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DFR: Arang and the Magistrate ep 14

Big breath in...this was a busy episode AddiKts.  Lots to talk about, lots to discuss, lots to unravel.  Guess I'd better get the party started right?  But first I have to say, I recently read an article, I can't remember where or I'd post the link, that said that Lee Jun Gi does all of his own stunts in his shows/movies/fight scenes & that he likes to do them sans harnesses & wires.  Which makes all of his fight scenes so much cooler, hotter, exciting to me.  And he has had some really awesome fight scenes in this show.  I said it before, that the fight scenes w/ his Joseon era clothing flying through the air is incredible to watch.  Graceful, fluid, powerful & sexy.  Yep I am loving Lee Jun Gi's fight scenes.  I just really had to point that out. ^^

Let's get on with the review/recap.

At the end of ep 13 Ju Wal showed up looking for a little alone time chat w/ Arang, but Eun Oh interrupted Ju Wal's request & nixed it immediately.  And there we had a good shot of the strangest Love Triangle I've ever seen.

So Eun Oh has chased off Ju Wal like a guard dog & dragged Arang back to her rooms & told her to go inside.  Later that night she leaves her room looking for fresh air, a good walk, a chance to stop & have another visit w/ Eun Oh in the moonlight.  {{insert wistful sigh here}}

She tells him, their relationship still cannot happen & then adds that she won't make things difficult for him.  That much she can do for him.  But Eun Oh is not done saying what he has to say.  His feelings are too strong for him to ignore anymore.  He tells her this time I am not going to let you have your way.  I'm not going to take your words at face value & I am not going to agree to follow your choices.  He tells her he knows that she is lying to him about how she really feels.

She tells him that it isn't as complicated as he is making it out to be.  I'm going & you're staying.  It's that simple so what is the point of having feelings & starting something they can't finish in other words?  She tries to walk away but his feelings overwhelm him again & he runs after her & we get a {{SQUUUEEEEE!!!!}} back hug.  {{Remember how I heart those.}}   And then he tells her... "This is what I am going to do.  If I want to hug you or hold you, I'm going to do so.  If I want to see you, I will and if I want to tell you something, I'm going to and what happens next, I'll think about at a later time."  All this is said quietly, breathlessly & passionately while Arang stays quietly in his embrace listening.

Until she quietly reaches up & grasps his hand & removes it slowly & then walks away from him.

I wanted to cry for him, especially when the really sad, weepy love song OST came on.  Proving it's ability to evoke sadness & tears from one soft hearted ahjumma.  But seriously how could you not feel all weepy looking at his sad puppy dog eyes & his angst ridden face?  If you can look at his handsome little sad face & not feel sad for him then you are cold.  Dude seriously cold.

The next morning Arang gets up & heads to Lord Choi's house.  She is off to discover where all the ghosts are that are supposed to be acting a spies for Eun Oh.  They are nowhere to be found but Ju Wal is there & while he is happy to see Arang, you can see he's also terrified having her that close to Creepy Mommy Dearest.  So he takes her to a safer place for a little heart to heart.

And it's here he asks her if she can give her heart to him?

{{What a sweet way to say it, right?  I was all awwwww....  Poor guy.  I really want him to find happiness too.  I have totally fallen for Ju Wal, even if he ultimately turns evil because of rejection.  He just has not had a good or easy life.  He just wants someone to love him.  I feel so bad for the guy.}}

He tells her if she could give him her heart he thinks he could live a little differently.  In other words if she can just love him then he could have a good & happy normal life, the right way.  She is shocked by the confession & asks him why all of a sudden & he tells her it isn't as sudden as you think, it's just that I only just figured out what I wanted/need.  She tells him "I'll pretend I never heard this."  He asks her if it's because he was previously engaged to the Magistrate's daughter?  But he never had feelings for Lee Seo Rim that he does for Arang & wants them to be together.

While Arang is getting confessed to, again.  Bang Ui Ri, the Shaman is still looking for more family journals from her grandmothers.  The 9th generations ago grandma, then Dol Seo arrives & she confronts him about spilling the beans about Arang's identity & Eun Oh's ghost speaking abilities.  And he tells her he feels bad too & then he spills the beans that Arang has to go back to the underworld.  This the Shaman did NOT know.

On her walk to the Shaman's house, Arang apologizes to Lee Seo Rim for her misaligned fate w/ Ju Wal, because Arang does not love him.  While visiting & trying to see if the Shaman has found anything else out the Shaman asks her why she came alone & if she & Eun Oh argued.  Arang asks her to hurry please & then the Shaman gives Arang a lecture on how being afraid to form a bond w/ Eun Oh just because she has to go back & he'll be left alone is the wrong choice.  That she should make the most of the time she has on earth with him.  Not run from it & her feelings.

