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DFR: Arang and the Magistrate ep 13

Would she admit she liked him too?  Would he kiss her?  Would he hug her?  Would he let her go?  Will Dol Seo forgive him for not telling him he could see & hear ghosts?  Will the Riddler foil our two caped crusaders?!?  Wait!!  Wrong show!!  My bad.  Mianhaeyo AddiKts.  {{Giggle}}

Last week we were wondering what was gonna happen after the show ended w/ a delicious "wrist grab" & a confession.  No, not a "forgive me father for I have sinned" type of confession.  An, "I like you" confession from Eun Oh to Arang, who then denied she had feelings for him.  I think she's a big liar, liar pants on fire.  We also found out that Ju Wal could not kill Arang.  Why?  Well according to Creepy Mommy Dearest it's because he is in love with the girl.  Then she gave the appropriately disgusted face.  So we found out one thing & it is solidified in this episode.  The Love Triangle is alive & well & living in Miryang.  And I have never seen such a creepy love triangle before.  2 men liking one girl?  Yes.  Never happens to me but that's just me being whiney.  However, the fact that one of the men has already murdered the girl once & almost did it twice & is still supposed to kill her for his otherworldly fake mom that was kicked out of heaven & is now living inside a human body & stealing souls after she kills innocent people?  Nope never saw that triangle before.  But I've lived a relatively sheltered life, so maybe it could happen.  {{shoulder shrug}}

So is everybody caught up now?  Good.  Let's get on with the show shall we?  

We left off here...

And that's where the show starts...  

With Eun Oh asking Arang one last time is she sure that is how she feels?  

{{Remember she didn't return his feelings or so she said}}  

She assures him, a little less sure of herself, that yes she is sure that is how she she looks deeply into his eyes w/ the both of them showing visible moisture build up in the eye area.  He is heart broken but he understands & he tells her to go to bed.  But he doesn't sleep & neither does Arang.  Early the next morning he leaves his rooms & stops to stare at hers...
But he doesn't wake her up, instead he heads into town, where the townspeople are all so happy to see him in town & are bowing w/ thanks & smiles of gratitude on their lips.  He sees one of the notices he had put up around town, requesting the need for patrols to keep the town safe.  Ahhh...the people, it would seem, are grateful to have a Magistrate that cares about them.  It's been a long time since they felt this safe.  

He stops & buys a pair of pretty new shoes for Arang.  And heads home only to find Arang standing outside his rooms wondering why he hasn't come out yet or if maybe he was up & wandering around all night because of her?  They spot each other & yes, yes it is awkward.  He asks orders her to sit down on the step.  She does & he immediately removes her rope shoes & replaces them with the new fancy shoes.

Then he pauses & without looking her in the eye he tells her that he understands what she said & that she doesn't have to worry, he won't let it affect him.  And he promises to send her off to heaven peacefully.  To that end, he says they need to get going, they need to see if the Shaman can tell them anything more about the talisman.   Which of course she can.  On their way to see the Shaman. Geo Deol, Lord Choi's henchman, sees Arang walking w/ Eun Oh & is shocked to see her alive.  After all he saw her throat slit open!  

At the Shaman's, she explains to them that the Talisman is a way to block ghosts but it's more than that too.  What it actually blocks are the heavens.  From seeing anything that is going on inside the reach of the talismans.  Nothing gets in past the talismans, but then again, nothing gets out either.  Which is weird because there should be ghosts trapped inside then but there aren't.  The Shaman's next duty will be to write her own talisman that can unblock the original.  Which will be very hard to do because that talisman is a very powerful one & let's face it the Shaman is very sweet & cute but not exactly a powerful Shaman.  The only ghost she communicated w/ was Arang & she couldn't even see her, just hear her.  

Back to Lord Choi.  We get a flashback that shows us that Creepy Mommy Dearest's current body is not her first body.  He's trying to figure out why CMD told him not to lay a hand on Arang if she was already dead.  Then he remembers back to when he was young & she was in a different body.
It may be a different body but she was still psychotic.  
Then Geo Deol tells him he saw Arang still alive w/ Eun Oh & he suddenly understands what CMD & Ju Wal are up to.  But he knows he has seen Arang somewhere before, if only could remember...then he does. he remembers leaving the magistrate's house & seeing Lee Seo Rim standing outside the gate to her old rooms.  That's it!  He remembers & giggles w/ glee.  He has some tricks up his sleeve now.  We'll have to wait & see...I still want to know who it was exactly that killed Lee Seo Rim & why?

