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Dramatic Friday Review: Gentleman's Dignity ep 20

Sigh.  I have been putting off finishing this review all day long.  I really didn't want to get started but here I am being all responsible.  Whatever that is!  Then when I finally did stop stalling I had computer issues like crazy.  had to restart my computer a bunch of times.  But I finally got it all fixed.  So, this is it my fellow K-Drama AddiKts.   My fellow AGD AddiKts.  It seems like it was just yesterday, I fell for each of these incredibly funny & talented guys.  Each one brings their own wonderful personality to their character & I am so glad I chose this drama.  I honestly don't want to say goodbye.   Sounds familiar, yes?  Yes, I went through the same withdrawal after I finished TK2H & RTP.  I always go through sadness/withdrawal when saying goodbye to beloved characters.

Thankfully, though, there is a whole slew of amazing dramas coming up next that I get to dive into & fall in love with.  It's the best & worst part of this AddiKtion isn't it?  I've already watched Faith & LOVE IT!  Can't wait to read Dongsaeng's reviews.  I've watched & fell hard for the incredibly funny Haeundae Lovers, I love a good fast paced farce & it looks like just the sort I can really get hooked on.  And I am planning on downing To the Beautiful You (TBY) & Arang & the Magistrate (AM) tonight.  Plus, hopefully soon, there will be an air date for City Conquest.  So many to choose from.  Now to just pick & announce the next show I am planning on reviewing.  I can't review Faith, it's already spoken for, darn that Dongsaeng's quick handed grab.  HL looks to be too farcical, I am not sure I could do it justice.  And honestly, I just want to watch TBY for enjoyment.  So that leaves me Arang & the Magistrate.  So, I think I will go with that for my next review.  Fingers crossed I like it.  I am a big fan of Lee Jun Ki & Shin Min Ah & I love Sci-fi/Fantasy.  But you didn't come here to hear about that show...not yet.  Hopefully you do come back & you do enjoy my reviews of Arang & the Magistrate.  It'll be my first Saeguk review.

Today you came here to read the last review of A Gentleman's Dignity.  I have to say thank you, to those that have written letters (email) of encouragement.  To those, who left comments on my posts &/or on the FB page, I appreciate that & you.  I never know, unless someone tells me, whether or not you enjoy my reviews.  Or if I've just turned you off a great show.  I never want to do that.  So now that I've made my announcement & I've said my thanks for reading the reviews, it's time to say goodbye to the men & women that have entertained us for the last couple of months.

Episode 20 gives us one more great flashback.  This time the guys are meeting for the first time.  We see a studious Yoon in class & Do Jin too.  Of course Yoon is studying & Do Jin...not so much.  In walks Tae San, & just as he once demonstrated to Colin, when teaching him how to do well on his first day in a Korean High School, he comes in demanding who is the top dog.  Then from the other door enters Jeong Rok, demanding to know whose white tennis shoes he's holding.

Do Jin answers Tae San & Yoon answers Jeong Rok.  Jeong Rok & Tae San then demand the other guys follow them outside.  Where they all begin a shouting match, which of these guys is the king of the school.  There are so many inappropriate phrases, for this kind of typical male behavior, that come to mind, but I am going to be really good & keep "Naughty Unnie" under control.  Tight, lock & key control.  She is screaming at me to let her out.  But No.  I am keeping her chained up.  If she gets out we're all in trouble.

 After a really great fight...
...the four of them end up laying in the grass looking at the sky, trying to catch their breaths.  

At this point one of them wonders why they just got into a fight.  When the other answers..."Because of hormones."  "Then why are we lying in the grass?"  "Men are supposed to lie down and look at the sky at times like this.  Haven't you seen any movies?"  At this point the voice over comes on & tells us....

"Sometimes adolescents, fight for no reason and become "we" for no reason.  When adolescents become "we" they become another name, "friends".  Only then do adolescents become special."

Then it flashes back to the present day & we see Colin & Dong Hyub & another friend confronting the whiny kid that they protected in the last episode.  They are on the roof of the school & he asked them to come.
The purpose of this meeting.  Whiny kid wants to thank them for standing up for him & apologize to Dong Hyub for his mom yelling at him & hitting him in class.  He wants to be their friend & hang out with them.  Just then an adults voice comes across the roof & all the boys fall to the roof.  It seems students aren't allowed up there.  And as they are laying there we get the voice-over again.

