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DFR: Arang and the Magistrate ep 1

First thing's first.  Did ya notice I used the acronym of DFR instead of typing out Dramatic Friday Review?  So much easier to type.

With this show coming back this Wednesday, w/ eps 2 & 3, I figured I'd get ep 1 & 2 out this weekend, if possible, & then Friday of this next week, I can do ep 2 & 3 as usual.  I don't want to be behind by a whole week each week.  I hope that makes sense but if it doesn't then well...I don't care. ^^

I am more than a little sleep deprived.  With CA out of town for the last few days I haven't exactly slept well.  About 4 hours a night.  That can't be good for me, right?  Maybe my friends are right & I am getting a little loopy.  I'm a lot of things AddiKts, but I am NEVER boring.  ^^

Now, I will admit that I was nervous after I declared this would be my next review.  I hadn't even watched it yet when I said that & it's my first Saeguk Drama to review, I was really hoping I would like it & guess what I did!

Now here is my disclaimer!!  I don't know about you guys but I am not up on my Korean history.  Of course RTP & Dr Jin {{*snort* Dr Jin yeah right!!}} helped a little, for me to learn about the Joseon era & Faith is helping me learn about the Goryeo era.   But it's precious little to go off of, as these are fictional stories that just happen to take place during those eras.  So there are probably going to be a lot of me telling you, "I have no idea what that means" in my reviews.  But I will try to do my homework.

Are you guys ready?  I'm actually excited!

First, a little background.  This show is going to be another 20 episode show, but according to Drama Wiki, it's also going to have 1 special episode.  It's 2 main stars are the incredibly handsome & freshly released from his Military Service, (이준기) Lee Jun Ki as Eun Oh & every body's favorite Gumiho turned human (신민아 ) Shin Min Ah as Arang.  

The story takes place in (the aforementioned Joseon era) town of Miryang.  Arang, was the beautiful, kind, innocent daughter of the town magistrate.  At this point in the shows release we don't get to know all the deets but again according to the Drama Wiki page, Arang was raised w/out a mom, by her father who, unbeknownst to him, handed her care over to an evil caretaker.  Who arranged her rape & ruin by a servant.  When the servant attacked her though, she fought back & so she ended up being stabbed & killed instead.  Her body left to rot.  The story around town was that she ran away with the servant.  Leaving her father in shame, he resigns as magistrate & eventually dies as well.

The story starts 3 years later.  We find out that Arang has no memory of her living self, not even her name.  So she has been trying to get the new magistrates to help her find herself.  However, in the process of revealing herself to them she is actually scaring them, literally, to death.  And so the rumors begin to fly.  According to legend, every time a new magistrate comes to Miryang to fill the position, Arang’s vengeful ghost shows up & exacts her revenge & kills every magistrate.  

Enter Lee Jun Ki's character, Eun Oh.  He is the son of a wealthy nobleman.  And he arrives in Miryang in search of his mother, who disappeared some time ago.  His father is the former Prime Minister.  They haven't yet said why his mother left.  Now the other thing you need to know is not everyone can see ghosts.  However, Eun Oh can!  Only he tries really hard not to see them & refuses to help them when they come to him for help.  And once Arang discovers he can see her she is determined to try & get his help finding out who she was.

That fills in the back story.  I love that this Kdrama deals w/ ghosts & legends!  Paranormal, Sci Fi Fantasy these are my favorite kinds of stories.  I especially heart ghost stories.  So, I'm hoping, this one will be just as awesome at the 20th episode, as it was on 1 & 2.  Although, like Dongsaeng said in her Faith review...I have been burned before.  So, big breath in,  here we go...

Episode 1 starts off w/ a little history lesson on the world we are about to enter...

"Around the middle of the Joseon era, the desire of the human reached its limit and the world was uglier and nature was devastated.  In the middle of this chaos, the border of this world and the other world had collapsed.  So the ghost stayed in this world and walked around.  There was only one person who could see the ghost.  He came to Miryang to look for his mother who disappeared 3 years ago."

