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I Miss You (ep 2) DFR

Okay let me start this off with a disclaimer...   I am fighting a nasty nasty flu/cold bug.  If my grammar, punctuation or spelling are off, I'll fix it later.  Because just watching & trying to unravel the incredibly complicated & twisty plot is seriously not good for my head.  I thought yesterday was confusing.  Episode 2 left me so discombobulated that I called Dongsaeng & with my sexy phlegmy coughing voice {{I make sick so sexy}} to see if together we could untwist the really confusing plot.  And that was only 10 minutes in, and it didn't help much, as she is just as confused as I am.

{{scratches head & downs more decongestant, cuz that seems to help....not really.}}

So our main grief is that because we are watching it subbed, the subbers don't always stick to the same guidelines.  Meaning when a character's name is used in a drama sometimes they type in the name & sometimes they type in the title/honorific.  {{EG;Chairman, President, Teacher, Sunbaenim etc...}}  And when the camera pans & there are several ppl in the shot it can be confusing, when first starting a drama, especially when you haven't figured out the "whose who" yet to know which person is which.  This was why I broke out CM #1 & #2 yesterday.  Because both men were called that.  And one was called Han Tae Joon but I couldn't tell which one.  Of course one died which does make it easier, thank goodness they killed him off.

{{That didn't sound quite so mercenary & cold hearted in my head I swear.}}

I believe now that Han Tae Joon is CM #1 (the younger)...mostly because the list of characters/cast on Drama Wiki links to that actors page.  :)  Yes I cheated.  Whatcha gonna do about it.  So as I am sick

{{enter sanity jokes here, at my expense, all you want.  I can take them, I'm a big girl}}

I continue now....give me some leeway with trying to review this very confusing, so far drama.  Again this will be short but it will have a couple of screen shots from the end of the episode.  So you'll have to wait for that.

Here we go.

At the end of ep 1, they decide to be friends...YAY!

But she still looks scared so he runs away.....

Because that says friendship!

Oh but he just went to get her a

Oh its for her hair.  She does hide behind her hair a lot.

Back at her house the Detective confesses to her mother that there was another murderer.  that Lee Tae Soo, (Soo Yeon's dad) is not actually the right guy.  And he drops to his knees & apologizes.  that's all we see of that.

CM#1 is still looking for Hyung Joon by the way.  And his mom is still not talking.  He wants them (his goons) to find Nurse Jung asap.  Meanwhile she is the little house/room that Hyung Joon was in prior to being chased out the window by ferocious dogs.  She's looking for "The Money" & we hear his mom's voice over that day in the hospital when Nurse Jung snuck in.  She wants Nurse Jung to kidnap Han Tae Joon's son.  As she is hearing this Nurse Jung finds "The Money" hidden in the back of the piano, in a leather satchel along w a pic of Han Tae Joon, his wife, their daughter & Jung Woo.  I know its in the script & all but it bugged me that this all important, ready to kill for "Money" was in a satchel in the piano in the kids room & they (the bad guys) somehow missed that detail.  Isn't it in the "Bad Guy Handbook" that when you are looking for money you "toss the room"?!?!  Really!  REALLY  Bad guys?!?!  No one thought to search the room...oh whatevs...I'm walking away.  Besides, I realize that this one satchel of money is probably not "The Money", that they are looking for.  So Nurse Jung takes the satchel & makes her getaway to her house, where Han Tae Joon, (CM#1) is waiting for her.  He assumes the bag is simply her luggage & once again, doesn't check it.  He wants her to find the kid, even though he is pretty sure she is the one hiding the kid.  So he has his men stand guard in front of her place & "Watch her".

The next day at school, we see Jung Woo running to class to see his new friend Soo Yeon, he gets there before she does & finds the bullies painting her desk red & putting a lot of honey on her seat, so she sticks.  He stands up to them & she walks in & purposefully & quickly, walks right into the head bully & is practically hugging him.  As though she were running into his arms.  Well that shut him up.  Smart girl Soo Yeon!!  I loved how everyone got really quiet.  And the teacher walks in & accuses him of dating Soo Yeon, who has not looked up yet but apologized & sat down, after putting newspaper over the honey.

At lunch, Jung Woo grabs her wrist & drags her to a place where they can talk.  She explains that they should be secret friends because everyone in the neighborhood, at school, ANYBODY that KNOWS what her father did, hates her & her mother.  And she doesn't want him to get beat up.  he refuses to be secret friends.  Back in class, the bullies begin throwing full cartons of milk at her, just as Jung Woo starts to get up to protect her she stands up, grabs the actual trashcan & begins picking up the cartons...but that is not all.  She then takes a couple of the milk cartons out & places them, loudly on the desks of 2 of the bullies.  Then walks to the front of the class & places the entire can on the desk.  Jung Woo sees his opportunity & happily throws his carton into the can & then smiling walks over to the bully takes his money & thanks him.  Then he leaves to buy a snack but on his way out he stops & loudly asks Soo Yeon is she is coming with him!  eventually the entire school knows they are friends & his teasing begins too.    I was so proud of him for being such a nice kid.  You go Jung Woo!!

