Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Why 2nd, should be first!

Once again it's time for...

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up!!!

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Well, okay then.  Guess I'll just talk to myself.  Wouldn't be the first time.  ;)P

My topic for today....

Last week, at my dongsaeng's insistence, I watched the drama I Need Romance 2012.  I was going to start with the first season but she was watching the second season & was adamant that, I too, should watch the second season.  She really wanted someone to discuss it with.  Plus, she genuinely thought I would like it.  Lots of kissing & a more mature/grown up story line.  What's not to love, right?  However, I gotta say, {{ducking behind eldest monstrosity & shouting, "Hit him, not me!!"}}  I didn't really care for this drama.  {{Peeking from behind bodyguard my own child, is it safe to come out yet?}}  I know, right?!?  A lot of you are all, "UNNIE!!! SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!!  How can you not love INR2?!?!?!  Oh the humanity!!!!  

From here on in, IF you haven't already watched INR2, there are spoilers!!  Do not keep reading beyond this point!!!  You HAVE BEEN WARNED!!  IF you are still reading then do NOT blame me for ruining the Kdrama for you, by giving away the secrets!    

I'm sorry if you are disappointed in your unnie AddiKts.  Chincha!  It's just that it mostly involved yelling & fighting w/ tons of random make out sessions thrown in.  This is just MY humble opinion.  For me, there just wasn't a great deal to recommend the 2 main characters to me.  She had a nasty temper & drove me (& the male lead) crazy with her constant nagging & insistence that she just HAD to understand what he was thinking at all times, about her nonetheless!  Very self involved character.  Granted she grows up through the show & eventually learns. {{Seeing as she was 33 shouldn't she have already grow up enough emotionally to know all these lessons already??}}  But she doesn't learn until she meets the other male lead (the 3rd portion of the love triangle) in the drama.  

It was the 2nd lead that brought out all the best qualities of her character & helped her to grow up.  Meanwhile, the main male lead, while unquestionably HOT, was unable to communicate even the simplest of emotions & thoughts.  Now, yes there is a reason for his characters inability to communicate, BUT I don't care!  He ticked me off to no end!  AND they each seemed to bring out each other's WORST traits.  Toxic relationship anyone?  Seriously, IMHO, it was the most dysfunctional relationship in a KDrama I have ever seen.  And I watched Playful Kiss!  ^_^  I realize that these kind of toxic relationships really do exist in the real world.  But my experience in dating before marriage & in my marriage has been, thankfully, shy of those dysfunctional relationships.  The few jerks I dated, I only dated once & then walked away, happily forgetting they existed.  And while CA & I do, on occasion, disagree, even argue, we have never ever been so toxic to each other as these 2 were.  Not once have we, either of us, ever raised a hand or called each other ugly names.  Nor do we scream at each other making ugly faces.  Tears? Yes.  Anger? Yes.  Frustration? Yes.  But viciousness, hatred, cruelty, & disrespect for the other as a human being?  NEVER!  

As for the other characters, the best friends of the female lead, they were just as bad.  One was a total machine when it came to relationships, even having an open marriage w/ a famous news reporter so she could further her career.  Although, she did tell him, that in the beginning of their marriage, she had truly Liked him.  HUH?  You LIKED him?  In order to be able to marry someone I would think LOVE would be a better emotion but okay.  Her marriage fell apart, "Quelle Surprise!"  {{Yes I know that's French, not Korean but I speak French & am only just starting to learn Korean.}}  And the other girl drove me crazy with her mousy inability to tell her jerk of a boyfriend that he sucked in bed.  COMMUNICATION!!!  And don't even get me started about the sex talk among the women!!  TMI!!

What I think everyone liked about the show was that it was the Korean version of Sex & the City.  And you guys know I am not a fan of that show.  Granted, this was a vastly cleaner version of Sex & the City, but still.  I just sincerely prefer a less is more attitude when it comes to sex IN Kdramas.  Now this is not to say that I LIVE for & LOVE the squish kiss!  On the contrary.  Remember?  I can't stand the whole, stand there like a dead fish & just mush lips, with her eyes wide open & staring in shock.  But I am also not a fan of candid sex talk, bad language & jumping in & out of bed, either.  There has to be a happy medium.  Between the uber clean & the filthy.  I think A Gentleman's Dignity came close.  Minus those first few kisses between Do Jin & Yi Soo.  I also like Secret Garden for the happy medium.  Of course, I realize that the same writer/director team worked on both of my favorite dramas.  Another favorite was Coffee Prince.  That was an awesome mixture of romance & maturity!  We need more dramas like these 3!