Then it goes into the show & we find Eun Oh travelling to Miryang w/ his faithful servant, Dol Soe.  Uhmmm...actually, in the opening scene they aren't traveling, exactly.  Dol Soe was taking a potty break.  And Eun Oh, who was supposed to call out to him every once in a while, to make sure the local ghosts weren't bothering him while he pooped, had fallen asleep, much to Dol Soe's consternation.  What a great opening scene!!  Nothing like a little toilet humor to start things off on the right foot, w/ this surrounded most of her life by boys, ahjumma.  I still can't think or hear the word "duty" without thinking of "doodie".   I'm so very mature & grown up.

Sorry I lost my train of thought, it derailed.  {{rim shot anyone?}}  Okay I'll get on with it...

Dol Soe tells Eun Oh that he doesn't expect Eun Oh to actually apologize, he doesn't know the words, "I'm sorry, I love you or Thank you".  Giving us the impression that Eun Oh might possibly be another TKJ.  And then we meet Arang.  Who is upset that her fellow ghosts left her out of the fun for the evening.  She races through the woods in a really cool way...nice to be a ghost.
Very reminiscent of her Gumiho days to me.

She catches up with her band of ghosts, who it seems is exacting revenge? on the humans passing through the area.  They jump into the bodies of the humans & kill them from the inside.  Arang is not happy she was left out of the group.  And a fight between her & the group leader breaks out. Shin Min Ah proves that women can be kick butt & gorgeous!  But all this fighting has awakened these guys.

I have no idea what they are at the present time, whether good guy or bad guy or what?  But as they descended from the sky, all slow & ethereal, they seriously remind me of the 4 Chinese mythological bad guys from the US movie "Big Trouble in Little China", when they floated down out of the sky.  Or is that just me?  Sorry one of my brothers LOVED that movie & when it came out on video he watched it over & over again!  Drove me crazy.  But they went around capturing the ghosts w/ these intricately carved thick wooden sticks that showered green light everywhere as it captured the ghosts.  I think I shall call them glow sticks.  Because I like glow sticks.  Who doesn't like a good glow stick?  People who have no heart that's who!
Who're ya gonna call?!?!

Please tell me I am not the only one wondering when the Ghostbusters are gonna show up?!?!

Seriously, don't cross the streams!!

As most of them go around snatching up the ghosts, one of them chases after Arang.  We get this really awesome chase through the woods.  And we see Eun Oh & Dol Soe still traversing the woods themselves.  Now remember Eun Oh can see & hear the ghosts.  And I get the impression that Dol Soe knows that he can as well.  Because every time Eun Oh stops, listening to the woods around him & hearing the yells from the ghosts in the distance Dol Soe asks him in a terrified voice what he hears or sees & then Eun Oh, deciding to be a turkey fakes seeing a virgin ghost behind Dol Soe & then laughs himself silly when Dol Soe drops to the floor screaming for his mom.

Jokes on him though because just then he sees Arang running & the Man in Black following closely on her heels.  And he freezes as he watches them run closer & then pass him.
 He also sees the Man in Black throw his glow stick at Arang's back & knock her down.

 Dol Soe gets up at this point & complains & they walk off, w/ Eun Oh faking he can't see them but w/ a very serious face because he can.  They just go about their ghostly business as if they can't see Eun Oh & Dol Soe.  I thought that was so cool.  The humans can't see us anyway so let's just keep going w/ what we're doing.

After Eun Oh & Dol Soe walk off The Man in Black & Arang have a discussion that leads me to believe he's like some sort of ghost police force.  She calls him the "noble underworld general" & asks why he's become a ghost chaser chasing Lemures.  Are ghosts called Lemures in this show for a reason?   So, he, General Dead Dude, tells her that private revenge was prohibited by the Jade Emperor & she isn't allowed to instigate the Lemures, there's that word again, to exact revenge for them is a sin & she'll pay dearly for it.  But she scoffs at this & then he pulls out a red rope.  Which has her nervous so she pulls out...peach blossoms(?o_O) & asks him if he likes peach blossoms & then throws a huge fist full at him.  Peach blossoms as a ghost deterrent?  Didn't see that one coming.  Now I want to go research peach blossoms & ghosts in Korean myths & folklore.

After he gets cut by the peach blossoms, she disappears & Eun Oh hears him scream, "ARANG!" in the distance.

Then all of a sudden we are ... in heaven?  In another world?  With the gods?  I'm not exactly sure what this place is but we find 2 men playing a game.  It looks like a version of chess or checkers.  I am not up on my Korean board games but when I tried to look it up, it looks similar to a game called "Baduk" or "Go".  So maybe that's what it is...I have no idea what game was being played, for sure.    If you know by all means tell us all.  It's not the important part anyway.