Meanwhile little Hyung Joon is still being hidden/locked up by Nurse Jung.  Yeah, I found out in this episode she is Nurse Jung.  I think she was CM #2's nurse but she could be the nanny to the kid or both.  He sees Soo Yeon pass by his bars/window but sees she isn't alone & decides against talking to her when he sees Jung Woo.  He has no idea at this point that they are related.  She shows Jung Woo her house, its way smaller than his but his is cold & empty...of familial warmth.  Just then an explosion & fire bursts through the bars of Hyung Joon's room.  They break open the lock & rescue him but his leg is so badly injured that they end up taking him away to the clinic.  While there Jung Woo calls his house & tells them he needs help for the kid.  His mom refuses to help but his dad walks in & takes the phone away from her & says they'll send someone right away.  At this point Nurse Jung, who is still stuck in her house under surveillance, gets a phone call from the landlady who wants to know how she could let a fire break out & finds out that Soo Yeon took him to the hospital.  So she sneaks out & takes a cab to the clinic.  Only to find Jung Woo, who she recognizes from the pic in the satchel to be Han Tae Joon's son.  She sneaks past him grabs Hyung Joon & escapes.  Telling Hyung Joon that he was lucky she got him in time that, the kid who rescued him was Han Tae Joon's son Jung Woo.  This shuts Hyung Joon up who peeks out the cab window,

BY the time Soo Yeon gets home, its late.  She apologizes to her mom, who gets up & starts packing their house.  Explaining that they are going to go live with the detective.  She can't handle living like this, as a hated person, anymore.  So they are going to be his family.  They arrive unexpectedly & his daughter does not seem all that happy about it.  Her name is Kim Eun Joo.   At first I was thinking she's a brat.  but she warms up to me by the end of the episode.  Soo Yeon's mom talks to the Detective & tells him don't tell the kids about Lee Tae Soo not being guilty & the other guy being the actual murderer, just let us stay here & be a family.  You owe us that much & let's always keep that secret.  I don't think they are getting married or anything I think they're just going to live there but she tells Soo Yeon, to switch schools & that her father is now a detective.  So I am not sure how this works out.  I know you guys do because you've all seen it already but I haven't the foggiest right now.  Obviously Soo Yeon does not want to switch schools.  She meets Jung Woo at the park & tells him whats happened.  She still goes to the same school & he goes home with her on the bus.  She falls asleep on the bus & he leans in front of her further, further, further...I totally saw what happened next coming btw.  But we get our first kiss of the show it was so sweet.  Even if she was unconscious & had no clue.  His reaction was so sweet.

On the walk home from the bus stop, he's all stiff & not joking around with her because all he can think about is the kiss.  Then they stop in front of the streetlight on her street because every few seconds it blinks off.  he leans up to fix it & after he does he looks down & we get another sweet romantic little moment...

Then her new dad sees it & drags him off by the ear.  {{Giggle}}  The last scenes are of the family eating dinner together & then the detective teaching him how to be tough in a fight & that's its all in the attitude.  Later after the sister makes me like her for being kind to Soo Yeon, they all engage in a game of keep away using Soo Yeon's hairclip (the clothespin) as the object.  It was really sweet.  I smiled, I admit.  It was good to see some happy.  Even if momentary.  In the last scene my breath caught.  There Soo Yeon is sitting on the steps & writing I miss you in Hangul on the wall & then the camera pans back & we see... Micky!

{{OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO!!!!  He is so handsome.}}

And he talks to her.  She turns & smiles at him & he says; "how can you be so happy & smiling when I am so angry & frustrated I feel like I'm going crazy??"  {{That's paraphrased a little btyw}}  And then it closes in on his handsome face & then when the camera pans back out she is gone & he is still there.  And I was wildly confused but also very happy.  Obviously foreshadowing but Oh My!!  I do heart the Micky something fierce.

And that is where it ended.  Looking forward to ep 3? ...  OR ...You're wondering how could Unnie get it all so wrong?!?!  Except the whole Micky is yummy part.  That part I got right, right?!?!  Come on, you know I did!!  Sigh....Micky.  Little hearts are floating around my head right now...although that could just be the meds making me see them.  Who cares.

Have a great night guys.  Ep 3 review tomorrow.


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