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Flower Boy Next Door ep 5: Dramatic Friday Review

Enrak?  Enjin?  Jinque?  Rakque?  Vote in the comments!

I am very happy to see that this drama has finally been picked up by an additional site.  I won't get into names, but will just say, while I love and fully support the site I have been using up until now, the other site is faster at getting subs up, so these reviews should in the future come out sooner since I'll be able to watch the shows a day or two earlier than I currently can.  And I do have to give the original site props - they do get this one subbed pretty quickly, but it takes awhile to get it on my mobile device and my mobile device is what I have to watch this on so that I can get all the pretty pictures for you guys.  Now that is showing great restraint I'll have you know.  It's torture knowing that it's up online but I have to wait.  Meanwhile all my friends are talking about and I'm just all like, "NOOOO!!! Don't tell me anything!  I still haven't seen it!" two days later.  *head hitting desk at the mere memory*  Keeping those fingers and toes crossed though that by next week I'll be able to keep up better with everyone else.

In other news, how awesome is this drama?!?  Like really awesome, right?  I'm assuming you think so too otherwise why else would you be here trying to read about it, you know?  Maybe it's just my witty banter, but something tells me you're more here for the same reason I am - the pretty boys.  Oh...uh, uhm, wait, no...I mean...not the pretty boys.  That's just silly.  No, of course we're here for the story.  The suspense of who will Dok Mi choose?  What is the deal with the Muppet-fur wearing girl?  Will the security guard grab his cougar before she sinks her claws into the young chef from Japan?  Inquiring minds want to know all this and more.  Pretty boys?  Psshhh.  As if.  Are there even any pretty boys in this one?  I totally didn't notice. What's the deal with the title anyway?  What could they mean by "Flower Boy Next Door"?  I mean...come on.  Who do they think we are?  Do they think they can just throw a bunch of hotties up on the screen and we'll all flock like ravenous wolves?  Oh, drama little you know us.  It's not about the eye candy.  No.  Not at all.  It's all about the plot.  And yes, there is plot.  So much plot it will blow your mind.  Plot like...well, like...hmmm....  Well, there was that one part where...uhmmm...that stuff happened and I was all like, "whoa.  Did you see that stuff that just happened?"

Well, our day is swiftly sliding by us, so how about I start in on this review already and let you reminisce about all the pretty boys interesting plot points yourself?

When last we left our plot-heavy drama, a young and gallant Enrique had rushed in to save Dok Mi who was freaking out because the lights were flickering and then went off.  Oh gee.  I sure hope she didn't faint from the trauma and have to go to the hospital and get an IV.  That would be a bummer.

No, thankfully Enrique was able to perform a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation himself hohoho.  *eye wiggle*  Okay, more like he crashed into her in the dark and when the lights came back on we see that he has fallen on top of her and his lips have conveniently landed on hers.  They slowly realize just how, ahem, close they are, and immediately jump back in abject horror.  Well, Enrique jumps back, Dok Mi just lays there stunned and freakishly unresponsive.

We then get a little flashback that I am not afraid to admit, took me by surprise.  We've seen that Muppet-skinner Cha Do Hwi bullied Dok Mi back in school.  But wait!  There's more.  We find out something so shocking and hard to believe.  You ready for this revelation?  Steel yourselves.  Make sure you're sitting down because this one is a game changer.  They had been friends.  GASP!  It's true.  They were friends and Dok Mi was not the shy recluse she is today.  We see them hiding behind books in class, giggling and talking about what their first kiss would be like.

Ever classy Do Hwi announces boldly that she will kiss the teacher.  Noble Dok Mi is appalled by this and claims that she will only kiss the one she will spend the rest of her life with.  This is supposed to give us some insight as to why she is so shell-shocked by the accidental kiss with Enrique.  How it counts as a kiss still surprises me though.  I'm frankly a little disappointed in her.  She had him there.  His lips were on hers and she didn't take advantage of the situation.  Tsk tsk tsk Dok Mi.  Golden opportunity wasted.  Sigh.  I will totally volunteer to show her how it should have been done.  Sign me up and call me Teacher.