One of the men is very old.  And the other is young.  The younger one I believe is called The Jade Emperor, mentioned previously, you know when General Dead Dude told Arang that she had broken the rules set up by the Jade Emperor.  The younger man, accidentally, wins the game & then decides to walk away from the board & his opponent.  Who did not like losing.  The Jade Emperor apologize & calls the other man Yeom Ra (according to the subtitler for this section, Yeom Ra is the Korean version of Hades,) So I guess this means this is the afterlife.  But the Jade Emperor pays him no mind & enters into an amazing garden in the sky?  He tells a lamb, yes a lamb, I was kind of "well he's a god he can talk to any living being he wants", that he didn't intend to win but that the other man likes to calculate things too much.  Then he waters flowers.  I have no idea what the purpose of that scene was, except to intro new characters to us, the viewers.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Back on earth, Arang is running through the rain, trying to look for a place to go.  Eun Oh & Dol Soe are quite cozy & dry in a little shelter they found.  Dol Soe has fallen asleep leaving Eun Oh to ponder his lost mother.  We find, in flashback, that she is yelling at him not to come to her house anymore. That it is not good for him, he yells back that he just wants to be with her & she tells him then he would be a slave child.  He explains that he is a low class man no matter where he goes.  There's more talking but it doesn't make a lot of sense.  She tells him to forget she exists & to go & live as his father's son & he yells that if would have been better if he had never known her.  The next morning she is gone.

And we come back to the present w/ Eun Oh staring into the fire pit.  When all of a sudden he hears the running feet of our resident ghost, Arang.  Next thing you know she runs through the door & right into the shelter.
He keeps very still because he doesn't want her to know he can see &/or hear her.
She gets excited when she sees the fire & sits down.  Believing that Eun Oh cannot hear nor see her, she feels quite comfortable, when she notices her Hanbok is soaking wet, in removing her garments.

 But Eun Oh can see her & while he may good at ignoring a lot of things about ghosts he does not have quite the poker face he would need while watching a beautiful ghost girl strip in front of him & she pauses when she realizes he is staring at her.  She then starts to redress.  Wondering if he CAN see her?
Then begins a staring contest between the two, with him pretending to not be staring at her & you can hear his voice in his head telling himself not to say anything, not to move or give away that he can see & hear her.
Hello?!?  Can you see me?  

Once she assures herself that he can't see or hear her she decides that she is going to tell him her life death story.  He, of course, doesn't want to hear it & even though he keeps his face very straight & doesn't let emotion or sound escape him, we get to hear all of his thoughts about her talking.  She tells him one day she opened her eyes & found herself following the angel of death.

But just then, the red rope, that tethered her to the angel of death, loosened & she was freed & he never knew & she ran off in the opposite direction.  At this point he fakes that he is tired so she'll stop talking to him.  He turns around & lays down to sleep.  But she isn't done telling her death story so she follows him over to where he laid down & continues trying to talk to him...
~giggle~ Poor Arang.  She couldn't have found a less interested human if she tried.  
But it's all good because she decides to get some sleep too.  Right next to Eun Oh.  With him less than thrilled.

Of course, it wouldn't be a KDrama, if the female lead didn't stare at the handsome male lead, while he slept, would it?  
Can't say I blame her, he is really nice to stare at.  Sigh.  The ever impressive Lee Jun Ki.  
The next morning he wakes up & finds his ghostly sleep mate has already vacated the premises.  Which puts him in a really good mood.  He wakes up Dol Soe & they head into town.  When they get there they find the local nobleman & his son being paraded through town w/ a crier in front of them kicking urging people ahead to make way for the nobleman.

He looks like he needs more fiber in his diet.

Dol Soe explains that because there is no town magistrate, what with the last 3 having been killed by the virgin ghost, that this Nobleman Lord Choi is in charge & he is the magistrate.  No wait he is the king, money & power corrupted.  And then an old, teeny, withered man runs out into the street & grabs Lord Choi's leg & begs for him to not send him to the labor camp.  Because he has an 80 year old mother, who is senile.  If he is sent to the labor camp no one will take care of her. Please, he begs, if you let me out of the labor camp I will do anything for you!  Lord Choi looks on at the man & asks him if he wants to die.  Which is apparently the signal to his men to throw the man out into the middle of the street & proceed to gang up on him & beat on him w/ clubs & kick him.

