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Dramatic Friday Review: Gentleman's Dignity ep 19

Hehehehe...welcome back AddiKts!  I missed you guys so much!!

{{Pssst...Unnie  We just saw you in your WWU review of Love Rain.  Yes, I'm aware of that AddiKts.  Thanks for making a girl feel special. {-.-} Feeling the love. Aish! *blows bangs off forehead*}}  ^_-

Why don't we dive right on into the episode 19 review of A Gentleman's Dignity?  Not even going to allow myself to think about the fact that there is only one more episode of this show.  I almost proclaimed this as my favoritest K Drama ever.  But if there is one thing K Drama has taught me is, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!!  WAIT TILL THE LAST EPISODE before proclaiming favoritism!!  {{Pant, pant - calm down Unnie}}

Oh wait I promised to dive right in didn't I? we gooooooooo.

This episode's flashback, didn't feel like a flashback did it AddiKts?  It felt like more of a flash forward.  Or...was I the only one that felt that way?  It wouldn't be the first time I was wrong, you know.  I am always, occasionally, every once in a while able to admit, when I'm wrong.  You'd think I'd be better at it, considering how often it happens. for thought.  Anyway, I wandered off topic again, sorry.

So in the Flash Forward, we see the guys all sitting down to a nice big laid out table in a nice restaurant.  They are laughing & visiting & then we see a shot of sexy legs in really cute heels, {{yes I am a shoe-a-holic, I LOVE SHOES, the sexier the better!}}, coming down the steps.  They belong to none other than our 4 leading ladies.

Uh oh Do Jin does not look happy about those sexy legs showing off in public.  

Jeong Rok is definitely not digging half of PMS's back exposed for all the world to see...

She looks very pleased though doesn't she?

That's right Tae San, put a giant napkin across Se Ra's chest, that's not conspicuous at all!!

Really?!?!  Like a cape Jeong Rok?!?!
 And what does our Do Jin do???  LOL rather than covering up his woman's legs like Yoon & Maehri or chest like Tae San & Se Ra or back like PMS & Jeong Rok....he covers her...face?!?! O_o
Then he tells her to wear see through clothes today but don't show anyone your beautiful face!
But that wasn't all of it AddiKts.  Oh No!  In a moment, that was "eerily" familiar, to one of the first episodes of the series.  AFTER our ladies excuse themselves to use the restroom.  A sexy lady walks in wearing a dress, split on the side, clear up to her hip & a long lean leg & heeled foot showing through, with each step, of course.  And what do our Gentlemen, who were only moments before covering up their own women, doing as she walked past them?
Duh!  Did you really not know the answer to this question?  
 And when she had an issue with her shoe & squatted down to fix it, showing even more leg & all that God had gifted her with, what did they do?  They slunk down in their chairs & tried to get an even better view.

Screen shot from episode 2
Screen shot from episode 19

The voice over comes on & tells us this sage wisdom:
"Even though all four of us have a woman and are walking on a golden road through life, we are still men and the male of the species.  However, we don't like our four women exposing themselves, but are glad to see unexpected exposure.  Ironically, we are immature -- that kind of male."

I heart men so much!  Seriously they crack me up!  Maybe it's the 5 older brothers.  Maybe I just find it hysterically funny that they simply cannot help themselves!  It's in their DNA to be pigs!

Oh AddiKts!!  I was laughing so hard while watching this scene, my family thought I was nuts!!  All I can say is thank you so much to AGD for coming back to us.  Not thinking about last episode.  Not thinking about it at all.  Refuse to... refuse to...

Now before we get that answer.  You know the one we were all dying to know right?  Whether or not Yi Soo & Do Jin spent the evening in each other's....ahem...."company".  giggle...

