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DFR: Faith ep 23

Ack!  No!

This is the week I have both dreaded and looked forward to -- the week we say farewell to our Lee Min Ho and Faith.  Looked forward to because I love conclusions - I love knowing the whole story.  Love when those mysteries are all solved.  Dreaded for obvious reasons (No! Please don't go oppa!  We don't even know what your next drama/project will be yet! When will we see you again?!?  WAH!!!! *sobs uncontrollably*).

And to complicate things further, I am so unbelievably distracted right now as I try to write this.  Unnie is literally in the air, about to land here in my major metropolitan area and step foot on her homeland soil for the first time in over 3 years.  I have to wait until tonight to see her as I decided to let her actual real-life unnie spend some time with her before I steal her away for the weekend - generous of me, isn't it?  I'm starting to regret my generosity as I am sitting here, chained to the desk dungeon, instead of down at the airport holding a poster and balloons and squeeing with joy.  Cursed generosity of mine.  Boo.

Faith deserves better than a mere portion of my attention, but alas, a mere portion is all I have to spare for today.  Alack, alack, alack {50 points for anyone who can cite that reference}.  I will still do my very best and crank this out, distractions and endless to-do lists and all.

So Eun Soo is heck bent on staying there in Goryeo.  She doesn't want to live an empty life without him.  He's heck bent on sending her back in order to save her life.  He'd rather have her alive, she'd rather be dead.  Oh, these two silly kids.  What we need is a solution.  Bingo!  We have one courtesy of our Doctor Jang Bin, may he rest in peace.  The mute herbalist who's name escapes me at the moment is rooting around his office one day when she discovers his notebook.  She rushes it to Eun Soo.  In that notebook is a note.

A note about another poison that might possibly cure the poison she already has.  Fight fire with fire, fight poison with poison.  It's risky, but she's going to go for it.  What's she got to lose anyway?  The fever has already set in, meaning she probably only has 7 days to live and the portal doesn't open up for 10 more days.  You do the math there.  Looks like poison to fight poison it is.

She goes around and says her goodbyes.  Choi Young takes some time off to spend with her.  After coming upon the king and queen out in the garden painting, Eun Soo takes some mental photos of everyone.  Well, some people.  Lots don't get included in that mental scrapbook, but at least the eunuch who's wife gets him drunk and then shags him makes the cut along with the king and queen, Lady Choi, and Choi Young.  Also thrown in there somewhere (distracted, remember?) is the scene that inspired my "art" for today... Eun Soo plays a game of "these are a few of my favorite things".  Choi Young asks her what she likes.  She mentions yellow mums and the moment it begins to rain.  Then she looks over at him and starts listing off the color blue and gray before going into her head for the rest of the list - a tall man and his large hands, and his voice.

I'm totally with her there.  LMH is definitely one of my favorite things too.  Then she asks him what he likes, and without a word, he just puts his hand on her shoulder, indicating that he likes her.  Aww!  Cute!

So, in the midst of all this romancing and poison planning, there's some political stuff and Gi Cheol stuff still going on.  Not much happens with the political stuff, so I'll focus my attentions on the Gi Cheol stuff for a moment.

He's bat crap crazy.  He has this "sickness" - a insatiable desire for more.  More and more and more...stuff.  He is so desperate to get to the future where they have flying carriages - surely no one there suffers from the same "illness" - the same desperate desire for "more" - you know, since they have so much already and all.  Oh, but no - Eun Soo tells him that a lot of people suffer from that same "illness".  Ooh!  Social commentary!  Way to go Faith!  Nice one.  Don't think I didn't see what you just did there.  Props to you.  And so subtle too.  He gets himself and his Fire Lady and Killer Flute Dude arrested, but also has a plan in place.  He's got to get in to the palace to find the last artifact that is hidden in the floor in the king's room.  And he's sending out spies to find Eun Soo - which they do.  We'll stop there and pick this back up in a minute.

First, let's jump back to Eun Soo poisoning herself.  She's made all the arrangements and has Choi Young and Lady Choi there to help her.  She figures that she'll get a high fever and may lose consciousness.  She instructs them to let her be through the night, but that if the fever lasts into the next day, she's going to need them to help her fight it.  We have a very touching, intimate scene where she's downing the poison, but all I'm thinking is, "what?  No kiss?  No goodbye?  No confession?  No 'just in case I die, know that I love you's?" Why don't you people ever talk to each other?  GAH!!!  Communication is a wonderful thing.  Sure, LMH is capable of communicating a whole lot with just one glance, but still.  I want a sappy, dramatic farewell every now and again.  Sigh.  So yeah, without a word, she downs a big bowl o' poison.

He holds her and combs her hair until she passes out.

He sits by her side all night until Lady Choi comes in to relieve him.  Eun Soo is unconscious and still fevered.  They need to get the fever down.  Choi Young spies the bottle of aspirin - you know, the one with the dried flower that she had put in his hair in it?  He takes the aspirin, pops it in his mouth (I was really confused for a second here as to what he was doing - totally did not see this next part coming), chews is up (yuck!), and then spits it into her mouth, mother bird-style.

Okay.  Kind of sweet and sexy and romantic, but kind of gross at the same time.  I will silence the ick factor though and choose to focus on the romance of the gesture.  Hey, I guess if LMH wanted to spit aspirin in my mouth to save my life I wouldn't fight too hard either.

Right after the momma bird moment, Dae Man comes running in, declaring that Gi Cheol had broken free and captured the king.

Choi Young has no choice but to leave Eun Soo's side and go help save the day.  Only, look what he leaves behind.

Uh oh.  That's what I said.

So yeah, Gi Cheol breaks out of his chains when he is brought before the king.

One of our favorite Woodalchi gets frostified while acting as Choi Young's arm.  :(

He had seen the general drop his sword that one time and had offered up his spear and services as his arm in order to keep the general from quitting.  It was so sweet, but he lost his life for it.  This pisses off Choi Young and gives him the strength to fight Gi Cheol who has taken some sort of super power-enhancing steroid.  DUHN DUHN DUHN!  {had to get one last one in you know}

We end here, after a quick cut to Eun Soo who is waking up from her poisoned state.  Hurray!

Now let's just hope the unarmed Choi Young can live through his super powered battle with bat crap crazy Gi Cheol.  DUHN DUHN DUHN {or two}.

And there we go.  Episode 23 in a random, spastastic nutshell.  Let's go see about 24, now shall we?


P.S.  A thank you to Unnie for her birthday tribute.  It was so sweet of her and made me tear up.  And a thank you to all those that wished me a happy birthday.  It was a very good day and I felt very loved and blessed.  I have amazing people in my life.  Thank you for being a part of that!  :)

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