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Flower Boy Next Door ep 4: Dramatic Friday Review

I have a few quiet moments left before my home is invaded by children and The Husband and our weekend non-stop party action begins, so I'm going to dispense with the chit and the chat and jump right into my review. It's because I care and I don't want you to have to wait the whole weekend for this week's second helping of drama dessert and eye candy.  Get your insulin shots ready - we've got some flower boys to drool over talk about!

At the end of episode three, we are led to believe that Jin Rak runs after the car carrying Enrique and Dok Mi, yells at them to stop, and they do so.  Well, guess it was more along the lines of Jin Rak chasing after the car, yelling at them to stop, them stopping, but not because of Jin Rak but because they almost hit a bicyclist.
"Awkward arm on the chest" funny moment
Instead of crying out to her and confessing that he has been in love with her for three years, Jin Rak instead doubles over in a coughing fit.
Maybe it's time to stalk your next door neighbor a little less and get yourself to a gym there buddy

Omo omo omo!  Too funny.  Unable to stop her, he watches as his crush drives off with another man.

Aww!  Poor guy!

Dok Mi has lied to Enrique and told him that her grandmother is ill, trying to get out of this little trip together.  Instead of being waylaid, he decides to drive her to grandma's house.  She eventually comes clean and confesses her lie, only we have a bit of a problem.  Neither one has brought money or anything other than their phones.  They are hungry and they need gas in order to get back home.  Enrique, ever the charmer, starts going around to people and convincing them to lend him some cash.  He poses for pictures, entertains babies, shows off who he is online to prove his fame.  Dok Mi starts off embarrassed by his behavior, but eventually warms to him and his good-natured antics.

She even begins to smile, until a bunch of school kids come in and start shoving her around.  This sends her reeling back to her troubled past and she bolts.  Enrique later finds her sitting outside in the cold having a breakdown.  She's back in her shell and desperate to just go home.  He tries to calm her, but she flips, yells at him, and makes it very clear that she needs to go home immediately.  What's a guy to do?

They get in the car.  Oh, this drama.  They do the whole non-skinship skinship intimacy so perfectly.  She and Enrique have so many delicious moments like this and they're not even dating.  He reaches over and buckles her seat belt.  Then he reaches over a second time, this time to lower her seat so that she can rest.

Meanwhile, our tummies are doing somersaults as I'm sure hers is as well.  She falls into a fitful sleep.  Enrique starts to put things together and sees that this girl is fighting some sort of demons.  He suddenly steers the car off the highway and takes a little detour.

Dok Mi wakes to find that instead of being back at home, she is at the seaside.  She gets out of the car without a word and walks down to the surf.  She is mesmerized.  So utterly taken by the sights and sounds that she is lost in her own world.

Enrique, being Enrique, starts to play.  He builds a sandcastle.

She unwinds a bit.  You can tell that this is therapeutic for her.  Good job Enrique!  You knew just what she needed!  As he tries to take a picture, he falls into the water.

They run into a little shop in the village there to dry off.  This leads to dinner.  And rice wine.  And more rice wine.  By the end, Enrique is so toasted, there's no way he can drive.  The last bus has left for the night (convenient, huh?), so they have no choice but to stay the night in this seaside village.  By the way, if you thought sober Enrique was fun, energetic, and immature, how about drunk Enrique?!?  Wow!  The way he was dancing around on the beach - omo.  This guy could give the Energizer bunny a run for his money.

Back at the apartment complex from pretty boy heaven, the Furry Beast returns (this time after apparently skinning a blue Muppet to replace the hot pink one from the time before).  Goofy roommate likes her, but it quickly becomes obvious that her sights are set on Jin Rak.

She comes up with the story that she is there to visit Dok Mi.  It is only this bit of information that finally makes Jin Rak react to her advances.  He grabs her arm and brings her inside his place.  There, she tries to call Dok Mi.  Jin Rak is very concerned about where she has gone and drills into Cha Do Hwi looking for any bit of information he can get.  He continuously rebuffs any and all of Cha Do Hwi's advances.  She's so annoyingly pathetic and obviously not the "clear" kind of person he is attracted to.  Everything she says and does is a lie.  I really really hope we get to see her get her comeuppance later on.  I can't stand her.  She is funny to a point since she is so pathetic and gross, but she's obnoxious.

Back at the seaside village, Dok Mi and Enrique are having a talk.  He tells her that he wants to show her the world and help her out of her self-imposed prison.  She responds to this by asking him to no longer acknowledge her.  She wants nothing to do with him.  She wants to be left alone.  He's taken aback by this and goes to sleep in the car.  When Dok Mi is in her room, the lights start flickering on and off.  Scared that it is the mysterious "spirits" the old woman who owns the place was referring to earlier that evening, she gets more and more terrified, so that when the lights finally go out, she lets out an ear-piercing scream.  Enrique hears the scream and comes running.  In the darkness there is confusion and a collision, and when the lights flicker back on, we see that he has fallen down on top of her and they are locked in an "accidental kiss".

Now even the butterflies in my tummy are on a sugar high from all of this yumminess.  They are fluttering around like nobody's business in there.  And they cannot wait for next week!

So many pretty boys, so little time in which to enjoy them.  I need more than an hour and a half each week of this candy feast.  Hey TVN, can we kick it up a bit and make the episodes just a teensy bit longer?  Pretty pretty please?  :)

And with that, I must go get kids from school.  Have a wonderful weekend all you beautiful addicKts you!  We'll see you back here next week as our fun continues!


  1. Ladies, i came across your website from Pinterest. I love it! I just finished watching episode 5 & 6. Hilarious! I can't wait to hear your review! Keep it coming!

    1. Yay! Welcome! We're glad to have you here. Hope we can keep you entertained and coming back in the future :) We're all one big crazy happy K addicKted family here and it's always so exciting to welcome new people to the crazy!


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