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IMY ep 11 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

This is it, last DFR for this week.  Now either you're groaning because you are really going to feel sad that we aren't posting anymore fabu reviews this week OR you're groaning because you were hoping we were already done w reviews, that if you have to read one more lame TCA review you're going to climb the nearest clock tower!  Either way, you're screwed, because this is it. ^_~  And, P.S., if you are climbing a clock tower, give us heads up where, so we can avoid that place & warn those who read us to avoid that place too, thanks. xD

Ahem.... at the end of episode 10 Cleaning Ahjumma had tased our sweet Yoochun.

{{Okay confession: time: I get it's not real but for a split second, during this scene, I admit I was thinking, "Oh no she didn't!! Crazy woman is begging me to come there & kick some ahjumma butt!!!"  O.O  But then I remembered, it's fiction! And I was okay again. ^^}}

Episode 11 starts off right there but after JW passes out, we see Cleaning Ahjumma pick up his cellphone, which has just chimed that he has a text message.  And the messages tell us that she is in fact crazed from the death (by suicide) of her own daughter after she was raped several years ago.  {{And all of a sudden I thought, "OH! Okay she isn't crazy, she's just getting revenge."  I totally get that.  You mess w my kids & I promise they'll never find the body.}}  Anyway, the police are frantically searching for JW & then for his phone when they realize he's not responding, but she's already dumped it at the dump.  They find it by calling it & searching & when they do the message on it says simply, "My daughter is dead.".  After JW wakes up, she & he talk she tells him about her daughter & is dumping a handful of pills out, ostensibly to drug/kill JW.  He asks to be able to hear SY's voice once more & she lets him call her from her phone.  He pulls up the memory of how far from the lamp outside to her old house BUT he tells her its 15 steps not 280.  {{CLUE!! CLUE!!!}}  Way to think JW & SY for figuring out his message!!!  She immediately calls the police & so they start searching in the area of a burned out lamp in the area where Cleaning Ahjumma's fake residence is listed & JJang!!!  They find him unconscious but no ahjumma.  He's rushed to the hospital.  All of this Zoey & Harry see, because she was determined that she go to the site, in case JW calls her phone again.  BTW this is not a good sign for Harry & boy does he know it.  You can see he's mad, panicky & frustrated.  Poor Harry.

{{But dude you are the second male lead, you had to see this coming!  Chincha.  It sucks, because you are Mr Beautiful & all but still 2nd Male Lead rules apply, ask Jin Rak from FBND.  They should form a 2nd Male Lead support group, don't you agree?  First though, they need to tell ME where the meetings are being held, you know, so that I can be there to offer "emotional" support in the form of hugs (w only a minimal amount of groping, I swear!)  }}

As for how HTJ handles the info his son has been captured by a murderer?  Oh he's a huge {{expletive here}}!!!  Oh he just makes me so angry!  I know that there are evil people in the world but seriously?!?!  Big Breath In.

The next day at the hospital Zoey is stalking the door to JW's room & then finally works up the courage, only he isn't in the bed, just then a half dressed JW...

{{pardon me for a minute...OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO  I saw part of Yoochun's HOT chest!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!  *Switch to Unnie's solemn face* Kamsahabnida Yoochun-ssi *bows deeply* Chincha Chincha Chincha, Kamsahabnida. -_- I do have one eensy weensy little request Yoochun-ssi, next time, show the sexy tattoo on the other side of your very fine torso as well, please? Komawo.}}

...she sees him exit the bathroom & squeaks in surprise & turns away & just then {{BEST PART OF THE WHOLE EP}} Joo Jung Myung Hyung walks in just then too & screams like a girl & scrunches up his eyes & acts as surprised & shocked as Zoey & then some. KEKEKEKEKE....Did I mention how much I LOVE him!  He is (after Yoochun of course) my favorite character.  Then he grabs onto JW & hugs him like he would if he were a girl.  Which eases the tension & causes both SY & JW to giggle & crack smiles.  I giggled too.  It was so funny!  And then Harry walked in & saw that Zoey was smiling & this did not please him either.  JW is not supposed to be the one to make her smile.  Partner breaks the tension again by revealing it was only sleeping pills that JW had been poisoned with & then Harry asks to speak w JW alone.

