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Flower Boy Next Door ep 6: Dramatic Friday Review

Good Friday Extension Day, or as some may call it, Saturday, to you all.

It is a gorgeous day here in the desert southwest.  Cloudy and dark, wet and rainy.  It's been raining since yesterday in fact and it's a beautiful thing.  There is nothing quite like waking up to a cool and cloud darkened morning with the soft sound of rain falling outside.  It has put me in a very good mood.  And no, that's not sarcasm, it's the honest to goodness truth.  Rain = Happy Dongsaeng.  Any day we get a break from Mr Sun is a good day in the desert.

But enough about the weather.  You came here for the final installment of this week's dose of Flower Boy Next Door chat.

I'm going to start off with a question.  Spark some debate maybe.  Friendly debate hopefully.  All in fun kind of debating.  I'm curious to know which camp you are finding yourself in in regards to the many different relationship options floating about.  A dear friend of mine after seeing this episode went on a rant against Enrique, calling him all sorts of symbolic names (you know, like "#%@*&!" and so on).  She is solidly in Camp Rak.  {PS - like what I just did there?  "Camp Rak"?  heehee}  {totally unintentional by the way which is what makes it even funnier} {Oh dear.  What if I'm the only one who got it?  What if that clever play on words was lost on all of you.  Now I'm embarrassed.}  {Jokes are a lot less funny if you have to explain them, but I'd hate for you to feel left out and disenfranchised.  See, there's this TV show or something related to the company with the big eared cartoon mouse called Camp Rock.  It's like music or something.  I've honestly never seen it, but I have kids so I just know these things by environmental osmosis}.  The opinion that Enrique is out of line and rude and mean by getting involved in things he shouldn't get involved in in regards to Dok Mi.  And, going along with that, that Jin Rak is the one with her best interests truly at heart.  What do you think?  I have a definite opinion on the matter, but I don't want to say it quite yet.  Let's talk about what happened first and then maybe we'll readdress the issue.

The big reveal of this episode is two-fold and relates to the relationship between Dok Mi and Serial Muppet Skinner, Do Hwi.  Fold #1 is that not only were they friends, but they were best friends all through grade school on up.  Lifelong best friends.  Whoa.  That's harsh because obviously we know something went wrong.  And therein we find fold #2 - the downfall.  A group of harpies started making fun of Dok Mi and Do Hwi.

So what does Do Hwi do to show her true colors?  She starts a rumor about Dok Mi and the teacher having inappropriate relations.  Is this fueled by jealousy because she has already admitted that she herself would like to use him as her first kiss?  I don't know.  Possibly.  Could there be something more we aren't getting yet?  Maybe.  What we do know for sure is that Do Hwi starts this ugly rumor, gets the teacher kicked out in essence and turns Dok Mi into a social pariah.

Dok Mi is so overcome with the stress of the cruelty received at the hands of her fellow students that she collapses and withdraws emotionally.  And here we go...the moment I'm sure you've been waiting for (if you've been with me on some of my other reviews that is.  If you're new here you'll not see this one coming, but no time like the present to learn).  Go ahead - insert the DUHN DUHN DUHN here for poor Dok Mi.  This was the turning point in her life and therefore completely deserving of it.  Here, we'll even call the first one a practice for our newbies and do it again so we all get the full and proper effect/affect*  of the moment.  Ready?  Better do the lead up.  Dok Mi is so overcome with the stress of the cruelty received at the hands of her fellow students that she collapses and withdraws emotionally.  DUHN DUHN DUHN!!!  Yay!  Perfect!  You've all now been properly initiated.  Moving on....

The important plot points to glean from this episode revolve around these different relationships we have building here.  For instance, let's take a look at the Dok Mi/Enrique relationship.  Enrique has expressed an interest in bringing Dok Mi out of her closed off world and exposing her to the wonderful wide world around her.  Her response to this was, in no uncertain terms, "leave me alone and pretend that you don't know me".  Enrique isn't on board with this and makes repeated attempts to show up at her door and bring her out.  These attempts are unsuccessful, until he finds a way to literally get her to open her door to him.

