Monday, December 10, 2012

{Monday Morning-ish Therapy with Donsaeng} Finding Balance in it All

Okay, folks - time to get real here for a minute.

My name is Dongsaeng and I am an addicKt.

{This is where you all say "Hi Dongsaeng" so that I feel more comfortable and part of the therapy group, thus encouraging me to share my story.}

I started watching K dramas nearly two years ago.  One thing led to another and I eventually got into KPop as well.  That has snowballed into a blog and a vast amount of social media related to my addicKtion.  Couple that with some personal challenges this year and I have begun to neglect seriously my full-time job as Domestic Engineer.  (I hate that term - sounds so like 1990s yet I'll still use it here for some unexplainable reason.  Really, it's unexplainable, so don't even bother asking).

This has all come to a head lately.  When I spent a few minutes with my children the other day, they were totally weirded out.  "What are you doing Mom?  Why are you in here?".  They got all nervous and thought that maybe they were in trouble or something.  Now, that's just sad.  I wanted to see them because they had been away all day at Grandma's house while I was home sick in bed.  Me speaking to the humans that I carried for 9 months inside of my body and have since dedicated my entire life to raising shouldn't be a newsworthy event.  Something's gotta give here, even I can see that in my addicKtion-induced haze.  So, it is with heavy, yet hopeful, heart that I come to you today to not only admit I have a problem, but to publicly declare that I will find balance in it all.  I will, gosh darn it all, I will.

This means less time spent with my enablers, iPad and iPhone.  Less time with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.  Not to worry - they're definitely not going away, just going to become a healthy part of my life instead of the all-encompassing obsession they have been as of late.  Additionally, I have set work hours for myself.  3 hours every day dedicated to this here blog, whether I have something I am writing or not.  This will include drama watching if need be, writing, researching, and maybe even finally getting our poor new website up and running.  Did you know we had an actual website in the works to replace this  We do.  It will be nice.  If I ever learn how to work it.  I'm still having trouble logging in.  This old ahjumma brain doesn't like to learn new tricks ya know.  So, prepare yourself.  My posts, at least at first until I get into the swing of things and start doing what I've always intended on doing - writing ahead of my "due date" instead of waiting until the last minute to throw something together - might be a little later in coming as my "work hours" don't start until 10:30am (yeah, it's a tough life.  Boy - and that commute!  Let me tell you!  All the way from the bed to the desk one foot away?  It's a killer.  I believe I nearly tripped over a sock today on my way in to the office.  Brutal).

So, why am I telling you all this?  Well, first, because honestly I didn't have a lot of ideas for this post this morning as all my focus has been on trying to overhaul just, like, my whole life.  Second, if I publicly say it, I'm more likely to carry through.  Third, maybe this has been something plaguing you as well and now you won't feel so alone.  Fourth, because I'm a sharer.  I like to share things, even things that probably should remain private.  For example, remember my sister?  Ms Luckypants McGee who briefly dated a JPop singer guy?  She's no longer dating him as he's you know, in Japan and she's not, but she is dating another guy that I really like.  A lot.  And he's even watched a couple of K dramas.  True freaking story.  How awesome is that?  I don't know how much he actually liked them, but I don't care.  I have someone around me that has at least seen Coffee Prince and Boys Over Flowers.  That's just awesome.  He also just shared an Epik High video with my sister from way back in the day.  She passed it onto me with no explanation.  I guess it was a test to see if I knew who they were.  I of course passed with flying colors, duh.  AddicKt, remember?  It comes in handy for some things.  My daughter is also head-over-heels in love with him as he is a Pokemon fan and gave her some Pokemon cards.  The guy knows how to win a girl's heart.  My son isn't as sold as New Boyfriend isn't into the game Minecraft like he is.  Well, let that just show that Mr Perfect doesn't really exist - there's always some flaw somewhere.  We'll let New Boyfriend stick around though.  Did you know that he has friends from Korea who are about to move back there?  That's cool.  Minecraft fan or not, he's still a winner winner chicken dinner in my book.  Hear that Ms Luckypants McGee?  (sometimes she stalks me on here and freaks out when I talk about her and her love life)  This one is officially a keeper.  I'm thinking a nice wedding in the spring sounds delightful.

And there you have it.  Happy Monday to you all.  My life's a disordered mess and I'm disciplining myself in order to balance it all out.  Woo-freaking-hoo.  Bet you're glad you stopped by today, eh?  Not to worry.  I still have to write up your Monday prescription for today.  I'll try to make it a good one to help lessen the pain of having to read the random ramblings of my personal inner-dialogue.  Plus, in the very short amount of time I spent engaging in social media (seriously, how will I ever survive this???  WAH!!!) this morning, I noticed a lot of people complaining about it being Monday. It seems that this particular Monday morning is not playing well for many, so I believe our medicine will need to be an extra-strong dose today.  Ready?  Let me see what I can find.  Be right back.

{Tick, tock, tick, tock.  Miss me yet?}

Okay.  I'm back.  I didn't find that one-of-a-kind end-all ultimate treasure, however, I decided to sprinkle you all with some holiday cheer.  Christmastime and gorgeous boys - what could be better for cheering up a drab Monday?  I would argue that there is nothing better.  At least for my purposes here because the sooner I post this the sooner I can commence with the rest of my "work" day and watch me some dramas!  Oh yeah! I mean, I painstakingly spent hours and hours sifting through massive amounts of videos in order to find just the very best ones.  No.  Not really.  But I did find some cute ones anyway.  I tried to pick up a little something for everyone.

We'll start with some JYJ.  This is their Christmas message from last year.  Basically it's them acting awkward and goofy and trolling Junsu.  In other words, a regular day in the life I'm sure ;)

This next one looks to be footage from a 2006 Big Bang Christmas party.  Want to see the boys in their element 6 years ago hamming it up for the camera?  Well, then this might just be your ticket!

We pause now for our commercial break.

How about a behind-the-scenes view of Lee Min Ho making a commercial?

Things are a bit dry this time of year in the desert.  I don't know about you but I sure could use a little RAIN ;)

We now return with Super Junior and Big Bang who would like to lift your spirits with some musical cheer.

This last one is an extra special treat for my Unnie and all other fellow KHJ fans out there.

Hopefully those helped bring you a little cheer on this Monday.  Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you back here real soon!

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