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Flower Boy Next Door ep 3: Dramatic Friday Review

Sometimes sitting here staring at a blank screen is very overwhelming.  Excuse me for a moment while I try to loosen up the writing juices and get them flowing this fine Friday morning.


Phew. I feel a little better.

Oh, and Unnie says hi.  I'm on the phone with her as she picks up her prescription for her icky sickies.  She sounds really sick.  I guess we'll give her a day or so to recover.  Poor Unnie.  She sends her germ-infested love though to all of you.

{{{A few hours later...}}}

Sorry about the interruption.  My oh my, that Unnie and I can get on a chatty roll.  I bet that doesn't surprise you all that much, but it's true.  Our conversation lasted over 2 hours.  It was then followed by a lunch date with The Husband.  Now it is nearly 2 pm and I still have these 2 reviews to write.  Time to crack the whip on myself.  Thankfully, it's FBND which is so fun and fluffy and only 46 minutes long each episode.  Watch how fast I can turn this screen from blank to full of lovely eye candy and some words to fill in between the eye candy to make it at least look like we're doing something here besides just feasting on the glorious eye candy.  But c'mon, we all know why we're really here.  *wink wink*  You're secret's safe with me though.  I won't tell a soul, promise, so feel free to spend as much time with our flower boys as you need.

Our lovely heroine, Dok Mi, has fainted in the capable arms of Enrique after being approached by her arch nemesis, the Fluffy Pink Monster, from her past.  She awakens to find herself in none other than the apartment belonging to her crush, Han Tae Joon, drop-dead gorgeous doctor across the way.  She tries to leave, Enrique holds her back to ask for her help - he has something very difficult to do coming up that he needs her help with - when in walks hot doc Tae Joon.  Can this get any more awkward?  Oh yes it can.  It starts with the doctor trying to examine a painfully shy Dok Mi.  The awkward levels rise significantly, when, during said examination, in walks Seo Young.  Seo Young has the hots for the good doctor and Enrique has the hots for her.  She gets jealous of this mystery woman "her man" is getting very intimately close to, with his little light-shiney-eye-examining thingy (yes, that's the technical term - I googled it).

Her worries are put to rest though when the situation is explained.  This doesn't really solve the awkward problem though.  All four end up sitting down for a nice cozy awkward meal together.  The fun really starts when Seo Young lets loose on Tae Joon and confronts him about whatever kind of relationship they're supposed to have.  He tries to give her the brush-off (that doesn't seem all that sincere if you ask this wisened old ahjumma) and she flips out.  This is obviously the difficult task that Enrique was referring to earlier - having to sit through a dinner with the girl he loves and the brother his girl loves.  Add in to there that during the dinner, Enrique figures out that Dok Mi has a thing for Tae Joon as well.  After the accusations and tears start flying, Enrique drags Dok Mi away to give the two others a chance to talk things through because they've obviously got issues that require some chit chat and the third and fourth wheels just need to get rolling on out of there before it gets ugly.
Oooh! Lookie how close they are!  So many delicious moments like this between them already.  Rawr!

Out in the street, Dok Mi and Enrique talk about their respective love lives.  Enrique apologizes to her for ending her unrequited love with his brother (she tries to deny she's into him but that doesn't last long as Enrique isn't buying it).  Enrique confesses that Seo Young has been his first love for ten years now and now it's just over.  He says this with a smile on his face that is so obviously there to keep back the tears and real emotions he is experiencing as his heart is crushed.  Don't you just want to give him a big hug?!?  Poor guy!  He proposes the idea of taking a "farewell" trip together to I guess help them move on from their broken hearts instead of just wallowing.  He wants to go somewhere called "the village at the end of the earth".  He's trying to cajole her into going and teases, "you wouldn't want me to go to the end of the earth alone feeling the way I feel now and really tried to end it".  It then gets real for a moment as we have a flashback scene where Dok Mi, dressed in her school uniform, is standing on the edge of a building.  Uh oh.  This poor girl obviously has a troubled tale we have yet to fully discover.

Their whole exchange has been seen by Jin Rak who accidentally stumbled across them while on his way home.  Oh boy, this guy has it bad.  He really likes Dok Mi.  Remember the sticky notes on the cartons of milk?  Guess where they come from?
That's a whole lot of love notes there

He's been watching over her and encouraging her silently from next door for three years.  And now someone else is moving in on his lady love.  Our Fluffy Pink Monster reemerges in this episode.  She's set her eye on Jin Rak.  She pulls this whole "damsel in distress" thing with him - intentionally breaking the heel off her shoes and literally stumbling into him looking for assistance.

Thankfully the guy is so far gone on Dok Mi that he doesn't even notice Fluffy Pink Monster and her thinly veiled attempts.  She doesn't fool the roommate though.  He starts to wonder how a woman can have the latest everything in fashion but still be wearing shoes from a couple of years ago.  He knows something is fishy.

Our final scene of this episode has our two Cassonovas in 401 up a creek without a paddle.  Rent is due that day and they are 120,000 won short.  And there is a guy at the door ready to evict them right then and there.  It's in the lease - a day late and boom, you're out.  Hilarity ensues as Jin Rak tries to win himself some time and round up the last bit of cash he needs.  When he realizes that he's about to lose his home, the goofy roommate finally coughs up a bit hidden in his shoe.  Watanabe throws some in to the collection plate as well.  This leaves them a mere 20,000 short.  Dok Mi has heard all the commotion on the other side of her door and quietly reaches the last bit of cash out to her neighbors in need.

I don't know for sure, but I suspect Jin Rak was more than a little embarrassed to be taking money from his crush, but they didn't have a lot of options at the moment.  While all this crazy is going on, Enrique shows up to pick up Dok Mi for their "date" to the village at the end of the earth.  She had tried to get out of it by saying that her grandmother was sick, but he comes anyway in order to take her to visit her sick grandmother.  Jin Rak is there trying to save his apartment but also distracted by this man showing up at Dok Mi's.  You can tell he's at a loss here.  We end with Dok Mi and Enrique beginning to drive off as a desperate Jin Rak runs after them.  How hawt was Kim Ji Hoon/Jin Rak in this scene?!?!

He's running after her, finally ready to make his intentions known and stop this usurper from claiming his spot.  He's a little late though and runs out of steam as the car pulls away, so he stands there and yells, at the top of his lungs, for them to stop.

Which they do.

And then they both turn around and look at him behind them.  And that's how the scene ends.  Oooh!  So yummy and juicy and delicious!

Three gorgeous men, one lucky lady.  Let's go see what happens next!  On to episode 4 without any further ado....!

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