In this conversation Harry is once again claiming that SY is not SY, she's Zoey.  And he asks JW if he'd like it if Harry went & found the real SY?  Of course JW would like that & for Harry to bring her to him.  But Harry asks what if she refuses knowing it's you that's looking for her?  JW still wants her dragged to him so she has to tell him that to his face.  Then Harry goes on about how he would never abandon Zoey the way JW did SY.  Okay all of this is pathetically thinly veiled, like we can't see that Harry is saying Zoey does not want to be SY!  She hates you & hasn't forgiven you for abandoning her to the rapist & escaping & only thinking of yourself & leaving here behind.  blah blah blah...this part bored me.  Just admit who she is already!  We all know, JW knows, the police even know now that she helped them, her mom knows.  And you & she both know that we all know!  JUST ADMIT IT!!!

In the hallway outside Eun Joo shows up w stuff for JW.  And he walks off, in the distance as she chases after him she tells him not to make mom worry, meaning SY's mom, by not coming home like that anymore.  And it's finally being revealed to SY that Jung Woo has a close relationship w her mom as his own mom, lives with them & that Eun Joo is like a sister to him.  What?!?  But he lives w Harry's business partner in a big beautiful house, right?  Hmm...nope he doesn't.  Back at Harry's house he's agitated by Zoey's response to JW & her re-developing feelings & is angry w Dir Nam for stalling on bringing him the info he needs to destroy HTJ & then he does the IM chat w "someone" on his computer again who reminds him, since he is obviously agitated to just remember what it will feel like when JW slaps the cuffs on his own father.

Back to JW & Partner.  They're in the car searching for Cleaning Ahjumma & once again Partner makes me giggle.  When he confesses to JW that he loves him.  It's in jest but you can also see he really loves this more like a brother friend that almost died the day before.  Awww what a great Bromance!  Then it's revealed that there were 2 men who raped Bo Ra (cleaning Ahjumma's daughter).  One is in jail & being watched, the other is about to return to Seoul for the first time since the rape & they are on their way to meet him at the airport to keep him safe.  Enter the bad guy who got away.  He is exiting the airport & on the phone & he gets in a taxi {{PS Ahjumma is the taxi driver}} & he asks to go to Cheongdamdong.  Eventually he hangs up the phone & she confronts him & tells him who she really is & is scared & she is pulling out her taser & then we see police surrounding her car & bad guy takes her head & smacks into the wheel & she stops but all the doors are locked & JW is screaming at her to please not do this, we hear a metallic swish/click sound & he is sincerely panicking trying to get her to open the door & yelling stop & don't to her & then her hand sweeps up & he freezes.  You don't see anything but, at least to me, it's clear she stabbed & killed bad guy in the car with her.

And in what is possibly the most heartbreaking moment of the show, as she is being hauled in to the police station & surrounded by reporters we see several things as JW is reading the letter Cleaning Ahjumma's  daughter left her, & we hear the daughter's sweet young voicing her letter. We see Ahjumma slowly walking past & addressing the reporters by saying that those guys raped & murdered her daughter & we see SY's mom packing up a bunch of JW's belongings into a box & finally we see SY laying in bed & watching it all on the news, probably reliving every moment of torture she went through, 14 years ago.

"Mom, I know you told me to come home right away after school before it gets dark, but I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.  You said it hurt you even when my knees got skinned up.  I'm sorry for...bruising up my whole body like this.  Mom, you ironed out my school uniform so beautifully, even with your sore wrist.  I'm so sorry for getting it all dirty.  It's like a car accident, I'll be better in a little bit.  That's what I'd like to think...but I can't seem to do that, I'm sorry.  Even the people who used to ask me if I was okay, and if I'm doing okay, are telling me I should stop by now, but I still have nightmares. With all my screaming & thrashing around you haven't even slept much, have you?  I'm sorry.  Those guys...are being released from jail in five years.  Mom, Good bye."

