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Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: It's those little things.

Before I get in to this week's WWU, I have an update on my friend, the one I told you about in last week's WWU, who had started watching The King 2 Hearts...she finished it.   Even though she is insanely busy...once the show hooked her, she just couldn't NOT watch.  I tried to explain to her that it had that effect on all of us.

I really did enjoy getting text messages that read like this....

"This better end well!"
"They better not kill any of my fave characters!!"
"You stink!!!  I was hoping Eun Shi Kyung was just playing along with the psychopath." 
immediately followed by...
"Okay that's better.  He's a good guy again.  Darn it.  Hubby is home.  I gotta go."  

(THAT ONE MADE ME LOL!!!  Especially the "hubby" part. ^.^)

Then she sent me text messages blaming ME for HER not getting anything done. Followed by...
"Stinking K-dramas making me cry."

I imagine you know why....  (esp if you have seen the show.)  Yes, she had finally finished the show & I recommended she start A Gentleman's Dignity... a nice, fast paced & funny show to help her get past the intense drama of TK2H.  I'm a good AddiKtion Therapist don't you think?

BTW all of those texts were shared w/ Dongsaeng as they arrived, & she & I laughed & laughed at my friend & her K2H angst.   Such a great friend I am!!  Ahhh....the good things I do for those I love the mostest!  ;)P

Now, you are all probably wondering what I'm going to talk about this week?  I actually knew what I wanted to talk about earlier but I've been trying to organize my thoughts...I tend to have a million things going through my mind at a time.  I don't know if that's a "Me" thing or a "Girl" thing.   So the organization process is time consuming.  The twisted ways my mind works can be slightly terrifying.  If you guys knew half the things that pop in there you'd be worried for me.  Or maybe you'd be more worried for my family. ^^

Anyway, this week I did a little research among my fellow AddiKts on my FB Unnie page & on the TCA FB page, regarding my idea for this week's WWU.

My question was...

Knowing how much I heart the "wrist grab", especially for regular "Unnie" readers, as if there is such a thing,  what other things do you guys heart the most about K Dramas that you can't see in US (or any country you live in) Television?  Name some of those little things that make your breath catch or heart/tummy flutter?

Oh my the response was awesome!!  Thank you so much guys for telling me your favorite things.  I loved all the answers!  Chincha!!

So we've all decided right?  That it's those little things in a K Drama that we love the most!  The ones that are predominantly missing from our own TV shows.  And yes, for me a big one is the "wrist grab".  There are so many different variations of my favorite thing.  That moment when the female walks away & the man grabs her by the wrist & spins her to face him, either in anger or in desperation!  There is a passion in any of those scenarios for the Wrist Grab that always makes me happy.  Or when she is walking, not necessarily away, & he walks up beside her, grabs her wrist & walks/drags her away faster.  OR...  In the middle of a conversation he just up & grabs her wrist & drags her off.  Sigh.  Heart all fluttery & skin all goose bumpy at just the thought.  Now why do I like the wrist grab so much?  Especially when it's really quite chauvinistic!  Some man just walks up & over powers the girl & off she goes following in his wake?!?  The feminist in me thinks it's terrible & should be abolished.  She's screaming at me about equality.  Don't worry I came equipped w/ duct tape & am happy to report the feminist has been quieted.  But let's face it I am not a quiet, shy, subdue-able type of girl myself.  I'm not exactly sure how I would handle the wrist grab in real life.  I guess it would directly relate to the hotness of the guy trying to drag me away.

I am nothing if I am  not always honest with myself & you guys.  Something I am sure you wish I wouldn't do quite so often.

Like this wrist grab moment from the end of Lie To Me ep 9
Hyun Ki Joon shows up during GOng Ah Jung's blind date & drags her off as she leaves the ladies room.
Total Squeee moment for Unnie.  

I have other favorite romantic devices as well...

I love it when the male jumps in front of the female & shields her from something unpleasant.  Either something falling or a someone speeding past on either bike or in a car.  Even if the thing they are being shielded from is 20 ft away & is in no way dangerous.  Its so sweet & protective & selfless & it shows how much he cares.  And it has the added benefit of putting them in each other's bubbles.  Choi Min Ho from SHINee did it admirably well in ep 2 of To The Beautiful You.  So romantic.  I love the look on his face as he gets closer to her.  At this point he's not supposed to be aware that she's a she!  I think he knew it all along though.
Giggle.  Now comes the next favorite...the stare.  O.O  OMO!!  That moment when two sets of eyes meet, hold & look deep.  When faces are close together & breaths are mingling.  {{all fluttery again}}  You can see they have just realized how close their bodies are to each other.  That they are or could touch each other, if they just leaned closer or reached out a hand.  And you can see in their eyes that they want to do that very thing.  And you the viewer are at home, on the edge of your seat, eyes wide & wondering, are they going to touch?  Are they going to kiss?  And you find yourself leaning in ... hoping.  And while it can be frustrating {{on so many levels}} when they don't give in to that blatant desire, it also makes it sincerely sexier, imho.    

