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Yong Pal Episode 10 - Time for A Top 5 Countdown: Yong Pal Edition.

Time has run away from me again this week.  Seriously, I don't know where it all goes.  So in order to pop this recap out before the new episode, it is going to be a bit of a mini-cap.  With that in mind I decided to go back to an old format of mine and type up my top 5 favorite moments/concepts of the episode.  It could really be anything from Kim Tae Hee's gorgeous hair, to Joo Won's dimples. That said, I am hoping I can go a little bit more in depth than just the superficial visuals, but it is good to know that there are fall backs in case the writers decide to skim by with a weak plot.

#5 Yeo Jin is humanized.
I like seeing Yeo Jin interact with people other than just Tae Hyun.  Sure their romance is great, but it is little scenes like this one in the church that makes her seem more rounded and less like a princess in the tower above all the peasants. 

In the same vein, her scene with Nurse Ahjumma towards the end of the episode was very powerful.  I find it interesting that every time Yeo Jin begins to feel overwhelmed and lost, the writers send her someone to build her up.  This time it was Nurse Ahjumma who allowed her to get the last closure in regards to her past, so she can move forward.

#4 The Sister Conundrum
I had suspected that we had not seen the last of Tae Hyun's sister and her need to move the plot along.  And just as a quick note.... it is not that I don't understand the use of this plot trope, I just think that the writers have relied on it a bit too much.  At least for my tastes.

Tae Hyun's sister has been imprisoned relocated to the twelfth floor.  The new chief (remember that Chief Lee had escaped) tells Tae Hyun that the funds for his sister's transfer to America suddenly dried up.  More like the bad guys know that the key to Tae Hyun's continued support is his sister.  Although how they think they can hold that over his head for long, is beyond me.  Isn't she supposed to be dead in just a matter of weeks?

#3 You're a Dead Man Without Me
Chae Young makes her move on her boy toy.  Protecting him, as well as those around him, against Do Joon.  However, Tae Hyun realizes that this is not going to get his sister treated and goes promptly to Do Joon to grovel.  Which goes about as good as you can expect.  It is amazing how quickly Do Joon is willing to dump his allies.  Probably not a good long term plan.

However, Do Joon's secretary tells Tae Hyun to send his sister to America (FINALLY) and than he will disappear (be killed).  It is the logical thing to do since it will get Tae Hyun out of the way, and no one will believe Tae Hyun left if his sister is still around.  Hmmm.  I am starting to get a feeling that Secretary is going to play a larger role in this drama than originally expected.

#2 The Airport Reunion
What better way to have everyone's plans shot to hell, than have the whole cast show up at the airport all at once.  First we have undercover Chief Lee, then Tae Hyun and his sister.  Joining them is everyone's least favorite detective who was tipped off about Tae Hyun's identity by the equally annoying grumpy intern.  Not to be left out, Tae Hyun is accompanied by several thugs (why doesn't his sister question their lurking?) and Scarface shows up on a quest to kill Chief Lee.  Phew.  Are you tired and/or confused yet?

So here we have Chief Lee who is running through the airport from Scarface.  Tae Hyun is racing after Scarface and Chief Lee, and he is followed by his jailer thugs and everyone is followed by the cops who bring up the rear.  At least Tae Hyun was able to say a tearful goodbye to his sister before this hullabaloo started.

In the end Chief Lee is stabbed by Scarface.  Lucky for him Yong Pal is on hand to save him under the supervision of the cops (right before they drag him to the station).  Chief Lee is stabilized and is being sent to any hospital but Hanshin via ambulance.  That is, until a call comes through telling the ambulance to take him guessed it.........Hanshin Hospital.

#1 You Have to Love A Good Cliffhanger
I loved loved loved the ending scene.  Everyone has shifted from the airport, back to the hospital.  Tae Hyun is saved from the annoying police yet again due to his high connections.

**How sexy did he look in this scene?  What? You expected me to go a whole recap without actually mentioning Joo Won's khottie factor?

Just as he walks back into the hospital, Rebel Nurse grabs his arm and says they need to do an "emergency X-ray".  Laying in her section is Chief Lee who has not been helped at all since Tae Hyun stabilized his wound.  Not only that, but no doctors are willing to stitch up his wounds.  Because heaven forbid they have an ounce of human decency. 

Not wanting to stop the theme of mass encounters, Grouchy Intern walks past on rounds, shocked to see Tae Hyun not imprisoned.  And then, just to top the scene off with a juicy cliffhanger cherry, the mummy coma patient (i.e. Yeo Jin) comes waltzing out of her room.  It's a kdrama miracle.

Runner Up Moment
Chief Lee goes incognito.  Hahaha, makes me think of his character in "I Hear Your Voice" when he looked like a crazed fisherman.  Good times.

I am glad that we are back in the hospital where everyone can interact and be crazy.  I think the drama just works a bit better when Tae Hyun has more to do then swoon over his love.  Not that swooning, isn't fun as well, but as a viewer I just need more.  

Talking about needing more........I need the writers to let Kim Tae Hee do more scenes that don't involve her sitting around and praying.  Almost every scene she was in was a one note pony.  They are doing Kim Tae Hee's character a huge disservice by just using her as pretty eye candy.  Sure, she might not be my favorite actress, but I know that she is able to be better than the writers and director allowing.  Hopefully we will get a bit more involvement now that Yeo Jin is back in the hospital and being proactive.

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  1. I visit this blog for lighthearted reviews. Yong Pal is not an easy drama to follow, you have to watch it carefully once or maybe twice to understand and connect the dots.

    Nice point about Yeo Jin being humanized. We need to see if there's more beneath the icy cold heiress.

    About Tae Hyun dumping his allies, it's not true. Like you said, his sister's time is running out. His first priority is to get her out of the hospital before they can use her as a hostage until she falls dead.

    Tae Hyun went to the airport with just 2 bodyguards, dressed in suits looking nothing like thugs. 2 is hardly 'several' I don't question the sister for not being suspicious.

    Can you share how you would have Yeo Jin's character doing more than what she's done so far? Remember, she just woke up from coma weeks ago. People were already amused at her 'fast' recovery. Not only did she have to recover her physical strength, she has to reconnect with the world. I will like to know what you think the writer could have made Yeo Jin do.

    1. I said that Do Joon was dumping his allies not Tae Hyun. As for the main girl, I feel that they have Tae Hyun going on adrenaline which makes Yeo Jin seem all the slower on doing anything. This is a story not reality so I think it is justified to wonder why she has only been in a coma and praying in the church for over half of the show. I do like that it seems like she is finally going to start making some kind of move. At least she is doing something other than sitting. Also there were guards everywhere prohibiting Tae Hyun from taking his sister out of the hospital and it was obvious that something was going on. Then to have them standing by (slightly threateningly) why her brother says goodbye at the airport? Sorry, but that is not normal.

    2. I also agree that it will be nice to have her doing more than being in a coma or sitting around. I know in real life she would take it slow to recover but when wanting to be entertained, I would like for her to have more scenes than of her either being in a coma or recovering from one. That's why I am excited for tonight's episode cuz it looks like she will finally help the plot to move forward.

    3. I think Joo Won has stolen the limelight from Kim Tae Hee, she's like just a pretty vase aka princess aka sleeping beauty in this show...haha


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