Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Chuseok

For you newbies this is what Chuseok is all about.

Chuseok (or Korean Thanksgiving Day ) is one of the 3 BIG South Korean Holidays, it lasts 3 days (this year it falls on Sept 29 - Oct 1) & celebrates the coming of fall.  Each year it's celebrated on a different day in the months of Sept & even October, depending on the fall of the lunar calendar.  This year it fell on the 30th, but starting on the 29th & ending on the 1st.

How do South Koreans celebrate Chuseok?  Family, food & fun of course just like any country & it's people celebrating a holiday.  It also includes many, many people/families heading to their hometowns, to pay respect to their ancestors.  Performing ancestral worship ceremonies early in the morning, followed by  visiting the tombs of their immediate ancestors to trim plants and clean the area around the tomb,  and offer food, drink & other gifts.  

And just like any country celebrating a major holiday there are traditional foods that are made & served.  For Chuseok a favorite food is songpyeon (rice cake), I'm including a how to video for anyone that might want to give making it a try...

They also eat Jopchae & Bulgogi.  I had planned on making some Jopchae myself, which I have already managed to make a passing sample of, but alas my daughter thought it would be a good idea to share her cold with me.  Instead of making Jopchae, & my first attempt at making songpyeon, I spent the day in bed w/ orange juice & cold medicine.  Yay me. {{Hear the sarcasm?}}  We also weren't able to travel home but flights to Arizona for a family of 6 it would cost roughly $2000.  Not exactly within out budget.  

Basically these 2 Crazy Ahjummas wanted to wish all of you & all those wonderful people in South Korea a Happy Chuseok .   ^.^



For more in depth details all about Chuseok go Here.

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