Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday GD!

권지용 Kwon Ji Yong 
(aka: 지드래곤 G Dragon, (G-D), Leader of the KPop Boy Band, Big Bang) 

Celebrates turning 25 years old.  

Or he did yesterday.  I mean today.  I mean yesterday it was 8-18 in Seoul & he celebrated his birthday.  Today it is 8-18, in the US, so The Crazy Ahjummas are celebrating his birthday today.  

My point is....

TCA wants to shout out...

Happy Birthday G Dragon!!

지드래곤 생일축합니다!!

Saengil Chukahamnida Ji Deuraegon!!

Dongsaeng & I both met G Dragon, when we met all the Big Bang members.  
When we saw their first MV off the "Alive" Album, Blue.  

{{giggle - You didn't think we had actually met them did you?!?!  We wish!!}} 

We both loved the song & the band & the guys!  What's not to love, right?  Maybe you don't know this but we kind of heart Big Bang, BIG time.  After "Blue" we couldn't wait to see their next MV & we didn't have to wait long, although if you had asked us at the time we'd have wined about the wait.  After "Bad Boy" came out, we went crazy waiting for "Fantastic Baby".  The teaser photos drove us both insane!  

And then "Fantastic Baby" came out & it was officially, official. 

They had us.
Big Bang would forever own these 2 crazy ahjummas!
And we spent many happy hours diving deep into the magic of YouTube looking up as many, Big Bang, G Dragon MV's, as we could get our greedy little Ahjumma hands onto.

But maybe you didn't know our multi-talented G Dragon has been a part of the music scene since he was 8 years old.   It would seem he has always been captivating.  There is just something so unique & special & amazing about G Dragon.  

He is a sincerely talented man.  Songwriter, singer, rapper, dancer & fashionista! {^_-}  He also happens to have a great sense of humor & an amazing range of emotional expression.  I would love to see him as an actor.  I bet he would be intense!  Crazy talented & intense.  Totally swoon worthy, don't you think? 

So please join us as we include our wishes, along with the rest of the G Dragon loving world, out to the crazy talented, shexy, sweet, cute, funny, intense man himself, G Dragon.

We hope you had an amazing Birthday Celebration surrounded by those you love best.  

사란, (Love,)
누나 (Nunas)

Unnie & Dongsaeng
언느 & 동생

And now the G Dragon Pictorial.
Sincerely the best of the birthday posts is looking for pictures to include.

I LOVE this picture of him!

Dongsaeng loves this picture of him.

But honestly picking just a few pictures of this incredibly handsome, cute, sexy, funny, photogenic man is impossible.  Very rarely do I see a pic of him that doesn't capture my attention.  There is just something magnetic about him that just draws us in, right?  So I'm going to include lots of pics of G Dragon.

Working on his next solo album.
Looking intensely romantic while singing.

G Dragon the fashionista

Just being sexy.

I just HAD to do this picture of his incredibly CUTE smile!

Even w pink hair he makes us wild.
G Dragon Sees ALL. O_O!
Omo!!  I could seriously just post pictures of him all day long.  But I won't.  That would be weird, wouldn't it? o_O  None of these pictures belong to us.  You know the drill right?  Please do not claim them as yours.  They are for entertainment purposes only.  And for nunas like us to drool over.  ^_^  If you want to see more G Dragon pictures both Dongsaeng & myself have extensive collections on our Big Bang Pinterest Boards.  Feel free to hop on over & check them out.

I close with one more Happy Birthday wish to you G Dragon.  Because I KNOW that you are reading this right now! o_O  {{Okay maybe not. Why you gotta harsh my delusion guys?}}  We sincerely wish him the very happiest of days.  25 is a big birthday.   Congrats on hitting the quarter century mark G Dragon.  Please keep sharing your amazing talents w/ all of us & we'll promise to keep sending our love, encouragement & support right back to you.

Unnie & Dongsaeng
(Nunas to you G Dragon)

Now to help you all smile & to remind you just how hot our G Dragon is, I include a couple of my favorite G Dragon MV's...  You're Welcome & Enjoy! Unnie.

I know this one actually features T.O.P as well but G Dragon is just so stinkin cute in this MV.

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