Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: How to combat K-D Depression

Today we're going to touch on a very important subject.  Namely K-Drama Depression {also known as K-DD}.  A serious subject I know, but here at The Crazy Ahjummas, where we discuss all the beauty of our K-Drama addiKtion in all it's beautiful addiKtion glory, I want to make sure that we keep an open & honest dialogue, about the, sometimes, adverse affects that our addiKtion can have on us as well.

When you've finished a K-Drama you absolutely loved, do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through your home, your day, your work place wondering, "Well now what do I do?  What do I watch?  How will I get through my day, my night, my weekend without Drama XYZ?" 

We get so into our k-dramas don't we?  That sometimes, we can't stop loading episode after episode.  In fact, there have been shows that I adored so much I neglected my home, my kids, my husband just because I HAD to watch the next episode.  Staying up till all hours of the night to watch, just one more episode.  But it's inevitable, that the drama eventually has to come to an end.  {sad face} Especially, if it was a well written drama, whose characters had perfect chemistry, & it had an ending we adored. That almost makes it worse!  Because now I go through the remorse of having been so determined to see what happens next, I feel like it went by too fast & I am not ready to move on to the next K-Drama!  Not yet!  And it's just not fair.  You see you are not alone fellow addiKts!

Didn't you LOVE the Tango scene...HOTT!!
So what do I do?  I go back to my favorite episodes &/or scenes & watch them again & again.  There are also those dramas that I cry buckets & buckets of tears over.  Even after the show is over, I will sit there crying, because it so affected my day.  In fact, while watching Scent of a Woman, one of the characters, not the main character, dies of cancer.  What you don't know is that my mother passed away from lung cancer when I was 17.  I will set the scene, I'm sitting in bed, with my ear buds in, watching the drama, my husband (CA) comes upstairs & sits down next to me.  This lovable, sweet (secondary) character is dying & I am sobbing my eyes out.  He starts to tease & mock my K-D, & I nearly ripped his head off, when I looked at him & said, "Really?!?!  You think it's a good idea to make fun of me for crying over someone dying of cancer?!?!  Really?!?!  You want to BE THAT guy?!?!?!  REALLY!!!???  Knowing my mother died of cancer, you think it's silly of me to get worked up over a fictional character, who is dying of fictional cancer, just because she is, in fact, fictional?!?!  Really????"  At this point, my poor husband, just looked at me sheepishly & smiled & said, "No I guess not." And I am sure he added the following for his own safety...  "I love you honey." 

{I should feel sorry for him, he has a nutcase for a wife, but as I AM said 'Nutcase', I can't help but think, "Boy, he's lucky to have me!"} ^.^

After Scent of a Woman ended, beautifully done by the way, I just couldn't seem to get past my love of the show & move on.  It took me a few days before I started looking for a new drama to watch.  I have found a few k-dramas that have affected me this way.  So I want to know....

Am I alone?!?!  Am I the only person to have fallen so hard for a K-Drama that the rest of my day suffers from finishing Drama XYZ?!?!  I don't think I am, as recently, one of our most AWESOME SPECTACULAR readers asked Dongsaeng & myself for a K-Drama recommend & I offered her "Coffee Prince".  {Can you believe she hadn't seen it?!?!}  Anyway, she just contacted us this weekend, w/ only 6 more episodes to go in Coffee Prince, she was asking for another rec.  Pressure!!!  Fun pressure, but still pressure.  I gave her a huge list of possible candidates.  But I recognized after talking to this AWESOME SPECTACULAR reader of ours that I cannot possibly be the only person to suffer from K-DD!!  I paused in my daily "mom routine", time & time again, over the last few days, struggling to come up with an answer for our K-DD conundrum.  It haunted me really.  We as your addiKtion specialists are responsible, not really, for your mental health & well being. 

So now I want to know what do you do when you finish your drama?  Are you able to move on right away?  Are you able to say, "Wow that was really good, okay ready for the next drama." Or are you able to just move on, to whatever was going on in your life that day, before you sat down to watch that last episode???  Are there enough of us now suffering form K-DD, that we can officially call this a syndrome? 