Dol Soe asks Eun Oh isn't there someone to stop them & help the old man & Eun Oh's response is, "You know right? When I see injustice...?"  And Dol Soe says, "Just tolerate it, right?  I know that."  Once again a glimpse into the TKJ tendencies of Eun Oh.  Then as Lord Choi & his men pass the old man they just beat up on the street, the man gets up & tries Lord Choi's son.  Who, unbelievably, takes pity on the man & tells him to go, the little old man has escaped his death sentence today.

While Eun Oh & Dol Soe were standing there in the street watching the drama unfold, Eun Oh had noticed several ghosts watching him, from across the street.  He kept his face impassive & didn't let Dol Soe know, but we could see he kept glancing behind them & looking extra cold.  Obviously, this meant they were still following him, although we couldn't see them.  After walking w Dol Soe & finding out that the town has serious issues because of the corrupt & greedy Nobleman Lord Choi, Eun Oh tells Dol Soe to go on without him.  And then before Dol Soe knows what's going on, Eun Oh disappears.  He walks rapidly through the streets turning this way & that & finally ends up in an empty courtyard alone & he turns & confronts the ghosts.  Telling them to stop following him.  But the ghosts know who he is & just want his help.  But as Eun Oh has already pointed out, he doesn't care to help those in need; particularly the dead in need.  He walks off & the ghosts all disappear.   Well, most of them do.  One stays behind, up on the roof watching Eun Oh's retreating back.

Yeah she isn't all that happy to find out that he can in fact hear & see her.  She has something up her long sleeve you can bet on that.

In the next scene we see Eun Oh talking to a woman, who once put his mother up for the night.  She hasn't seen her since & that was a long time ago.  As he is leaving the woman's house, he grabs Arang to confront her about why she is there & following him.  She asks him if he is looking for his mother, telling him he has that "I lost my mother" face.  He gets mad at her & demands she leave him alone but she is not that easily persuaded to disappear nor is she intimidated easily.  She tells him...

IF he had, had water in his mouth, this would have been a "Spit Take" screen shot!

Followed by the neck grab!  Daebak!
All she wants him to do is to help her find out who she is was, is that so much to ask?  He believes it is too much & refuses to help her.  In fact, he is so sick of her that he holds out his hand & opens it holding beans?  Apparently ghosts don't only hate peach blossoms, they hate red beans.  I have got to look up these myths!  Then he pulls his handful of red beans back & she curls up & flinches away as he throws the red beans at her.  He misses...on purpose!  He tells her, after laughing some more that if she doesn't stop bothering him that the next time he'll really throw them at her.   But she says to him, if you were the magistrate would you help me? And he stops & laughs & agrees.  Sure IF I were the magistrate I'd help you.  After Eun Oh walks away from Arang, shaking his head & laughing at her, she says to herself.  Remember you promised.  Methinks the girl has a plan.

Dol Soe is wandering town looking around & stops to read a "Help Wanted" sign in the town.  They are so desperate for a Magistrate that the ad says, "No limit for any classes, educational background, criminal records, so please apply for the job."  Guess they are really in need of a Magistrate.

Then we get to see Lord Choi & his son interact.  And can I just say..."creeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"  Like seriously dudes.  These 2 give me the heebie jeebies!  Lord Choi is sitting in his throne-like seat & his son enters.  He asks his son why he had to be so soft to the peasant in the street.  That it's not like him.  His son says it was his father's work.  That he was trying to go his own way.  (HUH?)  And then Lord Choi looks up and says, "Of course, soon there will be the full moon.  As time goes by work does not get easier." Then his son excuses himself & as he is leaving his father says, "You must act urgently.  In this world how is it that you aren't able to find any girls you like quickly?  Then he chuckles & continues with, "Anyway, you HAVE to find them.  If you want to warm yourself by the side of the fire next to her."  His son gives him this look, that to me says, "You are unbelievable!" & turns to him & says, "My side of the fire can't be compared with yours."  This wipes the smile off his creepy dad's face, I still have NO IDEA what they are talking about btw, then the son goes on & says, "If I don't find them, your side of the fire won't be safe & sound either."  Which really ticks off his dad but he doesn't stick around to hear what creepy daddy says to him.  He just walks out of the room.  Was I the only one creeped out AND confused by this exchange & these two characters?!?!