Just as the news coverage ends & SY sits up Harry enters explaining he has a meeting w his lawyer to attend.  Just as he is telling her he is really jealous but he'll wait she gets a phone call, which shocks her.  We see that JW's evil mom has arrived unannounced & has brought food with her as a way of easing the tension w Zoey.  It's during this visit that SY finds out that JW left his father's house because of her all those years ago.  And suddenly she remembers she has somewhere she needs to be.

Then we get to see the meeting between Harry & his lawyer, Craig.  Craig brings Harry a coffee & an envelope filled w 20 million won.  (Dir Nam's bribe) He also tells Harry that since they caught the real murderer that Zoey is off the hook & can leave for France anytime she'd like.  He tries to get Harry to tell him what the  money is for but Harry refuses to tell him or what any of his plans are currently.  Dir Nam btw not so good at the lying & the stealthy.  Yeah he totally gets caught sneaking out of HTJ's home office by HTJ's daughter who immediately calls her dad & reports on Dir Nam.  HTJ comes home & discovers that D.N. has taken the flash drive w the ledgers on it.  Poor Dir Nam, it was nice knowing you.  Harry meets w Dir Nam gets the flash drive, hands over the money & Dir Nam asks if SY knows that everything she went through was because of Harry's mom & Harry gets dead serious & tells Dir Nam to escape before HTJ kills him & that he never wants to see him again.  Before Dir Nam leaves though, he sends a message to JW, we don't get to see the message but he tells him by the time you get this message I will be out of the country.

Back at the Police Station SY's mom arrives & a joking JW greets her & helps her carry a box inside where she tells him she is done.  The bad guys have been killed or caught & she just wants to forget it all.  At first he tries to joke her out of as usually this works.  Difference is he doesn't know that Ahjumma has seen SY &  wants to help her daughter escape from the nightmare that her life has been.  The only way to protect her is to get JW to stop looking for SY & to get him to not be around her mom's house anymore.  After a lot of emotional him explaining he isn't going anywhere, that those painful memories are his too & he refuses to go back to his fathers house she explodes w the truth that SY doesn't want to be SY, that "she" (Meaning Soo Yeon herself) actually hates SY.  And he collapses & she collapses & all of this is being seen by SY, who is just around the hallway corner crying her eyes out at all the revelations.

Later SY's mom goes into the interrogation room where they are holding Cleaning Ahjumma & breaks down sobbing her thanks yous to the woman who avenged her daughter.  I seriously would be doing the same thing. I teared up here, as a mom, as a woman, as a mom w a daughter...too emotional.

And JW is still sitting there in the hall going through the box, looking at his & SY's old high school name pins, repeating them over & over, with SY still watching.  I was thinking how can he not see her there?!?  She's not exactly good with the stealth thing either.  Both of their phones go off at 7 w their song & then he speaks to her.  She gasps & tries to hide further but he can still see her boot & he asks her, "Do you really hate SY?"  She runs & he follows & in the parking lot has asks her again but she just stares at him & then he pulls her in for a hug & tells her, when she tries break free, "Don't look.  When you see my face you hate me.  Do you really want me to stop looking for you?  Do you want me to not wait?"

And that's where the episode ends.

Finally started picking back up some.  Thank goodness but seriously this drama is draining.  I'd adopt Dongsaeng's new review formula of Dramatic Dozen but I am just not as talented as she is at summing up so I am afraid I can try to make these reviews shorter but I think it'll be easier if I were doing a fun fluffy drama, not a melodrama.  I'll keep practicing & trying to whittle down my long winded reviews where I can.  But hey at least I throw in lots of screen shots to help ease the boring of my writing, right?  It does help, right?  You know what even if it doesn't just lie to me & tell me it does. ^^

Have a great weekend AddiKts.  Catch ya next week.


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