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Flower Boy Next Door ep 12: Dramatic Friday Review

Good Friday to all you fellow AddicKts you!  I hope that you have had a fantabulous week.

I'm going to begin today by first addressing the obvious - yes, this particular review is a week late.  I'll spare you my long list of excuses and just say that life happens and doesn't always coincide with my blogging and drama needs.  I will bust my tooshie though to try and get through the three that need to be done today.  I'm all set.  Just had an orange (p.s. don't try to eat those by the computer.  Everything is all sticky now from the juice that squirted everywhere), screenshots are transferred from various devices onto this one here that I need them on, and I have my electric blanket on me to warm me when my fingers start to freeze.  In other words, I'm all set!

Ever since we started this blogging game, I've tried to brainstorm ideas for making these reviews more palatable.  I for one hate reading reviews.  I just don't do it.  I don't spend time on other sites.  I read what I have to here to get by, but I just hate reviews.  They bore me.  I can't be the only one out there that feels this way.  I've played around with different ideas, but none of them have stuck.  Today I introduce yet another brain child (brain child, not to be confused with Brain Baby) in hopes that it maybe will stick.  We'll see.  Today is as good as any to introduce it though since I have 3 (ack!) reviews to get through and a baseball game in a few hours (not Korean this time...just regular boring American teams lol).  (Omo!  Did I even mention here that I went to a Korean baseball game a couple of weeks ago?  I don't know.  Hmm....  Well, if not, well, I did.  And it was awesome.  And I'll have to talk about it more later because there's just not time today).

Anyway, so, without further ado or fanfare, I introduce to you, for the first time ever, Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen.  I will choose 12 things to focus on about an episode.  That's about it.  It can be whatever 12 things I decide, there are no other rules.  I don't like too many restrictions - I like to be free to let the creative winds carry me wherever they may - like a leaf blowing willy nilly on the breeze.

And what a perfect episode to start with - episode 12.  And now, ladies and gents... I give you FBND ep 12's Drama Dozen...

Authorities advise:  If she approaches you and asks you how to get to Sesame Street, DO NOT under any circumstances tell her and immediately call police.

I have been dying to point this out for two weeks now.  Muppet Hunter killed, skinned and assumed the identity of one of my favorite Muppets.  She must be stopped.  For the love of all that is cute and furry, stop her now!

2. After the Kiss
We opened the episode where we left off last time, with the kiss.  I appreciated the "subtle" symbolic falling of the post-it notes.  So there's a whole conversation, but the net result is that they decide to date.  Well, Enrique, in his enthusiastic Enrique way, decides that they will date and Dok Mi doesn't argue, so I'm assuming that she's on board with it too.

3.  Confession and Confrontation- Roomies
These two screenshots made me laugh.  I love when my Unnie texts me while I'm working and gets to make a cameo appearance here in my review.  I don't agree with her though that Dong Hoon quitting the webtoon in order to go and make money is that beauty of an idea.  He's cute, I'd miss him too much.  ;)  In this scene, Dong Hoon finally comes clean to Jin Rak about his alternate life.  He's been working as a designated driver and other odd jobs in order to pursue his dream of creating webtoons.  But the webtoon biz isn't working out so hot right now and now he has this huge debt hanging over him for the car that he hit and he feels the need to quit pursing his dream and join the so-called "real world" and get a "real" job to pay for all of his "real" expenses.  Poor Dong Hoon.  He is so stinkin' loveable in this scene though, I just want to pinch his widdle cheeks and give him a great big hug!

4.  Confession and Confrontation - Mean Girls

This one was big.  Huge.  This was the Dok Mi/Do Hwi confrontation.  Do Hwi shows up drunk as a skunk, ready to confess to Jin Rak and reveal the whole truth.  Enrique insists that Dok Mi needs to be there too and face this without running away from it anymore.  The four of them gather in Jin Rak's apartment and the fun begins.  Basically it sounds like Do Hwi wasn't cool with being made fun of and wanted more friends besides Dok Mi, so she threw her one true friend under the bus and let the rumors fly.  She was jealous because she, Do Hwi, liked the teacher but he was being all friendly with Dok Mi.  So she used that to hurt her friend and win her way in with the mean girls.  She then puts the blame on Dok Mi for not standing up for herself.  Dok Mi points out that her grandmother who was her guardian was sick and she couldn't ask her to let her transfer and make the situation worse, so she just endured it.  And let it kill her on the inside.  My favorite part of this whole scene was when things got a little rough and Dok Mi was struggling listening to Do Hwi's justification of her past evil deeds.  Wasn't Jin Rak so cute and worried?  

He was so stressed out for her and Enrique was trying to calm him down, telling him that it was okay, she needed to do this and she would eventually say what she needed to say (which of course she did - she finally confronted the Beast). 