He's writing a book about himself.  Or, rather, the publisher wants him to write a book and he agrees to it only if Dok Mi is the editor.  So Dok Mi gets this manuscript complete with pictures and soon realizes that this new project her boss has insisted she drop everything else for is all about Enrique.  She gets to work, researching him and editing his story.  The completed work is sent back to her boss who ends up calling her saying that the author is displeased and would like to meet with her.  Ding dong - guess who?

Enrique shows up, suitcase in hand because he's been kicked out of his brother's house for staying out all night with her and worrying him (?).  Up until now he's been staying at the local jimjilbang (spa) where we actually get some funny scenes of the chaos his free-spirit causes there.  So there he is, pretty much moving in under the guise of working with her on his book.  Well, you can well imagine I'm sure what this does to poor Jin Rak next door.  His lady love has a gentleman caller.  Oh dear.

Granted, his roommate doesn't make it any easier, painting a picture of what happens when a man and a woman are alone together behind closed doors...

Do Hwi continues her efforts to gain Jin Rak's affection.  She plays off how she and Dok Mi are lifelong BFFs who lost touch and how desperate she is to see her old friend, yadayadayada.  How much of it Jin Rak is buying I'm not so sure at this point.  She has photographic evidence, but Dok Mi's reaction to her "friend"'s attempts tell a different story.
He's smiling here because Dok Mi is smiling in the pictures that Do Hwi is showing him.  He wonders where/why Dok Mi's smile has gone.  Aww!  Jin Rak I heart you you sweet, beautiful boy you!  What was really funny is when he notices how close Do Hwi is and scoots away from her.  Haha...serves her right.

Dok Mi, meanwhile isn't thrilled with the idea of her new unofficial roommie, yet gradually starts to warm to him as she learns more about him.  She endures his hyperactivity quite well.  He's bouncing all over the place and can't hold still or keep quiet and she doesn't even yell at him.  At least not like I would in that situation.  ;)  We even get a tender moment where she walks over to where he has fallen asleep on the floor and covers him with a blanket.

Right after that we see him return the favor as she has fallen asleep at her desk and he lays the blanket on her.

Then he spots a fuzzy in her hair.  He goes to reach for it, but doesn't want to wake her, so instead he tries to blow it out of her hair.  While doing so he gets closer and closer, lips pursed....

Yeah, obviously we know she's going to wake up and freak out.  Which she does, and we laugh.  Right?  You laughed didn't you?  Or are you dead inside?  There's no middle ground here you know.

We end this episode with Do Hwi making a "delivery" of her own in order to get Dok Mi to open her door.

A confrontation happens in the hall and all come out to witness it.  It's awkward, it's tense and poor Dok Mi is stuck.  Jin Rak tries to protect her,

Enrique grabs the boxes and more or less expresses his opinion that the two girls need to talk and volunteers to leave.

I think this is the part that really bothered my friend.  This is the point where I was going to express my opinion on who I believe at this point is better for her, but I've already gone on long enough here I think.  I'll let you form your own opinions, I'll keep mine and we'll come back at a later time and discuss.  Or you can try and guess which one you think I'm rooting for.

Before I sign off, I wanted to include a couple of moments that were really cute and/or funny, but didn't necessarily fit into my recap.
Watanabe and Dong Hoon "modeling" for Do Hwi's company.  Dong Hoon's character is seriously cracking me up.  I am loving everything having to do with him.  He is comedic relief pure gold.
Here Enrique is getting a glimpse of life from Dok Mi's perspective.  It involves binoculars and peeping in on his brother.  Totally not weird at all.

And there we go.  Episode 6 wrapped up with a messy bow and maybe a corner or two of the package peeking out.  I hope you had fun with this drama this week and like me, eagerly await next week's episodes.  Until then, remember to brush your teeth after treating yourself to a little eye candy.  *rim shot*  (okay, not really.  Even I think that one was undeserving of a rim shot.  I should delete it like I do most of my lame attempts at humor, but I'm going to keep this one in here so that whenever you think 'gee, that was lame', you can remember that it is possible for it to be so much worse).  :)

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back next week, my lovely addicKts!

*Too busy/lazy to verify correct word.  These two are two that kill me every time.  That and the whole "who/whom" issue.  Oi.  Please ignore my improper grammar and sentence structure and made-up words.  This is my blog where we tackle the important Korean pop culture events of the moment, not the delicate intricacies of the English language.

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