Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unnie's WWU: Oppa Watching: Real Life Applications

Some of you have been reading TCA long enough that you are aware I have something of an off color sense of humor.  That there is a side to me, I have to keep under control very carefully otherwise the dirty minded jokes & one liners just fly out of me.  I call that half of me "Naughty Unnie" & she spends a great deal of time rattling the bars on her carefully constructed cage.  You also know that I have to work very hard to utilize the filter I do actually have, but don't use very judiciously.  Oh if only you knew!  ^_^

In case you didn't read one of our 5 million posts about how we went to Southern California for the Big Bang concert I'm here to tell you Dongsaeng & I took a road trip together in Nov to go see Big Bang perform in Anaheim.  While we were there we met up with several new friends, also addiKts, also going to see BB in concert.  We gathered together from far & wide to have a thoroughly enjoyable "K" themed weekend, away from husbands & families, who don't exactly understand our addiKtion.  We hit the Noraebang, ate nothing but Korean food, & headed to K Town in LA.  It was while in a Korea town mall that we found a really awesome K Pop store that we christened the "Crack Store".  I went in & out several times, each time spending more money.  Which added up to nearly $150 by the time they dragged me out, for my own good, of course.  (-_^)  I didn't buy just for me guys!  Chincha!!  BTW I dropped another $60 bucks (at least!) at various "girlie" stores including The Face Shop. giggle.  

While there we had so much fun seeing Koreans everywhere we went.  Dongsaeng lives in a part of the desert southwest that is sadly Korean deficient.  And I live in Ke-nowhere, WI.  (No, that is not the real name lol)  White people everywhere!!  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  I like white people too.  I'm not a total snob. Which my family will be glad to hear because I think they doubt that sometimes.  Honestly I like all races & colors.  I think it's beautiful when I go somewhere & see a whole bunch of differences.  I LOVE differences.  They make life interesting & fun.  And I am tremendous fan of people watching.  

Which brings me to one of our group's favorite past times, whilst in So Cal.  "Oppa Stalking".  We kept giving each other that look.  You know that look you give to your friends when you see a hot guy or worse your crush walk into the room.  Or maybe you used to give each other when you were a teenage girl  Which is basically all we were doing, during our sojourn into La La Land.

Kind of like this....


Whether it was the Noraebang, the grocery store...(for my "How to Stalk Hawt Oppas in Your Local Korean Market" you'll have to attend the seminar.  It's a lot harder than you might think since the bulk of men found in a Korean market are married & only there because their wives dragged them.)  Or the mall.  We were constantly on the look out.  And giving each other this look.---^  What?!?!  Like you wouldn't!!  Whatever!!  I know you do, we all know you do...just admit it!  

The other day Koreatown Los Angeles on FB posted this as their status...

"This may be hard for local residents to comprehend and accept but... K-Pop fans from all over North America come to Los Angeles and visit Koreatown in search of young Korean men like those seen in this video."

Then they shared another "Gangnam Style" homage music video, full of clips of male K Pop stars dancing, grinding, thrusting, stripping off shirts wet/dry, "Internet Wars" & all sorts of other mouth watering temptations.  I cannot post the video because Omo!  Fear not, I wouldn't hang you out to dry after such a build here is the link, check it out for yourselves...  "Noona Gangnam Style"  

And I laughed & laughed & laughed because they totally knew what we were doing when we there!!  They must have caught us on CCTV!  How else would they know?!?!  O.O  We were being sooo subtle... ROFLMBO... yeah I can't finish that sentence with a straight face either.  

Since then, my friends & I decided we needed to keep up with this SECRET "Oppa Stalking".  So as innocuously as we can, when we spot a sexy Asian man out in our real world, we try to subtly take a secret pic of him & we share it with each other.  For some reason I don't think we are a good influence for each other but danged if I am going to complain!  

So Sexy Asian men everywhere be on the lookout.  If you spot a woman, all sorts of colors btw & ages too, pretending to try & get a signal with her cell phone, which just happens to be pointed in your direction, just smile nicely, hold still for a few extra seconds, while feigning ignorance of our stupidity, & let us snap a pic.  It doesn't end up on the net, I promise.  We're very discreet about our secret stash of pics.  And none of them are dirty.  Just random guys in the real world.  I have already admitted to being "Oppa Krazy".  This is just a further example of how bad it is.  And nope I still have no desire to be anything but what I am.  BTW CA is fully aware of this part of my sickness. LOL  Don't you know he just rolls his eyes & either pretends he doesn't know me OR (worse) in a not subtle voice says, "Jess, There's one!  Get out your camera!  Oppa in the wild!"

Happily addiKted to all things K, especially the sexy men.  And thank you South Korea for having such a  large selection of incredibly good looking men for this crazy ahjumma to drool over.  I appreciate your efforts to enable my addiKtion.  It's really very kind of you. 

I wanted to end my post for with my Hyun-y's latest MV "Save Today", but unfortunately it has been blocked in the US due to Copyright laws. So instead, to go along with the season, I will share a few of my favorite K Pop groups singing Christmas songs. 메리 크리스마스 (Merry Christmas)


 I hope you are all having a wonderful December. That you are enjoying the season & caught up in the magic of this very special time of year. Remember to smile to that sales clerk whose been on his/her feet all day long. Dealing with surly customers & customers who try to take advantage as much as possible. They're doing the best they can & they have feelings & moods too. It's hard to be super smiley when you have been barked at & treated rudely which, sadly, is far too common at this time of year. Think how you'd feel if you were them. Just recently I was out & about doing my Christmas shopping for my monstrosities & running errands & was in a hurry too. As I checked out in line at Target I smiled & joked with the cashier, making him smile & laugh & he thanked me, so sincerely, & told me I was the first person to look into his eyes & notice he was there all morning long. I wanted to hug him. Instead I wished him a Merry Christmas & thanked him for working so hard.

 This is the Season of Love people. Spread & share your smile & your heart everyday all day. Whether you believe in a God or a Savior or nothing, it doesn't matter, the season is all about LOVE & humanity. Try to remember you have humanity & share it. The good vibes you put out into the world come back, just as the bad ones do. And I will step off my "gift box" now & get back to celebrating with my family. Sending much love & joy to all of you. I am always full I was going to say joy! LOL Borrow mine on days when you feel you are running out. I can spare it. (^_-)



  1. Somehow I had missed the Noona Gangnam Style.. *facepalm* Oppa Watching, however, sounds exciting... and also something I'm sure I could also be discreet about.. ;)

    1. Well then I am so glad I was able to link the video so that I could help enable uh inform you. ;) And it really is a lot of fun to Oppa Watch. I highly recommend it.


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