And somewhere else, some other adolescents may be becoming a "we".

And here we go AddiKts....back into the heart of the show.

When we left the group in the last episode... the men were crashing Maehri's bachelorette party.

This time it backs up a little & shows us the guys arrival at the club.  How Do Jin & Yoon were both good looking enough they were let & how Tae San & Jeong Rok had to pay their way in to the club.  {{giggle}}

Once inside they see an employee getting ready to escort a group of 4 younger guys into the ladies room.  But the guys are not having this...

And then they enter the room in place of the 4 younger guys.  

However, to the surprise of the guys, the women pretty much ignore everything the guys say to them & in fact, walk right past them & decide they are going to go dancing.  And they do.  They go down to the dance floor & shake their groove thangs.  And not just to any old club song.  How many of you squee'd w/ excitement when you realized they were dancing to Gangnam Style by Psy Oppa?!?!  I was so excited to hear Psy Oppa's song.  Made me want to get up & dance the horse dance right alongside the women!  {{What a terrifying sight that would be, right AddiKts??  I shudder just imagining it myself!}}  

Meanwhile the men were left upstairs, staring at their women from the balcony.  Jeong Rok noticed PMS wasn't even down there.  So he went off to look for her.  A couple seconds later Do Jin, having had enough watching his woman dance, w/ younger men crowding around her, ditches Yoon & Tae San to get Yi Soo.  He drags her off the dance floor leaving Maehri & Se Ra staring up at their men who start the signaling for them to get off the dance floor too.  By the time Park Min Sook comes back from, my guess? the bathroom, Jeong Rok is on the dance floor facing her.  When she asks where everyone went he tells probably being romantic in hidden corners, they aren't like us.  

Then he asks her to dance.  But first he pulls out a set of ear buds & puts them in her ears & then takes a second set & places them in his own ears.  And then he begins doing....THE MACARENA?!?!  o_O  When I recognized the first strains of music from the iPod I about died laughing.  She watches him for a few seconds & all the people around him are laughing & watching him too.  Eventually she caves & she joins him doing the Macarena too.  I tried really hard to get some good action shots of this but it was really hard to get a non blurry action shot...
This was, believe it or not, the best of all my screen shots. Sorry.
Just another great moment brought to you by PMS & JR.  I really do think they are going to make it work.  Not sure how. But they just have to I kept thinking this to myself.  They are so suited to each other.  

Back to our main leads though, eh?  

Do Jin has taken Yi Soo to a quiet part of the club & tells her he did not appreciate her in there looking so good she made all the other women look like squid, to which she laughs & asks him, Am I pretty today?"  He had what I thought of as the best reply ever...

DJ:  The earth is round & the sun rises in the east.  And today, Seo Yi Soo, is pretty.  

And then we got a really good make out session, pressed up against a big window...
sigh.  I am going to miss these make out sessions.
{{Dang!!  Naughty Unnie, is going crazy!!}}

Um...okay...where were we???  Uhhhhhhh...

Oh! Yeah okay.

It's the next day & Do Jin & Tae San are successful in acquiring another big client for their company.  Things are just going so well on all fronts for a change.  I love that about good endings.  When everything is wrapped nice & neat & all shiny {{no, not this kind of SHINee}} & happy.  {{Although this kind of SHINee is really, REALLY nice too. wink, wink}}

{{ACK Grab her!!  Naughty Unnie is making a break for it!!!  *tackles naughty self to the ground*  Must get stronger shackles!!}}

Congrats to Tae San & Do Jin for another client.  Oh, they haven't noticed my congratulations.  They're too busy congratulating themselves.
So cute.
Later at the cafe we find out what's up with Maehri & Yoon.  It would seem that they were having some trouble getting approval from her parents.  But that Maehri, she's pretty smart.  What does she do?  It would seem she decided to fake a pregnancy!  After Yoon got beat up, or so Do Jin tells Jeong Rok, her parents approved the wedding.  {[giggle Maehri}}

And we then we get to see that Colin & Dong Hyub BOTH got the job at the chicken restaurant.  And we get to see they weren't lying about the girls that would come in to order just because they were working the counter...