{BTW IF you are that well adjusted, that you can move on that easily?  I hate you just a little bit right now, just so you know.  I know, it's totally not healthy & I'm totally ok with that.}

Well, I'm here today, to tell you, that all hope is not lost ladies (and gentlemen)!  After much thought & research I have found us a cure for K-DD!!  Just this week I found it!  And as, one of your two, official K-D addiKtion specialists, I have just the prescription to get you through the worst part of the K-DD Syndrome!! 

{Technically, the credit goes to Purple on Twitter {An AIREN*} - she recommended this for me a couple of weeks ago & I had watched just a small bit of the show & loved it but hadn't the time to look more thoroughly, but she didn't patent it as a "cure" perse; so I am claiming credit for that 1/2 of the finding!  Thanks Purple for enabling my addiKtion & by extension everyone else's addiKtion as well.}

Many of you may have already heard of this cure without even realizing it is in fact a cure!  It will bring you out of your depression with just one part of an episode.  And I believe the power behind the cure lies solely in Lee Seung Gi's infamous (on this blog it's infamous) dimple!!  Dimples=Powerful K-DD Syndrome Cure?!?!  Who knew, right?  Well now you do!  Some scientists find cures in the amazon, Unnie & Dongsaeng find them in K-Idols!  Daebak, right?!?!?!

All you have to do is go to YouTube online & load an episode of 1Night 2Days (1N2D)!!  Chincha!!!!  It's that simple!  This incredibly funny show will have you LOL all over the place.  6 grown men are given little, to no money, & sent out to a surprise location somewhere in Korea.  With their small amount of money they have to pay for food, transportation & any other fees that come along.  Using silly, hilarious games they compete for food, lodging & other nonsensical things. There is a lot of playful bickering, teasing, name calling, & even tickle fights!  DAEBAK!!!  Especially when Lee Seung Gi is involved! 

My husband happened to walk in on my viewing of this one episode just the other night & he watched it with me!!! CHINCHA!!! HE REALLY REALLY DID!!  And he was totally cracking up laughing himself!!  THAT my dear fellow addiKts is a testimony to the power of Lee Seung Gi's dimple.  Okay, maybe CA wasn't taken in, by the dimple, maybe that's overstating it's power, just a tad.  But still he liked the show. 

I'm even going to include a YouTube video from Lee Seung Gi's first episode. 

Seriously, check it out if you haven't, it's awesome!! 

And the perfect way to alleviate K-DD Syndrome!!  Bonus & Score!!!

1 Night 2 Days Episode 27 Part 1 (w/ eng subs)

Now that I have found the cure for K-DD Syndrome I believe the world will be a better place....just awaiting on my Peace Prize nomination.  {Think I'll be waiting a while though. I doubt the committee is aware of this syndrome, as most people who suffer from K-DD Syndrome are closet K-D addiKts.} 

Please send all thank your gifts to.... I kid!  Like I'd give out my address!!  As if!!  First you have to send me an email in private then I'll tell you where to send my thank you gifts.

{giggle - I'm kidding Dongsaeng!! I won't give out my address.}

{seriously don't tell Dongsaeng but I totally will give it out, if it means you'll send me crap from your country?!?!  Heck yeah, I'd give it out! But remember don't tell Dongsaeng she'll cut me! O_o  shhh...crap I think she saw this....quick act nonchalant... ^^}

Dramatic Friday Review is coming up soon....will Dongsaeng & I be happy with how the writer's continue the K2H story?!?!  Probably, because we really weren't all that upset to begin with & because we don't hold on to anger or grudges at all.  Once we got the verbal spew out, we were fine & had moved on.  What will happen to our 2 favorite leads as they compete against the US?  What will happen on RTP?!?!  Especially now that everyone, minus Halmoni, is on to Se Na's evilness??? Which reminds me... I saw the funniest picture on the VIKI Facebook page.  I shared it on The Crazy Ahjummas FB page.   It totally cracked me up, if  you haven't checked it out, please hop on over via that there link I created & check it out for yourself.  To the actress who is playing Se Na, Jung Yoo Mi, it's not you we hate, it's Se Na.  In fact, because you play her SO well, we actually love you & cannot wait to see where your career takes you. 

Until Friday, I wish you all a healthy, happy K-Drama watching week, but should you find yourself suffering K-DD Syndrome, my prescription is listed above. 


