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Mask Episode 4 - Let's Kick This Drama Into Random Overload

It's official Ji Sook is a married lady.  A married lady who has no clue what she has gotten herself into.  Surprisingly Ji Sook is quite clever and through natural insight and dogged determination she powers through the sticky dynamics of her new family, a crazy husband, and the loss of her past.
I have to admit that I have had a tiny bit of writers block when it comes to recapping this episode.  It is in NO WAY related to the quality of the show, which remains top notch crazy makjang.. but more in an "I don't know how to theme it all together and I don't want to write a boring step by step recap" kind of way.  So I am going to be totally all over the place and just chat about random thoughts that came to my mind while watching.  Hopefully this will still be fun, if not exactly informative about plot points. 
On the off chance you do have a question about any specific part of episode 4, just ask in the comments and I will be happy to chat it out with you!  So without further ado.. let's recap this sucker.

First off lets chat Waltzing, or more specifically the use of the "Blue Danube" waltz in the OST (Original Sound Track) of the drama.  It is a very interesting, unusual, and bold choice considering that most dramas go for a more traditional OST filled with known singers. 
In my discussion group, there were various people who did not like this music pick which made me wonder "Why did they put it in?"  It can't be because it is free domain and they don't have to pay for the rights... Kdrama OST's bring in big bucks and a well known OST song can gain viewers.  So there must be a specific reason for the musical choice.  Which made me think of how this drama is like a waltz in itself.  It is an intricate dance that was considered very scandalous at its time and as our story continues to unfold, the scandals just keep piling up.  The director also uses various renditions of the song.  Sometimes the normal version like when the supervisor was scolding Ji Sook at work.  Sometimes more melancholy versions like when Ji Sook was giving up her old life and entering into her new home. But above all else the song oozes the feeling of elegance, something which this drama has in spades. They might all be bat crap crazy, but they are elegantly bat crap crazy.

Sometimes there are just too many darn remotes.  I can totally relate to Ji Sook's issues when she enters Min Woo's rooms for the first time.  
Poor girl is supposed to seduce her sexy husband and she can't even turn on the tv.  Quick note... I think it is funny that Seok Hoon's first order was to start sleeping with Min Woo.  Why don't you chuck the girl into the deep end when she can only dog paddle?

Bwahahaha, this is obviously not the face of someone who is ready for the marital bed.  Hmmm if she doesn't want him, I'll take him.  Crazy and all.

 I spent way too much time trying to figure out what animal Mi Yeon and her mother remind me of.  Evil cats?  Crazy cruel hyenas?  Persnickety Pekinese?  Hmmm Whatever animal it is, it is all cranky, evil, and if I had to take a wild guess, borderline murderous.  Just throwing out a theory that if someone killed off Eun Ha, then these two are at the top of the long list of suspects.
I see no difference.
They are now in charge of Ji Sook (Eun Ha) who is going to work at their art showroom.  Or more accurately, they are now in charge of watching her every move and making sure she is a benefit to the family.  Fun times are abrewing in the new family dynamic.
I am taking a wild guess that "Mask" is being payed to PP (Product Placement) a certain brand of showers.  Especially since 2 out of the three times a shower was shown (IN ONE EPISODE), the people were not even using them.  It works since I really really want one of those now.  They look super luxurious and refreshing (says the blogger who is typing in a boiling, non air-conditioned, house).

Other than Ji Sook's childhood household, there is one location that Ji Sook should NOT go to in order to keep her identity safe.  A place in which Ji Sook worked and would be instantly recognized.  Yup you guessed it, the department store/mall.  It just really sucks that the same mall in which she was employed is owned by her husbands family.  And just to add to the stress, Ji Sook is expected to accompany a V.V.I.P shopping two days after her wedding.  Hahahaha, talk about awkward.
A couple other random noteworthy moments from this scene.  First off, do people that work in Korean malls and such really have to all gather and welcome the owners when they show up?  If you are in the know, please tell me.  I just thought of how funny it would be to walk into my local target and see all the employees bowing in anticipation of the money I am going to spend.  Yup, I am going high class and buying the 24 pack of diet coke.  BOW BEFORE ME PEONS!  BWAHAHAHAHA
Lastly.... I would just like to announce that it has finally happened.  My tastes in clothing have become completely Koreanified.  I actually think that Min Woo's Green Leprechaun Plaid suit looks really good on him.  SIGH, I might as well just buy my husband a bejeweled tracksuit and accept that my tastes have been totally warped.
Just in case you are wondering how Ji Sook handles the situation (ya know, since this is a recap....kinda.....sorta........OK, loosely).  She rocks it!  My girl raises her head, puts on her best air of entitlement, and shops like she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  Over and over I am happily surprised by Ji Sook's inner mettle.