It turns out, there are people who are supposed to hear & see ghosts.  Shamans are supposed to have this gift.  Unfortunately, the one shaman in town, a woman, who is gifted, only has the gift once in a while.  The rest of the time she is nothing more than a charlatan w/ tricks to fool her customers.  However, it would seem not all of her customers believe in her abilities.  As you can see she even gets rice dumped on her head by an unsatisfied customer, who asks for her money back.

After her customer leaves she hears Arang speaking to her & we find out that while she CAN hear Arang she cannot see her.  And she doesn't seem to be all that happy that she can hear Arang either.  It would seem Arang is something of a pain in the butt.  hehehehe  Poor Shaman girl.  I am sure she has a name but I'm not in the mood to go back through the footage & look for it.  Sorry guys, next time!  Arang has come w/ a request.  She wants this Shaman/girl to help her w a special little project.

Enter the Town Councilmen.
The 3 biggest cowards & weasels around.
They are stressed because the king wants the magistrate position filled by the full moon.  Only no one wants the job.  Would you?  If you knew the last 3 magistrates all died their first night in office!?!?  I'm pretty sure I'd be hesitant.  While they are discussing their fear of the king & his edict they get a visit from the Shaman girl who tells them that the gods came to her & told her to come to them & tell them there is a magistrate for them nearby.  The next thing we know they are running through town to get the next magistrate...

Their plan involves kidnapping Eun Oh.  And then telling the king they elected a magistrate but again he died.  So they fulfill their end of the king's orders.  He said Elect, not Save a magistrate! LOL  Poor Eun Oh.
They're very sneaky aren't they?
They wait till his back is turned, knock him unconscious & stick him in a bag & then carry him back to the magistrate's house.

Cackling with glee that they have their sacrifice to appease the king's order & give themselves time to breath.
Oh she is GOOD!  
When Eun Oh awakens in the magistrate's house, in the magistrate's clothes, all tied up, he kinda freaks out.  Not saying I wouldn't too, just pointing out that he is less than pleased.
 He yells out to his captors to let him go free & they tell him he is the new magistrate & he screams back "Magistrate?!?!"  Then he sees the flame on the candle flicker & he is aware of the ghost stories so he puts 2 & 2 together & he figures out what is going on & starts calling for the ghost to appear to him now!

 I love that she came down from the ceiling upside down smiling at him all creepy & all he did was threaten to tie her hair to the door if she didn't turn right side up!
 Eventually she unties him & tells him her story of the previous 3 magistrates.  She didn't mean to kill them.  She wanted to appear before them but they could neither see nor hear her so she went & got 2 magic pills in her world that is very hard to get but would allow her to appear before the living.  She took the first pill & came to the 1st magistrate on his 1st night & tried telling him she needed help but it was too much for his weak heart & he died.

Since she only had one pill left she thought she'd try to lessen the effects of it, by cutting it in half, for the 2nd magistrate.  Only he only saw 1/2 of hear appear & then he died too.
 The 3rd magistrate was supposed to be a warrior & unafraid of anything.  So she took the 2nd half of the 2nd pill & again only half of her appeared.  I loved that it was just her bottom half.  And again he died of fear.  Some warrior huh?
She had given up ever getting a magistrate to help her until she met Eun Oh, who is not afraid of her & she doesn't need the pill to appear in front of him.  And now that he is magistrate he will have to keep his promise & help her find out who she is & how she died.  Right?!?!  

Eun Oh, however, has no intention of helping her.  Instead, he tells her to go away & stop acting, that he isn't falling for it, he is NOT the magistrate & to go away.  So she does.

We get another scene, on the same night, with the creepy nobleman's creepy son.  Who is standing on the bridge staring at the moon remembering his father's words.  When suddenly 3 town girls walk past him & talk about how the this full moon is called the "rotten moon" & that girls go missing & worse, because it's the one night that you can commit heinous sins, & the gods can neither see, nor do anything about it.  He listens to the girls & I get this creeped out feeling, that when his father was talking about how he "needs to find girls quickly", he was talking about as a sacrifice or something, on the night of the "rotten moon".  That was the general creepy feeling I got.  Since this is some sort of Sci Fi Fantasy K Drama I figure werewolf?  Vampire?  Then though nah...plain old psychologically crazed murderer, who waits for the "rotten moon", so he can get away with his sick need to murder innocent girls.

