Monday, October 1, 2012

{Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng} How I Spent My Chuseok

I would like to thank Unnie for her Chuseok lesson yesterday.  I learned a lot about this major Korean holiday.  In my own "research" I have also learned that during Chuseok, things in Korea pretty much shut down.  It's because of my own Chuseok celebrations therefore that I must claim "post holiday brain shut down".

Oh, fine.  So I didn't really technically celebrate Chuseok.  You caught me.  I was just trying to use that as a nice handy excuse for my utter and complete writer's block.  But you saw right through it, didn't you?  You probably thought to yourselves, "why would a white girl in Arizona with absolutely no real-world ties to Korea celebrate a Korean holiday?"  However, in a way I did celebrate Chuseok this weekend.  I did.  Honest.  Sure, it was minus the rice cakes and traditional foods.  I didn't go to my ancestral village.  I did, however, go to visit my parents and even grandparents.  That's right - my entire family was gathered and we all journeyed together to my grandparents and had a meal together.  We also had my in-laws over for dinner.  It was a weekend stuffed to the brim with family and food.   If that's not keeping with the spirit of Chuseok, well then....  ;)

And now here we are, bright and early on a Monday morning and so happy to be beginning a brand new week as well as a brand new month.  It's October!  This is when things start getting fun!  At least for me.  The weather starts to ease up a bit and enter the time of year that makes the 115+ degree heat worth it.  Birthdays start happening for The Husband and myself.  Halloween.  Then the holiday season right around the corner.  Fall is in the air either literally or metaphorically speaking for some of us.  It's a great time of year and reason enough to celebrate.  

Is anyone watching any good dramas right now?  I'm still stalled out on Bridal Mask.  I believe I am somewhere in episode 24.  Agh!  So close to the end yet so far!  I really want to finish this one up soon and talk all about it one of these days.

To The Beautiful You is one I've managed to stay up-to-date with.  I am loving it.  I watch them the second they are available and subbed and then I regret it because it's a really long wait in between.  I loved this last episode but am afraid that the next one will be so sad with Eun Gyeol.  I adore him and it makes me sad to think of what this next episode will bring for him as he comes to grips with knowing the truth.

Panda and Hedgehog.  Oh, what to say about Panda?  I really, really want to like it.  It started out so cute and I fell in love, but then....  What happened?  I can't be the only person who is completely lost with the story line, can I?  It is just all over the place.  At first I gave it the benefit of the doubt thinking that it was just an off-week, but it's been like 3 or 4 weeks now where I just watch it and feel so confused like I missed something but I don't know how I missed anything - I didn't go anywhere.  I've never been so lost in a drama before.  I'm being stubborn and don't want to give it up, but I'm finding it more and more difficult to talk myself into clicking that "play" button.  Am I alone?  Seriously?  Anyone else out there experiencing anything similar?  Please tell me I'm not crazy and that it really is this confusing and disjointed and all over the map.  Oh, Panda, please come back to where you started...I want to continue to spend some quality time with Donghae every week.  

I finished Answer Me 1997.  Ahhhh!!!  I am still so infatuated with this drama and love it and can't wait to someday watch it all over again.  They did a wonderful job with the last episode.  The resolution was awesome.  I was a happy girl.  I loved the twist they threw in too with the little girl....  I can't say anymore because I don't want to ruin it for Unnie or anyone else who still hasn't seen it.  But if you want to talk about it more, feel free to friend me on Facebook and private message me - we'll chat.  (^.-)  

I'm currently hunting for more dramas to add to the watch list.  I've started My Fair Lady (with Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Sang Hyun) and have made it to episode 2.  So far I'm liking it, but obviously it's so early on that it's too soon to really say.  I just wanted to throw an older, already finished airing one in to the mix to help pass the time in between the currently airing episodes, especially since my list of 6 has dwindled to like 2 1/2 (Faith, TTBY and sometimes Bridal Mask and/or Panda).  I'm suffering from major drama withdrawal.

So that's my drama update for today.  Drop me a line sometime if you are watching any of these and want to chat.  That's what we're here for.

Now, I know it's October 1st and fall is here and maybe you, like me, have bundles of energy already and don't need a Monday pick-me-up (hahaha - yeah, I couldn't even type that with a straight face), but just in case, I have the perfect solution.  I dare you to watch this video without smiling.  It was introduced to me last week (thanks Trea!) and I can't stop watching it.  It's an older video and a teeny tiny bit dated with the hair/clothes, but if you look beyond that, you might just see what I'm talking about.  I think it's no secret how I feel about a certain member of a certain group....  ;) ....  and so maybe I'm a tad biased (no way), but this video is so adorable and should give you some warm fuzzies to help start your week off right.

Have a great week!

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