CMD btw has discovered her missing soul pot.  How is this possible?!?!  So she calls Ju Wal to her & asks him if he knows & at first he can't imagine who could gain access to the lair, when even he & his father have never...  But then he remembers that night that Arang was outside the gate & he tells her that he thinks it was the Magistrate.  At first CMD is all no way!  That's impossible.  But then Ju Wal explains that the Magistrate found the talisman & confronted Lord Choi.  So now it's Lord Choi's turn to get lectured.  Lord Choi meanwhile tells CMD that he knows who Arang is & that she is immortal.  And he wants to know what she is willing to do before he tells CMD the real identity of Arang.  Back in her lair she is outraged he is trying to negotiate with her.  So she calls forth 3 of her minions from the soul pots.  She tells them to find the soul pot at the Magistrate's house now!

And that's exactly what they try to do...
But Eun Oh is finely tuned to when the girl of his dreams is in peril & wakes up just as one of the minions realizes what she is & just as he is starting to make his move, Eun Oh goes a running & the 3 minions disappear.  And even though he finds her safely & peacefully sleeping he decides to keep watch outside her bedroom door all night long.

Up in the heavens Moo Yeong (Gen Dead Dude) questions Mr Beautiful.  He wants to know the worst case scenario if his sister continues unchecked.  MB explains that ...

GDD questions them using Arang as bait but they really had no choice.  If Moo Yeon continues then she will throw both worlds into utter chaos & control the worlds herself.  And then it's discovered that Eun Oh is designed & trained to be the one to take out CMD.  That Mr Beautiful trusts Eun Oh & CMD trusts her brother.  This is the way it has to be. 

{{So does that mean that Moo Yeong will eventually switch sides to help his sister whom he feels all sorts of guilt towards?!?  I'm a little confused on this part, I don't know if it's me or if it's a lost in translation thing or if it's a figuring out Joseon speak thing.  So if one of you can enlighten me I'd love it!}}

The next morning she finds him sitting outside her bedroom door when she tries to exit her room but can't...because he is asleep on the other side of the door.  When asked why he is there he tells her he was afraid she would disappear again like she did yesterday & then asks her where she went all day long.  She tells him that she was at Lord Choi's & that she thinks all the ghosts have vanished.  They discuss how they don't think the ghosts would leave without getting their grievances taken care of by Eun Oh as he promised so they think that Lord Choi must have done something to them as he did the ghosts inside his houses boundaries.  But does Lord Choi have magical ability like that, wouldn't he have figured out exactly what she was from the beginning?   But Eun Oh points out that Lord Choi is not the only one living there.  But Arang has a hard time believing Ju Wal, who she tells him confessed to her, would be that way or else he too would have been to tell what she really is.  When Eun Oh hears that Ju Wal confessed he was not happy but she assures him that just as she refused Eun Oh she refused Ju Wal too.

So their next plan of attack is to ask about the servants of Lord Choi.  So Eun Oh asks Moe.  Moe tells him that there are only 2 male servants & 2 female servants & that none of them live on the grounds.  That at night they go home.  Very interesting.  Just then Larry & Curly burst through.  There is a commotion outside.  It seems about 2 dozen men from the town answered the call to be patrolman.  And Eun Oh tells the Three Stooges to hire them all.  Hire them, feed them & train them.  And it will be Dol Seo's job to show them what to do & how to be proper patrolmen.  While Eun Oh is lecturing them on the proper patrolmen rules, Arang walks by & all the patrolmen stop listening & turn to watch her walk past.  Which, giggle, Eun Oh is less than thrilled about & so he clears his throat loudly & yells at the men to pretend they never saw her & to NEVER look at that woman again!  To them she is just a ghost!  {{giggle jealous much Eun Oh?}}

Back at Lord Choi's house the seamstress to Lee Seo Rim has arrived & she confirms that Arang looks exactly like the former magistrate's daughter Lee Seo Rim.  So much so she almost called her "Aghassi".  He got the information he was looking for from her, so he sends her back, w/ Geo Deol as her escort, but as they are leaving he signals Geo Deol sinisterly, which was confirmed when during her walk back.  Geo Deol, who is behind her, pulls out a dagger & then he moves quickly toward her & off camera.  Guessing ahjumma seamstress is no longer with us.  Back to Lord Choi & CMD, she puts down a yellow mystical sticky note in front of him & tells him that it will cure him of his Shaman disease permanently.  Then he tells her who Arang really was.  That she was the girl that was killed 3 years ago on the altar in that deserted house, on that mountain.  That she is the former magistrate's daughter & former fiance of Ju Wal.  An engagement that CMD vehemently protested.  Back in her underground lair she faces her mirror & sees her real self & realizes what Arang really wants now.  To seek vengeance for her death at the hands of CMD.  Now she gets to inform Ju Wal that he doesn't need to bother with Arang anymore, because she knows what Arang wants.  Which is far more terrifying...because now he has no excuse to be around Arang & protect her.  CMD has ordered him off of Arang.  So now what?