We have to go back a little.  To an unhappy moment.  Back to Jeong Rok's wife asking him for a divorce, sort of.  It's the wee hours of the very early morning, after she dropped the "D" word on Jeong Rok.  Jeong Rok is at his bar & has called all the guys there in an emergency, to tell them that PMS has left him, only this time for real.  But the guys have all heard this rhetoric before.  As they put it, it's the 10,000 and 1 time that Min Sook has demanded a divorce.  But he is insistent.  This time it's different!  She didn't demand, she asked for a divorce & she packed her things & left instead of throwing him out.  And she was crying.  I just kept thinking okay guys, I get it, I probably wouldn't believe him either, but come on.  However, they were just not in the mood & Tae San was especially grouchy.  Remember he is still not on speaking terms w/ Yoon.  As the guys leave Do Jin mentions he should get a facial, as he is supposed to meet Yi Soo's fellow teachers that night, foreshadowing to the moment right there.

Then we go back to that moment in the car where Do Jin tells Yi Soo he doesn't want her to go home that night.  Omo!!  My breath just caught in my chest again, at just the remembrance, of the look on his face!  Seriously, no one does that "LOOK" as well as Do Jin, right?  It's like it's his super power, the sexy, intense, deep penetrating, "I want you" look that Do Jin does so well.   {{I may need a minute AddiKts...pardon me.}}

Okay, before I go on...To Jang Dong Gun's wife?  You are one heck of a lucky lady!!  And hopefully, you get that intense look on a regular basis & fully appreciate it's innate sexiness.  To Jang Dong Gun, IF she ever takes that look for granted my number don't worry, I'll just put it in my fan mail.  ^^

And we're back.  {{I'll try & keep my inner fangirl under control...she's rather inappropriate don't you think?}}  (^_-)

The next thing we see?  Do Jin is getting the electric card key at a hotel from the desk clerk.  And he walks over to the elevators where Yi Soo is waiting him.  Only she looks really embarrassed & nervous & like she's mildly ashamed.  Bless her heart!  And when the elevator doors open, there is a group of business men all talking rapidly at each other & ignoring DJ & YS.  Who just stops & stares, for a while, trying to decide whether she is too embarrassed to get on the same elevator with these men & DJ.  So they go to the other elevator, that has not yet opened, & push the button again.  When it opens, there is, even worse, a group of wealthy, well dressed looking ahjummas, all talking rapidly to each other, as well.  Only they do stop & take notice & all smile knowingly at YS.  Who flushes with embarrassment even more & decides to go back to the original elevator.  LOL Poor thing.  I felt so bad for her.

Eventually our 2 romantic leads do make it up to the 17th floor. Where they run smack into PMS!  Who is at the same hotel hiding out from Jeong Rok.  What a coincidence!!!  It's just rotten luck for Do Jin.  Min Sook understands what's going on, even though Yi Soo has made up the lamest story ever!  Of how she was just walking Do Jin to a meeting with a foreign client & that's why they are there so late, "Go on Do Jin I'll meet you later",  she says to him.  Park Min Sook tells them to have a good night that she understands, a woman has to grab her happiness whenever she can & walks past them ignoring Yi Soo's protests.  Do Jin gets this serious look on his face as he remembers Jeong Rok telling him, "this time it was different".  It would seem Do Jin is starting to believe JR.  So he tells Yi Soo to go have a drink w/ PMS.  They catch up to her, play on the whole foreign client thing, & before PMS knows fully what is going on, she agrees to have a drink w/ YS.  Do Jin, takes this opportunity to call Jeong Rok, to tell him his wife is at the hotel & to get there, yesterday!

YS gets the story from PMS that she & JR are indeed divorcing.  Because she feels like she has no idea who she is anymore.  She doesn't trust him even when she knows he's telling her the truth.  YS explains I understand how you feel.  "You've been having a one sided love Unnie".  And when you spend all your time giving love & not getting it you build up distrust.  And then, especially, when all of a sudden the other person actually does start to show you love in return, you just can't trust that, that love is real.  It makes perfect sense to YS & honestly it makes sense to me too.

By the time YS is done talking, the doorbell to the room rings & YS opens it & lets in DJ of course but also JR.  Who yells at his wife.  "Why aren't you answering my calls?  Do you really want to be like this?!?!"  Finally the divorce papers come out & she has already signed them & tells him...