Talking about how awesome Ji Sook is....How epic was that slap scene during the party?  Ji Sook finds out that Seok Hoon lied to her about her mother's safety (Her mom had disappeared on her birthday and Ji Sook was understandably upset).  Rather than call him over for a quiet heated conversation, she just up and hits Seok Hoon in his smug smirky face.  
Ji Sook than tells Seok Hoon to take his plans and stuff them as she rushes off in search of her mother.  Which leads us to yet another car chase (have noticed that the director is very excited about doing car chases).  Ji Sook is running, and Seok Hoon and Min Woo and Seok Hoon's minion are all following in their own vehicles.  Two by tracking the GPS her put on her car, and Min Woo by tracking her phone.  There is eventually a scene where Ji Sook and Seok Hoon play a game of side by side chicken which results in Seok Hoon's car flipping over into a ditch.
I think at this point we can safely conclude that Yeon Jung Hoon and "Vampire Prosecutor" (one of his previous dramas), has ruined me.  I see YJH and blood together and instantly think that he looks super sexy.  100% messed up, I know.

It is highly likely that Ji Sook's secret is not going to be a complete secret for much longer, at least when it comes to her husband.  Min Woo hunts down Ji Sook (via her phone's GPS) and finds her just in time to save her from being run over by Seok Hoon's minion.  Guess Seok Hoon is a little pissed at being left all bloody on the side of the road.
Figuring out where her mother went, Ji Sook begs Min Woo for help, promising him anything in return.  Min Woo (the big softy) agrees despite his OCD issues which of course expand to all things "nature".  They hike to a grove where Ji Sook's family had planted trees for her dead sister (and now in remembrance of Ji Sook).  There we find Ji Sook's delirious mom on the ground under the trees. Ji Sook takes her into her arms apologizing and of course it is all witnessed by her new husband.
My Thoughts:
I really really hope that JI Sook and Min Woo team up soon to thwart his unlikable family.  I also see a lot of thawing coming from Min Woo this episode.  Of course it does help that Min Woo is feeling so guilty over his supposed "attack" that he pulls back his cranky/OCD level just a bit.  I know that we have not had a lot of OTP time yet, but judging from these scenes, the chemistry will be sizzling once they join forces.

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  1. The tree! Its her sisters name which is the same as the 'twin' shes replacing, right? I went oooo, long lost twin/sister/sold or stolen baby thing happening? What do you think!

    1. that is my guess. Was it the same name? I could have sworn it was a different name.

  2. Great recap. I to am very curious about the whole greeting thing. How would the employees get any work done if they all have to prostrate themselves everytime a VIP shows up.

    1. Exactly! It seems very inefficient.

  3. I'm so happy that you're "recapping" this LOL I still haven't decided to watch because..... I'm more of a mystery/romance/comedy sort of watcher, not so much the melodrama type. But your recaps make it sound so interesting (not to mention the handsome leads) I may have to watch a few episodes and just see what happens.

    1. Join the crazy!!! You know you want to!!!!

    2. It's a mystery and romance, though, so you may like it.

  4. My non-drama daughter and I loved the last four episodes - only I kept having to look information up on the actors for her. I may have promised to watch Vampire Prosecutor with her during the down time between episodes. I actually loved the slap because Crazy Brother In Law gave her such a raw look after like how can you be wearing the face of the one I love and do this to me?

    1. I loved "Vampire Prosecutor" Sexiest vampire EVER!!!!!!


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