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The Top Couples of 2013

There is nothing better then starting a drama and realizing that actors have amazing chemistry with each other.  It can make a break a good story.  This year there has been some truly exceptional performances and I had to really make some hard decisions on who was my favorite.  Surprisingly two of my top picks were not traditional OTP's, but when the bromance outshines the romantic storyline then you have to give them props.  WARNING THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS IN THE MV'S.

#1 School 2013 - Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo
 At the start of 2013 two models turned actors (Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin) starred in an ensemble cast in a drama called School 2013.  Starting out as a story about students going through the rigors of school in Seoul, the plot quickly centered on the relationship between the two best friends turned enemies.   I laughed and cried with them as they went through the trials of betrayal and forgiveness and their chemistry together was tangible.  Never have I wished for two guys to be a couple then these two.   And in my mind they are off somewhere married to sisters and living in a huge communal home staying BFF's forever. 

Bromance Forever

#2 Kings Daughter Soo Baek Hyang - Solnan & Crown Prince Myung Nong 
Find a feisty street smart heroine (not to mention she is an unknown princess) and add a ruthless picky crown prince, throw them together and watch the sparks fly.  The storyline is addicting and this couple has some amazing chemistry together.  Not to mention some seriously messed up problems they have to overcome as a couple.  Being royalty is never easy, and royalty in love is even harder.  But these two have more guts and toughness then any ten other couples so I am crossing my fingers that they can make it work.

Our OTP's first meeting.  She fakes crazy and pretends that he is her husband to escape from her family's killers.

#3 Heartless City - Kim Hyun Soo & Jung Shi Hyun
 Deep undercover, cop Jung Shi Hyun uses Kim Hyun Soo as an in into the drug underworld of Seoul.  But from this lie a deep and unbreakable friendship is forged that nothing short of death can severe.  They are closer then the supposed OTP could ever be and, always supporting each other, they take on cops and gangs alike in their attempt to rule everything.   And it does not hurt that they both look amazing while doing it.
Epic Bromance MV Heartless City (never get tired of this video..)

#4 Secret Love - Jo Min Hyuk & Kang Yoo Jung
The most dysfunctional OTP by far this year, Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung fell in love despite a whole psychological slew of reasons that they shouldn't.  Taking the blame for killing Min Hyuk's pregnant girlfriend, Yoo Jung serves five years in prison.  Determined to get revenge Min Hyuk stalks her day and night when she gets out.  And what does every good Korean stalker do?  Why fall in love with the person they are obsessed with of course.  Just usually they wait until all the misunderstandings are cleared up first.  Unlike other Korean lead characters, Min Hyuk starts to fall for her while he is still under the impression that she is a murderess.  You have to give the writers and actors props for being able to make us want this couple together even though many of their scenes were slightly messed up and violent.  
[MV] Secret Love- No One Else

#5 Ugly Alert - Gong Joon Soo & Na Do Hee
 Jumping from our most dysfunctional couple we now get to talk about the most stable couple I have ever seen in a Korean drama.  Ugly Alert is a daily drama and while it has a solid fan base, it was under the radar for the average drama watcher.  About a boy who takes the blame for an accidental murder committed by his step brother.  Ten years later he is released and meets a lonely Choebal heiress Na Do Hee.  Following the initial trial of admitting that he is a felon they fall for each other and from start to finish continue to support each other through thick and thin.  Unlike 99% of other Korean OTP's they communicate and let each other know everything that is happening in their lives so as to avoid the major pitfalls of most relationships.  They are what every couple wishes their relationships to be and it was a pure joy to watch.
Compilation of some super cute cheek kisses 

This concludes my favorite OTP's of 2013.  We are already seeing some amazing couples shine in the new year.   Pretty Man, My Love From the Stars, and Prime Minister and I are totally sizzling with chemistry so I see 2014 continuing Korea's tradition of putting out couples that we love to love.  See you next time when I discuss the years top melodramas.


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  1. Not seen School but totally agree on the rest. Thank you for including Su Baek Hyang because it is another drama going under the radar and shadow of Empress Ki! Plus my #1 for the year Ugly Alert!! My view of romance dramas was pretty shady before, it will now be worse because it. Nothing will compare!! Secret? Hard to believe that the script was the writer's winner in a contest!!!


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