She then informs him that the settlement is the last page & that he'll get 1/3 of all her earnings since they've been married.  He verifies this is what she wants, & then grabs the papers & signs them, to DJ & YS's aghast expressions.  He then rips the last page off the staple & starts tearing it to shreds in font of PMS...
Telling her to keep her money.  He only wanted it because she came with it to begin with.  If she isn't a part of the deal then she can keep her money.  I was so proud of him for that.  Still have my fingers crossed for these two.  
Then he leaves before Do Jin can stop him & PMS politely & tiredly asks YS to please go, that she wants to be alone.  In the lobby, it is obvious that DJ is going to try & find JR & that he & YS will NOT be having their special night together. {[awww man}}  He then informs her how angry he is at JR for ruining said night together.  In his Do Jin laughing, mocking sort of way.  He's really worried for his friend but he's also disappointed that he won't get to spend the night with YS.  giggle.

He meets up with Tae San & Yoon at JR's bar.  All 3 are worried for their friend, even though TS is still refusing to even look at, or even acknowledge Yoon.  And they've tried JR's phone.  They're worried he's off getting drunk w/ another woman.  When all of a sudden JR pops out from the kitchen, with a plate of food in his hand.  One of his kitchen staff called in sick, so he's filling in.  They all stare at him stupidly.

It would seem they have nothing to fear as our Jeong Rok is nowhere near a woman.  He is however very upset by his imminent divorce.
Oh Jeong Rok Oppa, don't be sad, you're so charismatic when you're happy.
Use that happy side of you to get her back.  

The next day Yi Soo wishes her students to have a good summer & to make memories.  My teachers in school never cared about what I did during summer break.  They all seemed so happy to be done with us at the end of each year.  After she makes her farewell speech & tells everyone to dig in to the feast, and begins taking pictures of the kids.  Yeah my teachers never did that either. Is that a K Drama thing or do the teachers in Korea really care about their students this much?  :)  As she is taking pictures she sees that Colin & Kim Dong Hyub have become friends.  And she smiles sweetly seeing that Colin is starting to fit in & act more like a kid again.
What a bunch of cutie patooties, right? 
After school gets out Yi Soo & Colin have a nice heart to heart about what he's doing during the break & his future plans & whether or not he & Do Jin are starting to have a better relationship.  He tells her "I call him my Korean dad instead of Mister now".  {{giggle-Definitely a step in the right direction.}}  And then she asks him if she & he should have a good relationship too, seeing as she is dating his dad.  It was a really sweet moment.  And then his new friends arrive & he heads off to join them.  She is happy to see two of her favorite kids have become fast friends.  In the next scene we see Colin & Dong Hyub eating at a KFC like restaurant.  Both are in need of jobs.  Colin because he wants to travel to see his favorite guitarists.  And Dong Hyub because he is taking PMS' advice to heart.  He wants to be rich so one day he'll be more in control of his own life.  Then one of the employees puts up a notice in the restaurant for a job.  Both boys fight over who should apply.  Racing to grab the sign & then both bragging about their qualities to the manager as to why he should each boy.  I like their reasons...

DH:  I have experience.  I am a hard worker.  I am really cute & that will bring all the girls in to eat.

C:  I am a fast learner.  Just look I'm a nice kid.  I'm so cute I can bring in the boys too.

{{LMBO!!  ONLY  in KDRAMA would a guy say that & it would be okay!!}}

We get a quick glimpse of Yoon & Maehri together.  He's helping her buy a pair of shoes.  He tells her that he will eventually climb the mountain of anger that is Im Tae San.  I thought it was sweet that every time he touched her foot, to help her put on the shoe, she blushed & flushed w/ excitement.  She wanted to spend the day together but he tells her has another appointment & can't.  She smiles & tells him he shouldn't have been so charming & sweet with her then.  You go girl.  What she doesn't know is, that he is about to face that aforementioned "mountain" & he's going in alone.

He arrives at Tae San's house & almost immediately, he drops to his knees begging for forgiveness & understanding & explains he wants to take care of Maehri & will always work his hardest to make her as happy as possibly can.