Watching from the side lines is Maehri.  Colin looks up & sees her & Dong Hyub wants to know who she is & he tells him, that she was almost my first love but she fell for a my dad's best friend.  She walks up to the counter & tells Colin she is getting married to Yoon.   Then she asks Colin if he'll sing at her wedding.  He gets offended & tells her, "I don't know if you knew this but I was starting to like you."  She says all the more reason for you to sing for me, then.  And giggles in her wonderful Maehri way & walks away.  Leaving a pining Colin in her wake.  And while she is finding a singer for the wedding, Yoon is saying goodbye to his wife.

He walks up to the memorial & takes the ring box, holding his first wedding ring, & places it in her shrine.  Then he tells her he's sorry he can't do it anymore.  And asks for her forgiveness but he's going to be with that child.  He loves her.  In the next scene, we see Yoon & Maehri going over the final plans for their wedding the following day.  And she tells him she's so afraid her mom & oppa will change their minds.  And the best thing they can do is have a baby right away.  Before Tae San.  LOL  Of course, Yoon is all on board with this idea!  He evens says, "I'll do my best."

{{tsk tsk tsk Naughty Unnie is rattling her cage again}}

It's time.  It's time for the wedding I have been waiting for!

Yoon & Maehri are finally going to be together.  SQUUUEEEEEE!!!!!  Oh I am so happy for these two.  it has been such a long, frustrating road.

I loved their vows!

Y: I'll exercise diligently so I won't get fat.  I won't blow a Soju bottle trumpet.  I'll get facials often.  I won't forget the people who approved this love.

M: I vow to not make lots of charges on our credit card.  I won't ignore Yoon Oppa because he's older.  I'll become Yoon Oppa's proud dream.

And then Colin played the guitar & sang "Illa Illa" by Juniel to the happy couple.




Were any of you as ticked off as I was when they realized the writers/directors would not be giving us that wonderfully awesome Yoon/Maehri SWAK Moment, we've all been waiting for?!?  I am so disappointed.  This will be the one thing that drives me crazy about this drama!  Sigh.

Moving on....letting it go...trying to anyway....

Even worse was that right after the wedding ceremony Maehri, all pretty & rosy with her new bride glow walks out of her bedroom to find that all the men are STILL together & happily getting sloshed!!  Including her new husband!  Huh?!?!

 He tells her he'll just be another minute & then they are going home...uh-huh.  Famous last words.  She goes back into their bedroom.  His pretty, young, wife of 5 minutes & they continue celebrating...
 And when she comes back out...this is what greets her.  Her new husband & all their friends, including her brother, passed out cold!


The next day is a Blue Cats game.  And Yi Soo is the umpire again.  Not only that but she is being interviewed.  And Do Jin has talked Tae San into letting him be the starting pitcher for the game.  Even though Tae San knows Do Jin is a much better closing pitcher than he is a starting pitcher.  Do Jin wants to impress his girl.  This oughta be good, right?

During Yi Soo's interview the reporter comments on how pretty Yi Soo is & asks her if she has a boyfriend, to which Yi Soo, answers yes, but she's not sure if that person knows just how much she cares for him.  After the interview Yi Soo is practicing her oath as Umpire.  Do Jin wants her attention & he gets it when he tells her he is going to be the opening pitcher.  I love her expression.
That instills confidence in his ability.  

True to her expression Do Jin is not the best starting pitcher.  And ends up having Tae San & Jeong Rok come out to the pitcher mound to talk to him.  Which is comedy gold, when Jeong Rok notices PMS in the stands watching he begins, dancing around like an idiot doing the heart sign with his hands up above his head.  Do Jin is hysterical when Tae San tells him to stop throwing fancy balls & just throw a plain old straight.  Do Jin covers his face with his mitt & says, "I've been throwing straight".  They all go back to their places & the next player comes up to bat & Do Jin hits him with the ball.  It all ends up in a big fight out on the field, with Tae San yelling, "He can't throw well enough to have hit you on purpose."  Bahahahaha.....  Classic!