Meanwhile back at the current Magistrate's house we find Ju Wal standing outside the door to Arang's rooms staring at it & we hear Larry & Curly gossiping about how he's been there 2 hours just staring, even though they told him she wasn't in.  They then decide that since Arang has both the Magistrate & Ju Wal bewitched that maybe they should get on better terms with her.  In other words, she has the possibility to have power over 2 powerful young masters time to suck up!  

In the heavens Moo Yeong has gone to Mr Beautiful & is telling MB that he can handle this.  That he used to be human but he is not anymore & hasn't been for a long time.  For over a thousand years he has been a The Grim Reaper.  He assures Mr Beautiful he can handle being the one to take out his sister.  At this point Mr Beautiful conjures up a magically imbued dagger & hands it to General Dead Dude.  

So he heads down to earth on a mission to find & stop his sister.  Meanwhile Eun Oh has agreed that he & Arang need to go back to Lord Choi's house.  There was a section of that house that he is positive has bad juju going on & he leaves her outside with explicit instructions to remain off to the side, out of the way & view.  We see Creepy Mommy Dearest has sensed her big brother nearby & then she senses Arang's presence & decides she must see her for herself.  Leaving her gate open & unlocked, Eun Oh doesn't see her leave & has no idea she is off to meet Arang.  But he sneaks in through the conveniently left open gate & into the little building that houses her lair down below.

CMD, on her way to meet Arang runs into her big brother.  Oddly enough it is not a happy reunion.  There is no, "Hey sis!  Wow I sure missed you!  Whatcha been up to?  How are the kids?"  No it's more like this...

CMD: It's been a long time.  Has it been 400 years? {{Gen Dead Dude looking shocked & slightly horrified}} You look just the same.  I changed a bit didn't I?  To live as a limited human life, as you can see, I am in this state. {{assuming she's talking about the body switcharoo}}  But it's still good.  I'm a human aren't I?

GDD: Just to live this way, is this why you wanted to become a human?

CMD: This way?  What's wrong with "this way"?

GDD:  Moo Yeon...

CMD:  Who's fault is this?  When we were in heaven.  If you had just helped me, I could have become a human the right way.  You knew the Jade Emperor had a way.

GDD:  There was never a way like that ever since the beginning.  You thought wrong!

CMD:  Don't joke around.  That is why I found my own way! You, my brother, were the one to mess it all up!

Then Gen Dead Dude flashes back to when his sister came to earth a long time ago & after he took the soul of a young girl off to heaven she snuck in to the room where her body was laid out & laid down inside the body & took over.

But she doesn't get to stay in the body for long because soon we see the dead girl {w a creamy Moo Yeon center} running through the town w/ her brother on her heels./  Then he throws his magic glow stick at her & knocks her out & then using his handy red grim reaper's rope he drags her soul away, with her screaming how she doesn't want to go back.

Back to their conversation:

CMD:  Were you happy when you captured me and offered me to the Jade Emperor?  How was it when the Jade Emperor kicked me out of heaven?  You knew I would fade away soon.  Even then you acted like you didn't know.

GDD:  Instead of you having to suffer in hell, I thought it would be better that way.  Like this, for 400 years, going from human body to body... Not even a human.. nor a ghostly existence...I never thought you would live that way!  I didn't dare to think about it.

CMD:  What's wrong with it?

GDD: This is why I stopped you from becoming human.  Humans are destined to desire something.  And when they find what they desires, they end up desiring something bigger!  You are now coveting the biggest desire of human beings.

CMD:  What?   Eternal life?  What's wrong about that?  You live and don't die.

GDD: Because of that you've killed so many innocent people.

At this point General Dead Dude pulls out the green dagger from Mr Beautiful & unsheathes it & holds it up in front of him...  Instead of being afraid or worried CMD slowly walks toward her brother & grasps a hold of his hand & the dagger at once & taunts him with...

CMD: I'm not going to do anything, Brother.  So, just put this knife through my heart.  That way....  prove to them {the gods} that you are the heavenly creature with no doubt.

He just stares at her & for the first time we see what his little sister really looks like...

Then she says...all creepy insane smiley face...

CMD:  It's still not the right time to meet you...  but I wanted to see that girl's face so much so I was off my guard for a moment.  As expected, tell them that they've set a good bait.  Older Brother...  Let's meet next time then.

And she walks away from him smug in her knowledge that he couldn't do it.