***Side effects to K-DD Syndrome Prescription; may include but are not limited to***

Rib splitting laughter, if drinking water, it may include spit takes &/or choking so please do not drink while watching this show, or eat for that matter.  Unless you are watching with a family member who is practiced in the Heimlich Maneuver.  And please use this cure sparingly as it could result in the equally dangerous Korean Reality/Variety Show AddiKtion!  KRVS!  We'll have to dish on KRVS in another post though. 

*an Airen is the name by which Lee Seung Gi's fans call themselves.  So cute!


  1. I just about ruin my eyesight reading your incredibly funny WWU in the tiny screen of my Blackberry inside a bouncing car (double vision afterwards hahaa).
    Reading line by line I keep shouting (in my heart) THAT'S SO MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I moped around the office (thank God I work in my family business, otherwise I'd be jobless already) and home for weeks after SoAW ended.
    For the last 2 eps of SoAW I didnt dare to watch it for a month because I'm just not ready to say goodbye to Kang Ji Wook and Lee Yeon Jae. I did read the recaps tho, otherwise I'd eat my own flesh and blood out of curiosity.
    Thankfully the soompi thread for SoAW was still buzzing for months afterwards for news of SunWook(what a cute nick, isnt it?)sightings and news, so I haven't turned into a vampire yet.

    I'm so psyched you love 1N2D too! Yesss!!! It's chinca the power of LSG and his dimple...
    Imagine me reaching office and the minute I turn on the PC, I open YT and start downloading another ep of 1N2D to watch during lunchtime, that's my daily ritual :)))

    If you're looking for another great variety show, I'd recommend We Got Married the first season.
    If you love Kim Hyun Joong, you'd fall even deeper after seeing him in WGM (he appeared in the 2nd half only, so dont be discouraged if you dont find him straightaway). He's really out of this world wacky ;)

  2. Oh no!!! Don't feed the beast!!! We'll lose her forever to the world of KHJ and never hear from Unnie again!!!!


  3. aww.. Unnie! And I thought that I was the most obsessed one :D JK
    I am relatively new to Kpop culture, discovered it only in the end of December 2011. Before that I watched Japanese dramas, which, I must admit, are not nearly as amazing as Korean.
    So, when I finished watching my first Kdrama, City Lover, I instantly started to look for something else to watch. I found Ramyun Shop Flower Boys and Jung Il Woo totally captured my heart, so I became even more obsessed lol.
    As a psychologist I know, that being totally captured by virtual/fantasy world, in this case a world of Kdrama and separating yourself from the real one is not very healthy. I started to analyze myself and why do I like Kdrama so much. I asked myself: what is so compelling in it? You see, when you realize what makes you like something that much you can look for those things in a real life, not in Kdramas only.
    This is when I've decided to learn Korean (in addition to Japanese) and move to East Asia some day. And this is where the name of my Pinterest account comes from :D
    So the simple answer for you question about the cure is - analyzing and overanalyzing myself :D
    Hope my dream comes true and one day soon I will comment this blog from Seoul ;)
    Your awesome spectacular reader

  4. As an ahjumma myself welcome to the wonderful world of 1n2d -- world full of dimples and heodangness. As early as now, I am already exhibiting withdrawal symptoms TK2H (same symptoms that I experience for each of LSGi's drama). So I'm rewatching all his variety shows from XMAN, love letter, 1n2d and strong heart. But of course my favorite is still 1n2d. No one who knows me (except my immediate family), knows that I was part of the international fans who sent the original 6 guys care packages - that's how obsessed I was. Thankfully my kids and husband also loved the show (past tense since we don't watch season 2 since the dimples are now gone). We also went to Seoul this March, just because we were so influenced by the show :)

    Anyway, thank you for your posts. I really love reading it.

    - Another crazy ahjumma from South East Asia :)

  5. you have to try watching Man of the Equator/Equator Man. And Love Rain.

  6. Thank you for this dear Unnie. It's 2015 and I have just finished You who came from the stars and Pinocchio. I am so depressed, I quit college (there were other reasons too). I just could not take it anymore. I have started watching 2d1n ans it is helping.


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