Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Jaejoong!!!!!

It is morning in Korea.  The morning of January 26th.  You know what that means, right?
This is big.
This is epic.
This is the event I have been waiting for since we started this blog 10 months ago.
This is the day that I get to personally and publicly wish my #1 bias in THE ENTIRE WORLD a very happy and wonderful birthday.

That's right, it's my Jae baby's birthday.

*happy fangirl sigh*

If you're a regular here, it's no big secret how I feel about this man.  Perfection Personified is the label I have attached.  Not only in sheer looks alone (though those are just out-of-this-world amazing - like seriously, how can a human be so beautiful?), but personality-wise as well.  At least as far as I know.  I mean, I haven't personally met the man, obviously.  I haven't gone sasaeng and stalked him.  Nor will I.  I made him that promise long ago to just admire from afar.  And buy every piece of music he ever attaches his name to.  But, I have, in my admiring from afar, seen him in interviews and such, and have drawn the conclusion that he is a giant goofball and I love goofball.  I love weird.  I do.  It makes me smile.  I love his awkward moments.  I love his laugh.  I love when he embarrasses himself.  He is just so darn adorable.  Good looks and all aside, he sincerely just seems like a really cool guy to hang out with.  Like really cool.  Like, "hey, call me sometime Jae and I'll show you around" kind of cool.  Nothing weird.  I'll behave.  Heck, I'll even bring my husband along if that will make you feel better.  I just want to have fun and laugh and not even go all fangirl crazy, though I can't promise that the occasional SQUEEEE won't escape from time to time.  I mean, you are Jaejoong after all and I am only human.  But I'm a good girl and will be respectful and chill.  Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?  We've got that here.  I could totally show it to you.  And hold your hand in case you're scared of heights.  You know, whatever would help.  *giggle*  So, if you're reading this JJ, drop me a line sometime and we'll hang.

While I wait for him to call, how about we enjoy some visual tributes?

^Not my meme creation, but it is on my Pinterest board and I thought it was rather fitting and appropriate so I included it here.

So, not only is it his birthday, but he also has a concert today and tomorrow in Korea before launching an Asian tour.  I wish of course that he was coming here, but I of course wish him well in his upcoming concerts and tour.  I wish I could be there, but I think my invitation and tickets must have been lost in the mail or something ^-^

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy of his new album.  A friend of mine just got hers today, so I'm hopeful that sometime this weekend it will be in my little hands and I will be a very happy girl.

There are so many things I could say, but I will leave it here for now and just include a couple of videos.  I have been enjoying an inundation of amazing Jae videos all this month that my friend (the one with the album that I am officially so jealous of right now) has been posting.  I wanted to share them, but they aren't exactly "official" videos and it would be a tragedy if they got taken down because I drew attention to them (you know, since I have that kind of reach and all ---pssshhh).  If you want some good stuff, let me know and I can steer you in the right direction.  Otherwise, just enjoy these nicely official ones and support this most amazing artist and his first solo album if you haven't had the opportunity yet.

(Okay, so a couple "non-official".  Sorry.  The first is obviously his solo MV.  The second is my most favorite kiss scene in any drama.  The 3rd is a compilation of kiss scenes. And the 4th is a new addition - a preview of an interview to come on MTV-K!!!!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Him saying his name?  How in the world can that be so unbelievably sexy?!?  I don't know, but it is.  So incredibly hawt!  Trying to breathe....)

Jae baby, you are awesome.  I wish you the very happiest of birthdays, especially as you meet with so many lucky fans tonight and tomorrow night.  It's been a tough road at times I know, but we, your fans, appreciate all your hard work and perseverance and stand behind you 110%.

Happy 27th birthday and we look forward to many more in years to come as your career progresses!

생일 축하해 김재중씨!!!




  1. What she said ^ hehehehehe... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEJOONG!!!!

  2. Eeee! I got mentioned in a TCA post... *beams* ^_^

    1. Of course you did bb! That's what happens when you're loved like Joey Lawrence level whoa.

  3. Nice kissing scenes... :) *dazes off for a minute....* Oh right! So, it's not just extra fanservice-y to have a girl suddenly attack him for a kiss scene right..? Somebody really thought that fit into the plot, yes? Or.. wrote the entire drama to give purpose to JJ getting totally one-upped with hot kissing time...? *innocent look*

    1. Plot or no plot, it's just magical stuff that. I don't know for sure their reasoning behind it, but I sure am going to enjoy it over and over and over and over again ;)


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