Meanwhile up in heaven the game of Baduk is not going well for Yeom Ra.  It would seem this game, once again, is showing them the outcome of the happenings on earth & Yeom Ra & Mr Beautiful are both very much aware that Moo Yeong failed to stop/end Moo Yeon, his sister.  

While all of this is going on let's not forget that the ever perfect Lee Jun Ki...I mean Eun Oh is inside the creepy building above CMD's evil lair.  And he is about to find out that the little room he is in, is not all that meets the eye.  He waves his mystical fan around & just as it passes the floor below him CMD's secret staircase, to her secret lair is revealed.  But only a few inches.  So he waves the fan at it some more & sure enough the staircase is fully revealed.  Once downstairs he can't figure out what he's looking at or where he is & even more he thinks it's all Lord Choi's, he is still unaware that CMD in involved.  Then he spies the clay pots that are mystical sticky note sealed.  He can't open them & they are freezing cold to the touch.  Unable to figure out what they are he takes one with him & leaves CMD's underground lair.

While Eun Oh is finishing up on the grounds, we see Arang waiting for him outside & Ju Wal walk up to her. He'd been waiting for her all day at her place & was surprise & happy to see her waiting at his place BUT he was nervous too & was just about to take her home, when CMD shows up.  He grabs Arang by the hand & pushes her behind him & then whispers for her to NOT leave his side, very seriously.  CMD is doing what she does off seriously creeptastically insane vibes.  

We see Ju Wal is squeezing Arang's hand really hard & we see Arang make a face & look at him but not say anything.  She must sense something is off too.  She looks Arang up & down giving her a creepy once over.  Ju wal asks her why she was out & she explains that she had someone to meet  {{that would be big brother}} but that now the night is getting to be too much for her so she was heading back.  Then she says, "The things I didn't know of during the day, I am able to know of in the night."  {{Well that's not weird at all.}}  She smiles a lot of creepy & intro's herself as Ju Wal's aunt & agrees it's time to go back in & then invites Arang to visit their house in the future & as she walks away she tells Ju Wal that Arang looks very stylish.  Ju Wal still has a death grip on Arang's hand & this is where Eun Oh arrives as Arang is asking Ju Wal to let go.  He apologizes for his aunt & the fact that he can't send her back himself & then goes inside.  

Eun Oh is ticked off seeing them holding hands & interprets the scene to be that even though she doesn't have feelings for him she does for Ju Wal, just like Lee Seo Rim did.  Then they leave.  Once Ju Wal goes inside his room he finds CMD waiting for him & she is ticked.  She gave him everything, food, home, clothes, treatment as a human & not a street rat & even let him call her mother.  Something, she points out, that no one else has ever been allowed to do.  How dare you ask me to give you the girl too.  How dare you covet what is mine?!?!  O.O  {{*Shudder*  Now serving, "Crazy party of one!!  Crazy party of one!"}}

I really feel bad for Ju Wal.  He was abused, neglected, starved, homeless, loveless as a child & finds the one person who is willing to care for him, provide for him is a psychotic, soul stealing, fall from heaven, evil nut job.  When he finally finds someone he wants, that is true, pure & good.  The woman, who gave him protection & everything his childish little heart wanted, wants the girl's body for her own evil soul to live in eternally!!  I don't think he is far...I could still be wrong...but I do think he was taken advantage of & now there isn't much he can do.  What choice will his scared broken heart make?  I hope its a good one, but at the same time I want Arang w/ Eun Oh.  Of course I haven't quite figured out how that could happen when you know she has to go back to being dead in one more month.  Talk about complicated!

Back at the magistrate's house & in Eun Oh's room they decide that the next day they'll show the Shaman the clay pot & see if she can figure out what's inside.  Suddenly Eun Oh, who is visibly upset from seeing Ju Wal holding Arang's hand & how she rebuffed him, & imagining she has feelings for Ju Wal, decides he is going to go to sleep so he pushes the pot out of the way & lays down on the floor without a word to Arang.  She bids him good night & he says...