Things are so uncomfortable between Enrique and Dok Mi that they decide Enrique is sobered up enough to drive home and they hit the road.  There's some talking they do while in the car, but no more kissing so I kind of tuned out.  ;)

Speaking of flashbacks, we get another one.  This time it's Jin Rak remembering how he met Dok Mi.  They were moving in at the same time and his boxes got mixed up with hers in one giant pile.  He is instantly smitten by this beautiful woman.  Aww! 
After that, a whole lot of hilarity ensued.


 Jin Rak getting caught writing a note on Dok Mi's milk.

Enrique trying day after day to get Dok Mi to acknowledge him/open her door and come out and play.
 Do Hwi showing up with her posse in a car decorated with her own face.  Really.
Do Hwi once again trying to come on to Jin Rak but being completely unsuccessful at it.  hehehe *smug laugh*

Jin Rak's jealousy of Enrique's "whatever" with Dok Mi leading to a video game challenge...
 ...which he lost despite his best efforts.  And flames.

After the video game showdown, they decide to have a foot race.  Is it just me or do I smell a budding bromance here?  This scene was hilarious.

Jin Rak, upon seeing Dok Mi outside, approaches her and tries to explain the sticky notes.  He tries to hide his feelings, but he sucks at it.

Even an eavesdropping Enrique can see it, and he decides to play cupid.  Is he really going to try to help Jin Rak get the girl or is he going to go for her himself?  Hmmm....
We end with an awkward yet awesome confrontation.  Dok Mi and Jin Rak are getting off the elevator and who is standing there but the ever annoying and clingy Do Hwi.  Ooh!  This stuff just got real up in here.  What will the annoying unkind person with a hidden agenda do? 

Did you enjoy the hilarity?  It was a pretty light episode with some funny stuff and some stuff that I'm sure was supposed to be funny but was maybe lost in translation somewhere along the way.  But the eye candy was as sweet and abundant as ever. 

Have you picked your guy for Dok Mi yet?  Are you Team Enrique or Team Rak?  Or maybe even Team Watanabe?  Would you like to see Do Hwi end up with the funny roommate or completely rejected and alone?  Are you wondering when she'll stop killing innocent Muppets and parading around in their pelts?  By the way, the Muppet thing isn't mine.  One of our readers and friends, I'll call her Miss "A", came up with that while we were all watching together and I took it.  Without permission.  Sorry Miss "A".  If you want, I'll take it down.  It's just so funny that I wanted to share it with the world.  That and I can't see Do Hwi now without thinking of all those poor Muppets who lost their fur for the big Fluffy Beast's wardrobe.  I just don't want all the world thinking that I was the creative mastermind behind it or am trying to take credit for it.  Nope, our lovely Miss "A" gets all the credit for this one.  Way to go Miss "A"!

With that, I'm going to sign off.  It's late and I still have episode 6 to watch and review for tomorrow (it's just not going to happen all tonight, sorry).  Have a wonderful evening/night/morning/day/whatever it is wherever you are.  As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Feel free to let the story of the great muppet hunter flourish and prosper:) Maybe with a lot of word of mouth innocent muppets can start to be saved and not hunted for their colorful pelts. LOL Great review as always.

    1. It really is important that we raise awareness for this very serious problem. Thank you Miss "A" for being willing to let us spread the word so that Muppets around the world no longer need live in fear.

  2. Oh noes!!! I just realized that I completely forgot to spellcheck this one. Whoops! Going to go fix it now. Sorry to those who had to read the wrong spellings. My sincerest apologies. I'm not entirely mush for brains, I just type to get the thoughts out without worrying and usually go back to fix it before anyone can see my errors. Boy, is my face red now.

    1. Oh good - only two. And they're all fixed. Well, there might be more and spell check didn't catch them since I obviously spent a whole lot of time editing this one (haha). Ignore them. Spell check did and so can you. I have dramas to watch.


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