Anyway, the only redeeming character, quality in all of INR2, again-FOR ME, was the 2nd leading male & the final 3rd of the love triangle, Shin Ji Hoon, played by Kim Ji Suk.  He was so sweet & honest & communicative.  He cared & he talked & he demonstrated his admiration.  And he really did bring out her best traits by teaching her how to recognize those traits that she already had & how to apply them.  And isn't that what we're supposed to look for in our soul mate?  You aren't supposed to look for the best guy!  You're supposed to look for the best guy, who makes you the best you, you can be.  Am I wrong here?   This totally had me thinking.  We've touched on TKJ, right?  And I've even mentioned how, while watching "You're Beautiful", I was rooting for Park Shin Hye's character to hook up with Jung Yong Hwa's character, rather than with Jang Keun Suk's character.  And we've talked about our favorite kiss scenes, our favorite couples etc...  but nowhere have I talked about the underrated second male lead of the ever popular KDrama 101 theme...."The Love Triangle"!  How could I forget my favorite 2nd male leads?  Bad Unnie!  

So here is my tribute to the guys that really should have gotten the girl.  The nice guy, who finishes last in KDrama.  The one that goes unnoticed & ignored by the female lead.  I want these amazing men to know that their character was appreciated & loved by me, & maybe even some of you.  And that I was rooting for them.  Even when I knew they weren't going to get the girl, of their dreams, I was rooting for them.  

So here are my top 5 of the Second Male Lead in the Love Triangle!

#5 Bong Joon Gu from Playful Kiss, played by Lee Tae Sung.

He was seriously so sweet & worshiped Oh Ha Ni.  He may have been annoying in the beginning but by the end of the show I was so sad for him.  And then he got a girl of his own & I was so happy for him.  And she was as cute as a button & a white girl too!!  Squueeee!!!  There is hope for you AddiKts trying to find a Korean boyfriend.  (^_-)  I'm happy with my CA.  But I can daydream with the rest of you, right?  

#4 Kim San from Pasta, played by Alex.

This amazingly rich, handsome, sweet, suave, cute, funny, thoughtful secret admirer of  Seo Yoo Kyung, made the actual male lead look like a complete jerk.  The head chef was SO mean to her.  Berating, belittling & humiliating her as much as he could, even though he claimed to be in love with her.  All in the name of doing it for her own good as a future chef herself.  I was rooting for Alex the whole way through this yummy, because it was all about food, {{& because Alex was so delicious looking all on his own shexy self}} KDrama.  Alex is an incredibly good looking man, can't state that enough guys.  I loved the secret notes & pictures of cacti he left on her locker door.  And how he would always talk her into cooking for him.  He was sincerely so delicious.  Plus, Alex can sing!  Did you know that?!?!  An amazing singer!  

#3 Cha Moo Won from Protect the Boss, played by Kim Jaejoong (Dongsaeng's bias).

I have to add a few Omo's to this, pardon me AddiKts.   Ahem.....  OMO!!!! OMO!!!!! OMO!!!!! OMO!!!!!  Okay I quieted fan girl down some.  Moving on.  Cha Moo Won was indeed dreamy, hunky, gorgeous, sweet, smart, good & SHexy!!  And I adored him so much more than the main male lead, at first.  Again the male lead has past issues that made him act the way he did.  Thankfully, unlike INR2 his bad habits were funny bad habits.  Not cruel & ugly ones.  So I was able to finally be happy with how things worked out for the female lead.  And thankfully Cha Moo Won got a girl of his own, that I think was a far better match for him.  Who couldn't be happy when he ended up with "Ice Cream Girl"?!?!  I loved their pairing but while he was pining for No Eun Seol I was so sad for him.  And wanting her to look in his direction more!  Especially since, in the beginning of the drama, he was the one she was crushing on.  Fickle woman!  Just kidding, she & the main male lead were a much better pairing.  

#2 Kang Shin Woo from You're Beautiful, played by Jung Yong Hwa.