In heaven Gen Dead Dude is reporting to Mr Beautiful & apologizing for not being able to complete his task.   but Mr Beautiful does not think it's a good idea & Yeom Ra is angry & not speaking because his servant failed.  just as GDD is about to leave he turns to Mr Beautiful & asks him, "Kim Eun Oh... He had things belonging to you.  What is he?  MB just looks at him...
GDD continues asking, "Is he someone prepared to replace me?"  MB confirms this is true.  GDD says, "You said it takes someone of blood relation to stop Moo Yeon, is the woman Moo Yeon is currently inside of his mother?"  That's a very accurate guess.  {{Yes I paraphrased those sentences}}

Back on earth Eun Oh is still upset w Arang for the night before & avoids her at all costs, heading to the Shaman's house alone w/ the clay pot.  He wants the Shaman to figure out the clay pot as soon as possible.  She goes all outraged thinking he is showing off because he can see & hear ghosts & she can't.  Arang is not alone for long once he leaves though.  The three Stooges show up determined to carry out their plan of sucking up to her & offer her ice cold apple juice.  They look at her expectantly, was it good?  It tastes like apples she says. LOL  Just then Dol Seo goes past & she chases after him.  He is still not talking to Eun Oh. So she begs him to stay by Eun Oh because Eun Oh thinks so much of him & needs him.  But Dol Seo knows that his Young Master is not the type, at least not until Arang bewitched him, to pay attention to anyone but himself.  Before she walks away sad, she says, "Dol Seo I will be returning to heaven soon, so bear with it for a while I will be returning your young master to you soon."

When Dol Seo turns around he finds Eun Oh staring at him.  It's time for Eun Oh to explain what is going on. So he sits down w Dol Seo & explains that Arang is the same girl, Lee Seo Rim, Dol Seo once protected when he fought Lord Choi's men, even they were beating him to a pulp.  She was sent back to finish one last thing.  So be nice.  Of course Dol Seo being the good guy he is, feels bad toward Arang & he promises to be nice.  He gets upset when Eun Oh says that he should be more like Dol Seo, who would make a much better magistrate that Eun Oh ever could because of his good heart.  He also thinks it's sad that this is his Young Master's first love experience.  Very sad.  And then he realizes that all those rumors when he (Eun Oh) was little were true, about his talking to the dead.  

Eun Oh meets w/ the Three Stooges to get some background info on Lord Choi under the guise of wanting to get long with him.  They explain that all the men that have lived in that house, that Lord Choi lives in, were powerful successful men, but that Lord Choi has been the most successful, most powerful.  That many people tried to stop his rise to power but the only one that ever succeeded was Eun Oh's dad.  Which is a shock to Eun Oh & has him wondering if his dad knows all about Lord Choi.  

Poor Ju Wal just can't seem to figure out what to do, who he is or how to get out of all this.  His servant tries to get him to eat but after the servant leaves Ju wal remembers what CMD said the night before, "You asked to live a normal person.  In a warm house, eating a hot meal... and not being ignored, I said that's what it would be like."  So instead of eating as his servant beseeched, he kicks over the food table.  Arang is tired of hanging out in her room not allowed to help solve the riddle so she goes out to inform Eun Oh that she is going back to Lord Choi's house.  Obviously this is a dangerous idea & so Eun Oh goes out to stop her & when she yells at him why have you been avoiding me?  Why won't you let me help?  She even tries to go together but he won't do it.  Why won't you even look me in the eye?!?!  I don't know he says.  He explains that he is jealous.  That he should never have believed her.  He should have forced her to admit it because he can't stand the idea of her & Ju Wal.

EO:  I should have ignored it.  I promised I would send you to heaven peacefully.  How can I now change anything without looking like a fool?  That's why I did it.  Because I don't know what to do.  Why is it so complicated?!

Then he turns & walks away leaving her standing there in shock & silence as his sudden passionate outburst.  As he is leaving the grounds he sees Ju Wal enter & walk past him to see Arang.  Ju Wal wants to talk to her & so asks for a moment of her time.  but from behind him, we hear Eun Oh say, "I am sorry, I cannot allow that to happen.  Since I cannot allow that, Get Lost!"  And that's is where it ended with the 2 men staring each other down & Arang watching helplessly from the side.
Interesting Love Triangle Right?
Good intense episode.  I was so nervous while Eun Oh was in CMD's lair.  I was so nervous when CMD met Ju Wal & Arang outside Ju Wal's house.  I was so nervous when CMD met Moo Yeong....hmmm.....I'm sensing a theme.  I think that CMD is what is really making me nervous.  She is a really creepy & terrifying character.  The idea of someone stealing your soul & then living in your body, freaks me out.  No one wears this Jess suit but me!  

Ep 14 is almost finished & I am not sure if I will get it up tomorrow in a timely fashion.  I will do my best.  Hope you guys have a good night & enjoyed the review.  


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  1. He is just so pretty!!!! Would love a scene with MB and the Magistrate. It would be a pretty overload moment. Thanks for another great review.


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