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IMY ep 9 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

I'm not exactly sure where to go with my review for ep 9.  Hrrrmmm...  See the show, in general, I like it, really!   A lot actually but uhm...these last couple of episodes have felt like "filler".  There is story but it's really drawn out, very, ever so painfully & tear filled s l o w l y.  With a whole lot of angst but not a whole lot of intricate story details.  A lot of silent & awkward staring took place though.  So...
I couldn't help myself.

So my review for this episode will be very very brief but I do have some pictures to share to help you visualize, at least from my point of view.  

In episode 8 we left off w JW seeing the video from the black box in the parking garage of the Rapist & he sees SY sitting in her car the night of the murder.  He freaks out & goes to his car & dusts it for her fingerprints & finally gets one.  Then he gets all dressed up & goes to Harry's party, ostensibly to help Zoey escape before the cops show up.  But he tells her about the evidence & she freaks out & freezes...until Harry comes on the scene & then the police show up too.  So JW arrests her.  Harry calms her down asks her if she trusts him, of course she does & she goes with JW.  

At the police station they hall her into an interrogation room & she shakes & shakes & they play "Good Cop/Bad Cop" with her.  And manage to get her to take a sip of water.  Which of course gives them her fingerprints.  So that they can compare them to Soo Yeon's from 14 years ago.  Eventually JW shows up there & he & his Superior get into a little yelling match but he gets to question her anyway.  He keeps telling her that everything she says is being recorded & can be used against her.  But she can't hold back from basically saying.  Why are you guys so upset that a raping murdering slime bag piece of crap was killed?  Are you really going to miss him?  Do you really blame whoever it was that did it? Never fully admitting guilt but definitely looking & sounding suspicious.

Eventually her prints come back & they do NOT match Soo Yeon's.  How that is possible I haven't the foggiest they'll tell us eventually.  So they release her to Harry & the Prosecutor, with promises that she is not a "Flight Risk".  As she is leaving her mom shows up, feeling uneasy about something & wanting to see JW to calm her nerves, by bringing him dinner.  She sees SY in the hall & SY sees her, & tries to hide her face, which only further proves that she is in fact SY, who had a habit of trying to hide from everyone.  And ahjumma sees the resemblance like JW does & goes sheet white but keeps her cool & doesn't freak out...yet.  

All of this took up pretty much the first 40 min of the episode.  Seriously, there was a lot of staring & silence & tears sliding down cheeks.  It was so slow!!!!  At one point I closed my eyes for about 3 minutes, almost falling asleep, & woke up & was still not lost in the story because nothing had happened really.  I don't speak Korean enough...yet, to be able to watch KDrama without reading subtitles but I wasn't confused or lost at all...slow.  

She & Harry get back home & see that the police have searched everything, she goes to her room & SOBS.  Not saying I wouldn't too, especially after all that, but it was just more crying so.... 

I gotta say I am jealous that such an incredibly good looking man is standing outside her door listening to her cry.  Not once in my life has a man, any man, let alone an incredibly good looking {{WAY TOO YOUNG FOR ME}} man stood & listened to me cry.  JELLY JELLY JELLY!!!
{{I will say this though, one of the things I admire most about YEH's acting is that she isn't afraid to do the big loud heart wrenching cry.  Most K Drama heroines either do the cry softly & still look pretty or they do the overly dramatic huge cry every single time.  Example; I am also watching Alice in Cheongdam-dong.  Moon Geun Young does the big cry, in public, where everyone can see her and it feels so "ham-ish" it makes me roll my eyes.  Meanwhile, YEH hardly does the big cry, she's really good at lots of tears slipping silently down her cheek & looking really heartbroken but she saves her big cries up.  Which I appreciate, & makes the crying mean more to me.  Although her constantly tearing up in almost every scene is sincerely getting on my nerves.  I know you could say Mickey is crying like that a lot too & you;re right he is crying like that as well.  The difference is....he is Mickey.  He can do NO wrong in my book.  Sorry AddiKts, fangirl rules state clearly you must support your bias no matter what.  And sigh...I love that he is sensitive.  Makes him MORE manly, IMHO.  BUT on the PLUS side for YEH?  She is not afraid of being an ugly crier, even when she does the silent tears everything turns red, much more likable, to me, her nose gets red, her eyes too & they get a little puffy.  She's still a far prettier crier than I am but she doesn't do the fake soft, pretty, ladylike cry when she really wants you to feel her pain.  I admire that she doesn't mind looking like a real girl.}}

Back to the review..  

Then we see Harry Instant messaging "Someone" on his computer.  He explains that he was planning on letting HTJ starve & suffer but he feels w everything going on they need to step things up & instead stuff HTJ w everything like a pig for roasting.  So he advises "Someone" to go ahead & let him in on "The Deal".  All part of his great revenge plan.  HTJ btw saw Zoey get arrested & something about her bothered him, even before she was arrested, so he orders his guy to do a thorough background check on her.  He also tells Dir Nam to get his butt in gear w Harry & not screw things up like he did w Hyung Joon.  Obviously he has a lot of dots to connect still.  Outside HTJ's office, Evil mom corners Dir Nam about approaching Harry & getting him to work with her too...she really wants Zoey's designs.  But her daughter, the only smart, kind one in that house, warns her mother not to work Dir Nam, he isn't to be trusted, but evil mom is an idiot & doesn't listen.  

As JW & the police are going over more & more evidence trying to prove/disprove Zoey is SY &/or is or is not guilty of murdering the Rapist, Harry shows up.  He tells JW that he doesn't dislike JW & that his idea is that all of them should be friends.  o.O???  What the crap?!?!  You want the girl you love to be friends with the guy she used to love & probably still does but refuses to admit it because she was traumatized?!?!?  And you think this will help?!?!  *SMH*  Sigh....okay this has got to be a keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer thing.  Or part of his grand revenge.  It doesn't matter because JW says it won't work that way, as he is already & I quote, ":Head over heels in love w Zoey".  This does complicate things doesn't it?  
And no I have never had 2 INCREDIBLY good looking men fight over/for me.  Kdramas making us wish for drama like nothing else in life can. K Drama the ONLY good drama.  

Meanwhile, JW's good mom has managed to get JW's partner to say where Zoey lives, so she can get a closer look.  She arrives at the gate to the house just as luck would have it Zoey is getting ready to leave.  They see each other & yeah mom knows it's SY too.  Very touching, dramatic, climatic...we'll have to wait & see next week.  

That is pretty much all that happened.  It was a very slow ep but pictures always help, right?.  Here's hoping next week is a little more interesting & a little less wet....and snotty.  Oh the crying!  Aish!!  @.@  Have a great week AddiKts!


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