Meanwhile the Shaman arrives at the magistrate's office w/ info regarding the soul pot.  She sits them down with her book & tells them it holds a soul, which 'duh', we the audience already knew because we've already seen what comes out of it.  But the Shaman believes it must hold the soul of one of Lord Choi's ancestors.  So she says the magic words...
 And out pops this guy.

A minion & immediately Eun Oh & Arang recognize what he is & a fight breaks out.  Eun Oh tells Arang to take the Shaman & run but he is not fast enough, the Shaman gets knocked out & the minion grabs a hold of Arang when he realizes what she is & then demands her to....
But Eun Oh has his Mystical Fan, given to him by Mr Beautiful & he defeats the minion eventually sending his soul into nothingness.
At this point Arang overwhelmed collapses on weak knees...

Guess what? CMD is very much aware of the death of another of her minions.  And is not the least pleased about it either.    

And it would seem the not getting a soul on the night of the Rotten Moon, is weakening her & we discover that Eun Oh's mom may not be dead after all.  It looks as though the two women are sharing his mom's body.   And it would seem that his mom is trying to fight for control of her own body by forcing CMD out.  

Meanwhile Eun Oh is curious as to just who his master really was & what exactly is this fan?!?! 

And so is Arang & she asks him & he has a flashback to his meeting w/ his master.  At one point in his life, while trying to find himself or his mother or life itself, he wandered all over the country.  And one day in the mountains he fell asleep & when he woke up there was a man, his master, laying next to him sleeping as well.  When they were both awake the master decided to train Eun Oh to be able to fight ghosts.  And so began a fast paced training montage w/ lots of cool fight training.  That moved so fast, it was impossible to capture a non blurry screenshot, but let me tell you it was awesome watching the training.  Eventually the training ends & the master tells Eun Oh it's time to go back down the mountain & that one day he'll remember this meeting.  When Eun Oh asks him why I liked his tell me, does it remind you of anyone heavenly?!?!
giggle sounds familiar right? 
 before he leaves though he pulls out the Hairpin & gives it to Eun Oh telling him to give it to his mother.
Which we all know he did.  

Arang asks Eun Oh if there was anyway they could meet his master since he seems to know so much?  He says only if it is my fate & besides he said the hairpin would win my mother's heart & that didn't turn out so well as that night she ran away.  Arang starts to leave but Eun Oh can tell there is something bothering her.  She never did tell him what the evil spirited minion said to her when it grabbed her but she does now.  It wants my body.  And it reminded me of the crazy evil spirits that were all sharing that one guy's body in the cave that time.  He said something that freaked me out.  That if he was right in his guess that I was in serious danger.  Creeped out & scared she wonders aloud why they gave her a body like this & sent her back to earth?  

Meanwhile CMD has figured out that the reason the Magistrate is in the middle of all this is because he knows about Ju Wal stabbing the girl, her coming back to life & is now trying to help her.  How could I overlook this one thing?  I'm supposed to be the bad guy I should know everything the good guy's are up to!  

After the Shaman wakes up finally & they ascertain that she is okay they ask her to help them get in touch w/ the Grim Reaper again.  At this point the Shaman lays back down under the covers & refuses to help.  Poor thing.  Arang tries calling Moo Yeong down herself but he doesn't come for her.  After she goes back in however he comes to Eun Oh & he tells Eun Oh to protect Arang w/ all his might.  That she is in serious danger! Because the demons can tell she is in an immortal body & if they can kill her soul they can then have her body & live eternally.  So plans are set in motion....

Eun Oh goes over the wall to Lord Choi's house.  Only he's not alone, soon Moo Yeong arrives on the scene & they defeat a few more minions between the two of them.  Moo Yeong with his sword & Eun Oh with his fan.  Then they go down into the lair.  BTW Moo Yeong still hasn't told Eun Oh who is behind all this...

Yep that look of shock & horror just about covers how I would react too.  

She makes the most awesome creepy insane villainess faces don't you think?

And that is where we leave off AddiKts.  Only 3 weeks left of the show to go.  It's getting really good.  Still waiting for a really awesome kiss between Eun Oh & Arang & still wanting to snuggle Ju Wal till he feels loved & happy.  How about you guys?  Am I the only one feeling for the guy?  Are the rest of you on the fence or are you in the "he's the bad guy" camp still?  Leave your answers in that handy dandy comments section & tell me what you thought.  Until next week then...  

Have a great weekend & see ya next week!


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