks her for putting her up.  She says, don't thank me.  You take care of your man & I'll take care of mine.  Then she heads off to Tae San to comfort him.

She finds him alone, in the dark & gets upset w/ Maehri that she is putting her brother through this.  In her words how dare she make my man cry!  Good girl Se Ra.  Of course we'll ignore that your man is in the wrong but that's okay you still need to stand by your man even if he is an ARSE!

{{What?!?!  It's not a rant.  Work with me people!!}}

Jeong Rok goes home to his wife & is telling her the exciting news about Yoon & Maehri.  But PMS is surprisingly close mouthed.  She's still stewing over her belief that he is cheating on her...again.  She finally confronts him about his car.  And he explains to her that Maehri asked him to take the luggage to Tae San.  She thinks it's all a big excuse & another story.  He tells her to call Maehri & confirm it.  But he warns her she's going to be embarrassed.  But she is positive that he is cheating & so she calls Maehri.  Of course you & I know, don't we?  He is actually telling the truth.  Maehri confirms the truth & PMS hangs up. Looking surprisingly unhappy that once again she was wrong.  It's at this point she starts to admit out loud that this is taking it's toll on her.  That she is tired of being suspicious & jealous.  She doesn't say it like that.  And Jeong Rok waves off her fears & walks off.

This marriage is falling apart under the pressure of Jeong Rok's infidelity & PMS' distrust.  And it breaks my heart.  I really have been rooting for them.  But how does one bounce back from adultery?  Is it even possible?

At Do Jin's house, we get to see another Father/Son moment from Collin & Do Jin.  Do Jin is trying to find out about school, apparently Collin really does not like school.  What a shock, right?  But he has made a friend.  Kim Dong Hyub.  Yes, Yi Soo's challenging thug student.  When Collin tells Do Jin that Dong Hyub is not great at school, Do Jin asks him if could make better friends.  At this point I giggle because Collin asks him if Jeong Rok did well in school & Do Jin promptly changes the conversation.   He tries instead to find out what Collin likes about school the most, besides lunch & break time.  To which Collin replies with "1 minute before lunch time.  1 minute before break time."  But when Do Jin wants to know if the 1 minute before meeting his real dad counts as well, Collin claims he's tired & he wants to go to sleep.  Leaving Do Jin feeling non plussed.  Yoon arrives home, looking even more haggard than Do Jin feels.    

He finds out that Tae San kicked Maehri out but he notices that Tae San didn't hit Yoon.  To which he replies, 'At least for now'.  An emotionally drained Yoon, reminds Do Jin of a time when Maehri was in elementary school & a boy hurt her forehead & Tae San lost his temper & confronted the boy.  Claiming that he shouldn't do that because someday Maehri was going to be Miss Korea.  If that boy only hurt her forehead & it angered him so much, what chance does Yoon stand for ruining her life in Tae San's eyes & that this is a betrayal.  Do Jin tells Yoon that he is on Yoon's side & wants to know how can he help?  But Yoon tells him to be on Tae San's side.  He believes that he should suffer since Maehri is everything to Tae San.  Yoon goes into his room & we get a WOW moment when Yoon pulls out a white box & slowly takes off his wedding ring & places it inside the box & puts the box away.

The next day at the office, Tae San arrives late.  He tells Do Jin that if he acts like he's okay then he should be okay, isn't that what Do Jin told him when he lost Yi Soo?  How do I look, do I look fine?  Do Jin tells him no.  Then Tae San wants to know if Yoon went to work?  

Do Jin quickly counters with...
DJ: Did Tae San go to work?  Is what Yoon just texted me.  Do you want to respond to him?  When Tae San tells him that he should be on Yoon's side.  Do Jin tells him Yoon said the same thing about you.  When he tells him this he then asks him if that pisses him off.  LOL  Then Do Jin goes further & asks Tae San if he wants Do Jin to kick Yoon out of the house or have Yi Soo kick Maehri out of her house?  Then Tae San says why don't you just set up a house for all of you to live together?  

Tae San & Yoon arrange to met & have lunch, they're very civilized.  As they are finishing up their lunch, he notices that Yoon has removed the wedding ring.

