Saturday, September 8, 2012

A TCA Challenge

Yay!! It's the weekend!! 

But as you guys know Unnie & Dongsaeng get hopping busy on the weekends with all our kids & hubs at home. So much to do. 

But I want to keep you guys entertained, so I thought I would give you a

TCA Challenge 

A few months ago I pinned this picture of Kim Hyun Joong to my KHJ Pinterest Board, which now has 1125 KHJ pins, thank you very much!  No does obsessed dedicated & loyal like I do.    Anyway, Dongsaeng gave it that awesomely funny caption!

"Aigoo!!  I lost Unnie's number!  Otake?!?"

I LOVED it & laughed & laughed!!  That Dongsaeng is so funny!  

Let's see who is up for the challenge, I would be so sad face if no one joined in the fun. 

My challenge is this:
1.) Find a pic of Kim Hyun Joong (my bias)

2.) Give it a funny caption that involves "Unnie" like my dongsaeng did on the pic above.
3.) Share it here on TCA FB pg.

That's it!

At the end of the day I will pick the one that I thought was the funniest. Then on Wednesday, I will include a shout out to the winner (if you want I can include your picture but only if you want), in my WWU. AND I will post a pic or video (from YouTube) of YOUR bias in my WWU. So get cracking AddiKts! This is a Saturday only Challenge. 

Who can make me laugh the hardest?!?!  You guys know how much I LOVE to laugh, right?!?!


Keep it clean please? A little off color is great, a lot is not & pretty please? No swears either. And now I am seriously biting my nails nervous no one will join in the fun & I will look like a great big goobery dorky loser. Oh well.  It's not like I kept that a secret after all.  Hwaiting!!

Komawo! Unnie

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