5.  Confession and Confrontation - Enjin

The boys have it out in the street again.  Enrique thanks Jin Rak for bringing Dok Mi to the hospital when he was injured.  Things are still a little tense in our bromance here but thawing a bit.  Because Dok Mi trusts Jin Rak, Enrique is willing to do the same, trusting that he has his own reasons for his secret identity.  Jin Rak lets Enrique know that he isn't planning on going anywhere - he's going to remain next to Dok Mi just as he has been doing.  Enrique points out that this will be impossible to do if Dok Mi indeed moves out of her apartment as she is planning to do.

6.  Confession and Confrontation - Flower Boys vs the Madame

As a ploy to try to get Dok Mi to stay, our dear Flower Boys gang up on our resident cougar, who is believed to be the apartment building owner.  They all sit down for a tea party together.  As the boys are trying to ask her to stop Dok Mi from moving by requiring an insanely high deposit to the next tenant, thus inferring and about to outright call her out as the owner, the security guard cuts them off by lobbing his own confession out there, telling her that he loves her.  This freaks her out and she runs off.  Can you blame her?  One minute she is being wooed by these pretty young things, and the next the old guy is fawning all over her.  I think I'd run too ;)

7.  Pencils

After the confrontation with the Evil, Dok Mi is understandably shaken up.  Enrique hands her a cup full of pencils and tells her that this is the perfect time to sharpen the pencils, because as she does so, her mind will be calmed and cleared as well and she'll be able to see things much better.  Maybe it's just me, but I have never wanted to sharpen pencils so much before in my life as I sat there watching her patiently carving them away with a razor blade.  Maybe I should take up whittling or something, I dunno.  It was a nice scene, therefore it makes my list.

7.  Sexy goodbye

Oh.  This one too.  Short but sweet and definitely Drama Dozen worthy.  The sexy goodbye.  Enrique tries really hard to convince Dok Mi to let him stay, but in the end, it's time for him to go home.  When he hugs her and softly tells her goodnight in her ear I totally and completely melted.  And rewound and rewatched a time or two (or ten - who's counting?).  Shivers.  Wonderful, wonderful shivers.

8.  Dating Enrique

He's like an overactive child.  Annoying sometimes and strangely endearing at others.  I can't decide if I like or hate the over-the-top aegeyo from him.  What do you think?

10. Seminar and Fairies

After the incident with the crazed mom, Enrique decided to offer a free seminar for people addicted to gaming, the only catch being that they must come with their parent.  Enrique works his magic and repairs the broken relationships, thus helping addict and parent alike.  After the seminar, all the parents and kids go outside to bond while playing a game.  Everyone is happy and Enrique is working his magic.  The obnoxious stalker girl then though sits down with Dok Mi and tells her how Enrique is a fairy, going around fixing things for mere humans.  All fine and good, except that fairies can't be around negative or dark things, otherwise they die.  
Obviously she is trying to scare Dok Mi away, inferring that she is a killer of fairies with all her baggage.  Not liking the introduction of this character by the way.  Not my favorite plot device of this drama.  I hope she goes away soon.

11. Dark circles are sexy
 Dong Hoon is outside the club, working as a driver and entertainer of women (?) when his boss lady shows up.  She's all dolled up.  He is shocked that she has suddenly appeared, she justifies it by reminding him that it was he who told her that she could call him anytime she had a nightmare about the money.  He's all like, "Yeah, CALL me, not SHOW up, Woman", to which she responds that it would be inconsiderate for her to call him while he was working because that would tie up the phone line and he could lose designated driver clients which would not help either of their financial situations.  Well played my tired-eyed sister, well played.  When a group of club girls exits and walks by, they diss on our girl's appearance.  Dong Hoon comes to her defense, claiming that the dark circles are attractive.
 Omo!  How cute are these two, seriously?!?! 

12. Our DUHN DUHN DUHN Dramatic Drama Dozen conclusion...Death threat

After viewing the Flower Boy Next Door webtoon, courtesy of a milk carton tip left by Dong Hoon, Dok Mi disappears.  Enrique comes over all in a huff that she didn't show up for their morning window date, and freaks out when he approaches the door.  We the viewers don't yet see what he sees, but we see him panic.  Then Dong Hoon emerges, sees the door and also panics.  Finally Jin Rak comes out to see what the commotion is all about.  All three stand there in shock staring at a death threat that has been painted on Dok Mi's door.  

And she's not answering the door.  



Oh dear!  Oh my!  What has happened to our fearful heroine?  

And there you have it, my Dramatic Drama Dozen (name is still in the works) for episode 12.  Now on to 13!

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