Which pisses Tae San off.  They have a long talk in the restaurant & it gets them no where.  Yoon wants to take care of her & make her happy & Tae San just can't get past that Yoon is older & has already been married & he feels betrayed!  Yoon can't give up though.  He loves her & he'll do everything he can to make her happy & help her follow her dreams but he can't give her up.

Remember how Se Ra is putting her house up for sale?  Well, Yi Soo is looking for a new place & she takes Do Jin with her.  And we find out that Se Ra, & now Maehri will be moving in with her.  But the best part of this entire scene is when Do Jin sees a bug & jumps back in shock & gasps, "bug!" & Yi Soo, with lightning quick reflexes automatically reaches down & swats at it with a rolled up magazine!  Do Jin & the guy showing the apartment both just stare at her & she realizes that wasn't very girlie so she fakes a scream & falls back.  At this point he tells her...

Then he asks her, "Didn't you know that?  If someone catches a bug for others, that person is the Oppa?"  LOL  She decides she is going to sign the contract & this leads to a fun painting montage w/ just our 2 leads.

Of course all that painting wears a person out.

But not so much that you can't have a wonderfully romantic moment.

But I loved it best when he tells her that he is going to build a cool house for her later.  Big, with lots of room and sunshine coming through.  And where the wind flows nicely.  A house where no one leaves."  Aww he remembered her dream house.  Don't worry I'm not leaning right over the keyboard this time, my laptop is safe from my melting heart.  Good thing too because the ooey gooey romance of this scene & the really nice kissing scene, {{although it's still a little less than thrilling when the girl doesn't participate in the kissing/embracing back.  Come on ladies, Jang Dong Gun is your man, even if it's just for a KDrama, it's still Jang Dong Gun!  He's your man, KISS him back!!  KISS him like you mean it!  I know I would}}
Uh.  Does anybody remember where I was going with this section of the review?!?!   


OH!  Wait I remember...they're talking.  He tells her about her dream house & then she asks him about his growing up life & his parents that live in Canada.  Yi Soo confesses something we already knew, her childhood was not happy & her family not something to be proud of.  At this point Do Jin leans back up & grabs her hand.. 
Tells her that her happiness is driving him forward & that he wants to keep going forward with her.
Then they have the look into each other's eyes moment & then he leans down for a lovely long kiss. 
When he's done he reiterates that promise he gave once before...

"You will be happy.  Will it satisfy you if I say again I will keep a promise I made before?  Tomorrow you will be happier than today, the day after tomorrow you will be happier than tomorrow.  I promise you."  She smiles & says, "This time I will believe it again."  To which he sweetly says, "This time I am going to keep it until I die."  Followed by more delicious kissing.

{{getting a little misty eyed & heart 'melty', hence, the leaning away from the computer keyboard... better safe than sorry right?}}

Sigh... So happy...I'm practically floating.

Tae San shows up with Se Ra's car as she is leaving the golf club.  He has replaced her spare tire & taken care of her car & then he gives her the key.  She wants to fight him on giving it back before she can pay him back the money but she can see he is tired.  Back at his house he's asking her when she is going to move & wants to help her but she tells him Maehri will be there & you probably don't want to see her.  He is still worried about his sister, even if he is angry with her & has disowned her.  She asks him if he's talked to Yoon yet.  He nods sadly & says, 'I says what I have to say & Yoon says what he has to say'.  At this point I think Se Ra very brave.  She speaks up for Maehri.  'If we look at Mehri's life she must be very happy.  I met the man of life at 36 & Maehri met the man of her life at 24.  She'll get to be happy more than 12 years longer than me'.  He gets mad at her & so she asks him, 'what should I do?  Do you have any idea how mean I am to her?  Should I be a complete jerk to Yoon as wel?'  Tell me anything you want me to do in this situation."  Then to lighten the mood some more she pounds her fist into her other hand & says, "I graduated from sports university.  Everyone's dead meat."  It works but her holding him helps too.

It's moving day.  And Do Jin & Jeong Rok arrive to help the ladies.  Maehri calls to Yi Soo, who comes out wearing a cute LITTLE spring exactly moving clothes.  Can't imagine who she is trying to impress with this outfit.  Do Jin goes off after her to help her move.  Jeong Rok lets the moving company do the work while he pops bubble wrap.  Oh Jeong Rok you crack me up!