 With more of Jeong Rok dancing for PMS.

At Yi Soo's house later she is yelling at him about his bad pitching & tells him to throw away his dream of being a pitcher.  Telling him he's a hitter not a pitcher.  Then he asks her if she likes baseball or him more?
To which she promptly smiles brightly & says,
hahahaha...well played Yi Soo.

And then we see Do Jin still working on that special project w/ the red yarn from Yi Soo's red dress.  And in the next scene he proposes to her...again.  He has been doing this since the first time he asked her to live with him, before we found out about Colin etc...  but this time after he asks her he gives her a present...
And the next day, he does it again.
 And once more...
 Only this time, she yells at him to stop screwing around.  She thinks he's being insincere & just playing with her.  So he apologizes & promises not to ask her to move in with him or get married to him again.  When she gets home she thinks about what he said & how he said it & realizes something.
 So she opens all the gifts in one group.
 And realizes its a dress, a tiara & a bouquet.  Hmmm....maybe he was being serious.  Did she just screw this all up with her self doubt?!?!
She takes a selca of herself in the get up & sends it to him, but gets no response.

It's a couple of days later & the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon.  And its time for a feast.  A feast of apparently all the fertility, libido increasing foods you can eat in one sitting.  And Tae San is trying to get Yoon to eat as much of everything as he can.  And Do Jin is being grouchy w/ Yi Soo & pretty much ignoring her.  It reminded be of the whole wearing his shoes when she shouldn't have fiasco & the cruel way he ignored her for days & then was really ugly to her at the baseball dinner.  And both he & Jeong Rok are upset by all the attention that Yoon is getting.

Best part of the conversation is when Jeong Rok Oppa asked if they got to see lots of things on their honeymoon & Maehri innocently says, "Not really.  We didn't really go outside the hotel."  And Yoon, seeing the looks on all their faces, including her brother's face, immediately jumps in with...
Then Jeong Rok asks him if he chose that place because it rains a lot on purpose?  LOL

 It's during dinner that all of a sudden Yoon discovers that he can't see things very clearly.  And everyone panics, because he is a brand new married man to a young wife, he needs to be able to take care of her!  So the next day he & Tae San go to the eye doctor.  Where they find out it is do to aging but that if he eats right & takes the medicine provided his eye sight will get better.  Whew dodged that aging bullet!

Next we find Jeong Rok & PMS together & he is asking her where they are in their relationship.  They aren't divorced...yet.  They danced in the club together & she came to the baseball game to watch yet she is still living at the hotel.  What is their relationship?  Good question Jeong Rok!  I want to know too!

She tells him that they are "Tentatively divorced".  They are a married couple with divorce papers all signed & ready to be processed & points out that all married couples are technically tentatively divorced.  But that from now on they will stay tentatively divorced.  At which point he gets all giddy w/ excitement & asks her point blank, so you're going to come home now?  She says on one condition.  She then verifies that he was willing to give up the 1/3 of his shares for the divorce settlement, right?  And she tells him that she is giving up on having a baby.  She is far too old & would have been too old even 7 years ago.  So instead she has adopted a bunch of kids.  10 to be precise & he is a father now.  Then she shows him what looks to be the papers of children, who live in Africa.  Kind of a "Feed the children" program.  He looks at her sincerely & says...

Dang it!!  I forgot to lean away from the keyboard again!  

Heart melted all over the place!

{{Good thing I started keeping the Clorox wipes right next to my laptop}}  

Just one second guys...stinkin keyboard is all sticky now!!  


There.  That's better.  

Okay where were we?  Oh yes, before my heart went all mushy & squishy we were enjoying the final reunion of Park Min Sook & Jeong Rok.  And that's how you bounce back from adultery.  With really good writers...that's how!  {^_-}

The next day, we see Maehri unequivocally happy.  She meets Yi Soo & during their conversation she tells Yi Soo that now that she has her fate (Yoon Oppa) she wants to focus on chasing her dream.  What did I tell you in my rant to Tae San?  That if he'd just give in, she'd get Yoon & then be able to focus on the next item on her list!  Dang I am good!  I love it when I predict the right outcome.  I am as good as Dongsaeng with her John Do Holey Head/Dr Jin predictions.  That's just how I roll AddiKts.  All humble with myself ain't I?

