Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12-12-12 VI Day

I think we're beyond explaining the time difference between where we are and where our favorite Korean idols are, right?  Yes, here we're still living in Tuesday, the 11th of December, but across the world, our birthday boy is living in the future and it is his birthday right now.  Now, sometimes we wait until it is their day here, and sometimes we don't.  There's no rhyme or reason to it.  It depends on how we feel, how prepared we were, what our schedules are like, etc. etc. etc.  Thankfully this birthday did not take us by surprise.  There was a campaign of sorts to wish this man a happy birthday at 12:12 am on 12/12/12 KST.  This translated into 8:12 am for me this morning.  I did my VIP duty and I tweeted with the right hashtag and all at the right time (or close enough to it - started at 8:11 so that I could tweet it on time, but for some reason it took me two minutes to type the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!".  Go figure).  Anyway, it means that this person's birthday has been on my mind since I first got up this morning, so it's only fitting that his special TCA birthday message goes out today.  I'm sure he's sitting around and waiting for it.  He's probably getting a little nervous that it might not come.  Silly Ri.  We definitely would never skip this day.

What to say about our birthday boy?  I've always liked him since I first got to know him.  He's kind of the whole package.  Good looks, rockin' bod, great voice, impressive dancer and a hilarious sense of humor.  I first fell for him after watching him on variety shows such as Strong Heart.  When he started revealing all sorts of things about his hyungs I just about died laughing.
Found this on Pinterest.  I think it is probably an accurate portrayal of how his hyungs feel sometimes when he opens his mouth on TV and starts spilling the juicy on the group ;)

But that love only grew by leaps and bounds on November 19th of this year.  You know what that day was, right?  That was the day Twitter got cool and was suddenly worth checking multiple times a day.  Seungri - awesome.  Twitter - okay I guess.  Put the two of them together?  EPIC.  Seriously, seriously epic.  Give him a way to voice himself frequently and watch out!  I completely and totally adore following him and seeing what zany things he comes up with.  Were you under your rock on that day and missed all the fun?  Have no fear - this blog over here covered it quite nicely.

He's our favorite adorable PANDA!  <3

He's entertaining!

And he's gorgeous.

What's not to love?

Happy birthday Seungri-ssi!

We hope our most favorite maknae has a wonderful birthday!

Thank you for all of your efforts in keeping your fans entertained on every level.

Unnie and Dongsaeng


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