Then we have some more voyeuristic Do Jin moments.  While unpacking books in Yi Soo's room, Do Jin is trying to sneak peeks under her dress.

He pushed that book over to her feet on purpose!!  Peeping Tom!
At this point she catches him & stops him & he gets mad at her for wearing such a skimpy dress to move in. And so she fakes that she sees a bug & takes over his position of handing out books.  At which point he smiles & says, "What number is it?"  When she asks him what he is talking about he finishes, "What number is it out of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5?  Was it three, the number I like?"  She realizes he's talking about all those pretty, new fancy panty/bra sets she had spread across her bed.  And she blurts out, "Three my butt!!"  Then she smiles sassily & says, "Number two?"  "Ah...number two, hmmm."  And then he asks her, "And yesterday?" To which she replies "Kitty".

Was that cute or what!?!?  And sexy too.  Rowr!  You go Yi Soo.  You vixen you!  You definitely know how to get your man's attention.  Wonder where this is going to go, right?!?!

{{eyebrow wiggling commencing now}}

After the move-in is complete, the ladies go out to get their nails done.  We find out that even though Yoon stopped her leaving, he is still upset over Tae San & they haven't really seen each other more than once, although he does call her everyday.  She really believes that Tae San will need to calm down before they can have a life together.  I believe Se Ra feels bad for Maehri but she is true to girlfriend form & keeps giving Maehri a hard time.  Telling her that she needs to act more sorry, because Tae San is so upset.

Tae San is upset, he's back to baseball hitting like a fool.  Jeong Rok & Do Jin show up to try & cheer him up.

And that's where the picture up above comes from.  Their attempt to cheer him on & up.  Do Jin informs Tae San the move went well, the women are all settled into the house & it's a nice place & that Maehri is settling in nicely too.  And that she is worried about Tae San.

Then Jeong Rok pipes up with we brought you medicated pads.  Do Jin asks do you want to go to the sauna?  Do you want me to scrub your back? LOL  And then Jeong Rok tells him...

Which makes Tae San chuckle but still he kicks them out.

So they head to Yoon who is just as baseball obsessed, only his is pitching.  They cheer him on from the side with a rousing yell of, "Layer Yoon!  Nice pitching!"

He asks them if they've already been to Tae San & they can't get their story straight when one says yes & the other says no.  hehehehe...idiots. :)  They inform him that the women are already moved in & once again  Do Jin tries the Maehri is worried about you.  Then Jeong Rok tells him about the medicated pads, they brought & tries the big heart shaped 'we're on your side' bit.  And then Yoon asked him, "you did that to Tae San too, right?"  They look disappointed but it doesn't stop Do Jin from asking very cutely...

When they see that Yoon is in no more mood for them than Tae San was they leave.

The next day it's time for Yoon & Maehri to spend some time together.  She waits all pretty & excitedly for him.  And acts bashful by not looking directly at him.  She's genuinely nervous.  Then she sees he's carrying the bag she made for him.  He takes her hand & they head off to eat.  Awww date night.

Okay AddiKts a dark part lies ahead.

Jeong Rok's getting ready for bed & telling his wife about his day & she wants to know why she didn't hear from him, he tells her he was busy with his friends all day.

He tells her to ask the guys but realizes they aren't trustworthy to her either, so he tells her to check with the pharmacist where they bought the pads.  And still can't believe she doesn't believe him & she tells him, "Even if you carried a CCTV on you I can't believe you anymore."  JR doesn't understand why she's acting like this all of a sudden...

She tells him that people are always telling her that she has everything & they're right she does.  But to her, he was all that she had.  She starts crying & he is worried...  She looks at her ring & starts to tell him that a wedding ring, since a husband & wife cannot always be together, is how a husband keeps his wife at his closest side.  And how a wife keeps her husband at her closest side.   On the ring finger which is connected to the heart.  But now this ring....  I'm the one who wants to take it off.  She sobs to him, I go to heaven and hell back & forth everyday.   He apologizes to her & is serious, he really is sorry.  He really wants to be with her.  Only with her, he won't take his ring off anymore.  But she is serious.  She really wants to do this.   

