Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Jung Il Woo

Imagine my surprise when I got home from church, finished dinner w/ my family, & discovered while I was away, one of our favorite kissers Actors {{who looks like the most phenomenal kisser on the planet -judging from FBRS}} turned 25 today?!?!  I was like what?!?! O.O

No way!!!  I almost missed Jung Il Woo's 25th birthday?!?!  Unacceptable!!  You know if church is going to be getting in the way of my "Oppa Worshiping", then I may just have to give up church altogether!!  I mean an Unnie has to have her priorities straight, right???  {{I kid!!  I wouldn't give up church!  *looking for lightning from the sky*}}

So here I am now, at the end of the day & only just now getting a belated but very happy Birthday wish out to Jung Il Woo....

Jung Il Woo (정일우) was born September 9, 1987.   Which means today...we covered this before today as in yesterday in Seoul but today in the US...he turns 25 years old.  A whole quarter of a century.  We are so happy to send you our Birthday shout out Jung Il Woo-ssi!!

Jung Il Woo-ssi, Saengil Chukahamnida 

정일우씨, 생일축합니다!!

Happy Birthday, Jung Il Woo!!!

Who didn't love him as Cha Chi Soo in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop?  Omo!!  Episode 10 had the most awesome kissing scene!  He made it look like an art form.  And gave Noona's all over the world the opportunity to wish we could all have a love affair with a student like Cha Chi Soo.  This dynamic man has talent & then some.  After FBRS, he went on to steal hearts even more in The Moon That Embraces the Sun.   I cannot wait to see what his next drama will be.  More than that though, I hope he is enjoying a break between jobs & that he was surrounded by his family & friends & feeling loved & cherished today.

Sending all our love & Birthday wishes to you Jung Il Woo.

Unnie & Dongsaeng
{{Your FAVORITE Noonas}}

Now of course we have to include the pictorial, right?!?!  Wouldn't be a TCA Birthday post without yummy pics of the Birthday Boy, now would it?!?!  ;)P

Remember these are NOT our pictures.  And we are not responsible for exploding ovaries, surprise pregnancy, breathlessness, heart palpitations.  Enjoy AddiKts!

Source:  Uploaded by TCA from Sheena  on Pinterest.

Source:  Uploaded by TCA from on Pinterest

Source:  Uploaded by TCA from on Pinterest

Source:  Uploaded by TCA from allKpop on Pinterest

Source:  Uploaded by TCA from Asia on Pinterest

Warning: If you haven't watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop there is a  ***Spoiler*** contained in the following video clip.  

A special video treat for those of you who just love the FBRS end of episode 10 & the beginning of episode 11 outside the movie theater kissing scene.... 

{{sorry no english subs but who needs subs?!?!}}

Hope you enjoyed this sexy pictorial & OMO kissing scene for Jung Il Woo.  Make sure & send your birthday wishes to an amazingly talented kisser actor too.  

Love, Unnie

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