Angering Tae San further!  He grabs Yoon & yells at him & eventually punches him in the face.  And still Yoon begs him to...

Tell me I am not the only one who falls even harder for Yoonie Oppa when he does this?

At the bar afterwards, Tae San tells Do Jin he punched Yoon & Do Jin feels for him but explains, that Tae San did everything he could to prevent & stop this, now it's time to let them have each other.

And we go into probably my favorite funny moment of this episode.

PMS, arrives back at her house to find Jeong Rok has a roll of tape out & is putting it on every single item in the house.  He explains that he changed his mind about taking the 1/3 of her earnings bit in the divorce.  But it's not the cash he wants.  He is going to use the marks he made on all their belongings & take his 1/3 that way.  She thinks he's faking & being dramatic until he opens a tool box & pulls out a huge power saw!

She leaves him with Yoon who has arrived just in the nick of time.  Hoping Yoon can talk some sense into him.  She goes into their bedroom & locks the door & he comes banging on the door holding the power saw. 

 And then he yells through the door for her to let him in because he forgot to mark the toilet paper with his tape!  I just about died laughing at that one!
 I loved that she had to stifle her laughter!

You go Jeong Rok Oppa!!  That is how you win her back!  
So good to see her smiling like this, right?
She should just give up now & admit she still loves him & give it another chance.
But then again, he needs to earn her back.  And he can't do that if she gives in too soon.  
In another super cute Do Jin/Yi Soo scene, school is out & Do Jin arrives at her house to find her painting her nails.  When she proclaims that since she is not an ethics teacher in the summer, showing him hands, that she is going to be more risque, by painting her nails red.  So cute.  She wraps her hands around his neck & tells him she is going to seduce him sincerely.  I think she is forgetting that she already seduced him when her red sweater dress unraveled on his bag.  Men are so easy.  While they are visiting though he gets a call from Yoon.  Who asks him if he is with Yi Soo.  He says yes & so Yoon tells him that her mother, who got a hold of his business card from her stepbrothers, wants to talk to Do Jin, who called himself her "Oppa" at the cafe that night.  But he doesn't want Yi Soo to know so he keeps the meeting with her mom on the DL.

All her mom wants to do is tell Do Jin thank you for taking care of Yi Soo & by extension herself.  And that she wanted to meet the man that is Yi Soo's Oppa.  Do Jin admits that he has a 19 year old son & yet has never been married to Yi Soo's mother.  After she makes sure that Yi Soo knows about it too, she tells him she has no room to judge him & that she has no right to get in the middle of her daughter's life.

Speaking of which, hello Yi Soo.  Yeah she arrives & is less than pleased to see Do Jin sitting their talking with her mom.  She gets mad & storms off.  Her mom apologizes for the awkwardness & tells him that she leaves Yi Soo to him.  He stands up bows politely & leaves to follow a very upset Yi Soo.

She explains to him that it's embarrassing for him to be talking with her mom & to be mixed up in her family's embarrassing business.  He basically says, "yeah because me having a 19 year old son but never married is totally normal".  There is some more sweetness including a hug & her telling him "because I loved you stupid."  Classic repartee that.  ^^

Back at the cafe later Tae San has called Yoon & Maehri to meet with him.

{{Can I just say?  I like how all personal meetings to discuss something private is always discussed in restaurants, cafes, parks etc... in KDrama.  We're boring, we just invite people/family to our house for those kind of talks.   That's it next important private situation I have I'm calling all involved individuals to Chili's.  Talk serious, eat baby back ribs/go home happy.  Win/win!}}

Sorry, I wandered again didn't I?  My bad.  I'll focus again.

Tae San calls his sister & Yoon to Jeong Rok's cafe & sits them down to tell them that he is going to approve their relationship BUT he doesn't want to sit & watch the dating & the fights & the break ups & the make ups.  So he approves it on the condition that they don't date, they just get married asap!