 I look like a crazy woman for doubting you nonstop! Just let me go.  I will ask you sincerely. Please divorce me.  And Jeong Rok looks like he's been hit by a train.  He looks like he's been shot.  And his knees give out on him & he sits on the floor in abject shock as Min Sook sobs her heart out in front of him.

THIS is why SBS has to show us those last 2 shows!  I have to know what happens.  Don't you guys have to know what happens to these two?  It's going to drive me absolutely batty.  I love Park Min Sook in this scene.  I love seeing her fragile & terrified & just watching the woman, that everyone believes has it all together, fall apart.  I loved watching Jeong Rok go from joking to serious to actually afraid & then finally to shock & what looks, to me, like a combo of guilt ridden, sad & resigned, while still in shock!  This scene was so brilliantly done, the writing, the acting.  I applaud these two for making this a low key, yet highly tense scene.  It was amazing.  This whole show has gotten under my skin.  I want to know that these two have a happy ending.  Please oh please let these two have a happy ending.  I don't even know if that is possible but I LOVE them together.  I really do.

 Okay big breath...

Do Jin is working on that project that he's been working on for a while with Yi Soo's red yarn from her dress.  And then he looks at his calendar & makes a phone call.

In the next scene we see Do Jin, Yi Soo & several of Yi Soo's fellow female teachers out to dinner together.  Here is where Do Jin turns on the Do Jin charm.  When he apologizes to the teachers for being lacking as a man fit for Yi Soo.  And he asks the teachers to take good care of her for him.  One of the teachers compliments Yi Soo for having a drama actor like man for a boyfriend.  And that one teacher, ooo she drives me batty, complains "what are you saying my husband is chopped meat?"  Then she smiles slimey like to Do Jin & says, "Actually... everyone says he looks like Jang Dong Gun."  To which Do Jin, who is played by Jang Dong Gun, replies, " that so?  You are so beautiful."  Which she totally buys. Then she laughs & says, "Good looking men must have something in common!  Teacher Seo you've met the perfect man!"

And it's official you won over the ladies Do Jin.  You sly devil you!

Later in Do Jin's car, you know Betty?  {{giggle}} They are relaxing & she thanks him for winning over the teachers.  They decide to stay in the car for a little while longer, staring deeply into each other eyes.  It's very tense.  So Yi Soo suggests they turn on the radio.  Each song on the radio is about making love & passion & is full of sexy beats & rhythms.  He keeps changing the channel & each song is worse than the last.  Till finally they just start laughing.  Yi Soo wants to know what kind of radio knows how to cater the songs to the person listening like that?  Then she says, "I think later on when I hear this song I will remember today."  Do Jin looks thoughtful for a minute & then counters with...

"I can make it more memorable... {{I totally got tingles up & down my spine right here AddiKts!!}}  What are you going to do if I don't let you go home tonight?  I don't want to let Seo Yi Soo go."


OMO!!! OMO!!! OMO!!! OMO!!!

Yeah!  Wow!  Um.... okay.... all brain activity has ceased to function... yeah.

Really don't know what to say after THAT!

Okay I would.... if I were Seo Yi Soo.

Actually, I wouldn't have used "words" to give him my answer.  O_o

{{AND It's official!! I am not the nice ladylike girl I was when I started this show!!  Is it Do Jin who has that power or Jang Dong Gun?!?!  Guess it doesn't really matter does it AddiKts?  The end result is the same.}}

So now we wait.

And wait.

What will SBS do?  I haven't foggiest.  I'd recommend a letter writing campaign but by the time we get that organized the Olympics will be over & it might be too late.  Who wants to fly to Seoul with me tomorrow & picket outside SBS till they give in to the demands of a bunch of K-Drama Krazed AddiKts!?!?!

As soon as we here at TCA find out the answers we'll let you know.  Until then...


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  1. I dont know if you watched Kpop Survival or not but it had a similar problem. It had 14 episodes done and then was just done without ever finishing the last 2 episodes that were scheduled. The main 2 characters were together yes but it just ended and everyone was wondering what the heck happened. IT was obvious that that was not the expected original ending and it made a cute show a huge disappointment


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