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IMY ep 10 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

So SY's mom goes off to investigate if the woman at the police station, that she now knows JW thinks is Soo Yeon, is indeed SY.  She's arrived at her & Harry's house just as SY is leaving.  After intense staring & crying realization dawns on Ahjumma's part.  SY realizes she cannot keep up the charade of not being SY in front of her mother...SY gets out of her car & & invites Ahjumma up to the house.  And this is where SY & her mom reconnect for the first time in 14 years & after saying that she did wrong repeatedly SY admits to her mother she does not want to go back to being SY.   Of course her mom totally understands all of this & agrees that SY needs to stay away.  She needs to stay in the safe, life she's had all these years where she has eaten well, had fine clothes & not had to be the daughter of a murderer.  In her haste to get away she leaves behind her shoes, & halfway down the drive, in stocking feet, she collapses to the ground when she remembers Jung Woo & has no idea what she's going to do with her adopted son who is obsessed in his quest to find Soo Yeon.

Meanwhile Jung Woo & Harry are still visiting at the police station.  When JW's partner comes in & lets JW (& by extension Harry too) know that there is a freeze on Zoey leaving the country.  Harry gets all mad but Partner explains to Harry that Zoey is still a suspect in the murder of the Rapist.  After Harry storms out yelling lawyer, JW's Superior shows JW that the first person that the Rapist called after he stole Zoey's phone is JW's dad.  It's at this point that JW's Partner finds out that JW is the son of the wealthy bank chairman.  And he starts asking questions but in another cute funny "Partner" moment when the Superior grabs him by the lips to quiet him.  So cute.  So off to see his father JW goes.  BTW it doesn't go well because HTJ is still big old tool.  Eventually JW tells his dad he'll send someone from the station to question him as to why a rapist/murderer chose JW's daddy dearest as the first person he wanted to call as soon as he got out of prison.  He also confronts his dad on his suspicions as to where SY really is & what really happened to her all those years ago & his father's real role in all of it.  He gets a phone call from Eun Joo telling him that ahjumma walked home barefoot & is now steadily getting drunk.  It would seem she did a lot of that for the years after Soo Yeon disappeared.  But he confronts her about it & tells her you always end up liking me again so you might as well give up now.  

After this we see Zoey walking through her old neighborhood, where she spies on JW as he yells at that flickering old streetlamp that it's the reason SY won't come back.  She said, "That the flickering was creepier than the dark".  And he is so sweet & cute & even SY smiles at his cutiepieness.  {{What?!?!  It's a word!}}  But his cuteness has only just begun... 

{{Oh Mickey, why you so cute I could melt into a puddle?!?  It really isn't fair to your female fans around the world.  But it's not like you can help it, is it sweetie?  You are cute.  End of story.  Your dimple, your smile, your sensitivity, your sense of's all just so... so.... cute.}}  {^_~}

Okay...back to the Mickey cuteness.  She follows him to the old park/playground & watches him on the seesaw, the swing & the jungle gym.  Seriously so cute.  Then at 7 pm both of their phones go off & play the same song.  And it's that one minute a day where they will think about each other.  And then he spies her spying on him & she realizes he sees her & she leaves, with him following her.  The night is not over though.  She goes to a street side restaurant & drinks Soju while she fixes her mother's shoes.  Harry calls her & offers to come be with her but she tells him she'll be home soon & then we see that he is already with her, in his car parked curb side a little ways off, of course she doesn't notice he's there.  And she goes off chasing a plastic bag & we (Harry too) see that JW has followed, as she followed him earlier, & he picks up Ahjumma's shoes & puts them neatly on the table & wanders back off before she sees him.  And from his car Harry watches as JW from his hidey spot waves his fingers in the air, like Zoey does for Harry to erase the bad memories. "SSUUAAHH"  Harry looks less than thrilled knowing that's where she got it.  