But that is not all the ladies discuss.  Maehri has also brought a bunch of books from Do Jin's house with her.  And assures Yi Soo that anything she wants or needs Maehri to get she will do it happily.  Yi Soo, takes the books back to her house & starts going through them.  They're Do Jin's year books.  She is trying to learn the moments of Do Jin, she doesn't yet know.  Starting by looking through the pictures of his childhood.  Then she grabs the list he gave her on what kind of girlfriend she should be & we see that she can now cross off all the items on the list.  She texts Do Jin...again but gets no response from him, so she calls him at work and asks him if he is mad at her because he hasn't asked her to marry him recently.

He's all stiff & cold to her & tells her, "I don't want to act tactless to a person who doesn't want to."  She stutters but says, "when did I say I didn't want to?"  And he then says, "So you do like me but not enough to live together?  Then tells her that he's in the middle of a meeting & hangs up.  She looks confused & I felt bad for her...

Until the camera went back to him & he smiled evilly.
 Tae San wants to know why he called them all there & what big project he has in mind for them.  He tells them it's a really big project.  And they all have to take part.  Dun dun dun....foreshadowing anyone???

Then Tae San gets a call from Se Ra, who is back from her golf tournament & suddenly in the middle of their conversation, she collapses & passes out.  Tae San rushes to the hospital & after he finds her the Dr tells him she's fine but...
 She is not exactly thrilled...
 But Tae San is obviously beside himself with excitement!!!

She tells him she doesn't want to rush her wedding.  And she refuses to be big & pregnant in her wedding dress.  So the wedding will have to wait till the baby is born & she has her body back.  Oh Se Ra.

Do Jin & Yi Soo go for a walk on the street where they met the first time, when her dress unraveled.  She seems grouchy & sad.  So he gets to sit down with him at a cafe.  He wants to know what's wrong with her. But she isn't playing along, so he tells her that she needs to clear her schedule for the next night.  Because every ten years the guys get a group portrait done.  And since they all turned 40 that year it's time for the next one.  He then tells her for the first time the guys want to include the women in their lives.  But Yi Soo, is hesitant.  Jeong Rok & PMS are married, Yoon & Maehri are married & soon Tae San & Se Ra will be married but what if Do Jin has a new girlfriend next year?

Finally she comes clean about what is bothering her.  She explains that she is not angry, she is anxious.

YS: The happier I get, I wonder, "When will this happiness end?"  I prepare to get hurt in advance.  But you keep giving me weird presents everyday.  And I can't tell if you really want to be with me or if you're just joking."

DJ:  Se here Seo Yi Soo-ssi.  How many times do you think that I've asked you to live with me up to now?  What more do I need to do?  You're the one that's never said we should.

YS:  That's because you always say it half heartedly.

DJ:  Half heartedly?  How many times have I told you that I am being sincere?  Do you not trust me that much?  Then I'll make you believe me.

He then gets out his recording pen & says lets listen to it with everyone & walks inside the cafe.  He puts the pen into the computer & plays the audio files on the loud speakers outside the restaurant.

The pen then plays back all the different times he has said he wants to live together/get married to her.  Nice & loud for all the world to hear.  Then his voice tells her to turn her head.  And when she does music starts playing over the speakers & out pop her friends one by one.

All dancing & lip syncing to the song that is playing...  "Will You Marry Me?" by Lee Seung Gi.  OH DIMPLE!!!  I was so excited to hear your wonderful voice in my favorite drama...after the King 2 hearts of course.  :)

Then just when you think it can't get any better....Do Jin walks out through the dancing crowd of friends w/ a big bouquet of flowers & gives her the house design outlined in her red yarn.

And tells her...

DJ:  I'll build a house like this for you.  Live there with me.  No one will ever leave.  Architects are confident & responsible.  I drew 130 lines on this floor plan.  So...we'll be happy for 130 years from now on.  I promise.

Then he looks at his watch & tells her ...

DJ: Right now it's 5:25 pm.  From now on, spend all your time with me.  Don't even lose a second.

