Wednesday, October 31, 2012


In the essence of time because I don't have a lot of it as I leave for Phoenix/So Cal/ Dongsaeng/ Big Bang {{PHEW!!  That Is A Lot To Get Ready For!!}} in less than 24 hours my Wednesday Write Up includes a Birthday tribute to the best little sis on the planet!!!

What can I write about the woman who changed my life...for the better?  If she hadn't had the courage to tell me she was watching a Korean drama a year & a half ago I might not be watching them myself.  I might not be listening to K Pop.  I might not be getting ready to go on the trip of a lifetime to see her & meet new friends & see only one of the most epic , sexy, talented, hot, fierce, sexy, did I mention sexy? group of men gathered together to form a band ever!!!!

BUT  More than even that, which is enough for me to worship at her feet, this woman has been right next to me for going on 7 years helping me to battle the demon chasing my family.  All I asked for was a cooler full of ice.  That's it.  It's all I thought I needed.  But Omo!!  Someone knew how much I needed her.  Someone knew how very much I needed this amazingly compassionate, selfless, considerate, caring, funny, intelligent, spiritually lifting woman in my life.  She is more than just my best friend.  She has stood by me when my heart was breaking, she has watched me writhe in pain & been there to help make me feel better, she has cared for my children as much as I do.  She has lifted & supported, & most importantly, loved me; even when I am not lovable.  She has never judged me when in the depths of despair, while fighting my son's disease, I have railed against God for this pain.  Instead she listens patiently & understandingly & lovingly as I express my anguish & then she offers me love & reminds me to never give up my faith for anger or despair.  She is funny & sarcastic & pithy & witty & clever & sweet & I heart her almost as much as I do my CA & kids.  And answer your question, right now as I write this post, I'm tearing up w/ gratitude, that she was willing to be my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

Today is her birthday.  That's right my Dongsaeng is a Halloween baby.  Once upon a time I threw her a huge Halloween Surprise {{No, she wasn't surprised}} Birthday Bash.  I miss so much that I haven't been there every year since, just down the street, to make it a yearly tradition.  But this year, the day after her birthday, I will fly out of WI & to AZ & we will celebrate her birthday all weekend long; in Fantastic Baby / BigBang style.  I am so excited to see her again!!  To get a great big hug & squeee all girly & silly with her over Big Bang.  To hop in the car Friday morning & road trip our ahjumma butts to So Cal w/ a car stereo blasting K Pop the whole dang way!!  To walk the streets of Korea Town in LA with her & stay up late in our hotel room recapturing our youth.

Shan, I know you hate this kind of gushing attention, that you are shy, & would much rather blend in to the background 9 times out of 10.  But you are just the most amazing person I know & I think the entire world should shout Happy Birthday to you from their rooftops!  I hope you don't get mad at me for my birthday tribute & my gushing about how awesome I think you are today & every day.  I hope you know how truly blessed I feel having your friendship in mine & my family's life.  Thank you so much for putting up with my insanity.  You are amazing.  And there are great blessings awaiting you for being willing to deal with my Hot Mess of a life.  :)  I love you oodles & gobs & hope your birthday {{weekend}} rocks socks!!

And to all of you our fellow AddiKts won't you please take a minute out of your busy Halloween day to send her a quick Happy Birthday email or leave a happy bday comment on this post or even better go over to our FB TCA page & leave her a bday wish there.  I'm even challenging you to another TCA Funny Pic Challenge today.  Find a pic of one of her bias' & either caption on the pic or think of a clever caption to put with the pic to wish Dongsaeng a Happy Halloween/Birthday & post it to the TCA FB page.

Dongsaeng's bias' {{as if you don't already know}} are; Kim Jaejoong, Lee Donghae & G-D.

My tribute to Dongsaeng are videos of her favorite guys.  Being all sexy singing & dancing.  I love you sweet pea & Cannot wait to see you & help ring in your next year this weekend.  Crazy Ahjumma style!

Bring.  It. On!


To help you get your weekend Birthday Party started Shan....

Have a great weekend AddiKts!!


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  1. Thank you sweetie! You made me cry. On my birthday. Thanks a lot. ;) I am the one who has been blessed to have such an amazing friend. You are wonderful and amazing and I appreciate everything you do, especially your never-ending patience with this crazy gal. Love you and can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!! xD


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