My favorite part of this scene were the expressions on Do Jin & Jeong Rok's faces as they eavesdropped on the entire public private meeting.

Yoon & Maehri rush off, because they have lots to do if they are going to be getting married so quickly.  But we get to see them kind of wandering, as though they are both in shock.  Maehri is uncommonly quiet & so Yoon asks her if she's having second thoughts.  And she explains that she feels like she is in a dream, its all so unreal that she is going to get to marry Yoon & have him as her husband.  Its her dream come true.  He promises her to be the best husband he can be.
Still no SWAK

This may be the chance that Jeong Rok needs to get PMS to speak to him again.  He uses one of her own people to rat out her whereabouts.  And interrupts her meeting to tell her about Yoon & Maehri, getting married.  He believes that since they are getting married, before he & she are getting divorced, that they should go together & get a present for the happy couple together.  Then he tells her that she has become the woman he wished he still had.  Then he apologizes for making her suffer & love a guy like him, from the beginning of their marriage he apologizes & tells her that he doesn't want her to kind of be happy but that he really wants her to be happy.  Then he walks off leaving her looking sad & thought filled.

In all this excitement, we get another visit with the youngest members of the show.  Colin, Dong Hyub & their friend are walking & talking about teacher Soo's boyfriend.  Colin defends his dad without giving away that he is his dad.  And then they notice that the kid Dong Hyub had been bullying, you know, the whiney one who did his math homework in Ethics class, is getting beat up & bullied by another set of kids.  Dong Hyub decides this isn't fair & steps in to protect the kid.  In the next shot we see all the boys in two separate groups at the police station.  And in walks Do Jin, Colin's guardian.  The guys know he's Colin's dad now.  And Dong Hyub & Do Jin recognize each other from the beginning episode.  Then in walks the father of one of the other bullies, & he gets all righteous indignation, that his son was hurt by Dong Hyub & yells & hits Dong Hyub.  Do Jin however is not having this.  He walks over & asks who hurt his son?.  Colin points out the son of the father & he walks over to the father & hits him.  He explains he is an adult & therefore has no right to hit a child, so he hit the dad of the child instead.  And the guys all think Do Jin is super cool which jumps to an even higher level when he tells the police officer that he is the guardian of both Colin AND Dong Hyub!  You go Do Jin!!  I totally hearted him even more for offering his protection to Dong Hyub.

{{MY HERO!! }}

Later we see Do Jin & Yi Soo discussing all their friends.  She's more concerned over Jeong Rok & Park Min Sook than she is Maehri & Yoon.  Do Jin believes that PMS & JR are going to be okay.  Otherwise PMS wouldn't need to hide from him.  In the middle of their conversation Yi Soo gets a phone call from PMS.  She wants to meet Yi Soo that night.  Do Jin is suspicious.  And as we come to a close on this episode with only one episode left for me to review....sniff sniff.  I leave you with one last scene to LOVE!!

Yi Soo did indeed meet PMS.  But she wasn't alone.  We also see Maehri AND Se Ra.  And all 4 of the women are scandalously made up for the night.  It's Bachelorette Party time AddiKts.  Bring on the club & the guys!

 Unfortunately the guys have been tipped off & are not pleased.  So they crash the party!
 Then as each couple has their own stare down we get to hear the men's words for each of their women!
JR: I'm hunting for the witch of Cheomdang-do?  Now I can see only you.

Y: I'm the main character from a romance comic from Samseong-dong.  My season is the rainy season.
TS: I'm a hot blooded man from Dobok-dong. There is no forgiveness.

DJ: I'm a gentleman from Samseong-dong.  Alright.  Now it's showtime. 

And I suddenly feel like I'm caught in the middle of a shoot out at the OK Corral!  

That's where this episode ends Addikts!  What can I say?  I don't want this show to end!!  I LOVE these characters so much.  No.  No.  No.  I am not going to say my goodbyes yet.  {{denial}}  I have one more episode to accomplish that task.  Sigh.  Only one more.  Really hoping the new line up is just as addictive as this one was.  See you in the next review AddiKts.


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