Aish!  I have no real idea what it all means yet.  I am just throwing out ideas because in reality?

I got......nothing.  Yup a whole lot of nothing!  Guess we'll just have to wait & see what happens.

Back to Eun Oh.  Come morning, the town councilmen are more than shocked, to find Eun Oh not only alive but very angry!  Especially when Dol Soe, who has awoken & found his young master missing & is running through town to find him, comes & explains to the men that have tried to kidnap the former Prime Minister's son Eun Oh.  They drop to their knees & beg & plead for forgiveness.

The shaman girl & Arang are having a meal together & the Shaman girl is confused as to why Eun Oh was not willing to help Arang.  Her final hypothesis as to why he didn't fall for any of the feminine wile type tricks that Arang used on him, is because Arang must be ugly.  Because men do anything for girls who are pretty.  Of course, Arang has no idea, because it's not like she can see herself in the mirror & since Shaman girl can't see her either...  But Arang thinks it's probably because she's all dirty, she has been wearing the same clothes for 3 years.  But what is she to do?  Ghosts can only eat, wear, use items that are left for them by humans!  Oh that's right! Shaman girl is a human!  She can give Arang some new clothes to help make her pretty.  But Shaman girl's business isn't exactly thriving.  How can she afford new things for Arang?!?!

Arang comes up with another brilliant plan.  Shaman girl will steal everything w/ Arang for a lookout telling her when it's okay to grab things from the stalls in town.  

 All is going well...minus the intensely guilty looking face on Shaman girl.  Until she runs right into two soldiers.  
 Then she drops her ill gotten goods right in front of them, just as the merchants in town start screaming THIEF!!
 Then everything goes insane as Shaman girl makes a run for it, followed by the soldiers, the merchants & Arang.
 The chase cannot go on forever however & eventually Shaman girl is cornered & she knows & Arang knows, that if she is caught, it's a death sentence for her.  Since Arang is the one that got her into this, she is the one who will have to sacrifice her own safety to get her out of this.  Good girl Arang.  So she goes in fists flying & beats up the soldiers... 

Who is watching all this btw???  Eun Oh & Dol Soe.  And while Dol Soe thinks it's funny & hypothesizes correctly that it must be a ghost beating everyone up, Eun Oh can see the other ghosts getting nervous as well.  All this fighting & interacting with the humans will call down the Grim Reaper guys or the MIB 
(Men in Black, get it?  Get it?  Because they all wear black & they're men!)

Okay then.  I'm not saying they're Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones & there are no aliens but still... 

I'll move on. 

 And the General Dead Dude of the underworld is with them...not good for Arang, who we know he has been trying to get for a while.  
 She is obviously not happy to see him.

Look who she is running past there w/ the General Dead Dude close on her heels!  

He sees her run past him without even looking at him & you can see he is affected by her. 

Or so I thought.  But then they focus in on her hair pin.  And that is what has him finally join in to rescue Arang from the clutches of General Dead Dude.  

Aww our hero hops on a horse & rides in to save the girl. the ghost. the ghost girl. Yeah that works.  
I got so excited as he rode the horse to the rescue.  A total SQUEE moment to be sure!

I love their expressions.  Sorry it's blurry it was a very fast scene.  
And that was the end of the first episode of Arang and the Magistrate.  What did you guys think.  I can say that I really, really liked far.  It was fast paced, it was funny, it was other worldly.  It had elements of creepy.  I'm not really sure what is going on yet but I'm looking forward to finding out more as the story unfolds.  But then I'm used to feeling clueless.  I spend most of my time feeling that way. Whose with me?!?!  

Thank you so much for joining me in another review fellow AddiKts.  Please leave me your thoughts.  Impressions?  Opinions?  What do you think it going?  What is the creepy story behind creepy daddy & creepy son?  I would love to "discuss" this show with you guys!  If you can't or don't want to do it here...head on over to our TCA FB page or Tweet us on TCA Twitter Profile.  We'd sincerely love to talk K Drama with ALL of you!  Any of you!!  Someone please talk K-Dramas with us!!!  Nope not needy or desperate at all.  n_n

I'll see you all in Episode 2 of AM.


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