The next day JW's Partner is with Zoey questioning her about the photos in the parking garage when JW calls him & what happens next is quite possibly the cutest moment in the whole episode.  Very reminiscent of Junior High for me.  JW is worried that "Partner" will go too hard on Zoey.  BUT he also doesn't want Zoey to know it's JW on the phone.  At this point Partner then says innocently & out loud "you don't want me to tell her it's you on the phone?!?!"  Which makes JW very upset. *giggle*  Then Jung Myung (aka Partner) actually hands the phone directly to Zoey & tells her that he thinks that JW is worried about her & so she should say something comforting for JW's benefit.  So what does Zoey say?  She reminds him to catch the real murderer.  *ummmm...ok. o.O*  After assuring her he will he tells her to let him know if Jung Myung Hyung upsets her because he'll fight him & he always wins.  Not because he is stronger but because Jung Myung Hyung always let him win. LOL  Before Partner leaves Zoey's house he tells her in confidentiality that he doesn't think she is the murderer either.  Why?  After he gets her to promise not to sue him, he tells her it's because her body is far too sexy & she likes showing it off.  Unlike the murderer, who was very much covered & disguised.  Then after a quick off guard giggle at Jung Myung's compliment she tells him she thinks it's not a young woman, that's the murderer, the way she walked looked like an ahjumma.  

Then it's time for Harry to start in earnest his revenge against HTJ, it's time to set the trap. Which means dinner with the bad guys.  Could this dinner have been any more uncomfortable?!?!  HTJ is seriously a huge **bleeping bleepity bleep bleep ... bleep!!!!**  Wow, I apologize but seriously never have I ever wanted to punch a man in the junk more than I want to punch this misogynistic pig more!!  The way he treats his wife, daughter, son, employees is absolutely ....  {{big breath in here Unnie or you will have an aneurysm.}}  Anyway, Zoey figures out a couple of things because of this evening.  One...that the lady who was blackmailing & stealing her designs is the wife of Harry's new business associate.  Two that this is Jung Woo's family & Three that Harry knew that last one all along.  And she is pissed.  But Harry has started his revenge in motion, which is the important part.  

Back at the police station they figured out the location of the where the Dry Ice was ordered from via the IP Address, which just happen to be from Jung Woo's computer inside the station & that during the time his computer was accessed all the areas that housed that team the CCTV cameras went offline for 30 minutes.  All of this means "Inside Job".  So now they have to figure out who all worked that night & interview them.  One problem, this includes the Cleaning Ahjumma that is constantly telling Jung Woo about her daughter.  And boy does she react suspiciously when he tells her she has to stay that night & go through questioning.   Even weirder when he remembers the picture of the murderer & the white thing on the wrist of the murderer that he can't figure out from the small picture until he remembers the bandage on Cleaning Ahjumma's wrist.   

Enough weirdness that JW gets a vibe & decides to follow her.  Of course she catches on to him that he is following her & sets a trap for him.  Invites him in to her house & asks him to reach for some tape from the drawer so she can fix some falling wall paper.  And his Bad Juju vibes are really going off now...he sneaks out his cuffs, & pulls out a box from under the bed, it holds her daughter's middle school uniform, then the drawer on the table next to the bed & finds, red rope & duct tape like what was used to bind the Rapist as he died.  BINGO!!  Just as he turns around she zaps him w the same Taser used on the Rapist.  And he falls to the floor unconscious & that was the end of the episode.  

I have to admit to something here AddiKts.  **FULL DISCLOSURE** I got to the part in the police station where they were discussing inside job & I was all I think it's Cleaning Ahjumma, or they want me to think it's her, so is it her & I called Dongsaeng for spoilers.  I had to know!  I was happy that she confirmed my suspicion sort of.  LOL  I just enjoy things more when I already know.  It doesn't stop me from enjoying watching the pieces fall into place to complete the puzzle, it just takes the edge off for me to relax & enjoy easier.  Don't kill me for liking spoilers please?  

And of course a few extra shots of the real reasons I am watching this show...

I hope you all have a good night & I'll see you tomorrow.  


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  1. Yup that is the reason to watch the show. They are both so pretty.


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