A lot of you loved the piggy back!  Which made me love all of you so much more!  The piggy back.  That most certainly does not happen here, very often.  The piggy back's innocent way of putting the two leads very close to each other & still keeping it innocent & clean.  You hardly ever see the male lead pick the female lead or any female up in his arms in front of his chest.  It's such a gasp moment when they do that but every show out there has at least one piggy back scene & it's considered the norm.  Plus, the piggy back has the added benefit of placing their faces very close together too.  One of my favorite piggy back scenes is in PK when Oh Ha Ni has been drinking, with the family, in her father's restaurant & Baek Seung Jo gets stuck piggy backing her home.  I love that the mom kept forcing him into situations like that.  It seems innocent enough...until he mocks her flat chest & her inability to be able to feed her kids like that!

LOL  Obviously there are some things that the piggy back allows the male leads to know about the female leads.  The ampleness  of her chest, or lack thereof, being one of them.

There were several of you who told me you liked it when one of the leads got sick & the other would immediately go into nurse mode w/ cold compresses & caring for the patient round the clock.  Or the wanting to make sure that the other has eaten.  Things like this hardly ever happen in real life.  When I am sick, CA rarely sits by my bed & waits on me hand & foot.  There are no cold compresses on my forehead  & he doesn't make sure I take my "medicine".  Of course I'm okay with that as long as he keeps the kids away from me, I count myself lucky.

One reader loves that it is such a big deal when they touch hands.  The wrist grab I think goes a long with this but I have to admit it's one of my favorite things about K Dramas too.  Touching is just not that big of a deal in the US.  Men & women hug here, even just as friends, all the time.  We shake hands regularly & we high five.  Touching is just part of being an American.  Of course it hasn't always been this way.   It used to be a taboo thing here too.  Maybe, like the US, this will relax & go away after a few more decades in Korea, I hope not, but you just never know.  In the US touching is a casual thing & doesn't mean much.  Unless it's in an intimate moment or way, then it matters.  But those intimate moments & ways are becoming far too common even in public nowadays.  Which makes me sad.  A friend of our family told us that he was at Six Flaggs with his wife & kids, not too long ago.  He actually had to go up to couple, in their late teens, who were making out right there in the park, surrounded by tons of families (including families with young kids, like his) and ask them to please knock it off!  Explaining, to the young couple, that his kids shouldn't have to see that.  He laughed when he said that everywhere his family went that day, they saw that couple & every time that couple saw him, they would jump apart guiltily.  Giggle...good for our friend!!

Certain things should be kept special & private.  A hug in public, holding hands, even a peck on the cheek, I am fine with all of that.  Making out, swallowing each other's faces &/or groping?  No thank you.  I do not want to know that much about your personal life.  I think that's why I love those little sweet intimate moments in K Drama.  The leads always look embarrassed & shy & reserved like this is a big deal & it is & should be treated that way.  Sigh I heart that awkwardness most of all.

I still don't like the "Squish Kiss" though.  It just doesn't feel real.  If a man/guy kisses a girl & she doesn't want to be kissed she would either slap him or shove him away.  Not stand there like a dead fish, eyes wide open, not moving.  And if she does want to be kissed she's going to kiss him back.  Not stand there like a dead fish, eyes wide open, not moving.  ^.^  You see where I am going with that right?  K Drama writers & directors let's do away with the "Squish Kiss".   It's not natural or normal.

But let's keep the "wrist grab", the hand holding big deal, the deep penetrating stare into each other's eyes, at each other's delicious looking lips, the piggy back, the caring for the sick lead, the feeding of the leads, & another favorite...the back hug.  I love it when one lead, doesn't matter which, embraces the other from behind.  It's such a sweet way to show you care & to confess your feelings.  If you back hug, you love.  And like the touching/holding of the hand it's such a big deal!  Eyes widen, gasps can be heard & the leads are touching.  Sigh.  So romantic.  {{Yup all fluttery again}}

They aren't much.  They are simple & small & little & they add up to a whole lot of romance & passion & beauty.  I heart those little things in my K Dramas that make me all fluttery in my heart & tummy.  That make me sigh wistfully & longingly.  Thank you to the inventors of these wonderful devices used by so many Kdramas that have helped to ensnare me in their addiKtive web.

I hope I didn't leave out your favorite romantic device but if I did, please write to me & tell me what it is I forgot to add.  You can either leave a comment on this post, the TCA FB page, My FB page, the TCA Twitter page or My Twitter page.

Again I want to thank everyone who answered my little question online.  And I appreciate the support & the love.  What should I leave you guys with that kind of goes along with my topic today?  Hmmm....  How about a little OST sung by Jang Jae In for Arang & the Magistrate?  Since I am reviewing that show currently & loving it too!

Have a wonderful week AddiKts.  See you online!


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  1. Oh, how we all love those little subtle moments. Those innocent, romantic teeny things that set Kdramas apart (and I would argue, above) the rest of the fray. Thank you for your post! I heart you and wrist grabs both!


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