In You're Beautiful Kang Shin Moo is the first to figure out that Go Min Nam is actually Go Min Nyeo.  GM Nam was GM Nyeo's twin brother.  And due to Min Nam's need for plastic surgery in the states, she has to fill in, as him, in his all boy band.  A truly hard job to take, right AddiKts?  {{wink,wink}}  Now you may remember this one had a very disappointing ending for me.  No SWAK & IMHO, there was no real chemistry between the 2 main leads.  So, I was emphatically rooting for Kang Shin Woo's character almost from the beginning.  I LOVED it when he went on a date with her but he wasn't actually with her.  Just following behind her, quietly stalking her.  Which makes me giggle.  In real life, if that happened, we'd all be telling her to call the police & report him ASAP!!  In the KDrama world though, we cheer him on & wish she would look his way & see him for this amazingly romantic character he is!  I was so disappointed that he didn't get her, that I very happily & excitedly tuned in for his very next drama, Heartstrings.  Which also starred Park Shin Hye, the actress who played Min Nyeo in You're Beautiful.  Total SQUUUEEEE!!!! moment when they hooked up in Heartstrings.  I LOVED that one so much.  Jung Yong Hwa was my gateway drug to KPop, if you remember?  Sigh.  He can sing the Comfort Song to me anytime he wants.  I'll tie CA up & stick him in the closet/basement for a few hours, for some "alone time" with Jung Yong Hwa!!  {{naughty giggle, from naughty Unnie}}

And now to finish this post off with the second lead,, that inspired this whole post, to begin with....

#1 Shin Ji Hoon in I Need Romance 2012, played by Kim Ji Suk.

I have a total crush on Kim Ji Suk from this Kdrama.  He was sincerely so cute & sweet in INR2!  And OMO!!  When he took off his shirt I almost swooned!!  I was rooting for him, from his arrival in the show. And he is sincerely the ONLY reason I kept watching.  Now I will admit that like Protect the Boss, he & she really couldn't be together.  But not because they weren't a good couple.  No, it had more to do with the way the story line developed, the writer's made it so that she really had to go to the main male lead.  So it ended the way it should have in order for the story line to make any sense.  So, I decided that in my head, they way his story ends is; (similar to Bong Joon Gu in PK) a feisty, sassy, fun, sweet, smart, beautiful American girl, who amazingly enough looks a lot like Unnie, {^_-}, arrives at his coffee shop one day & he is captivated by her winning personality & her beauty.  She has just moved to Seoul & they begin dating & they live happily ever after together, listening to his music collection & teaching their children to love music too.  Complete w/ lots of Awesome SWAK moments. The End.  

Isn't that the BEST ending ever written?!?!  {{giggle}}

So there you have it AddiKts, just a few of the many awesome 2nd male leads, in the Love Triangle, that I LOVED!   There are sincerely so many of these that it was hard to narrow it down.  Who were your favorite 2nd male leads?  Do you like MY list?  Who would you add/remove?  

And our time for this week's session of Unnie's Wednesday Write Up comes to a close.  I hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully happy & healthy week.  Filled with laughter, romance, chemistry & love.  And that you never allow yourself to fall into the clutches of a toxic romance.  Respect yourself more than that ladies & gentlemen.  And find someone who makes you the best you, you can be.  Remember you are all special, beautiful, loved & appreciated!

Sending lots of love your way.


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  1. Oh, the poor 2nd male leads...KDramas saddest product. I agree with your list - I can't think of 5 better choices. Those are certainly the ones that come to my mind when I think of the 2nd place male winners. I might add in whatshisface from Love Rain - both generations...uhm, you know, that guy. The friend that also loves the same girl but loses both times. You know who I'm talking about. I'm too lazy to go look it up right now ;) And the doctor from Scent of a Woman. Oh! And the director from Secret Garden. Except, I guess none of them really fit the list because in all 3 cases, the female lead was better with the male lead. Sorry boys, you may be amazing and wonderful in your own rights, but we're talking about Jang Keun Suk, Lee Dong Wook, and Hyun Bin here. *.* So, yeah, Unnie nails it again! Great list!

  2. I thought about those 2 as well but I was keeping it to 5! Aish!! I could have done 9 but that number doesn't make any sense! LOL My OCD is showing. And you know once I got to 9 I would never have been able to pick a 10! Or even worse I would have thought of 3 more candidates but again that number doesn't make sense!! LOL Such is my luck. However, those ARE the ones I would add to my list of unrequited loves for the 2nd male lead. Glad you approve this message. Saranghae Chingu!


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