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Producer Episode 10 - Who Should Cindy Really Hook Up With?

The writers are going full tilt forward with the shipping wars to the bitter end.  So personally I have decided that I don't want Cindy to date anyone in this drama.  She deserves better than to be a rebound or an afterthought.  So with that in mind, let's chat about possibilities for her future love line.  In between recapping episode 10 of course, because all of this Seung Chan puppy love also has to be documented, no matter how infuriating it is.

Possible Cindy Boyfriend #1 - Sweet country boy who becomes a famous singer.  They would have a ton of things in common and become a singing power couple in the industry destroying CEO Byul with their melodic awesomeness.

So let me get this straight.  The thing that Seung Chan got out of Cindy's amazing performance is that he has to put actions behind his wishes which prompts him to go confess to Ye Jin?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME WRITERS?  OK, I have almost come the acceptance that Seung Chan is not going to return Cindy's feelings.  But then you have to throw it in the Umbrella Couple shipper's faces and have her unintentionally pushing the relationship forward?  Hmmm I think these writers are getting a little sadistic.
So Puppy is on his way to confess with a stuffed animal and a light up rose, all ready to make his romantic move.  But standing in his way is Joon Mo who is finally getting off his butt and trying to keep Ye Jin with him by telling her not to move.  Seung Chan disrupts their conversation, but the big stuffed animal confession plan is off for now.  
As is the Joon Mo confession which really was not much of a confession and more of a weak attempt to keep the status quo.  Stupid guy needs to put some wings on his feet and start rushing towards the OTP finish line or he will be alone and cranky forever.

Possible Cindy Boyfriend #2 -A North Korean Spy who needs a girlfriend to complete his cover.  He falls in love with Cindy's awesomeness, defects, and tortures CEO Byun for making his Cindy cry.  Also, ABS are always a plus.

Seung Chan looks like he is finally going to get a bit of motivation when doing his job.  Something that involves more than running behind a girl mooning.  Thank goodness since I really miss the actual look into the life of a producer that we had in the first few episodes (for that matter, what ever happened to that mysterious documentary crew?).  Somewhere along the line Seung Chan's rookie status seemed to have disappeared, but now it is back to the forefront as he creates the all important teaser.  It has to be heart warming, make people laugh, be informative, and pretty much television gold, all in 30 seconds.
Seung Chan stays up all night working on the preview, but his first efforts are nixed by Joon Mo who tells him to get serious and that he is not taking responsibility for a crappy preview.  He also notes that Cindy isn't in the preview at all, and shouldn't she be showcased?  It seems that Seung Chan had only two small frames of Cindy in the whole first attempt.  SIGH.... yet again, the writers throwing it in our faces that the guy doesn't even think of Cindy at all.

Joon Mo asks Seung Chan what Cindy's charm is?  Seung Chan replies that she can sing nice and Joon Mo berates him that if he doesn't even see Cindy's charm, how can he properly promote her. Seung Chan begins seriously watching Cindy's film and smiles at some of her moments.  Ye Jin goes past and notices his focus on Cindy, declaring that he must have a crush on Cindy since she is good at picking up on these kind of things.  UGH, writers.  You are killing me.

Possible Cindy Boyfriend #3 - A successful thief with a heart of gold when it comes to the right woman.  He falls for Cindy, steals all of CEO Byul's money, and they live happily ever after.
So remember how Cindy had become a moderator for her anti-fan club?  Well what could be funnier than Cindy being the head of the AFC?  Her going to a meeting for the moderators of her AFC of course.  She enters, wearing a hat and face mask, and politely asks why they are all anti fans.  She then whips off her mask and berates them all for their reasons.  
Just as she is really getting started, her manager comes in, also one of the moderators.  Hahahaha.  Manager runs out and Cindy doesn't even pause in asking the group to start brainstorming ways to make her go down, so she can avoid all the hypothetical situations.  Also kudos to having Roy Kim and Jung Joon-young as the anti-fans.  That was just so much fun.

Possible Cindy Boyfriend #4 - Cindy accidentally goes back in time and meets the Emperor of Joseon.  They fall in love and she becomes an empress.  CEO Byun's ancestors are found to be traitors and are executed resulting in CEO Byun never being born.
Joon Mo and Ye Jin are finally having the conversation about her impending move.  Joon Mo is aware that he doesn't want his bestie to move, but is still not willing to take the plunge into relationship mode.  Ye Jin tells him that they need space and they have become too interconnected which makes it hard to see Joon Mo as just a friend and not a man.  Stupid Joon Mo continues to remain mute.  Sadly, he is starting to deserve losing Ye Jin to another man.  The idiot.
Seung Chan is going into creative mode for his preview.  How to show charm, have humor, and promote the cast in 30 secondes is a near impossible task.  He decides to think outside the box and takes the discussion of the 1n2d PD's (a lot of whining and doom-saying) and have it spoken by the stars of the show, begging viewers to watch them so they are not cancelled.  It is actually quite clever although it does have the result in Seung Chan giving Cindy a lot of professional compliments which she laps up like a cat and a bowl of cream.

Possible Cindy Boyfriend #5 - Cindy falls for a smart alien who was accidentally left on earth 400 years ago.  They use his unique abilities to stop time and mess with CEO Byul so much that she goes insane and checks herself into a mental institution.
Cindy is no dummy and realizes that what CEO Byul is trying to do to her career.  She takes steps to counteract the problem by being super nice (in public) to the upcoming Cindy 2.0, all the while showing who the real star is.  I love how Cindy tells the fans and the reporters that if she suddenly starts doing commercials for loan sharks it is all because of her CEO.  Also making CEO Byul know that she won't go away quietly if she tries to destroy Cindy.
Later on, in the car ride home, CEO Byul attempts to blackmail Cindy with the financial losses from Cindy's vacation.  This does not fly as Cindy retorts that she had a conversation with a lawyer and since she was injured and under Doctor's orders, the CEO is responsible for all costs.  She then looks back at the new kid and tells her to watch closely since this is her in the future.  Cindy then exits the car leaving a nervous rookie and an upset CEO behind.
Back in the non Cindy focused part of the storyline (what I call filler), Ye Jin finally discovers Seung Chan's crush on her via talking teddy bear.  When she goes to confront Seung Chan at the playground (why are all of their romantic scenes involving little kid concepts) Seung Chan admits to his feelings and before she can reject him he goes in for the kiss.

I have come to the point where I am OK with Cindy remaining single and going forth into the world to find someone who really loves her the way she deserves.  In regards to Seung Chan and Ye Jin, all I can say is "Meh.  Whatever".  It is not that I dislike them, but I have found that when writers refuse to pick a ship one way or the other and just keep both options open for the whole drama, it really causes the viewer to lose some of their OTP love.  If this was in real life and a guy was dating two women, then I would think that guy was kind of a loser.  That is the same way I feel about the writing for this drama.  Sadly, with either OTP option, the writers have lost my interest.  Luckily I am still involved on the life/workplace aspect of the show so it is not a total loss, but for me both ships have massive damage to them and are in the process of sinking.
My focus is not firmly entrenched on the downfall of CEO Byun and the rise of Cindy as a person.  Well done writers on not screwing it all up.  Til next week, this is Kmuse signing off to go watch something romantic.  I need some feelz that are just not being met by this drama.

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