Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Underwhelmed by First Teaser for Upcoming Sageuk "God Of Commerce"

Where earlier I was enthralled by the stylish glitz of the "Six Flying Dragons" Teaser, this time I have to admit I feel a bit let down.  I am not sure if I can totally pinpoint why, but it might be because there just wasn't enough Jang Hyuk.

Instead we get the usual suspects of Sageuk Ahjussi actors.  I have to imagine that they went through the casting photos and found every single one that wasn't already in "Six Flying Dragons" or "Hwajung" and snapped them up for a role.
If I have to search for a silver lining, I guess I can say that all of the characters introduced have been tried and proven to be descent historical actors and I have no complaints with any of them.  And at least I got a bit of Jang Hyuk smile towards the end, so that made me happy.
I guess when it comes down to it, I just have to say that the teaser felt a bit boring because it is very traditional.  It reminds me of the teasers from back in the mid 2000's when historical accuracy was king in the saguek business. Thankfully a boring teaser doesn't necessarily mean a boring drama so there is tons of time to suck me in.
"God of Commerce" (also known by the title "The Innkeeper") is the story of Cheon Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) who starts at the bottom and makes his way through the ranks to be a wealthy merchant.  This drama will begin on September 23rd.



  1. It looks like they're using the 'save the best for last' approach with this trailer. Which doesn't always work. I'm cringing at the ahjussi narrating. He's always the same slimey snake in every drama. He even played Jang Hyuk's dad in Midas. And then I'm not crazy about the actress cast in the lead. She bored me to tears in Gap Dong. I didn't see Han Chae Ah in this trailer either. She's great. I hope her role is substantial, they're always casting her as a 2nd lead when I think she tends to steal the show from the leads almost every time.

  2. I am really really really hoping that the girl was horrid because of bad writing and not because she has no talent.. I am very worried since she was so bad in "Gap Dong" and I still cringe to this day just thinking of her stupidity.

  3. hm..... oh well. I'll watch it for Hyukie :)


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