At this point he gets down on one knee & asks her to marry him, officially, solemnly.  And she teary eyed says yes.

Big hug!!  Lots of cheering from the crowd & then Jeong Rok starts demanding a kiss & everyone joins in.

SWAK!!!  A nice SWAK moment!  Ahhh I'm so happy!!

Then it goes to Colin & Dong Hyub.  Who asks Colin who did you say you lost your first love to?  Colin tells him to my dad's best friend.  And Dong Hyub says, "I just lost mine to my friend's dad."  Awww I knew he was crushing on teacher.  sniff, cute.

Then Do Jin's voice over comes on & tells us;

The small hole on a suit's lapel is called, "flower hole".  They call the flower put into the flower hole a "boutonniere."

Then Seo Yi Soo tells Do Jin she loves him.  Cue the happy music!

It's time for the big group portrait shoot.  And while we see the merriment of the gentlemen & their women we continue to hear Do Jin's voice over.

Voice over:
When the bride receives a bouquet of flowers and selects one of the flowers and she puts it in the groom's suit lapel to accept the marriage proposal.  That's what a boutonniere is.

Afterwards the women all tell their men to look pretty for the picture & other sweet words of encouragement & help them straighten their ties.  Yi Soo grasps Do Jin's wrist & looks at the watch & tells him that they've been together for 27 hours & 35 minutes & that they are the happiest moments of her life.
Dang Jang Dong Gun uhhh... Kim Do Jin you look really ...uhh..good in that suit!

Then once the men all get into their group shot, the voice over comes back on & sums up the show for us...

Voice over:
Boys who never mature.  They just get older.  However, boys who mature know, how to go and how to shine by a way different from the original.  Thanks to these women, we were given the opportunity to be gentlemen instead of just ordinary men.  That's why we're able to say, "Goodbye, boys."

And just when I thought it was over, we get to see Yi Soo laying next to Do Jin in his bed.  And she says to him...

YS:  "You don't know how surprised I was yesterday, while I was sleeping."  He asks her "why?"  And she continues... "Because you...were next to me."  He asks her "Still?"  She says, "Still."  He says, "Me too."  And then she tells him, "I love you."

Cue the happy ending credits music about love.

It was such a great ending...very sugary & sweet & all the loose ends tied up in a nice neat bow.  I loved the group dancing & the proposal & the portrait shoot.  Perfect way to end a perfect show.  Sigh.  I was so happy & I totally bawled through the proposal scene.  But I always cry when I watch those videos on the Internet.  This can't be surprising that I'm a sucker for romance & true love & all the magic that comes with it?  Yes, I am a sappy Unnie as well as a Naughty Unnie.  There are many, many sides to me.  Did I mention I'm a Gemini.  Explains a lot right?  LOL  If you believe that stuff.

I'm so brokenhearted that this show is over.  I would ask for a season 2 but it wouldn't be the same.  You know it wouldn't.  This cast, the writer, director were the perfect group.  Just like King 2 Hearts the ending left me satisfied & yet so sad to see it go.  Oh KDrama Y U so AddiKting for me?!?!

That's where we end it AddiKts.  I hope you liked my reviews.  And that you enjoyed watching the show with me.  Maybe next show you guys can leave more comments.  I would love to discuss the show with you.  If you can't or don't want to leave comments on here, then follow us on over to our FB page & leave comments there.  We just want to talk K Drama with fellow AddiKts.  We love seeing all the different countries that come to visit us each day & we absolutely love it when you guys interact with us.  We feel a little less alone in our K Drama/ K Pop addiKtion.  So thank you.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

See you next week for Arang & the Magistrate episodes 1 & 2.



  1. Thanks for making A gentleman's Dignity even better with your reviews. Cant wait to read your A&M posts!

    1. Awww...Komowayo Chingu. I am glad you went along with me for the ride! It was a great show & I will miss it but I am already loving Arang & the Magistrate. We'll just keep plugging along. I love it when you leave comments for me. It means that people are actually reading my posts. Okay it means one person (other than Dongsaeng) is reading my posts. ;) Totally makes it worth all the hard work & time away from my family. Saranghae!


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